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[human rights] National Indigenous workshop kicks off in Adelaide next week [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

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      National Indigenous workshop kicks off in Adelaide next week

      National Indigenous workshop kicks off in Adelaide next week

      Friday, 6 March 2009

      One hundred Indigenous people from around the country will meet in Adelaide next week for a three-day workshop to lay the groundwork for a new national Indigenous representative body.

      Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner Tom Calma, who agreed to a request from the federal government to convene the independent Indigenous Steering Committee organising the consultation, said the 100 applicants were selected from a highly competitive field.

      "There was an extraordinary field of highly committed Indigenous people from all walks of life who applied," Mr Calma said.

      "Such a high quality field of applicants meant that the selection process in the end had to come down to obtaining an appropriate balance of ages, locations and experience so that the workshop can represent the diversity of Indigenous communities across the country."

      Mr Calma said 263 applications were received by the closing date on 13 February, with a further 35 late applications which were not considered. He said 56 per cent of the applicants were male, 44 per cent were female and that 45 per cent were from urban areas, 34 per cent from regional areas and 21 per cent from remote communities.

      "This national workshop will focus on identifying the key elements or features of a new national Indigenous representative body which can then be distilled down to a series of preferred models for the new body," Mr Calma said.

      "The workshop wonÂ’t be endorsing a final model for a national representative body nor will it be deciding the membership of it."

      The independent Indigenous Steering Committee assessed each applicant against criteria in the nomination form, including: the requirement that they be an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander; that they be nominated by an Indigenous community organisation or self nominated with two written references supporting the nomination; that they have demonstrated leadership capacity; that they have an ability to take part in high level discussions on strategic issues; and that they are able to make a positive and considered contribution to deliberations on the establishment of the new national Indigenous representative body.

      Mr Calma said only those able to meet all requirements for the workshop were considered.

      "For example, we had to cull those applicants who could only attend two of the three days, and then rated all remaining applications against the criteria," he said.

      "The Steering Committee ultimately came up with a list of 50 men and 50 women across all states and territories, urban, regional and remote areas, and across all age groups.

      "The aim of this workshop is to identify issues where there is agreement on a way forward and to identify those issues where there is a divergence of views," Mr Calma said.

      "I am confident that this group of motivated and strategic thinkers will rise to the challenge and move us a few steps closer to establishing a new national Indigenous representative body."

      The workshop will take place from 11- 13 March in Adelaide and will include an introductory session open to the media on Wednesday 11 March. The Steering Committee will release workshop outcomes in the week commencing 16 March.

      The list of workshop attendees is attached below. Please note, some people who were initially elected have withdrawn - those people are not listed.

      Media contact: Louise McDermott - 02 9284 9851 or 0419 258 597

      Mr Desmond Tayley
      Mr Gregory Phillips
      Mr Todd Phillips
      Mr (Lui) Ned David
      Mr Alf Lacey
      Mr Stephen Hagan
      Dr Michael Adams
      Mr Reginald Rickardo Guivarra
      Mr Percy Neal
      Mayor Napau Pedro Stephen
      Mr Victor Hart
      Mr Michael Williams
      Ms Babinda Lency Adidi
      Miss Victoria Jenkins
      Ms Michelle Deshong
      Mrs Mary Ann Coconut
      Delilah MacGilivray
      Mrs Elaine McKeon
      Mrs Patricia Thompson
      Ms Helen Akee

      Mr Paul Gray
      Mr Troy McGrath
      Mr Sean Gordon
      Mr Leon Donovan
      Mr William Johnston
      Mr Graeme Mundine
      Mr Leslie Ridgeway
      Mr Tom Briggs
      Mr Steve Widders
      Mr Aden Ridgeway
      Mr Russell Taylor
      Miss Kirsten Cheatham
      Ms Megan Davis
      Ms Carla McGrath
      Miss Renee Williamson
      Ms Tina McGhie
      Ms Kim O'Donnell
      Ms Kirstie Parker
      Ms Lynette Riley
      Ms Shiralee Carroll
      Ms Bev Manton
      Ms Mary-Lou Buck
      Ms Neita Scott
      Mr Rick Griffiths

      Australian Capital Territory
      Mr Steven Brown
      Mr Ron Morony
      Mr Terry Williams
      Ms Anne Martin
      Mrs Matilda Ann House
      Ms Mary Guthrie

      Northern Territory
      Mr Miritjunga Darren Maymuru
      Mr Kim Hill
      Mr Geoffrey Wangapa Jungarrayi Barnes
      Mr Barayuwa Mununggurr
      Mr Marius Puruntatameri
      Mr Paul Ah Chee
      Mr Wali Wunungmurra
      Mr Banambi Wunungmurra
      Mr Mialay Dhambarra Wunungmurra
      Mr Harold Furber
      Ms Barbara Shaw
      Ms Amanda Ngalmi
      Ms Ngaree Ah Kit
      Ms Djapirri Mununggirritj
      Mrs Marrpalawuy Marika
      Mrs Bess Nungarrayi

      South Australia
      Commissioner Klynton Wanganeen
      Mr Eddie Cubillo
      Mr Tauto Sansbury
      Prof Roger Thomas
      Miss Rebecca Grace Richards
      Ms Eugenia Flynn
      Miss Diat Alferink
      Ms Leanne Maree Liddle
      Ms Sandra Miller

      Western Australia
      Miss Dorinda Cox
      Mrs Loretta Harris
      Ms Glenda Kickett
      Mrs Kayleen Hayward
      Mrs Jennifer Kniveton (Gregory)
      Mrs Dorothy Henry
      Miss Rosetta Maria Sahanna
      Mrs Patricia Mason
      Assc Prof Ted Wilkes
      Mr Braden Hill
      Mr Peter Jeffries
      Mr David Collard
      Mr James (Jim) Morrison
      Mr Brian Wyatt
      Mr Sandy Davies

      Mr Anthony King

      Mr Walter Saunders
      Dr Mark Rose
      Mr Graham Atkinson
      Ms Lidia Alma Thorpe
      Ms Leanne Miller
      Ms Judy Saxton
      Ms Jill Gallagher
      Miss Lynette Austin
      Mrs Muriel Bamblett
      Ms Monica Morgan
      Ms Daphne Yarram

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