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SuperStellar: California Runway Nine and Three-Quarters

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    When Roadrunner Called Coyote ... by Matilija University on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 at 6:50pm · by California s Theatre Twenty , (the  Fly by Night
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      When Roadrunner Called Coyote ...
      by Matilija University on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 at 6:50pm ·
      by California's 'Theatre Twenty', (the "Fly by Night" Boys ...)
      Conquest of the Earth & Moon, Solar Planets, & Near-Earth Stars ...


      California's MX-324 Rocketplane, 1941 News Story
      Compare the Entertainment, the 1939 Buck Rogers Fiction
      "When You Wish Upon a Star", 1940, (from the Disney movie, Pinocchio)
      A few of the more famous Rocketplanes, Stealth-planes, and Flying Wingsfrom the 1940s ...
      Oct. 21, 1947: The YB-49 Flying Wing takes off for the first time from Northrop's Hawthorne facility for a flight to Muroc Army Air Base - now Edwards Air Force Base. Some 4000 spectators, mostly Northrop employees witnessed the take off.
      Some Flying Wing Aircraft
      Northrop Aircraft advertising the Flying Wing Airliner ...
      The B-17 Flying Fortress -- become the (TWA, PAA, etc.) Boeing 307 Stratoliner -- was the first commercial airliner which included a Pressurized Cabin for high-altitude flight, and began flight in 1938 ...
      Boeing 307 Stratoliner
      "Saw the Heaven's filled with commerce, Argosies of magic sails, Pilots of the purple twilight dropping down with costly bales," of Mobster/Gamblers, Gun-runners, Drug-smugglers ...
      See also Germany’s 1930s Junkers Ju 86P, the Boeing B-29 Superfortress, and the Convair B-36 Bomber, which in the non-classifed public literature flew to 60,000 or 70,000 feet.
      From Havana to Las Vegas, 'Mojave International' to 'Offshore" Earth Orbit-- Bugs Moran and Al Capone to Howard Hughes & Walt Disney, and Robert Gross, Jack Northrop, James Kindelberger, Frederick Rentschler, George Meed, Donald Douglas, James McDonnell, Leroy Grumman, Glenn Martin, Glenn Curtiss, and William Boeing et al  ...
      As the world's rainbow "lights were punched out", and 'cast' into Hollywood's 'Dragoon' Dungeon, viz. Raymond Chandler's "Big Sleep" ...
      And the War/Propaganda Industry photoshoots were staged courtesy Hollywood's Aviators, Aviatrices, and The Happy Bottom Riding Club ...
      Florence Lowe "Pancho" Barnes
      Former Hollywood stunt pilot Pancho Barnes purchased 80 acres of desert farmland in 1935 near a small Army Air Corps gunnery range at Rogers (Muroc) Dry Lake. The small gunnery range eventually became Muroc Army Airfield, later Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards Air Force Base, which would play a large role in the future course of Barnes' ranch. The ranch was a working ranch at first, growing alfalfa & raising livestock. But Pancho was never without an airplane, and one of the first things she did was to scratch out an airstrip on the desert hardpan. Pancho set out to make the most of her new environment. Due to the steady growth of Muroc Army AirField, Pancho expanded her ranch to include 2 bars, a restaurant, a dance hall, a motel & even a swimming pool -- an exotic touch for the late 1930s. Within a few years the ranch had expanded from 80 to 368 acres. The airmen loved Pancho’s party atmosphere as the opportunities for other recreation were
      severely limited. Most of the booze came up from Mexico in Pancho’s plane & was dispensed freely. The airstrip was enlarged & illuminated for the increasing number of guests & friends who flew in. Soon Pancho found herself the proud mistress of the "Rancho Oro Verde Fly-Inn Dude Ranch". Among military flyers, the ranch eventually became nicknamed the "Happy Bottom Riding Club".
      Old North Palmdale Area Airfields
      "If it's good enough for Lindy, it's good enough for me..."
      Another California 'Runway Nine and Three-Quarters' ...
      Where, after every play, aerial performance, each Hollywood Premiere, returned the Night ...
      the Nights of the FlyBoys ...
      Convair B-36J cockpit, National Museum of the US Air Force. (Courtesy Lockheed Martin Code One)
      By 1941, or 1942, with our Winged-Body Aircraft, our Rocket-Propulsion, and our Pressurized Suits and Cabins -- with the WWII Axis powers broken in Africa, Russia and the Pacific -- with the newly-born US MIC-Aerospace Industry approaching it's peak production of 100,000 aircraft per year -- even in the public (nonmilitary, nonclassified) sector we now had the trivial capability of flying endless missions to Low Earth Orbit -- a mere fifteen minute one-gravity acceleration to Mach 25 -- a fraction of the time and fuel requirements for a Douglas DC-3 Airline flight from Los Angeles to New York.
