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Come to Camp Guhyasuta on Saturday

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  • John
    June 9 –10:00-12:00 Camp Guhyasuta, Allegheny County. Meet Cecily Franklin and Jim Tunney Camp Guyasuta is located in Sharpsburg, near the Highland Park
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      June 9 –10:00-12:00  Camp Guhyasuta, Allegheny County.  Meet Cecily Franklin and Jim Tunney  Camp Guyasuta is located in Sharpsburg, near the Highland Park Bridge.  From Route 28 (North or South) or from East Liberty, take the Highland Park Bridge and follow the signs to Sharpsburg.  This will put you onto Main Street.  After approximately 0.25 mile, turn RIGHT onto 23rd Street and follow the road to the Camp Entrance (under Route 28). Turn left at the sign, then right at the Parking Lot.

      We request that no one hunts a walk or foray location for at least two weeks
      prior to a walk or foray. It is only through your cooperation that we can have
      successful walks and forays. All walks & forays will be held rain or shine.
      Come 15-30 min early and socialize. All walks start on time, so be early, if
      you are late we will already be in the woods.

      For all walks and forays, bring water and lunch. Dress for the weather. Bring
      basket, wax or paper bags (no plastic) to keep mushrooms separated, whistle,
      compass, chair, hand lens, insect repellent, cell phone, and books for
      identification. Also bring a knife to dig up mushrooms for identification or to
      cut edibles off to keep them clean. Try to dig up 3 of the same species at
      different stages of development. Don't pick old mushrooms; leave them to drop
      their spores. Bring your membership card and a friend or two. You are
      responsible for not getting lost, if you have that tendency stick like glue to
      others. We won't wait for you, and we won't come look for you. Don't take the
      identification of the person standing next to you, they might not know as much
      as you do. Only club mycologists and identifiers should be used for advice.
      The Walk Leader will tell you when to be back at the walk starting place where
      the mushrooms will be put on paper plates and the Walk Identifier or Club
      Mycologist will put names on only the mushrooms that they know well. Take notes
      and pictures to help you remember the mushrooms. You should go home and check
      books yourself. Whether you decide to eat a mushroom, is ultimately only your

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