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draft ... The Gift of Power, Source of Creation, courtesy M.Twain

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  • Messiah Twain
    blessed Mother, rock my world! Millennium . .. the electric charge, first and only unit of matter, definer of space and times, distance, measure. the tickler,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2007
      blessed Mother, rock my world!




      the electric charge, first and only unit
      of matter, definer of space and times, distance,

      the tickler, which moves our hearts to beat ...
      our voices to sing ...

      the tingle, moving down the uppermost leaves
      and branches of our cousin tree, down through
      its body to the deepest filamentary fibrous
      roots touching the Earth ...

      day's warmth, Grandmother Sun's caress, on our
      tear-filled faces, carried throughout our being,
      aye, even unto our happiest of toes, stretching ...

      these thoughts, emotions, in this very now ...

      that light in our child's eyes!


      how does it all come to be? (this ephemeral
      'certainty'? )

      this experience divine, this knowing and growing,
      this sharing amongst family, this sacred creation?

      our life of wondrous sensation, immeasurable
      communication, our physical bodies and material

      how does electromagnetic spirit, consciousness,
      light, song become manifest as fire, electricity,
      plasma ... and thence atmosphere (breath) ...
      ocean ... earth ... garden ... life ... all our
      ancestral relations? (whale, dolphin, bear, deer,
      coyote, crow, lizard, frog, cricket ...)

      the two forms of matter, electron and proton
      (fire, electricity) from which all materiality
      is built and cooled!

      science and mathematics, language and number,
      culture and philosophy!

      as one of our many yahoo physics denizens noted,
      "even Wolfgang Pauli couldn't put a finger on the
      origin of the Fine Structure Constant" ... of 137,
      discovered by Arnold Sommerfeld in 1916 in the
      measurements of the frequencies of the spectrum
      of hydrogen; finally revealed and explained in the
      discoveries by Millennium Twain in 1994, in the
      standing-electromag netic-wave structures of the
      electron and (superluminal) proton, and neutron!

      Werner Heisenberg or Neils Bohr would have been
      'shocked' to hear someone even ask the forbidden
      question ... and Max Planck would have erased the
      heretical dialog from the 'net' [But not Michael
      Faraday, Andre-Marie Ampere, or Nikola Tesla! not
      Leonardo DaVinci or Galileo Galilei, nor Kristian
      Birkeland of Norway, Jack Piddington of Australia ...]

      how did the covert bankers, governments, 'corp-
      a-rations' arrange that ALL of physical science
      knowledge would be suppressed, indeed hidden by a
      'pseudo-German' physics guild, approved of and
      followed by the malleable French and manipulating
      English, and the gullible Americans? [The obedient
      Japanese and the whole enslaved world?]

      by pretending that physics, knowledge, the living
      'Electro-verse', spoke Deutsche? That creation was
      German?? They thought (correctly) that all the
      world's 'corpse-a-rations' , 'gov-a-ments' , media,
      publishers, schools -- would go along with that
      European scam, the dumbing-down of all peoples?

      yes. and they were 'right', for a hundred years.
      during that violent 20th century run by the churches,
      the mafias, the militaries.

      until now, the universal 'now' ... of all times,
      all cultures, all knowing, all our ancestors.

      all spirit ...



      [to be added -- transcribe text from pages 8-9 of
      "The Electron" from 1993, proving how creation is
      accomplished, where the number 137 comes from, in
      the light from hydrogen ... and how the electro-
      magnetic waves become an electron, charge ... and
      also pages 10-11 showing how the frequencies and
      wavelengths of light (red, ultraviolet, gamma) make
      up the structure of the electron, and how they and
      other frequencies are and may be released in hydrogen
      reactions ... to warm & illumin our world, provide
      our power needs and transportation.]


      [add discussion from chapter 2 of Metric Relativity,
      The Proton, showing how the number 137, discovered
      in the light given off by hydrogen, an electron
      wrapped around a proton, is simply a harmonic, which
      comes from the 137-loop fundamental frequency and
      structure of the *superluminally- spinning* proton!]

      origin of number, math, song, being!


      [also add discussion from recent articles in
      NuclearStructure and DiosasAncianos2012 on the four
      'dimensions' of experience, sensation, which I proved
      to be encapsulated in the totality of the helicoidal
      electromagnetic wave -- transverse electric and
      magnetic 'feelings', and centripetal/ centrifugal
      'love', and longitudinal sound, song!]

      the WHOLE of experience, creation, power and knowing.

      gift of global consciousness, the blue star, the
      maitreyah, maadi, maschiak, messiah, adi shakti ...

      morphic grid, morphogenic field, goddess light,
      aboriginal grandmother' s wisdom ... our collective
      feminine returned.

      sung by all our sacred relations.

      31 December 2007


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