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145Requesting beta for two gen fics

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  • normative_jean
    Jan 30, 2006
      Hi! *waves* I've written a few SGA fics, but have never sought the
      services of a beta before. In retrospect, that was a bad idea. So, I'm
      looking for someone to help me with two (or at least one) of the
      stories sitting on my hard drive. Here are the specs:

      Rating: both stories are G-PG

      Spoilers/Time Line: Both take place during season 1, with one set
      between "Rising Pt. 2" (1.01) and and "Hide and Seek" (1.02), and the
      other set between "Letters from Pegasus" (1.17) and "The Gift" (1.18)

      Pairing: both stories are gen, but feature Elizabeth and Teyla as the
      main characters

      Beta Type: Grammar and spelling are my primary concerns, but I'd also
      love feedback on the general flow of the stories. I'd rather that the
      fics be as good as they can be, so I'll take whatever constructive
      criticism you feel necessary

      Other notes: Both stories are character-based, so they are
      thought-and-dialogue heavy; there's no science fiction action-ey
      goodness. Also, please let me know what editing program you use, so I
      can format the files accordingly.

      Thanks in advance!
      Normative Jean
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