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Re: 'TreeForest' 8/8/08 Re: Year 2008 Of ~ Global Enlightenment ~

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  • Mah Twain
    grand (8) thought Laura! I m planting trees like mad today ... wondrous of you to remind us of the FORESTS to come!! Millennium -- In Forum_For_Disclosures,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2008
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      grand (8) thought Laura!

      I'm planting trees like mad today ... wondrous
      of you to remind us of the FORESTS to come!!


      -- In Forum_For_Disclosures, Laura <whereabouts> wrote:

      I enjoyed that much. Thank you. I'm in a 2 year right
      now, and waiting, and waiting... However, looking back
      on the past 8-10 years and recognizing the cycle, I'm
      looking forward to the next 8 years! :)


      -- In DiosasAncianos2012, Millennium <yonibluestar> wrote:

      8/8/08 -- 8 August is the second decan or
      period of Leo. Leo, amongst many things, is
      about creativity, leadership, decadence, luxury,
      social dominance, child's play, drama, warmth,
      protection, family, and love. The number 8 is
      about power, wealth, and health.


      Eight relates to prana, chi, otherwise known
      as breath in the English language / Western
      culture. The focus of eight is on a matter in
      a spiritually abundant way. The actual date
      of August 8 2008 adds up to a 26/8 which is
      unusual. So that makes this date have the
      energy of FOUR 8's.

      The word for eight in Chinese (Pinyin: ba)
      sounds similar to the word which means prosper
      or wealth. In regional dialects, the words for
      eight and fortune are also similar, eg Cantonese
      "baat" and "faat."

      There is also a resemblance between two digits,
      "88," and the Shuang xi (double joy), a popular
      decorative design composed of two stylized
      characters (xi, `joy', `happiness'). In fact
      the pronunciation sounds similar to fortune
      in the Chinese language. And the Summer Olympics
      in Beijing are scheduled to open on 8/8/08
      at 8:08:08 p.m.!

      In a popular representation of Buddhism, the
      Wheel of the Law is one of the many holy signs
      or symbols. The wheel has 8 spokes, which are
      the rules of pure conduct (the Eightfold Path:
      Right Understanding, Right Aims, Right Speech,
      Right Actions, Right Livelihood, Right Effort,
      Right Mindfulness, Right Meditation) the equal
      length of all the spokes represent justice;
      wisdom is the tire, the hub is thoughtfulness
      and the axle is the immovable truth.

      2008 will bring an "economic 9-11" where big
      financial firms are going to be collapsed from
      the top down. The much-celebrated 2008 evaporation
      of the dollar will ignite a global meltdown.
      The 2008 World Number Cycle is a 1. Everyone
      is impacted by this number but those with ethics
      and insight will be the ones who realize/create
      the new systems. For the rest of us the old dung
      will continuously float to the top, and get in
      our faces, so it's helpful to write down your
      goals ... become clear in all our ways.

      Some numerology: (year -> sum of digits ->
      reduced number) 2008 -> 2+0+0+8=10 -> 1+0=1
      interpretation: Back to 1, a new beginning.

      Individual digits: 2 0 0 8: general meaning
      of those numbers (besides the 0) in numerology:
      2: division -- 8: money -- obvious interpretation:
      economic collapse ...
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