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Interesting Items 7/28 by "Alex Gimarc"

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  • Rich Martin
    Interesting Items 7/28 by Alex Gimarc           Monday, July 28, 2008   Interesting Items 7/28 -   Howdy all, a few Interesting Items
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      Interesting Items 7/28 by "Alex Gimarc"
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      Monday, July 28, 2008

      Interesting Items 7/28 -

      Howdy all, a few Interesting Items for your information. Enjoy -

      In this issue:

      1.� Landstuhl
      2.� Magical Mystery Tour
      3.� Edwards
      4.� Pebble

      1.� Landstuhl.� Senator Barack Obama spent last week on a Magical Mystery Tour (which we will discuss next) to the Middle East and Europe .� While in Germany , he had the opportunity to visit the military hospital at Landstuhl.� This is where the most seriously wounded soldiers spend time before being sent stateside for recovery.� Unexpectedly, and at the last minute, he canceled the visit with the wounded troops and spent the rest of the day shopping in Berlin .� On the plane trip out, Obama campaign officials spent most of the flight spinning the rationale for the canceled visit to the wounded to the sycophantic press flying with them.� Their basic story � and there were several versions given over the course of the following week - was that it was inappropriate to visit the wounded while on a campaign funded trip.� Interesting statement, that.� The rules for visits by politicians and others to wounded military in hospitals are pretty
      simple, well known and static:� No campaign staff and no photographers (other than military photographers) allowed.� The Obama campaign set up at lest three visits to the wounded during his trip:� One apiece in Afghanistan , Iraq and Germany .� After making the first two visits without photographers, Obama decided that if there were going to be no photos, there would be no visit.� When asked, officials at Landstuhl said they didn�t know why the visit had been canceled, as they were ready for the visit.� One e-mail surfaced from a self-identified Captain at the installation that claimed the real reason for the cancellation was that no photographers and no campaign officials were to be allowed.� The Captain quickly retracted the e-mail, saying it was based on faulty information and noting that it was private and personal communications between him and his family.� The McCain campaign quickly started blasting away at Obama with charges that he
      was more interested in photo ops than showing concern and respect for the troops fighting this nation�s wars.� The Obama campaign shot back with charges that John McCain, with his connections to the Pentagon forced the cancellation, which was laughable.� Nice to see the real priorities of the presumptive democrat presidential nominee on display.

      2.� Magical Mystery Tour.� A few interesting notes regarding the Obama world trip for your consideration.� The highlight of the trip was a speech at Hitler�s Victory Column in Berlin to over 200,000 young Berliners.� Come to find the crowd was set up much like the screaming crowd in Portland , OR last May, with the crowd gathered because of a free concert by a pair of local bands.� Not only was there free music, but there was also free beer, and most of us will listen to political blather for a while if free beer is at hand.� No news yet regarding who paid for the concert or the beer.� For my money, the two most bothersome things about the world trip were the fawning media coverage and Obama�s incessant reference to his skin color.� Throughout the trip, Obama was followed by a couple hundred reporters, including all three network anchors.� Press events were staged.� He was photographed playing basketball with the troops and hit a
      three-point shot (oh joy!).� Eventually, the unquestioning support of the Obama campaign by the drive-by media is going to backfire on the democrats in general and Obama in particular.� Polling during the trip determined that a majority of all Americans viewed the media as giving favorable coverage of Obama � rather than objective media.� The second thing that struck me was Obama�s observation during his Berlin speech that he didn�t look like other presidential candidates.� As far as I am concerned, this is little more than a thinly veiled reminder of his race.� There are those conservatives out there that believe electing Obama would shut down the race industry completely and for all time.� I tend to disagree, for if race was not important, why would Obama be referring to his skin color in a speech?� I tend to agree with Limbaugh, that should Obama be elected, we will be up to our ears in racialism � with every opposition to anything
      done by the new administration be painted as racist rather than principled opposition; a continual ad hominem attack on the opposition by the new administration.� Obama even started hinting around at reparations to blacks in a speech given over the weekend upon his return.� Race based stuff is incredibly corrosive to the body politic.� And the democrats show no sign of backing away from what has elected a lot of them to office over the last century.

