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FW: GORDON DUFF and General (Retd) Gul on WIKI-LEAKS

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  • Khan Arif
    Wiki Leaks are voluminous and different people are drawing different conclusions. General Retired Hameed Gul of Pakistan who worked with Pakistan American
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2010
      Wiki Leaks are voluminous and different people are drawing different
      conclusions. General Retired Hameed Gul of Pakistan who worked with
      Pakistan American ventures in 1970s to train Taliban and Mujahideen
      to drive out Russians from Afghanistan says that it is an attempt to blame
      Pakistan for NATO and US failure in Afghanistan to establish writ of
      Afghan Government outside Kabul. He says Afghan are with Mulla
      Omar and not Karzai. Mulla Omar had no hands in 9/11 attacks.

      He also says that India and Zionists are master minding terrorist
      attacks by hiring mercenaries and criminals  in Pakistan under
       the fake name to destablize the only Muslim state with nuclear power.

      US writer Gordon Duff says  that Wikileaks is simply another ploy by the ultra

      powerful Israel lobby, a cheap game meant to humiliate the United States,

      destroy Paksitan and build a reputation for a puppet. I suspect it will

      fail. I hope this effort is useful in that endeavor  Incidetally according
      to promises Obama had made during election campaign the
      US trooops are to be withdrawn from Afghanistan next year.
      The warmonger do not want that and wish US to attack Pakistan
      on false pretext..


      July 29, 2010 posted by Gordon

      Duff<http://www.veterans today.com/ author/gordonduf f/ >· 4

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      *By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor*

      Now “Wiki-Leaks” is busy selling phony bin Laden stories, having the long

      dead Osama humiliating the CIA by running around villages in Afghanistan

      selling vacuum cleaners. What is our “leak” site really about? This is a

      dead news cycle. The World Cup is over, lots of people on holiday and no

      major stories. Only in a dead news period like this, as Oliver Stone

      pointed out, could the Israeli controlled media dump a pile of lame rumors

      mixed in with box loads of chickenfeed, passing it off as the story of the


      Even the cover story, the mysterious Assange fleeing the murderous CIA,

      working to save the world is lame. WikiLeaks is lame. Please, everyone, go

      to the site and read everything there. I have seen more confidential

      information on a weather report. Assange is hardly a James Bond figure.

      Woody Allen is masculine in comparison.

      Journalists all get leaks, and frankly, we don’t print most of them. Some

      we can’t trust. Some are just too dangerous. Some are simply illegal.

      Some are blatantly self serving Israeli propaganda coated with a veneer of

      anti-Americanism. This is “Wiki-leaks” material. What is important is what

      they don’t print. The only things that come out about Israel, the country

      most vulnerable to leaks, the country always up to the most skulduggery, is

      an occasional harmless story like their major leak on East Jerusalem

      settlements. It hit the New York Times first.

      When you read Mr. Assange’s output, you are looking at one of the Mossad

      games, nothing more. They send some stories to Fox News, some to CNN, some

      to the Washington Post or London Times. They have their pick as their

      friends and co-workers own those outlets and so many more. The game today

      is using Wikileaks, given its 15 minutes of fame for trashing the US in Iraq

      with the helicopter video, to spread imaginary stories about Pakistan, the

      only nuclear power in the Middle East capable of standing up to Israel and

      the enemy of India.

      India is what it is all really about. Israel is playing India for a fall,

      drawing them into their games they way they did with the United States in

      Iraq and Afghanistan. India will wake up with their government bought off,

      blackmailed, up to their neck in wars and insurgencies at home and fighting

      Israel’s enemies abroad. India is the next real target for rape,

      destruction, destabilization by Israel and our “Wiki-leak” is part of that


      Another chosen victim, of course, is the United States, hated enemy of

      Israel, not for public consumption, however. Check the names of those who

      looted the American economy. In the top dresser drawer of 80% of those who

      took the US into bankruptcy, you will find an Israeli passport.

      Did anyone ask why nothing was reported in 90,000 pages regarding the

      massive drug dealing in Afghanistan? With stories in the press around the

      world reporting that President Karzai and his brother are the biggest

      druglords in the world, why would this not be mentioned? Is it because

      Karzai is a good friend of the Indo-Israeli alliance that runs Wiki-leaks?

      Classified Army documents are filled to the brim with reports that the CIA

      and their private contractors are involved in drug operations with Karzai

      but also other names are named including many prominent Americans, some

      members of congress. I won’t leak their names but I know they are in the

      documents. If Wiki got what they say they got, then most of their documents

      would have reported corruption, drug dealing, governments of a dozen

      countries would have been mentioned.

      If real leaks were made public and we did something about it, first by

      arresting the gangsters and spies filling congress, the White House and

      every federal agency, we might balance our budget but who would be left to

      do the Sunday morning talk shows? If you want the names of those who would

      really be on leaked documents, check your TV listings. It isn’t a

      coincidence. Those chosen to lie on television are also being paid for

      other duties as well.

