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Qi Gossip Re: Aboriginal Medicine Women -- "Women's Business"!

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  • Millennium Twain
    ... as an example of immersing yourself in the experience of another culture, in the perspective (lifestyle and archetypes) of that other culture, here is a
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      as an example of immersing yourself in the experience of another
      culture, in the perspective (lifestyle and archetypes) of that other
      culture, here is a translation from a talk by Master Li of China. the
      talk was given in China in the late 1990s, to a Chinese audience,
      recorded with a translator speaking in English at the same time as
      Master Li spoke in Chinese. Master Li's lectures focus on spiritual
      and enlightenment traditions from the thousands of years of history of
      Greater China -- Tantrism, Taoism, Buddhism -- making no reference at
      all to Western and other religious traditions. thus for most
      Westerners, it is an immensely rich vein of awakening. Master Li's
      Falun Dafa is unenlightened as to the feminine and the global, and to
      living nature, the true divinity -- yet it does serve as a major
      stepping stone of enlightenment for most of the Western World who are
      still lost in the sickness of their own provincial AND patriarchal AND
      'ecocide-all' cult programming.

      Millennium Twain


      The Gossip of Qi, Abstracted from a talk by Li Hongzhi

      When speaking of stealing qi [chaotic or mortal energy], some people
      will look pale as if a tiger was mentioned, and they will be too
      scared to practice qigong. Because of gossip about the phenomena of
      cultivation insanity, stealing qi, an so on, in the community of
      cultivators many people are to frightened to practice qigong or
      approach qigong. If it were not for these views, perhaps more people
      would be practicing qigong. Yet there are qigong masters with poor
      xinxing [heartmind nature, moral character] who specially teach these
      things. That makes the community of cultivators quite chaotic.
      Actually, it is not as terrible as they have described. We have said
      that qi is only qi, although you may call it the "mixed primary qi" or
      the this qi or that qi. As long as a person's body has qi, they are at
      the level of healing and pre-fitness and are not yet a practitioner.
      As long as they have qi, it means that their body has not yet been
      highly purified and so still has pathogenic qi -- this is for sure.
      The person who steals qi is also at the level of qi. Among our
      practitioners, who would want that impure qi? The qi in a
      non-practitioner's body is rather impure, though it can become
      brighter through qigong practice. So the place of an illness will show
      a very big cluster of black substance [black karma]. By continuing the
      practice, if the person has indeed healed the illness and become fit,
      their qi will gradually turn yellow. If they keep practicing further,
      the illness will really be cured, and their qi will disappear as well.
      They will enter the state of the Milky-White Body.

      That is to say, if one has qi, one still has illnesses. We are
      practitioners -- what do we need qi for in the practice? Our own
      bodies need to be purified. Why should we need that impure qi? We
      definitely do not need it. A person who wants qi is still at the level
      of qi. Being at that level of qi, they cannot distinguish good qi from
      bad qi -- they do not have that ability. The genuine qi in your body's
      dantian cannot be taken away by the poor qigong 'masters' since that
      primal qi can only be removed by someone with high level abilities. As
      for the impure qi in your body, let them steal it -- it is not a big
      deal. During practice, if I want to fill myself with qi, just by
      giving it a thought, my belly will be full of it shortly.

      The Tao School [Immortal School] teaches the standing exercise of
      Tianzi Zhuang while the Buddha School [Mortal School] teaches pouring
      qi into the top of the head. There is a lot of qi in the universe for
      you to fill yourself with every day. With the laogong point and the
      baihui point open, you may fill yourself up with qi through your hands
      while focusing on dantian [dan, energy cluster. tian, field. the
      location of the dantian is in the lower abdomen.] You will be full of
      it in a while. No matter how much you are filled with qi, what use
      does it have? When some people have practiced qi a lot, their fingers
      and bodies feel like they are swollen. When others walk up to such a
      person, they will feel a field around them. "Wow, you've really
      practiced well." I would say that it is nothing. Where's your gong? It
      is still a practice of qi, which cannot replaced gong no matter how
      much qi one has. What does one accumulate qi for? At this level,
      without any fundamental change, qi is still not gong. No matter how
      much qi you have stolen, you are still nothing but a big bag of qi.
      What use does it have? It is not yet transformed into gong [harmonious
      or immortal energy, heavenly spirit.] So what should you be afraid of?
      Let them steal the qi if they really want to.

      Think about it everyone. If your body has qi, it has illness. Then,
      when a person steals your qi, aren't they stealing your pathogenic qi
      as well? They cannot differentiate those things at all, since one who
      wants qi is also at the level of qi and will not have any
      capabilities. A person who has gong does not want qi -- that is for
      sure. If you do not believe it, we can conduct an experiment. If a
      person really wants to steal your qi, you can just stand there and let
      them steal it. You can focus your mind on filling your body with qi
      from the universe while they are stealing your qi behind you. You will
      see what a good deal it is, as it will help you speed up your body
      purification, and you will not have to fill up and discharge qi from
      your own body. Because they have a bad intention, and stolen something
      from another, though they have stolen something that is not good they
      have committed a deed which loses de [virtue]. Therefore they will
      give you de! It forms a circuit whereby they take your qi here, and
      give you de over there. The person who steals qi does not know this --
      if they knew it they would not dare do it!

      All those people who steal qi have bluish faces, and they are all this
      way. Many people who go to the parks for qigong practice aspire to
      remove illnesses, and they have all kinds of diseases. When one is
      healing an illness, one must try to discharge the pathogenic qi. Yet
      the person who steals qi will not discharge qi, and will collect all
      kinds of pathogenic qi all over their body. Even the internal body
      becomes very dark. As they always lose de, their experience is all
      black. With a large field of black karma and great loss of de, they
      will become black inside and out. Were the person who steals qi to
      find themselves experiencing this change, to realize they are giving
      de to others by doing this foolish thing, they would not do it at all.

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