      By 1946 or 1947 -- while Hollywood was performing Chuck Yeager flights, and Hiroshima and Nagasaki -- not long after the fisticuff-fictions of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers -- our real-black MIC-Flyboys, our true-blue MIC-Rocket Jocks had enough 'Space Command' ships, surveillance/C3I infrastructure and nuclear ordinance on orbit not only to own/rule the Earth on behalf of Rockefeller and Rothschild, but to take Lunar orbit as well! [Earth-orbit for our Mojave Rocket Jocks requires a 10 km/sec Delta-V, 15-minute 1-Gravity acceleration flight. Lunar Orbit requires only an additional 4.1 km/sec, and Lunar landing (for VTOVL craft) an additional 1.6 km/sec ...]
      "Moon RIver" by Brad Mehidau
      As well as to reach Mars Orbit by 1950! [Mars Orbit, with Phobos and Deimos, requires an ~3500 km/sec Delta-V energy investment, realized during 4 days acceleration/deceleration, again at 1-gravity.] Venus and Mercury, similarly. (Venus, ~2600 km/sec and 3 days; Mercury ~3800 km/sec and 4 days).
      And you thought Australia was a far (penal) 'posting'!
      The question of course, for our desert rats, our Hollywood guilds, our California (MIC-Aircraft) culture -- and our World-Entrained-Audience -- wasjust who WAS the Coyote, and WHO was the Roadrunner?
      Jupiter in 12 Days ...
      "Who, who, who, who, who … ?" in the seductive songline of 'el paisano' (Poye-kwe, Oi-Oi, Ogo'w'I), the 'countryman', aka Rincon, Roadrunner?
      and Saturn in 17 Days ...
      ("Over the Rainbow" played by Erroll Garner?)
      The vast numbers -- the tens of millions of techs, geeks, scientists, engineers, gamers, what have you in the sci fi, computer, electronics, astronomy, astrophysics, aerospace, military, etc. industries -- and all the aerospace-related works they have churned out over the last century -- numbs the mind. Just reviewing, recalling, for example, all the designs we worked on: the Spacelabs, Space Wheels, Space Hotels, Space Habitats, Space Colonies, Space Cities, viz. the Von Braun Wheel, the Stanford Torus, the Bernal Sphere, the Orbital Ring, the Dyson Sphere, the RingWorld and on and on. Just google, for another keyword phrase, the "artificial gravity" design discussions. One could fill a book or two with simply the artist's renderings. The designs and specs must occupy whole libraries.
      Who owned the multi-Trillion-dollar military industrial complex monster which, now, at the end of World War 2, was churning out hundreds of thousand of vehicles and aircraft per year, as BOTH Roadrunner and Coyote, and Rockefeller and Rothschild, and our WHOLE Totemic World Culture, Spirit, Consciousness leapt into orbit (with a 'Sonic' Baby-Boom?), captured Mother Momoy, our Goddess Moon, and raced around Uranus -- as they say -- and Venus and Mars, Jupiter and Saturn?
      62 Saturnian Moons (and bases?) and counting ...
      As the 'Spaceship' Archetypes from a thousand Méliès, artists, the'Interplanetary' Dreams of a thousand Heinleins, authors, the 'Spacewheel' Designs of a thousand Von Brauns, engineers -- and the millions of MIC-Assemblyline workers -- and every one of the billions of our Mother Earth, the PachaMama -- became realized in the landscape, the light of the night, the dreamtime body of our Great Mother Sun, Amanogawa, our pregnant Heliosphere …
      I've never had the personality of Coyote -- multi- or even omni-totemic, yes but 'irreligious', theatrical, uncaring, no. In my youthful aerospace/lobbyist days I was labeled a 'true believer' by the legislators, and a 'loose cannon' (with the same meaning) by the aerospace bigwigs. I was honest, and expected honesty from all those I considered my peers, friends, colleagues, mentors. Today I am still the same, though as to "expecting honesty" from others in all my very various professions, I quess I can only say that I no longer have any peers, friends, colleagues or mentors.
      For those who have followed me and my expositions these last two decades, I don't need to go into all the times I have picked up pen and pad, and done the research, and done the numbers, and found that the most fundamental scientific concepts of my life (my indoctrinations) have turned out to be wholly -- vastly, shatteringly -- bogus, fradulent, deceits. Viz. Special Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, General Relativity, Cosmic Expansion, Black Holes, Particle Physics, NASA and the Space Program, etc. etc. from my most salient researches and publications ("The Undiscovered Physics", the "SpacePlane Equation", "Divine Creation", "Covert California", "Sirius Parallax Shift" ...)
