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The Struggle for Civilization

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    The Struggle for Civilization has been long and hard and is not getting any easier. As always we have a variety of action items to discuss. Action Items Tell
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      The Struggle for Civilization

      has been long and hard and is not getting any easier. As always we
      have a variety
      of action items to discuss.

      Action Items Tell Fred Thompson to Just Say No to Spencer Abraham
      Stop the Saudi and arab Gulf States arms deal, Stop arming arafat's
      and his gang, Just Say No to a so-called "palestinian state". Stop
      Edwards, Clinton, and Obama. Tell President Bush to be a Churchill
      not a Chamberlain.

      Probably the biggest reason for the defeat of so many Republicans in
      the 2006 House and Senate elections was the failure of President
      Bush to remain stalwart in his opposition
      to the enemies of civilization.

      When President Bush supported the Dubai Ports Deal he harmed not
      only his own political ability to accomplish very much, he harmed
      other Republicans because disenchanted Republicans and Independents
      and Democrats who support the struggle for civilization stayed home
      while Defeatist Democrats and other Isolationists turned out to vote
      against Republicans in those elections. Today President Bush
      continues to call for a so-called
      "palestinian" state. By doing so he makes a terrible mistake which
      will continue to weaken support for Republicans in future Federal,
      state and local elections. The President also is arming the so-
      called "palestinian" terrorist faction led by Abu Abbas, a.k.a. Abu
      Mazen, arafat's long time henchman and deputy, and is also seeking
      to arm the Saudis and other Arab Gulf States. These terrible
      mistakes by the President must be reversed.

      please go to http://www.whitehouse.gov
      and tell President Bush to end his support for a so-
      called "palestinian" state, and to stop arming the terrorist gang
      led by arafat's long-time henchman and deputy, the Holocaust Denier
      Abu Abbas, a.k.a. Abu Mazen, and to stop supporting the arms deal
      that would arm Saudi Arabia and other Arab Gulf States.

      In politics one does not usually get very many second chances.
      Voters tend to
      judge Presidential candidates early on, often by who they pick as
      their running
      mates once they are nominated, or through other gaffes. In 1972 for
      George McGovern picked Senator Eagleton as his running mate.
      Eagleton, turned
      out to have been given shock therapy. McGovern quickly said he was
      Eagleton one thousand percent, shortly before getting Eagleton off
      the ticket,
      and choosing a new running mate. But the bad first choice of a
      running mate
      helped to doom the McGovern Presidential campaign.

      Fred Thompson's choice of Spencer Abraham as his campaign manager
      for the 2008
      Presidential race makes McGovern's choice of Eagleton look good by

      We like Fred Thompson, and all of the other mainstream Republicans
      who are
      running for President this year. We do not like any of the Democrats
      who are
      running for President this year, though we could support a write in
      campaign for
      Joe Lieberman, or a draft Lieberman campaign on either ticket for
      President or
      Vice President given the right circumstances. For instance if the
      picked a Defeatist as its nominee, someone who would cut and run
      from Iraq, and
      the Democrats picked Lieberman we would support Lieberman over such
      a Republican
      nominee. We hope that you would too.

      We like a whole lot about Fred Thompson.

      for instance, take this new item:

      "Wednesday, June 06, 2007 by Staff Writer

      Fred Thompson coming to Israel

      Fred Thompson, US presidential hopeful and former star of the hit
      series "Law & Order," is scheduled to make his first visit to Israel
      in the
      coming days.

      Thompson, who is said to have a fair chance of winning the Republican
      presidential nomination, will meet with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert,
      Minister Tzipi Livni and various other senior officials during his
      tour of

      Of the dozen or so candidates contesting the nomination, Thompson is
      among the
      most supportive of Israel.

      The former actor, who has also served as a US senator, bucked popular
      international sentiment by insisting in a hard-hitting editorial
      column that
      Israel has been almost too careful in its war on Palestinian

      "Israel is at war," Thompson wrote for the conservative website
      And the Jewish state has gone to "incredible lengths to stop the war
      them without harming Palestinian non-combatants."

