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News items you may have missed by Devvy Kidd

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  • Rich Martin
    As you may know, I’m a long time admirer of Devvy Kidd and her work. Here’s
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      As you may know, I�m a long time admirer of Devvy Kidd and her work. Here�s her latest. Enjoy.

      News items you may have missed

      Note: there is a link to past columns at the bottom of her message.

      Barack Obama (D)
      Top Contributors

      Contact Your Govt

      For more info about Obama�s Private Army, google

      Healthcare legislation & Obama's Private Army
      US Public Health Service Ready Reserve Corpse

      Patriot Freedom

      If a link above does not work, cut-and-paste to your browser.
      Please be aware that Barack Hussein Obama�s grandfather was a highly respected witch doctor with the Luo tribe. His white grandmother was VP at the Bank of Hawaii and she worked with and for Peter Geithner on other projects, Peter is the father of Timothy Geithner, Obama's choice of Treasurer of the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />US.

      We the People


      57 Year Old Mom Looks 27!
      Mom Reveals $5 Wrinkle Trick That Has Angered Doctors!

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