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Report From The Cape Cod

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  • Vlad
    Saturday, September 30. This time the best mushrooming was in Provincetown. First thing that happened was that a Russian woman spoke to me, in Russian, and
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2006
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      Saturday, September 30.  This time the best mushrooming was in Provincetown .  First thing that happened was that a Russian woman spoke to me, in Russian, and said to not bother looking for mushrooms as she and her husband have checked the place out and there is no more left.  I told her I will just check to see if they missed any.  I found 5 Reds total, without looking for them.


      There were quite a few Slippery Jill


      and whole lot of Russula and Lactarius. 


      Most covered with needles and very unappetizing looking.  Since I was looking for Matsutake, Russula brevipes and Russula ventricosipes kept getting in the way of the search.  I still have not found my first Matsutake, but I am not finished yet :o)

      There were several kinds of Cort.  I think this one is called Red-gilled Cort. 


      Here is some other kind of Cort. 


      Then there was the yellow version of Amanita formosa .


      I found another Boletus griseus var. fuscus.


      It was in good enough shape to save.  I am air drying it.  Can't see running a dryer for one mushroom :o)


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