      Thompson is also on record as supporting an Israeli military strike
      against Iran
      should international diplomacy fail to prevent the Islamic Republic
      obtaining nuclear arms.

      ....Thompson was one of the sponsors of the Jerusalem Embassy Act
      demanding that
      the US government move its embassy to the Israeli capital in
      defiance of
      Palestinian claims to the city."


      We were shocked and horrified to hear that Fred Thompson had
      selected Spencer
      Abraham as his campaign manager. We love Fred Thompson and need your
      support to
      reach out to Fred Thompson to tell Fred Thompson to Just Say No To
      Abraham as his campaign manager.

      We found some material on Spencer Abraham to share with you here.
      We hope that you will find it helpful in prompting you to tell Fred
      Thompson to
      Just Say No to Spencer Abraham as his campaign manager and to just
      say no to the
      rest of the pro-arabist appeasers out there who do not recognize
      that what
      President Bush has said is true:

      "President Bush Discusses Terror Plot Upon Arrival in Wisconsin
      Austin Straubel International Airport
      Green Bay, Wisconsin
      THE PRESIDENT: The recent arrests that our fellow citizens are now
      about are a stark reminder that this nation is at war with Islamic
      fascists who
      will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom, to hurt
      our nation.

      I want to thank the government of Tony Blair and officials in the
      United Kingdom
      for their good work in busting this plot. I thank the officials in
      D.C. and around our country who gather intelligence and who work to
      protect the
      American people. The cooperation on this venture was excellent --
      between U.K. and U.S. authorities and officials was solid. And the
      amongst agencies within our government was excellent.

      This country is safer than it was prior to 9/11. We've taken a lot
      of measures
      to protect the American people. But obviously, we're still not
      completely safe,
      because there are people that still plot and people who want to harm
      us for what
      we believe in. It is a mistake to believe there is no threat to the
      States of America. And that is why we have given our officials the
      tools they
      need to protect our people.

      Travelers are going to be inconvenienced as a result of the steps
      we've taken. I
      urge their patience and ask them to be vigilant. The inconvenience
      is -- occurs
      because we will take the steps necessary to protect the American

      Again, I appreciate the close cooperation between our government and
      government of the United Kingdom. The American people need to know
      we live in a
      dangerous world, but our government will do everything we can to
      protect our
      people from those dangers.

      Thank you.


      To quote President Bush's statement above:
      "This nation is at war with Islamic fascists." It is also at war
      with arab
      racists who want to see arabs as the new Aryans. The Baath Party,
      which ran
      Iraq, and still runs Syria, was founded in Syria when Syria was a
      French colony
      and France was under nazi control.

      Baathism, is pure and simple, nazism repackaged with arabs as the
      new Aryans.

      While we supported President Bush in 2004 and continue to support
      the liberation
      of Iraq and of Afghanistan the President has made some mistakes. The
      Dubai Ports
      Deal was one such blunder. Arming arafat's deputy and successor, Abu
      a.k.a. Abu Mazen, is another such mistake, as is the proposed arms
      deal to
      provide weapons to the Saudis and other arab Gulf States.

      When President Bush is right we support him, when he is wrong we
      call upon him
      to change his mind.

      Those of us who are opposed to appeasement know that it does no good
      for our
      cause to have our President bowing and scraping to the appeasers.

      Whether that President is George W. Bush today or Fred Thompson
      tomorrow, we
      want a strong President, who is Pro-America and Pro-Israel, not a
      President, or
      a Presidential candidate who is in bed with the enemies of America
      and Israel.

      We have a mixed bag of news about Fred Thompson.
      We were very happy that Former Tennesse Senator Fred Thompson,
      served on the advisory board of the legal defense fund for Libby,
      and urged President Bush
      to pardon him. If Fred Thompson enters the race for the Republican
      nomination for President in 2008 he may be the odds on favorite to
      win that nomination, at least
      according to a variety of political observers, and could thus be
      well on the way to becoming the next President of the United States.

