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    ~~ ~~~ This is a letter I held off forwarding for a couple of weeks, to give it a little perspective. Again note how committed China is to bringing Taiwan
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 24, 2005

      This is a letter I held off forwarding for a couple of weeks,
      to give it a little perspective. Again note how committed China
      is to bringing Taiwan into the greater China nation -- and how
      good they are at rewriting the history of Formosa ... as good
      as any Westerners in editing and rewriting any history ever ...

      Millennium Twain



      The UN is going to have meeting on September 12th and 13th.

      The Separatist Taiwanese government launched its Bid again
      to Join the United Nations with a  Plot to become eventually
      an UN Representative. With the Neo-Cons conspiracy behind
      them, Taiwan and few of its allies presented a Proposal to 
      U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan to push for Taiwan
      island to join the UN body in just a few days.

      For the sake of the World Peace and Justice, we urge you
      to write this urgent letter now to BLOCK Taiwanese
      fanatic Separatists from Joining the UN .

      Enclosed is  an important  SAMPLE LETTER for your
      references and CONTACT Information. 


      Dear UN Representative and Staff members ,

      As Concerned citizens, we urge you to OPPOSE the Taiwanese
      government's attempt to become a member of the United Nations
      at the upcoming session of  the UN General Assembly. 

      Recently, the Taiwanese Government has been using its "Money
      Diplomacy" to lure a handful of its beneficiaries to submit two
      proposals to the United Nations.   This time, the Taiwanese
      government is adding a new strategy of so called "urging  the UN
      to maintain peace in Taiwan strait"  to MISLEAD the UN members
      to eventually approve Taiwan to become an UN Representative.

         The Taiwanese government's act  goes against the
      internationally acknowledged ONE-CHINA principle.
      Such a move is a Violation of the principles of the Charter of the
      United Nations and in defiance of General Assembly Resolution
      2758 which Recognizes the People's Republic of China is the
      Only Legal Representative for China (including Taiwan island) 
      in the Untied Nations.     The UN's principles Cannot and
      should NOT be Violated by a handful of countries who
      are obviously Bought by the Taiwanese separatists.

      Taiwan island has been an Integral part of China for thousands
      of years. Just like Tibet, Taiwan has Never been an independent
      country.   The Taiwan island Pro-independence separatists are
      attempting to Steal international "Recognition" for Taiwan island's
      "Independence" from its motherland China.   Those  Taiwanese
      separatists want to Break China's Sovereignty and SPLIT
      the Chinese people along the Taiwan Strait.


      According to China Times reported on Aug. 12, 2005, it said
      that the Taiwanese Hsiung Feng Missiles, which have a range of
      1,000 kilometers (600 miles), were deployed across the island by
      the Defense Ministry's new missile command.   Taiwan  is also
      developing Cruise Missiles with a range of  2,000 kilometers for
      further deployment.   Some foreign reports said that the U.S.
      Neo-Cons may have been involved in Aiding Taiwan island to
      Develop its Advanced "Attack" Weapons aiming at China.

        "These place several vital Chinese Air Bases, Missile launch
      sites and Naval facilities under Taiwan's Missile Umbrella,"  
      according to Jane's Defense Weekly.

        In fact, Taiwanese top leaders in its Defense Department just
      recently Visited Japan attempting to form a Japan-Taiwan united
      military front against China. Taiwanese Money also effectively
      Lobbied the US government to purposely place the Taiwan
      issue in the so called "US-Japan Security Treaty".   Taiwan's
      UN  proposal is a major Plot to Divide China.

          Therefore,  it is obvious that the Taiwanese Separatist
      Governement wants DIVIDING,  NOT PEACE.


      During the Second World War China, the United States, the
      Soviet Union, Great Britain, France and others formed an alliance
      to oppose the Axis of Germany, Japan and Italy.    The Cairo
      Declaration issued by China, the United States and Great Britain
      on December 1, 1943 stated  : "It is the purpose of the three great
      Allies that Japan shall be stripped of all the islands in the Pacific
      which she has seized or occupied since the beginning of the First
      World War in 1914, and that all the territories Japan has stolen
      from the Chinese, such as Manchuria, Formosa [Taiwan] and the
      Pescadores [Penghu], shall be Restored to China.".

      Taiwan island is an INALIENABLE PART of China's Territory.
      The UN is an intergovernmental organization composed of
      Sovereign states. As a part of China, Taiwan island is NOT eligible
      to participate in the UN and/or any of its specialized agencies.  


      So far, ALL the Opposition Parties in Taiwan Refuse to recognize
      Chen ShuiBien's "Presidency".    Many people in Taiwan said that
      Chen and his DPP Party (Democratic Progressive Party)  had
      Stolen the Taiwanese Presidency.  Please click here :

      Chen ShuiBien's family name is "Chen".  "Chen"  is the most popular
      family name in the "Han" ethnic group in mainland China.  The "Han"
      ethnic group is the Largest  ethnic group in the entire mainland China.
      Chen has Betrayed his ancestors in his own motherland China.

      IN CONCLUSION,  any of the Taiwanese Participation in the
      UN  would intend to create 2 Chinas or "One China, One Taiwan".
      It would Break the Peace and Prosperity along the Taiwan
      Strait and further Endanger the World's Peace and Prosperity.  

         The more Support that the Separatists obtain to divide China,
      the more Endangered the Regional Peace and Prosperity, which
      would ultimately Jeopardize the U.S.  and the  rest of the
      World's  PEACE and PROSPERITY. 

        For the sake of the World's Peace, Stability and Prosperity,
      we urge ALL  governments to REJECT  Taiwan's Conspiracy
      and Plot to enter the United Nations.   Thank you .

      To understand Taiwan's HISTORY , Please read below:



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