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FW: [NYTr] The Racist Mascot: Why You Should Still Boo Illinois at the Rose Bowl on Jan. 1, 2008

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      Via NY Transfer News Collective  *  All the News that Doesn't Fit

      [Imagine that on game days everything remains exactly the same except
      that the Rabbi itself has since been "retired" from "performing" at

      The Racist Mascot from Urbana-Champaign:

      Why You Should Still Boo Illinois


      The self-styled "Fighting Illini" of the University of Illinois at
      Urbana-Champaign are on their way to the Jan. 1, 2008  Rose Bowl   with
      racist and genocidal mascot and symbol Chief Illiniwak still in
      tow.  Although the NCAA  forced the University of Illiniwaks to
      prevent this Little Red Sambo from desecrating at half-times
      everything American Indians hold dear and treasure, nevertheless Chief
      Illiniwak still remains the officially designated "honored symbol" of
      the University of Illiniwaks at Urbana-Champaign. Just recently the
      University of Illiniwaks resurrected Chief Illiniwak for the Fall 2007
      Homecoming in order to better  milk their  Alumni/ae as part of their
      newly launched Capital Campaign, thus definitively  proving their craven
      racism. In his "Year 501: The
      Conquest Continues" (1993) Noam Chomsky suggests an apt metaphor for
      such American Indian sports  mascots and symbols that I will
      elaborate upon here in order to conform to our local and most peculiar
      rites on this campus:

      Suppose the Nazis had won the Second World War. Sixty years later, a
      prestigious German state university has a mascot for all of its
      sports teams and sports fans by the name of "The Rabbi." Basically what
      happens is that a student from the  Hitler Youth  League dresses up in
      an authentic costume for an Hasidic Rabbi, complete with the curl-locks
      and beard. The  University itself   collectively call themselves "The
      Fighting Jews", and the school's band is called "The Marching Jews."
      The student newspaper is called "The Daily Jew."   All the sports fans
      in town wear jackets and t-shirts with pictures of The Rabbi prominently
      displayed on them. And most cars have Rabbi stickers planted all over
      them.  Three  years   ago the University's Board of Trustees ran out of
      town on a rail a courageous and principled Chancellor who had the
      temerity to publicly suggest that the time had now come to "retire" the
      Rabbi. So of course there  was   a heated campaign on among the students
      and alumni to "Save the Rabbi!"

      This German state university plays its soccer matches over at the
      Nuremberg Stadium in front of an audience of about 75,000 White Aryans ,
      almost all of whom are wearing pro-Rabbi images and clothes. At
      half-time the Marching Jews take to the stadium floor and begin playing
      what they purport to be Jewish sounding music along the lines of
      Fiddler-on-the-Roof. Then all 75,000 White Aryans rise as one and shout
      in unison: "Rabbi, Rabbi, Rabbi, Rabbi" gesticulating wildly and working
      themselves up into a feeding frenzy. One lone faculty member sits there
      in protest shouting "Racist Rabbi!" and everyone in the vicinity
      proceeds to throw garbage at him.

      Finally, the moment these ardent White Aryans have all waited for has
      arrived. The Rabbi runs out onto the arena floor from among the
      Marching Jews, proceeds to the center of the Nuremberg Stadium, and
      dances the Hava Nagila while the Marching Jews play on and march into
      an intricately choreographed maneuver that they all brag about and take
      special pride in that culminates with the band being organized into a
      swastika. So the Rabbi continues to dance the Hava Nagila while the
      Marching Jews form themselves into a swastika. By now all 75,000 White
      Aryans are hysterical, shouting, screaming and yelling: "Rabbi, Rabbi,
      Rabbi." This semi-religious spectacle that the Nazis are well known for
      staging, especially at the Nuremberg stadium, goes on for a good
      twenty minutes. It all concludes with everyone joining hands to sing
      "Deutschland, Deutschland Uber Alles," with the Rabbi leading all
      75,000 White Aryans in the song. Then the Rabbi proceeds to dance the
      Hava Nagila out of the stadium followed by the Marching Jews. Everyone
      goes wild, clapping and cheering. This Rabbi ceremony brings tears to
      the eyes of many drunken alumni and students who had started several
      hours beforehand getting inebriated on schnapps and good German beer at
      pre-game tailgate parties.

      When it is all over, a visiting law professor from another country asks
      his host at the soccer match what this spectacle was all about. Without
      missing a beat the former Dean Mengele of the Law School turns to his
      guest and says:"We are honoring the Jews." Whom the Nazis had just
      exterminated 60 years ago, so of course the memory of the Jews needs to
      be honored by this spectacle. The Illiniwek Indians were ethnically
      cleansed out of Illinois about a century before that. These are the real
      "Little Eichmans." Be sure to "boo!" and root against the Illiniwaks.

      Historically, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, its Boards
      of Trustees, its Presidents, its Chancellors, its Provosts, its Deans,
      Directors and Department Heads, and most of its Faculty and Alumni/ae
      have  always been the Ku Klux Klan dressed up in Caps and Gowns instead
      of Hoods and Sheets.  

      [Francis A. Boyle is Professor of Law at the University of Illinois.]

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