      It is refreshing to note that Fred Thompson, who played a prosecutor
      on TV's "Law and Order" series, was not taken in by real life
      prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald.

      "I am very happy for Scooter Libby," Thompson said. "I know that
      this is a great relief to him, his wife and children. This will
      allow a good American, who has done a lot for his country, to resume
      his life."

      Happily Fred Thompson is not the only person not to be taken in by
      real life federal prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald. See more on that
      issue in

      We hope that Thompson will also not be taken in by his campaign
      manager. In fact
      we urge everyone who can do so to DEMAND that Fred Thompson name a
      campaign manager altogether.

      "Fred Thompson names anti-Israel ex-senator as campaign manager

      Republican presidential hopeful Fred Thompson, who has yet to
      officially announce his candidacy, has chosen as his new campaign
      manager and ex-senator who is reviled by many within the party for
      being soft on Islamic terrorism and an enemy of the Jewish state.

      As of last week, Thompson's campaign is being run by former Michigan
      senator Spencer Abraham, who is best known for his total opposition
      almost any form of realistic border control between the US and

      But Abraham, who is a Christian of Lebanese descent, has also carved
      out an image of himself as a facilitator and supporter of anti-US and
      anti-Israel Islamic fundamentalism.

      During his one term in the Senate, Spencer was the driving force
      behind a bill that granted more than $250 million in US taxpayers'
      money to Hizballah-controlled southern Lebanon. Nearly every penny
      went into the terror group's pocket.

      His next move was to exhort American Muslim Association (AMA)
      Agha Saeed as a positive influence on the US political scene. That
      despite the fact that the AMA had recently sponsored events that
      incited violence against the Jews and upheld Hizballah and Hamas as
      models for Muslims everywhere.

      In 2000, just months before his electoral defeat and the end of his
      short legislative career, Spencer was one of only two senators who
      refused to sign an open letter condemning escalating terrorist
      by Yasser Arafat's PLO against Israeli civilians.

      It was previously reported that Thompson was planning to visit Israel
      in the coming months in order to gain more perspective on the Middle
      East peace process. That visit, if it still happens, is expected to
      take on a whole different tone with Spencer Abraham in charge of
      Thompson's schedule."

      We were also disturbed by a recent Thompson comment broadcast on
      CSPAN, which
      covered him, in which Thompson came out for religious displays, in
      this case a
      "creche", on public property.

      We hope that Thompson turns out to be "a uniter not a divider", and
      will change
      his position on that issue, and support the Strict Constructionist
      Constitutional separation of religion from government at all levels.
      It should
      be recalled that most Americans whose ancestors came voluntarily to
      America to
      escape religious persecution,which the unity of government and
      religion so often
      brings with it, seek a nation that is tolerant of all faiths, and
      sponsors no
      particular faith over any other faith.
      Contact Fred Thompson and tell him that America needs "a uniter not
      a divider".

      Contact Fred Thompson's supporters too. To reach Fred Thompson's
      supporters with
      the message that while we love Fred Thompson we do not want to see
      Abraham as Fred Thompson's campaign manager. click on the urls below:




      as the data at the url above indicates, Fred Thompson is with the AEI
      The American Enterprise Institute
      1150 Seventeenth Street, N.W.
      Washington, DC 20036
      Main telephone: 202-862-5800
      Main fax: 202-862-7177

      the url below provides contact information for the AEI itself
      one can only hope that they would forward material to Fred Thompson


      if you click on the url below

      you will be taken to this article:

      "Hamas Does Disney

      By Fred Thompson

      Just when you think you've seen just about everything; in this case
      I'm talking
      about that video of the Palestinian children's show featuring a
      costumed Mickey
      Mouse character. An awful lot of you have watched this footage,
      posted on
      websites and then played on television news shows. For the few who
      haven't, the
      squeaky-voiced Disney icon is shown encouraging Palestinian children
      to become
      martyrs in the struggle to achieve worldwide domination — starting
      with the
      destruction of Israel.

