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Al Capone Gore To Testify? Re: Rockefeller 9-11 Inside Job

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  • Shift Twain
    Another snake in the grass! from today s OjaiPost: http://www.ojaipost.com And from the internet: Al Capone Gore is about to make billions of $$$ from his
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 15, 2007
      Another snake in the grass!

      from today's OjaiPost: http://www.ojaipost.com

      And from the internet:

      "Al Capone Gore is about to make billions of $$$
      from his Generation Management Investments..."

      Al Capone Gore and Bill Clinkton were in on 911
      from the beginning, in 1994 if I recall
      correctly. Gore might have even been the
      originator, though THAT story has not yet
      filtered down to "the masses" yet.

      At the time Gore and Greenspan arranged the deal
      on behalf of JP Morgan Chase who was to be the
      chief beneficiary. JP Morgan needed the collusion
      of the US Treasury (Gore's responsibility) and
      the Federal Reserve (Greenspan's) to facilitate
      the scam, eventually including London Bankers,
      the BIS (Bank of International Settlements),
      Deutschebank, Citibank, Goldman Sachs and

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      Reginald Howe then made history, blowing the lid
      on the racketeers with his unprecedented global
      lawsuit against ALL of them, making the whole of
      the (literate, educated) World aware of the

      [There are even some few and growing local "Ojai'
      denizens amongst those literate, educated ...]

      Howe's lawsuit was 'truncated' a month before
      trial date, when JP Morgan crashed their own twin
      towers, the World Trade Center, on September
      11th, 2001 -- bringing down fifty floors of
      evidence, and the witnesses, who would have
      otherwise have been called to testify against



      "Alan Greenspan confessed to the scheme. The
      European Central Bank confessed to the scheme.
      And now the Bank for International Settlements,
      the central bank of the central banks, has
      confessed, saying 'at the time we thought this
      might be thought useful.'"

      History, the facts, the truth is certainly not
      politically-correct in the Ojai or US of today,
      just simply history, the facts, the truth. One
      day soon, as we shift our attentions to the
      sacred, the oceans, animals and rainforests,
      truth and community will become honored again.
      With all our sacred relations.

      and lets NOT call him by his nickname "Capone"
      any more ...

      he's trying to lose it!

      lose it!!

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