      Normally my research, illustration, prose and verse are a daily yoga, stretching, nurturing, refining and sharing of my world, my discoveries, the unveiling of the Songline, the Dreaming, the Divine Landscape of Consciousness, of Creation. A couple of times a year, however, they are like a seizure, a vast new country, continent, experience -- and the words and equations pour forth in an endless torrent on the paper -- as new mountain peaks are reached, and new unforeseen vistas, revelations, truths are realized.
      And the old dreams, totems, supposed realities, dissolved.
      Thus this story, of the Coyote and the Roadrunner, in 2013 -- when I thought that all vistas, all peaks, had been realized -- thought that the old stories merely needed a modest revisiting, refining, extending, completing.
      And found that the story had, in fact, NEVER BEEN TOLD ...
      And no one to blame but myself, for being otherwise absorbed in life, for overlooking the obvious. [Knowing for two-plus decades now that no one is ever going to tell the story for me, the truth to me.]
      And so -- though it has been two decades since I have known of the wholefraud of Special Relativity, of the 'lightspeed limit', and more than a decade ofthe fraud of the Rocket Equation, of the half-century (going on a century now) of spaceplane flight history -- and years since I have written of 'Interplanetary Rockefeller' and discussed the most likely of their MIC-Aerospace Guild Interstellar Missions -- I was always focused on the romantic, the human-crewed missions to Alpha Centauri, to a possible Nemesis or Twain-Star Red Dwarf partner of Sol.
      And so I missed the most obvious, largest, expansive scion, growth, explosive envelope of the Borg, the Matrix -- the Robotic, Android, and AI MIC-Interstellar missions.
      Alpha Centauri was only a 2-3 year journey for our Rocket Jocks,
      and Sirius a 3-4 Year jaunt.
      Altair but a five year excursion.
      All these -- and the other hundred-plus stars of our immediate Solar Neighborhood -- only a few months away for our high-g MIC-early (MIC-automated) probes ...
      All the hullabaloo over Corot-1b (above) and Gliese 581g (2 artist's impressions below) and all the other hundreds of other near Exoplanets that the Covert Institution is now admitting to, releasing discussion of -- leads us to the question of which of them have been visited by our Sky, Rocket, Jockeys to date, and which by our AI (Robotic) 'SkyBoys' ...
      Hundred gravities acceleration aerospace hardware was well established industry-wide many decades ago. A thousand gravities was considered trivial back in 1990 when we were pursuing our MagLev (Orbital Transport Services) spacelaunch services. Today you can read of Milspec hardware designed for tolerances of tens of thousands of gravities acceleration.
      Look at the trivialist of numbers. For a mere hundred-gravity 'Intragalactic Probe' by Lockheed and GE or Westinghouse -- some 30 to 40 years ago, to the VERY CENTER of our Milky Way Galaxy, the Superstellar RingStar, Sagittarius A*, at about ten thousand lightyears distance -- could be reached, recorded, and probe returned over a forty year flight. [10 yrs to accelerate to 1000 Vc, then decelerating for another 10yrs. Spend a year or so there, then repeat for the return journey.]
      A decade or two later, the same flight, at 1000 gravities acceleration, would take our Borg Matrix JockShip there and back in just thirteen years. [3.25 yrs to accelerate to 3250 Vc, then decelerating for another 3.25 yrs. Spend a year or so there, then repeat for the return journey!]
      For a 'Millennium' Celebration Galactic Gala, with 10,000 gravities Milspec hardware, we require only two years of acceleration/deceleration, with peak velocity of 10,000 Vc, to reach SgrA* for a thorough reconnaissance, full-spectral mapping of the system out to a few hundred AU, followed by a return trip of another two years!
      The consciousness, the literature, the filmography, and the evolution of spaceflight, of starflight, exploded exponentially 'over the top' (and 'under the radar') of the 20th century. Half fact and half fiction (covert and fantasy) our dreamstream was awash with rocketships, spaceships, atomic aircraft, rocketplanes, spaceplanes, fusion drives, stardrives, spacedrives, warpdrives, lightships, Interstellar Starships, light sails, plasma fusion drives, Bussard Ramjets (ramscoops), Planck Drives, Alcubierre drives, reaction drives, reactionless drives, laser and particle beam starships, improbability drives, quantum singularity drives, ion drives, plasma props, electrodynamic tethers, 'Antigravity' drives, Antimatter drives, and electromagnetic props.