      This message isn't new by the way. The ruling Palestinian party,
      Hamas, produces
      music videos that encourage the youngest children to become suicide
      bombers. The
      Hamas website for children is filled with the same hateful
      Public-service announcements on Palestinian television feature a boy
      in heaven,
      supposedly killed by Israeli soldiers, calling out to other children
      to follow
      him through martyrdom.

      We hardly ever hear about this stuff though. What made the Mickey
      Mouse video go
      viral, to use the Internet term, was its use of an image we're all
      with. We know Mickey Mouse as a symbol of childhood happiness and
      It's shocking to see this image used to encourage children to become

      It's even more shocking given the current political situation. The
      people are suffering badly right now. The flow of international aid
      to them has
      been slowed — because their government refuses even to pretend it
      will stop
      trying to destroy Israel.

      Nevertheless, support has been growing in the U.N. and Europe for
      financial aid. The two competing Palestinian factions, Hamas and
      Fatah, had
      agreed to stop killing one another and get back on message — blaming
      Once again, the international press was parroting the notion that
      violence is caused by Israel's security fence and border
      checkpoints. The tide
      seemed to be turning.

      So, naturally, somebody decided it was the perfect time to launch a
      new kid's show. Some people never miss an opportunity to miss an

      But the Internet has changed things in good ways and bad. In the old
      Yasser Arafat could condemn terrorism in English and promise more
      attacks in
      Arabic — and almost no one would hear about it. In this new age, one
      video posted to the web can get the world's attention and trigger

      That's a good thing but, of course, the same technology can also be
      used for
      evil. According to press reports, the six New Jersey terror plotters
      immersed in extremist videos and propaganda from pro-jihad websites.
      message of hatred is so powerful and widespread that it persuaded
      grown men,
      living in the United States, to give up their own lives to murder

      Think how much more effective this type of propaganda must be when
      it is aimed
      at children. Now think about an entire generation of Palestinians,
      Iranians, and others — saturated with this message their whole
      lives. That's the
      real message we should take from that Mickey Mouse video."

      at that same url is a link you can click on labeled E-mail Author
      presumably you can email Fred Thompson using that link
      If you do we hope that you will tell him to remove Spencer Abraham
      as his
      campaign manager and to remove Spencer Abraham from his campaign

      Another real life federal prosecutor, GOP presidential candidate and
      former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said: "After evaluating the
      facts, the president came to a reasonable decision and I believe the
      decision was correct."

      Predictably the appeasers were vocal in their criticism of President
      Bush's brave
      decision in the Libby case.

      The piece below includes a mention of Spencer Abraham and others.
      It is by an ally in the war against the appeasers.

      "Hezbollah has Friend Close to White House

      Terrorist allies of al-Qaida supported by billionaire
      booster of Bush,Powell

      December 12, 2002
      By Joseph Farah

      Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed Shi'ite jihadist group
      based in Lebanon, is on
      the U.S. State Department list of international
      terrorist organizations.

      Just yesterday, Canada officially added Hezbollah to
      its list of 14
      terrorist groups banned from operating in the country.

      According to intelligence experts, Hezbollah maintains
      an operational
      alliance with Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida terror

      Hezbollah remains the prime suspect in the truck
      bombing of the Marine
      barracks in Lebanon in 1983 - a terrorist attack that
      killed 243.

      Immediately after the Sept. 11 attacks on the United
      States, Hezbollah's Al
      Manar Television celebrated the events by replaying
      footage of the Sabra and
      Shatilla refugee camps in 1982 along with inflammatory
      speeches by the
      group's leader, Hasan Nasrallah, warning America's day
      of judgment would
      come. Yet, a man with close financial and personal
      ties to the Bush
      administration continues to use his influence to push
      for the dropping of
      Hezbollah from the terrorist list and calls the group
      "a resistance party
      fighting the Israeli occupation."

