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Re: [American_Revolution_II] Govt derives its legitimate authority from the consent of the governed

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    [Slick-R] Re: [American_Revolution_II] Govt derives its legitimate authority from the consent of the governed     From: igniter@earthlink.net   It appears
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 10, 2009
      [Slick-R] Re: [American_Revolution_II] Govt derives its legitimate authority from the consent of the governed

      From: igniter@...
      It appears that we have reached a serious impasse with regard to whether the Federal Government can be forced to adhere to the tenets of constitutional government.   The beast resists being shackled, and its addle-brained minions and lackeys conspire to keep it out of control.   It is no longer a question of ignorance on the part of government officials who support this lawlessness.   Something is going to happen to break the logjam -- one way or the other.  Either American's will take back control of their government and make it adhere to the constraints of the Constitution, or the government and its socialist supporters will attempt to completely dominate and/or annihilate those that resist becoming slaves.   Unless freedom loving Americans stand up in unison and make their voices heard now, the later seems increasingly more likely.   We live in "interesting times".  (Igniter)

      At 05:09 PM 3/7/2009 -0800, slickeditor@... wrote:

      Govt derives its legitimate authority from the consent of the governed

      IMHO, John Perna and Bill Walker have the same goals and the same problem to solve. Their difference is how to reach that goal. They both depend on the USGovt to have a change of heart and recoginze the limits and requirements in the Constitution that legitimizes their very existence. (What's your definition of an outlaw govt?)
      While I wish them well, and would like their goals met, I don't share either's optimism. We've got a govt than just passed the biggest cash outlay in the planet's history, over a TRILLION dollars, including interest due the FED for printing the money---and they voted on it WITHOUT READING WHAT THEY IMPOSED ON THE PEOPLE and our offspring.
      Think of the constitutional violations our govt has perpetrated in the last few months. Forcing banks to accept govt loans and then placing limits on the management of said banks. Forcing the automakers (CAFE) to make cars that can only be sold at a loss because the people don't want them. Giving millions of tapayer dollars to other countries for forced and voluntary abortions. Ear marking $2 billion for community activists who are under investigation for voting registration fraud, which may or may not be, connected to moving the control of the 2010 census to the Oval Office under Rahm Emanuel. Is there any detectable inclination to follow the Constitution visible?
      They can't even give citizens (and non-citizens) $40-coupons paid for by taxpayers (not to be confused with citizens) so people can watch TV after the govt banned analog.
      Washington is broken, the electoral process a joke and tyranny on the rise.
      Asking the biggest bully in the class to please stop taking protection money is not my idea of a viable solution. I believe in talking softly and carrying a big stick. Well, maybe not too softly.
      Perhaps the current Tea Parties forming around the country will re-ignite the American Spirit and the USG will look fondly to the proposals for John Perna and/or Bill Walker.



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