      My own designs for starships started in the 1990s started with the publication of "Life Without Spacetime" and the discussion of plasma accelerators or vortex accelerators as passengerliners or robotic galaxyliners -- wherein I noted at 1g acceleration the starship "would reach 1.4 Vc and travel 1 lightyear in 518 days." A few years later, just before I wrote the Spaceplane Equation, I held a global internet workshop on StarShip Design, and held classes in New Zealand. [Before the incorporation of FIreShips Pty Ltd.] My main work at the time was on plasma fusion accelerator drives.
      It was also in "Life Without Spacetime" that I noted that the preferred trajectories, the 'Silk Roads' of the galaxy (name from David Gerrold's "Voyage of the Star Wolf) -- the best routes would be along the fastest and densest of plasma stream courses, where the velocity of the stream inself would add to the starship velocity, and the density of the plasma medium would increase the fuel, reaction matter and leverage for the thrusters, accelerators or props.
      Note that superluminal plasma streams are not uncommon cosmic phenomena, including shock waves from Supernova, but I do not know (need to check) if there are any longlived streams in this, our relatively modest, humble, safe and quiet, Milky Way Galaxy.
      My own, current, starship designs now are electromagnetic field drives, Twain Field Drives, which accelerate against, or brake against during deceleration, the 'p-space' or superluminal proton-phase velocity medium. Both against the (generally subluminal) proton (group wave) stream itself, and against the internal superluminal proton phase structural resonances.
      Imagine EM Field Starships which are designed like superstars, like magnetars, like pulsars, themselves. Which may not, necessarily, have vast 'supermetallic' or material 'turboprops' or sails, internally or externally, for accelerating the plasma medium -- which may perhaps be designed with super-directional magnetospheres for achieving the acceleration or braking.
      Which, this, picture brings me back to the subject of Galactic (Intragalactic and Extragalactic) Flight. Though, of course, MIC never hesitated for a moment in the drive to launch hundreds, then thousands, of interplanetary, then interstellar, and now galactic robot probes to all rich and fertile destinations -- the more immediate, consequential, and productive technology of VLBI, Very Long Baseline Interferometry, comes to mind. Like a Gravitational Lens, which I am imagining now, VLBI used radio arrays, optical telescopes, and eventually all IR, UV, X-ray and other spectra instrumentation for integrating the baselines of our cosmic viewing. First using whole deserts, then multicontinents, then the whole Earth as a baseline for viewing the stars and galaxies -- it grew to encompass the whole orbit of the Earth about the Sun -- and then the whole Solar System with our robotic probes, bases, and arrays around (first) Venus and Mars, and then Saturn and
      With, merely, the MIC-built Solar-System-wide VLBI 'Eye' of the late middle 20th century, during the Cold War, we could see into the heart of the Galactic Centre, see Sagittarius A*, far far better than any of the 'public' science frauds of ESA, ESO, NASA, Keck, UCLA, etc. etc. are permitted to show us today.
      For those of you who are new to the concept of VLBI, imagine a large 10-meter radio astronomy dish in the Arizona desert, or on the hill/walk above Stanford, or the big one on Arecibo (google it). Then imagine arrays of dozens or hundreds of the dishes, spread across the desert, or islands of the Pacific, or around the Earth. Similarly arrays for optical telescopes, or other spectrum receivers. Imagine then a Hubble Space Telescope mirror which is not just a few meters across, but as wide across as the Earth! To see a million times farther, better. A million times better resolution. Then imagine that mirror, that eye, is a million times larger still, of the orbit of the Earth about the Sun. Then as large as the orbit of Jupiter and Saturn about the Sun.
      And now, today, an eye as big as the co-orbits of Altair, Sirius, and Alpha Centauri about/with the Sun ...
      And, this mind is boggled, a wide-spectrum eye, provided by decades of MIC-AI Robotic Probes, distributed across the entire Milky Way Galaxy! The 'Eye of MIC', looking out all upon the creation of our Virgo Supercluster, our positive-parity MatterVerse, our adjacent Antimatter Plasmaverse, and back, in the mirror, upon them- (our-) selves ...
      "The Earth is trapped in a bubble ..." Daily Mail
      Part Two of 2013's 'Conquest of the Earth & Moon, Solar Planets, & Near-Earth Stars' (Orion Arm and Milky Way Galaxy!) will reveal another tapestry I should have completed and shared years ago -- my electromagnetic circuit diagram models of the Solar System, Sirius-UMa and Neighbor StarStreams, Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy, Sagittarius A*, and the Virgo Supercluster, local MatterVerse and adjacent/intertwined AntimatterVerse. Based on the electromagnetic circuit fine structures of the proton and electron, and including the design and circuit analysis for interstellar and intragalactic starships ...
       Roadrunner calls ...

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