      That man in the middle is Issam Fares, deputy prime
      minister of Lebanon, a
      self-made billionaire and a close associate of Maj.
      General Ghazi Kanaan,
      head of Syrian intelligence in Lebanon and the man
      known as the "kingmaker"
      in a small country dominated by Syria's occupying
      military forces.

      "It is a mistake to make a comparison between the
      al-Qaida network ... and
      Hezbollah," Fares told Agence France-Presse last year.
      "Hezbollah did not
      carry out any resistance operation against American
      interests in Lebanon or
      abroad and did not target civilians in its resistance
      activities as happened
      on Sept. 11 at the World Trade Center."

      Fares, through his son, Nijad, a permanent resident
      alien of the U.S., and
      his U.S.-based businesses, has contributed heavily to
      the senatorial
      campaigns of now Department of Energy Secretary
      Spencer Abraham. The family
      also contributed $100,000 to the Bush inaugural. And
      Fares sponsored a
      speech by Secretary of State Colin Powell at Tufts
      University for a reported

      Fares oversees a worldwide, diversified conglomerate
      of oil, real estate and
      media interests. In 2000, he became deputy prime
      minister of Lebanon.

      The family's main U.S. business holding is the
      Houston-based Wedge Group, a
      big player in the oil services industry headed by
      William White, the former
      No. 2 official at the Energy Department during the
      Clinton administration.

      That the Fares family is attempting to buy influence
      in high places in the
      United States seems self-evident.

      "Arab-Americans must substantially increase
      contributions to political
      candidates," wrote Nijad Fares in an opinion page
      article for the Detroit
      News, Dec, 16, 1996. "Even modest contributions help
      ensure that members of
      Congress and their staffs take phone calls and are
      more responsive to
      requests. Furthermore, the contributor must make
      explicit an interest in
      Middle East-related issues."

      The connection between the Fares family and the Bush
      family precedes the
      current administration. After leaving office in 1993,
      President George H.W.
      Bush received a $100,000 speaking fee from Fares. He
      also made a trip around
      the Persian Gulf in Fares' private jet with the
      Lebanese businessman by his
      side. Former Secretary of State James Baker also
      received a $100,000
      speaking fee.

      When the news of Fares' support of the inauguration
      broke in the Jerusalem
      Post in 2000, Fares said he was happy with the "noble
      relationship" between
      himself and the Bush family.

      "If the Zionist lobby and those revolving in its orbit
      are displeased with
      this relationship, it's their own business," he told
      the paper. "Anyway,
      envy is a killer."

      Beirut's Daily Star reported last year that Fares has
      cultivated a network
      of connections with senior American officials that
      "would make most people
      blush with envy."

      It's not unusual that a man of means like Fares would
      find friends in high
      places in America. But it is Fares' allies in Lebanon
      - from Hezbollah to
      Kanaan - that make those connections shocking to some.

      "Kanaan is the man who protects, assists and harbors
      most terrorists and
      terror-related organizations in Lebanon," explains
      Nagi Najjar, the
      spokesman for the Government of Lebanon in Exile, a
      group fighting for
      independence from Syria. And, Hezbollah, he says, is
      "the father of all

      He charges that Hezbollah has sleeper cells planted
      around the world with a
      mission to target Jewish and U.S. interests.

      "Hezbollah is to the Shiaa Muslim world what al-Qaida
      is to the Sunni Muslim
      world," he says. "They're a bunch of murderers
      structured in a terrorist,
      military organization, financed, trained and
      manipulated by Syria and Iran.
      This terrorist organization must be neutralized,
      dismantled and all its
      leadership arrested on charges of terrorism and
      subversion. Southern Lebanon
      has been transformed into a major terror base whose
      sole objective is to
      torpedo, with the consent of other terror regimes in
      the area, any U.S.
      peace initiative in the Middle East."

