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  • angela paterson
    May 4, 2006
      Whoops, ignore this. Meant to send as a private message. Sorry!

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      Hi, I'd love some help. I'll send over the first chapter. Thanks

      Let me know if you still need a hand, I have quite a lot of experience
      as a beta and also occasionally write as well.

      -----Inline Attachment Follows-----

      He flashed her his trademark, lopsided grin before he stepped through the gate on what should have been a simple trading mission. Teyla had traded with the people of MX4-238 for many years and had judged them to be an honest, peaceful people.

      Even so every time he stepped through the gate she became nervous and on edge. Worried that this time he might not be coming back, he had had so many close calls over the past year that she felt she had a right to worry. Even if she did make the gate technicians life a misery every time he and his team was off world.

      However, this time it seemed that her worries had been justified. Colonel Sheppards team had come barrelling through the gate barely an hour after they had gated off world. She had been in her office when she had heard the now, unfortunately all too familiar warning

      Unscheduled off world activation She had made her way quickly to the balcony overlooking the gate room, praying that it would not be Major Sheppards team that emerged from the gate. It seemed however, that her prayers were not to be answer as the gate technician informed her,

      Maam, Im receiving SGA 1s IDC

      Lower the shield She ordered, her mind momentarily wondering as to what kind of trouble the Colonel and his team had managed to get themselves into this time.

      She watched as Colonel Sheppards team came barrelling through the gate, unceremoniously landing in a heap on the gate room floor. There was a flurry of activity around her that Elizabeth barely registered as she stood staring in horror at the bruised and bloodied but ultimately unconscious forms of Teyla, Lieutenant Ford and Dr Rodney McKay. Elizabeths eyes darted around wildly, desperately searching for a fourth figure, that of Colonel Sheppard, however he was nowhere to be found.

      As she made her way down to the floor of the gate room, still lost in her own thoughts, her shock at seeing the unconscious figures before her quickly turned into anger, she knew that it was irrational but she thought to herself, How the hell could they just leave Sheppard behind? Her anger at the team was quickly pushed from her mind as more important thoughts took their place. Where was he? Was he ok? Was he in the same state, or worse, as his team? Was he even alive? No, she quickly became angry at herself for even thinking that he might not be alive. Of course he was alive and they were going to bring him home. She barely registered the figure of Dr Carson Beckett, running towards her, closely followed by what seemed the entire medical staff. She had no idea how long she had been standing there, lost in her thoughts. She hadnt even heard anyone call for a med team.

      What the hell happened Came Carsons familiar Scottish brogue, pulling her from her thoughts, as he ran over to the three figures littering the gate room.

      I dont know was Elizabeths reply. Carson immediately began checking his patients one by one.

      Deeming Teyla to be most in need of medical attention, considering she was bleeding profusely from what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the abdomen, Beckett called for two orderlies to assist in him in manoeuvring the Athosian onto one of the waiting gurneys.

      Ok, we need to get her into surgery stat came Becketts controlled, professional reply.

      Damn Elizabeth thought to herself, why the hell couldnt she be like that. Every time that a team came back injured, she was a complete wreck, her mind always wandering to the worst case scenario.

      She watched silently as Teyla was wheeled away at a rapid pace towards the infirmary, and the waiting OR.

      Beckett, ever the professional quickly turned his attention to Ford and McKay. Checking both unconscious men over before placing their prone forms gently onto gurneys, with the help of several more of his nurses, before they too were wheeled away towards the infirmary.

      Beckett stood, looking perplexed at the very anxious Elizabeth.

      I dont understand why theyre both unconscious. There are no external injuries. I cannee see any reason for them to be unconscious

      Well, then why are they unconscious? She snapped, her voice harsher then she had intended. She needed them to wake up and tell her what had happened to them on that damned planet, and where the Colonel was so that she could send a rescue team to bring him home.

      Carson, a little taken aback by her outburst replied dejectedly, I dont know but Ill do all I can. His eyes scanning the gate room he added Wheres the Colonel? I bloody hope he isnt trying to avoid his post mission check-up. I know he doesnt like them, but it is nee like him to leave his team, especially when theyre sick. I usually have to chuck him out of the infirmary. Carson catching that Elizabeth was staring, longingly at the stargate stopped talking, becoming more and more worried by the second, by the conspicuous absence of the Colonel.

      There was a long uncomfortable silence, that seemed to last forever, as Elizabeth stood, eyes transfixed on the inactive gate, wishing desperately to hear the familiar whoosh of an incoming wormhole and for Sheppard to come running through and shout April fools. Eventually resigning to the fact that however much she wanted him to he wasnt just going to come walking through the gate she tore herself away and locked eyes with the now extremely worried Carson Beckett.

      I dont know If he had not been listening intently for her response he would have missed it, it was so quiet He never came back through the gate Her mood quickly changed as she snapped I need his team to wake up so I can find out what happened. We never leave a man behind She echoed the words that Sheppard had used to her on so many occasions. He had risked his life to save the lives of so many others and now it was his life that needed saving, and at the moment she had no way of helping him.

      Beckett ignoring his own emotions at the news that the Military commander of Atlantis, someone who had become a good friend after saving his butt so many times was MIA, never letting his carefully constructed doctor fa├žade slip replied, Ill do everything that I can for his team. He turned away dejectedly from Elizabeth, not sure if she had heard him because she was once again staring transfixed, seemingly in a world of her own at the inactive stargate, as he made his way back to the infirmary and his three waiting patients.
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