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153Beta needed: Slash, Hard R, SGA/SG-1 Crossover

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  • luatiki
    Feb 5, 2006
      Of Palm Trees and Porn (tent. title)
      Hard R
      SGA/SG1 Crossover, approx 6,500 words
      Jack/Daniel, Sheppard/OC, Carter/OC, eventual Mckay/Beckett
      Looking for a beta who examine all aspects of the fic and give
      constructive criticism. I adore criticism b/c it make the fic better,
      but please, nothing hurtful or cruel.
      It's sort of a crack!fic. It's supposed to be fun and lighted hearted.
      It is slightly AU because O'Neill is back on the team and Mitchell is
      on a mission with the Sudan warriors. SG1 and the Atlantis team come
      together to retrieve an Ancient planetary shield and chaos ensues! It
      actually started off as a joke, a friend and I basically wrote it
      together, but we've really put some hard work into this.
      If you think you might be into this, please email me.