      Najjar counters Fares' claim that Hezbollah is a local
      resistance movement
      by citing the group's actions in hijacking planes, the
      bombing of the Marine
      barracks, the bombing of the U.S. and French
      embassies, the kidnapping of
      foreign nations, including CIA operative William
      Buckley, and a bombing in
      Buenos Aires, Argentina.

      According to the Middle East Intelligence Bulletin,
      Kanaan has the power to
      order the arrest and indefinite detention of anyone in
      the country. He is
      deeply immersed in narcotics production and
      trafficking in the Bekaa Valley
      and oversees counterfeiting and other illegal
      activities that have made him
      a wealthy man. He reportedly holds great sway over all
      terrorist groups
      operating in Lebanon and all militia groups.

      "He is the most feared man in Lebanon," wrote Daniel

      Fares called on Washington to remove Hezbollah from
      its terrorist list Nov.
      10, 2001. A day later, Hezbollah chief Nasrallah
      called on the international
      community to oppose the U.S. operation in Afghanistan
      and said its purpose
      was to establish "American hegemony" over the world.

      Bush and Powell have both praised Fares and denounced
      questions raised about
      his influence in Washington.

      Fares' companies around the world employ about 70,000
      people and boast
      revenues in excess of $4 billion, according to his
      website. In 1987, his
      company increased its holdings in TVX Broadcast Group
      of Virginia Beach, the
      largest owner of independent television stations in
      the United States
      reaching about 15 percent of U.S. households. Federal
      law prohibits foreign
      investors from controlling more than 20 percent of the
      voting stock of
      broadcast licensees.

      Joseph Farah is editor and chief executive officer of

      This next piece dates back to the 2000 election.
      In that election we supported Al Gore, who was then a friend of
      Israel and an
      enemy of terrorism, and who had chosen an even bigger friend of
      Israel and an
      even bigger enemy of terrorism: Joe Lieberman as his running mate.
      This was
      before Al Gore went crazy, grew a beard and shaved it off, got so
      fat he himself
      said he could no longer put his wedding ring on, and effectively
      himself from Israel and from America by opposing the liberation of

      It was also before September 11th, 2001 which marked a real turn
      around for
      President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

      In 2000 George W. Bush was a very different person from the
      President he became
      on September 11th, 2001.

      Bush-Gore Presidential Debate October 12th,2000 " MR. BUSH: there is
      other forms of racial profiling that goes on in America. Arab
      Americans are racially profiled on what's called secret evidence.
      People are stopped. And we got to do something about that. My friend
      Senator Spencer Abraham of Michigan is pushing a law to make sure
      that, you know, Arab Americans are treated with respect."

      Spencer Abraham's name pops up again in the next piece:

      suspects San Antonio Express-News 07/11/2002 From their jail cells,
      two of three
      men accused by a stripper of threatening to blow up local military
      bases said
      Wednesday they had no idea how they wound up embroiled in a high-
      terrorism investigation. Ribhi Abdalla and his cousin, Jadallah
      Abdalla, both of
      Palestinian descent, spent their second day in jail after failing to
      post a bond
      of $2 million each.
      Ribhi, 25, (is) a naturalized American citizen from (the region of
      Judea and Samaria).

      The cousins and their friend, Makram Hijaz, 20, of
      Mesquite, were arrested at the XTC Cabaret late Monday and charged
      with making terroristic threats against a public service, namely San
      Antonio's military bases, a third degree felony punishable by up to
      10 years in

      A stripper told police the men claimed they were
      going to wage "holy war" by carrying out the work of the Sept. 11

      "I don't want to undermine (the Police Department's)
      case" said an FBI special agent based in San Antonio. "We take all
      threats seriously at this point and time, for obvious reasons." A
      spokeswoman for the San Antonio Police Department said. "We're not
      just going to write up a report and then throw it away" Jim Kopp,
      chief of the Bexar County District Attorney's intake division, said
      the men's bonds did not appear excessive, given the seriousness of

