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  • Rich Martin
    Fred, I ve got a granddaughter who just graduated from law school on the East Coast. Being very proud of her, I started a conversation that included the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2010
      Fred, I've got a granddaughter who just graduated from law school on the East Coast. Being very proud of her, I started a conversation that included the Constitution. Her response was, "Oh, gramps, haven't you ever heard of case law? I wrote my first unpublished book in 1976 to honor the Bicentennial. I took everyday events and then connected them to the Constitution. When I got thru, I realized it contained more violations of the Constitution than support for same. As best I can tell, only the 3rd amendment in the Bill of Rights has not been violated. The Declaration has become as meaningless as Romeo & Juliet. Nice story, so what. Fear mongers like to say that a Convention could replace the Constitution and replace in its entirety with a new document. True. That's what they did in 1976 when they met to fix problems in the Articles of Confederation. That didn't turn out so bad. There's 2 things that must be considered. Our Founding Fathers wrote Article V with a purpose in mind. In their wisdom, nothing the Convention decided would become law until ratified by 3/4 of the states. That's a pretty good safety net in itself. Secondly, who do you trust, the 537 politicians in Washington, DC, who do not feel obligated to stay within the bounds set in the Great Document, or, a representatives chosen by each of the 50 state legislatures to make recomendations for the states to vote on. IMHO, the goal of the present govt is to bring down the USA from it's premier place on the planet. How else can you explain a ban (they call it a moratorium) on drilling for oil other than to "encourage" the 33 multi-million dollar drilling rigs to leave American waters when they supply 40% of our domestic oil? How can anyone justify changing NASA mission from space flight to pseudo global warming monitoring, while being instructed to give Saudi Arabia assistance. The only thing wrong with the Constitution is the govt doesn't feel inclined to obey it's limitations on their power. One example. Socialized medicine as written is unconstitutional. There is no way, no matter how twisted the logic, that a citizen can be constitutionally forced to buy a product. They said, okay, then we'll just call it a tax; our power to tax is unlimited. Sadly, that's true, but the constitution requires that all revenue bills start in the House of Reps. The Health bill was written by the Senate and passed on to the House. The House was suspposed to then write it's own bill, and the differences would go to reconcillation and then approved by each House before going to the POTUS for signature. That was the plan. Enter the TEA Party and the election of a Republican to replace Ted Kennedy. Because Brown was elected, they no longer had 60 democrats that could get past a filibuster of the reconciled bill.
      So, they had the House accept the Senate Bill as is, with no additions (Pork payofffs to House members) to avoid the Reconcillation process. The POTUS signed the bill and it has become law even tho the revenue it generates is a tax that did not originate in the House as required by that yellow piece of paper they trample on daily. They have rendered the Constitution meaningless. We've already lost it. Have a great day. Rich

      On Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 9:55 AM, Fred <fredstevens@...> wrote:

      I really wish that everyone who pushes for a constitutional convention would stop and consider the possibilities. That is the one sure way to lose our constitution once and for all. There is so much evil loose in the world and it would love the chance to finally get at our founding document. I have read several scenarios on a convention and only those that ignore the baser parts of human nature come up with a positive outcome.

      I would, instead, favor a more direct star chamber response to those who work to subvert our republic. Swing the pendulum over to the other extreme for a while, so to speak. Play cowboy and muslim. Cut off the federal dole and dry up the teat.
      Return to free wheeling capitalism. Etc.

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