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Re: Blue Star! I am ready and ask for your cure.

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  • MessiahTwain
    ... CHD is trivial, and Diabetes is trivial, to cure with the raw diet -- trivial in 95 percent of cases -- when you do a moderately disciplined raw vegan diet
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2004
      --- Crazy HU-monk wrote:
      > I am also ready and anxious for your cure for my heart disease
      > and diabetes. I have already decided to eat raw living foods only
      > for awhile. Most will be juiced. I due like flat breads and I will
      > continue to drink the wheatgrass juice (2 oz 2x/day).
      > I grow it with a kelp hydroponic nutrient mix in and sterile soil
      > in a 6 tray sprouter. I use fresh natural Wekiva Spring water daily.

      CHD is trivial, and Diabetes is trivial, to cure with the raw diet -- trivial
      in 95 percent of cases -- when you do a moderately disciplined raw
      vegan diet for a few weeks. http://rawfamily.com/

      They both come from the same cause -- fats accumulated in
      the bloodstream and body -- which prevent the assimilation of
      food by the body -- and allow the proliferation of yeasts, bacteria,
      molds, parasites, viruses and more.

      A person with a support group, and young and strong -- and
      who doesn't have too large a toxin bank to drain -- can leave
      insulin-dependent Diabetes behind forever in five days.

      Otherwise you can stretch it out for a few weeks -- while you
      are detoxing from the poisons and fats, while they are flowing
      out of your body. [While your arterial deposits are cleansing,
      and your body mass reducing its load on you.]

      Do NOT eat any breads or grains, though Wheatgrass juice won't
      hurt you in moderation -- though it is VERY strong, setting in
      lots of detoxing. Better to eat or drink kale and spinach -- ten
      times gentler and richer for you. And Comfrey. Green vegetables,
      particularly those with GENTLE tastes, not strong medicines.


      read up on the internet about Enzymes and Raw and Life or
      Living Foods. The enzymes from a hundred percent rawfood
      diet will takeover somewhat for your immune system -- the
      immune system you no longer have. They will process the
      food for you in your intestinal track -- as you also no longer
      have much of your own body's enzymes left to do it.

      remember, your intestinal track is a river, you are a river,
      and you are going to spend weeks flushing it out -- and pissing
      all the time -- and cleansing all the time. [Massage and wipe
      down your body several times a day.]

      you are going to sliim up -- and ALL your intestinal and bodily
      'flora and fauna' are going to change out over the coming weeks.

      constant yoga and pulsing will keep everything moving, the Chi
      flowing, and your bodily organs, muscles and immune organs
      regrowing -- as you lose kilos or tens of kilos of accumulated
      'compost' and fat and metals and poisons in your body. lose
      them forever.


      short-term diabetes, and Low Blood Sugar, is caused by
      fats in the diet. in the blood system the fats surround the blood
      cells, and coat the organ cells, and surround the food molecules
      [cover the sugars and minerals] so that your body can no longer
      get to them. They are coated in fat, and thus unable to be

      so you have to eat more and more, and generate more and
      more insulin -- and you just produce sugar toxicity in your body,
      and against your eyes -- and you still are weak, hungry, and
      now a victim of yeasts and parasites too.

      long-term diabetes is caused by this -- and by the eating away
      of your pancreas by those parasites and yeasts -- same as they
      eat away your thymus and liver and other immune organs.


      the five-day cure, as promoted by Victoria Butenko -- is simply to go
      a hundred percent raw -- and don't do any fats for five days.

      that is, none of your daily avocado, almonds, olive oil, and other
      luxuries and indulgences. [normally I eat about a quart of coconut
      or almond yoghurt daily -- which is too much really.]

      you can eat as much fruit and vegies as you like -- but less will
      make the journey easier on you -- if you have other outlets in
      your life like singing and dancing -- and walking and Chi Gong
      and bicycling -- swimming in the ocean, hikng the mountains,
      gardening, painting, sculpture ...


      do NOT eat fruit after a veggie meal -- they do not mix. have
      fruit and/or fruit juice alone as a meal -- or you can have veggies
      or green juice half an hour AFTER the fruit meal. [never eat fruit
      AFTER a solid veggie meal, however.]

      if you are just having green JUICE, then it will be absorbed
      rapidly, and you can follow it a little later with a fruit meal.

      do NOT mix melons with fruit. they are entirely different. a melon
      is part of the cucumber family, and very cleansing. just don't mix
      it with other fruit. melon is a meal all by itself.

      anyway, over these five days -- all the fats in your bloodstream will
      be cleansed away -- and so all the sugars in your body can be
      used by yout cells. no external source insulin will be required,
      and your own internal insulin will more than suffice for sugar

      [of course, you can NOT consume coffee or tea being raw.]

      one other thing about Fruit and sugar. you need little, but it is
      a wondrous addiction -- actually a sugar, yeast, and cocaine
      addiction. there are two kinds of fruits -- 1) natural ones with simple
      sugars -- sugars with small molecules which are kind on your
      body. and 2) un-natural sugars, produced by thousands of years
      of cultivation or hybridization -- with complex (BIG) sugar molecules
      which usually just feed the candida and other bad yeasts in our
      bodies -- and destroy our eyes, and waste our divine bodily temples.

      blueberries, blackberries, figs, little guavas, wild persimmons ... these
      are some examples of the healthiest fruits to eat. usaully, the bigger and
      sweeter a fruit is -- and the less seed it has -- the worse it is for us.

      thus big fat seedless fruits are best to avoid.

      aahhh, what else?

      oh yes, regarding nuts and seeds:

      after your five days of GETTING THE FAT OUT -- you can take
      some seeds and nuts into your diet if you like -- wondrous for
      salad dressings, and nut cheeses and milks.

      just remember the seeds and nuts have to be raw, and HAVE
      to be soaked in pure water for a day first -- in order to bleed away
      the tannic acid which prevents their sprouting.

      then the seeds are alive -- and no longer have the tannin, the
      same tannin which is in the red and black teas. or in acorns.

      almonds are one of the best -- because they are alkaline, and
      you need to let your body go alkaline so that it can start GROWING
      again -- taking in nutrients and minerals, and rebuilding your teeth
      and bones and organs.

      acid bodies leach out minerals like a burst balloon. that is why
      milk and dairy eaters LOSE their bones, decalcify -- because
      an acid body sucks calcium ot of the bones like salt out of
      a pickle.

      and WE can stop being the industrial pickles,

      of a mindless machine ...

      Millennium Twain



      Ascendance = ENLIGHTENMENT = Total Immersion ... RESONANCE !

      Her Rainbow 'ReSounds' Within !!


      LOVING lifestyle -- raw, vegan, organic, probiotic, whole hygiene --
      solarian, breatharian, aqua-arian

      24-HOUR mindfulness -- yoga, meditation, quiet ...
      slowing, pulsing, song, dance ... sun, wind & water

      COMPLETE global circle of respect -- 'Chi-become-Gong' of
      infinite culture, sacred aboriginal culture, our divine ancestors

      ALL our living spirit relations -- tree, stone, wind, fire, water ...
      crow, turtle, dolphin, whale ...

      CELESTIAL mother-country -- wilderness, true nature!


      <<WE>> are the Blue Star, the TaoStar --

      <YOU> are Her heart ....



      Win a castle for NYE with your mates and Yahoo! Messenger
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