      Israel would have been cited for laundering drug money for the Taliban. It

      is in the documents. I didn’t release them. That is illegal.

      BG Asif Haroon Raja of Pakistan, former Attache to Egypt and respected

      intelligence analyst had the following to say about the Wiki barrage:

      *“Unsubstantiated and fabricated allegations against Pakistan and its

      premier institutions are so absurd and decayed that it gives nausea to the

      reader. Only ones who enjoy the stale jokes are its manufacturers or the

      game players. ISI-Taliban closeness has been drummed up in such a manner as

      if it is the biggest sin ever committed. Each time it is presented with a

      new flavor to make it look more breathtaking. This unholy practice has been

      going on systematically and incessantly for the last six years to condition

      the minds of the world audience and to convert falsehood into truth. Story

      of this nature is routinely published in western media every fortnightly. *

      *In the last few months write ups on this subject have suddenly gained

      impetus. Previously, accusations were in the form of allegations made by

      newspapers and think tanks. Now top US civil and military officials have

      jumped into the arena with loins girded up and have started using high

      handed tactics openly without caring for diplomatic decorum. Propaganda

      assault together with verbal assaults by visiting officials and drone

      attacks have become a norm. They have become xenophobic and overbearing.

      This can be gauged from the mood of the three US visitors who visited

      Islamabad recently.*

      *Prickly Hillary Clinton can see ghost of Osama sauntering in Pakistan each

      time she lands in Pakistan . Through her lens she sees ISI in cahoots with

      Taliban. She again reminded our harried rulers that any attack on US

      homeland with connection to Pakistan would have devastating consequences

      upon Pak-US relations. She conceitedly dangled few carrots to make them do

      more. Grim looking Holbrooke and tense ridden Adm. Mike Mullen harbored

      similar ideas. The trio wanted Pak Army to cut off its entire links with

      Taliban, consider Indians as friends and to promptly launch an operation in

      North Waziristan to chase out Haqqani network and Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), the

      two outfits most dreaded by USA . LeT has been put on the hit list to please

      India . *

      *Wikileaks is a follow up of London Report and some of the objectives behind

      it are to keep Pakistan pressured and cornered, authenticate Indian

      allegations about ISI’s involvement in various acts of terror in

      Afghanistan, demonise LeT and defame ISI, exert pressure on Obama

      Administration to affect a change in its policy of softness towards

      Pakistan, reconciliation with Taliban and withdrawal of coalition forces.

      India together with Northern Alliance and pro-war American senior officials

      are possibly behind the Wikileaks scandal. This report is less harmful for

      Pakistan and more injurious for USA since source reports on Pakistan mostly

      provided by RAAM and RAW agents were never taken seriously by the receivers.

      Receiving officers have been noting their remarks on such reports as lacking

      in authenticity, biased and devoid of credibility. Moreover, such

      manipulated leakages would further widen rather than build trust gap between

      USA and Pakistan .”*

      When Joe Biden and General Petraeus both reported that Israel was

      endangering American troops, the classified portion of this involved Israeli

      operations in Afghanistan, which are extensive. Why would General Petraeus

      have gone to congress about Israel if he didn’t have documents? We couldn’t

      manage to leak those also? They are all over Washington, anyone could pick

      them up. They just don’t. Ask Oliver Stone why.

      Hundreds of pages of reports of Israeli and Indian operatives in Pakistan’s

      region called Baluchistan were tossed out also. Their involvement in

      terrorism, not only against Iran but working directly with the Taliban in

      Pakistan was there but not included. So much wasn’t included.

      Nothing involving drug flights being serviced by Israeli companies was

      released. It was in the files. If we really want to leak things, they are

      out there. It can get bloody.

      Wikileaks leaves a trail of stench from Mr. Assange right to Tel Aviv. If

      anyone couldn’t see it, the corporate press or the Israeli press or the

      Zionist press or whatever the current buzz word is for the useless press,

      they put you on the path. They are the ones putting a spotlight on the

      disinformation and failing miserably to note how obviously the leaks have

      been edited to serve Israeli games.

      Wikileaks is Israel. Assange works for them, I hope not unwittingly. I

      hate it when people are duped. I would rather he were paid or being

      blackmailed. I always want the useless to be rewarded in this life because,

      just in case their is another one after this, they know what they can expect


      It won’t be pleasant.

      I didn’t want to write this, add to the problem. Even negative publicity is

      publicity. Every time I am attacked, my readership goes up dramatically.

      It almost encourages one to be abrasive and unnecessarily controversial,

      like with Fox News.

      Let’s cut this short. Wikileaks is simply another ploy by the ultra

      powerful Israel lobby, a cheap game meant to humiliate the United States,

      destroy Paksitan and build a reputation for a puppet. I suspect it will

      fail. I hope this effort is useful in that endeavor.

      IDF Spokesperson Announcement

      July 31st, 2010 02:00

      For Immediate Release

      Arif N. Khan

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