      3.� Edwards.� Former democrat presidential candidate John Edwards was apparently caught by the National Enquirer a couple weeks ago coming out of a hotel room at 2 AM following time spent with a woman who is not his wife.� The National Enquirer also has found that the woman has a baby.� Implications of all this would be that Edwards has set up a second household in a LA hotel and is a Daddy yet again.� The Enquirer has long been a vehicle that has supported the objectives of the Clintons via character assassinations on their political opponents.� National Enquirer attacks on House members during the impeachment workup in 1996 and 1997 are legendary, taking out several Republican members of the House.� Now they are going after John Edwards.� Why?� More interestingly, why has the drive-by media ignored the story?� The LA Times, whose stock value continues to crater, has not run a single investigative report on the story.� They have also
      prohibited all blog entries on it.� This story may end up being more about the lockstep cover-up by the drive-bys than sexual indiscretions � real or imagined � of John Edwards.� It is also important to note that Edwards still has delegates committed to him.� Should he be taken out of political play via sexual peccadilloes, those delegates could potentially end up supporting Hillary Clinton at the convention and perhaps strengthen her hand as nominee.� Is this a Clinton operation?

      4.� Pebble.� We are in the final few weeks of an environmentalist campaign to shut down hard rock mining in Alaska .� The vehicle is Proposition 4, a so-called Clean Water Initiative.� It is aimed at the proposed Pebble Mine in the Iliamna region, a couple hundred miles west of Anchorage .� On one side, we have the greens, local lodge owners, and commercial fishermen out of Bristol Bay , one of the poorest regions of the entire state.� On the other side, we have the mining supporters, pro-development people, native corporations, and people who like development and jobs.� The environmentalist lies have been spread thick and fast, and the ads are getting really nasty.��� Pebble, if dug, will extract a value of product in the range of what we have taken out of Prudhoe Bay since the pipeline was opened � hundreds of billions of dollars.� The basic argument by the greens is that the mine will discharge pollutants into the local streams and kill
      all the fish forever, putting everyone who has a job connected with fishing statewide out of business.� There is language in the initiative that prohibits a new mine from putting any measurable pollutants into the water.� We can measure down to individual atoms these days, and it takes a lot of atoms to kill a fish.� This provision alone is a vehicle to use the courts to shut down all discharges of anything into every bit of flowing water statewide.� And as usual, it is based on faulty science and ignores natural events.� The problem with pollutants is not whether or not they can be detected, but how much of them are present and for how long.� There is a recent example in the Bristol Bay region, the proposed location of the Pebble mine.� The area is bounded by the Alaska Range on the east.� The range is studded with volcanoes, nearly 20 within a couple hundred miles of Bristol Bay .� In 2005, one of these mountains, Mount Chiginagak , emptied
      over half the contents of a highly acidic crater lake downstream.� The discharge of hundreds of millions of gallons of sulfuric acid enhanced lake water scoured all life from a small lake at the headwaters of King Salmon River.� King Salmon River empties into the southeast portion of Bristol Bay , in the Ugashik District.� If you follow the logic of the greens, this sort of discharge into the local waters should have wiped out all fish and fishing jobs throughout the region, as it was huge, catastrophic, noxious, toxic, and irreversible.� Yet if you look at the ADF&G commercial fishing summaries for the last three years, after a small dip in total catch in 2005 (perhaps due to the discharge, perhaps not), the year of the discharge, total catch has increased over the last couple of years.� It appears that Alaskan salmon are highly tolerant of sulfuric acids and noxious pollutants.� They have to be, to thrive in an area thick with active
      volcanoes.� On the other hand, the hard rock mines have gotten good enough at water cleanliness that they are now stocking trout in their tailings ponds.� This isn�t that hard to do.� I hope the miners and natives are successful.� We will see how sick and tired people are getting of environmentalist blather.�

      More later -

      - AG

      "If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."
      - Samuel Adams, speech at the Philadelphia
      � State House, August 1, 1776.

      Note:� Interesting Items can be found at the following locations: MatSu Valley News� http://www.matsuvalleynews.com ; District 28 http://www.dist28.com/ and the home page: http://home.gci.net/~agimarc%ef%bf%bd Rod Martin's The Vanguard site is also a long-time supporter of this column: http://www.thevanguard.org/

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