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Harikuyoo Needle Memorial Service

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  • Greve Gabi
    *Needle* *memorial* *service* (*hari* *kuyoo*) © Photo : http://members2.jcom.home.ne.jp/ichikondo/02%20shoujuinharikuyou.html *
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      Needle memorial service (hari kuyoo)

      © Photo : http://members2.jcom.home.ne.jp/ichikondo/02%20shoujuinharikuyou.html


      Needle Memorial Service (hari kuyoo)

      ***** Location: Japan
      ***** Season: Early Spring, Feb. 8
      ***** Category: Observance



      This is the day when Buddhist masses are sung for needles broken during the past year since it is thought that the needles' lives were sacrificed in service.

      A small three-step altar is set up and hung with a sacred rope and strips of cut white paper which indicate a sanctified area. On the top step are offerings of fruit and sweet cakes. On the middle step is a cake of tofu and on the bottom step are various sewing accessories.

      February kigo for haiku


      "Well, the priest is incanting a sutra which reflects the passage of the
      needles from usage and invoking some kind of Buddhist blessing which would
      then be passed on to the ladies themselves. Because as they show respect to
      the needles of last year, they're really saying to them, you know, 'Thank
      you very much for what you've done, and please give us your power and your
      energy for the coming year so that our sewing skills can become improved.'"
      (c) 2002 Jim Metzner Productions,



      2月8日  正受院()    (新宿区新宿2-15-20、地下鉄・新宿御苑前)




      Worldwide use

      Things found on the way


      she bows to the
      broken needle
      . . . remembering

      robert d. wilson

      enshrined broken needles
      my grandmother and me
      a memory of my mind

      etsuko yanagibori

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      ***** Buddhist and Shinto Events, Saijiki

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