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Call for Cases - legal support for international human rights co urts or treaty-monitoring bodies

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    Please let networks know and contact Cynthia Morel directly. ... From: Trudy Bray To: RecOzNet2 Subject:
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      Please let networks know and contact Cynthia Morel directly.

      From: Trudy Bray <ozbrays2@...>
      To: RecOzNet2 <recoznettwo@...>
      Subject: [recoznettwo] Call for Cases
      Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 9:05 AM

      Forwarded for Lyndon Ormond-Parker

      Sent: Wednesday, November 27, 2002 1:18 PM
      Subject: Call For Cases

      November 27, 2002
      Please let people know.




      Minority Rights Group International (MRG) is currently launching an
      international project to provide legal support to cases before the
      international human rights courts or treaty-monitoring bodies. This is
      aimed to help broaden the interpretation of the law regarding the rights
      of minorities and indigenous peoples at the regional and universal levels.

      Accordingly, MRG is issuing a call for cases to its partners and to
      other NGOs working on relevant issues in an effort to identify cases
      which have the potential of setting the strongest legal precedent for
      the protection of minority rights. This may include complaints presently
      being heard by domestic courts.

      In forwarding cases to MRG, you are invited to give input on matters
      relating to the litigation strategies or legal mechanisms that, in your
      opinion, would be most likely to render a successful outcome. You are
      also invited to communicate your level of interest in becoming actively
      involved in the litigation process, and in what capacity. Documents
      accompanying this letter will detail the additional information which
      will be critical in helping us identify the most appropriate test cases.
      The first document of interest is the MRG Information Form for
      International Complaints. Accompanying this is a guideline which will
      help you complete the form. A final document briefly summarises the
      procedural requirements and the practical issues which will form the
      basis of selection for the test cases. This is strictly for your
      information, and not to be completed along with the Complaints Form.

      In order to ensure the widest possible dissemination of information, MRG
      strongly encourages your organisation to forward our call for cases to
      others. Of particular value would be the contact of NGOs in your country
      or region with whom you have collaborated in the past, and who may be in
      a position to make an important contribution to this project.

      Selected cases as well as questions or comments concerning this
      initiative may be directed to Cynthia Morel, the new legal cases officer
      at MRG, who will be managing the initial stages of this project. Ms
      Morel can be reached by email at cynthia.morel@...
      <mailto:cynthia.morel@...>. Alternatively, information should be
      sent by post to 379 Brixton Road, London, SW9 7DE, UK.

      Once cases have been selected, we will discuss the possible courses of
      action that are available with you. MRG strongly encourages creative
      legal solutions and looks forward to receiving your input at your
      earliest convenience.

      With sincere thanks and best wishes,

      Cynthia Morel
      Legal Cases Officer

      <<Complaint Form.doc>> <<Form Guidelines.doc>> <<Selection Criteria for
      Test Cases.doc>>
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