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Fw: [Slick_Ezine] From the Office of Senator DeMint

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  • Rich Martin
    from   RJ reply-toarmchair- politics@ googlegroups. com     Dear Mr. Johnson,       Thank you for contacting me to express
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2008
      from   RJ <rebelfire77@ gmail.com>
      reply-toarmchair- politics@ googlegroups. com
      Dear Mr. Johnson,
          Thank you for contacting me to express your support for reforming our nation's immigration system.  I value your opinion and would like to share my thoughts about this important matter.
      We must stem the flood of illegal aliens into our country and take control of our borders. As you may know, Congress passed the Secure Fence Act in 2006. This legislation requires over 700 miles of fencing. Unfortunately, the Secure Fence Act only required a deadline for the first 370 miles.  
      To ensure completion of the entire fence, I introduced the Border Fence Completion Act, which requires 700 miles of completed reinforced fencing along the Southwest border by December 10, 2010. Only when we have true border control will comprehensive reform be realistic.
      As for people who are already in the United States illegally, I do not support any form of amnesty and will continue to vote against it.  We cannot reward illegal behavior with a path to citizenship, voting rights, or Social Security benefits.  Rest assured that I will continue to be a vocal supporter of reserving Social Security only for American citizens who have legally paid into the system.
      I believe America is a land of hope and opportunity.  But, the price of participation is to obey the law and enter our country through legal channels.  I will continue voting to maintain the rule of law, ensure the safety of our homeland, and uphold the sanctity of American citizenship.
      Thank you again for sharing your views with me.  Please feel free to contact me in the future about anything important to you or your family.  It is an honor to serve you and the people of the State of South Carolina.

      Jim DeMint
      United States Senator
      ***Disclaimer: Please do not respond to this message, as this e-mail address is not setup to accept incoming emails. If you would like to send further correspondence to my office, please click on this Contact link which will direct you to the contact page on my website.
      Thank you.***
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      Rick Johnson
      http://oldsarges. blogspot. com/
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