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  • Shane Anthony
    Brook Andrew National Indigenous Arts and Cultural Alliance Just got a copy of your “Howdy all out there in indigi-cyber-land” email. My name’s Shane
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 14, 1999
      Brook Andrew
      National Indigenous Arts and Cultural Alliance

      Just got a copy of your �Howdy all out there in
      indigi-cyber-land� email. My name�s Shane Belcourt
      and I work with the Metis Nation of Ontario and the
      annual Canadian Aboriginal Festival. I�m a Metis
      musician, filmmaker, and writer (my sister covers the
      traditional arts in painting and beadwork and my Dad,
      Tony Belcourt, the political end being a National
      leader and Aboriginal rights activist for 30 years.)

      I�m writing for a variety of reasons. One, I�m
      coordinating various aspects of the Canadian
      Aboriginal festival, which is held each year in
      Toronto�s SkyDome (December 2-5th, this year). For a
      complete outline of the Festival check out the website
      www.canab.com . Basically, the Canadian Aboriginal
      Festival is Canada�s largest Aboriginal Pow Wow/Event.
      There�s traditional dancing, art exhibits, art
      workshops, art & craft booths, Education days for
      kids, Aboriginal business booths, information
      pavilions, and the first ever Canadian Aboriginal
      Music Awards. There�s heaps of media coverage with
      local and international attendance.

      As soon as I received the email I got to thinking
      that, if at all possible, we should have Aboriginal
      representation from Australia. This can be garnered
      in a variety of ways:
      � representation in the Festival Art Exhibit
      � an Arts and Craft/NIACA information booth
      � Perhaps even an addition to the Arts Workshops in
      which we have international representation of
      Aboriginal Arts organizations that can discuss how
      Aboriginal Arts can effect awareness and change in
      their communities, countries, and world stage. (the
      workshops are being covered by our national political
      news station, CPAC)

      Budgets are tight and deadlines are fast approaching,
      but with enough enthusiasm and creativity anything can

      I don�t know if you got the �heaps� reference already,
      but I returned from a 5 month Australian surf and
      music safari about 8 months ago. Just last week a
      friend from that journey, Australian filmmaker and
      musician, Sophie Raymond, was up here and we toured
      through Canada�s east coast. The accent, combined
      with the memories created a promise in me that I must
      return to your part of the earth quickly � I love it
      so. Just recently, to quell that longing I picked up
      a copy of �Dreamtime � Stories from the Earth� that
      outlines some stories, legends, and struggles of
      Aboriginal people in Australia. It�s amazing that
      there are so many similarities in spirit and artistic
      expression in all of our Indigenous cultures.
      Personally, I want to further explore those
      connections and help to build more international
      bridges. The Festival may be one more beginning.

      Just ideas and possibility right now, but please get
      back to me with your thoughts.

      Shane Belcourt
      Metis Nation of Ontario and
      Canadian Aboriginal Festival Coordinator
      415 Yonge St., Suite 801
      Toronto, ON
      M5B 2E7

      PH: (416) 339-5512
      FAX: (416) 977-9911
      Email � tonkahat@...

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