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180Interested In beta reading my fic?

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  • thoughtreflex
    Mar 2, 2006
      I have a (rather long) Rodney centric (with a good dose of several
      other characters) story. I'm in need of someone to proof read as well
      as offer general opinions on the basics of the story etc. I based the
      story after the episode 'Trinity' but I have yet to see a single
      episode of the second season (it's really quite sad, actually.
      Judging by the stories I've read it's a great season!). I consider it
      a drama/angst/friendship story. It is not slash (every slash I
      attempt just...doesn't turn out and I end up deleting it in anger)but
      those who reeeeaaaaallly want it to be could probably find a way to
      warp it in their minds ;)

      I'm also new to both the Wraithbait Archive and to this
      list...actually I've never been on a list before, so forgive me if I
      somehow mess this message up :)

      If anyone is interested I would be greatly appreciative!

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