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Richard Branson's Aussie Space-Technology Dumb Down ...

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  • MessiahTwain
    the Richard Branson, Burt Rutan, Paul Allen plan (below) is a straight counterintelligence operation to dumb-down the world knowledge of space transport
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 9, 2005
      the Richard Branson, Burt Rutan, Paul Allen plan
      (below) is a straight counterintelligence operation
      to dumb-down the world knowledge of space transport
      technology by about fifty years.

      it is all, ULTRA low-tech, that the Aerospace Military
      Industrial Complex is willing to share with the world
      public knowledge-base and market-place.

      as their control and occupation of the high-ground
      of space, continues into its fifth or sixth (or
      seventh) decade ...

      Millennium Twain



      Branson's Aussie space plan

      from Steve Creedy, Aviation writer
      04 April 2005

      FLAMBOYANT entrepreneur Richard Branson wants to bring
      his "Virgin Galactic" spaceships to Australia and says
      he has already had approaches from several state governments.

      Sir Richard's Virgin Group has entered into a deal with
      US space aviation pioneer Burt Rutan and software mogul
      Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, to develop affordable
      space tourism.

      Mr Rutan's SpaceShipOne last October won the $US 10 million
      ($12.96 million) Ansari X-Prize, which was set up in 1996
      to encourage civilian space flight, when it carried a man
      into suborbital space twice within two weeks. It also
      set an altitude record of 377,591 feet (115,090m).

      A final design for Virgin's flagship spacecraft, the
      VSS Enterprise, is expected to be signed off on this year.
      A US base is expected to be training 3000 astronauts for
      the $US190,000 sub-orbital flights in as little as three

      'Sir' Richard said in Sydney that the plan was to
      build sufficient spaceships to allow the establishment
      of separate bases around the world.

      "Having said that, we would have to get an export
      licence from the American Government on it. We're 90
      per cent sure that will be possible but, because it's
      space, they would certainly need certain protections,"
      he said.

      Subject to that, I think Australia would be a place
      where it would be wonderful to set up a space station
      and offer space travel from. We've had a
      number of states approach us."

      The British entrepreneur said the space flights
      would be a great spectacle and attract wealthy individuals.
      In time, he hoped to bring down the price of
      space travel to make it more affordable.

      But he was reluctant to put a figure on the reduced price.
      "I'm not getting drawn on that, otherwise no one's going
      to pay the initial price, but it will come down after
      10 years or so," he said.

      Sir Richard also indicated Virgin Blue would move soon
      on its long-awaited frequent-flyer program, saying the
      scheme would be part of a renewed assault on Qantas
      now that Patrick Corp's takeover bid had expired.

      Asked how Patrick's 62 per cent stake would affect
      the airline, Sir Richard said he believed it would be
      "business as usual" and that it had not affected his
      relationship with Patrick chief executive Chris Corrigan.

      The Virgin boss and his son are in Australia to film
      cameo appearances as astronauts in the new Superman movie,
      which features a Virgin Galactic spaceship.





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