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30Beta needed for Shep Dark!fic

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  • dreema_babe2000
    Oct 25, 2005
      Ok so the fact that I keep getting 'A problem with your story' e-
      mails whenever I post a fic to Wraithbait made me think that I needed
      a Beta...I got one...apparently I need a new one lol

      This fic is Gen slightly Shep/Chaya rated R/NC17, Most of my other
      fic is Sheppard/McKay slash. I need a beta who can point out my
      spelling and grammar mistakes and wont get sick when they have to
      correct something for the 100th time. I also need someone who is
      going to point out plot holes and go 'you know...that ain't making
      sense!' or 'Dude...that bit sucks! FIX IT! ::slap::'

      so...some fic info...

      Rating- R or NC17
      Content Warning- Dark!Fic, Torture, A-Typical Shep, Character Death
      Paring-Sheppard/Chaya slightly
      Category- Dark, Violence
      Spoilers- Sanctuary, slight one for Conversion and a basis knowledge
      of Season 2.
      Summery- John is pissed at ChayaÂ…*really* pissed.

      Anyone wanna take their lives into their hands e-mail me at

      (you can see examples of my fic on the wraithbait archive under
      Shippygem, previously McSheppy if you wanna know what your getting
      youself into first!)

      waiting in anticipation!
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