      (The stripper) said you have a nice accent and she asked
      where we are from," said Jadallah Abdalla, 21. "The cousins said the
      FBI and police interrogated them Tuesday about possible terrorist
      connections. Ribhi, the older cousin said he was somewhat concerned
      that so many inmates seemed to know about his charge. No one's
      threatened him, he said, but at least one has asked point blank if he
      was a terrorist. Jadallah Abdalla immigrated from Ramallah 17 months
      ago." 07/11/2002
      "Kiareldeen, 31, a Palestinian immigrant, was released Monday night
      after a
      19-month sojourn in two New Jersey jails. He had been detained on
      the basis of
      secret evidence alleging that he had links to terrorists, including
      one of the
      men convicted in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.. Among other
      things, they
      said, they proved that Kiareldeen was not politically active or an
      Muslim, as those convicted in the bombings were, and even frequented
      go-go bars
      when he was single. This became known, Fernandez said jokingly,
      as "the go-go
      bar defense." A spokesman for Senator Spencer Abraham, Republican of
      said he was pursuing discussions with the Justice Department about
      "administrative changes" in the use of secret evidence."

      Lest we forget, it is our opinion that the most likely nominee for
      the Democrats
      in 2008 will be John Edwards, or is it Jon Edwards? Democrats have
      won the
      White House with Harry S. Truman, a "white" Southern man from
      Missouri, in 1948,
      with Lyndon Baines Johnson, a "white" Southern man from Texas in
      1964, with Jimmy
      Carter, a "white" Southern man from Georgia in 1976, with Bill
      Clinton, a "white" Southern
      man from Arkansas in 1992 and 1996, and Democrats got more popular
      votes than
      Republicans for the Presidency in 2000 with Al Gore, a "white"
      Southern man from Tennessee.

      John Edwards, or is it Jon Edwards, is a "white" Southern man who
      served in the US Senate from North Carolina, and was born in South
      Carolina. We will be shocked if Edwards is
      not the person picked by the Democrats as the 2008 Presidential

      We also think Edwards will win the White House against any
      Republican currently in the race, and against any Republican who
      might get into the race: i.e. against Fred Thompson and or against
      Newt Gingrich.

      We think it would be a disaster for America, for Israel, and for the
      world if Edwards won the 2008 Presidential election and hope that
      with your help Edwards can be exposed before he becomes the next
      President of the United States.

      Please help us to stop Edwards by exposing him. Please Google the

      Honest John Edwards Or Is It Jon Edwards A Member of The Terrible

      What Lurks Behind The Edwards For President Facade

      "John Edwards's Left-Hand Man David Bonior isn't your typical
      campaign manager—a member of Congress for a quarter century, whose
      voting record lines up to the left of his candidate.
      By Arian Campo-Flores
      March 13, 2007 - Gearing up for his second presidential run, John
      Edwards picked an unconventional campaign manager. Rather than
      choosing a behind-the-scenes staffer, he selected David Bonior, a
      Michigan Democrat who served 26 years in the U.S. House of
      Representatives (1976-2002) and earned a reputation as his party's
      pit bull for the aggressive posture he took with the GOP. He and
      Edwards are similar in some ways (both were the sons of blue-collar
      workers and were college-football players), but Bonior looks more
      liberal on paper than Edwards does. And with his long voting record,
      he may offer an attractive target for his boss's political
      opponents." source:

      "The Friends of Our Foes
      Jewish World Review Sept. 15, 2000 /14 Elul, 5760
      Jonathan Tobin
      The Arab lobby gears up to punish pro-Israel politicians
      in the latest issue of The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.
      The Washington Report is a glossy monthly that serves as the
      guidebook to the Arabist lobby in the United States.
      The Washington Report specializes in defaming Israel. But far from
      being the product of fringe Islamic fundamentalists, it is written
      and published by a Washington, D.C., outfit that is staffed by
      former U.S. foreign-service officers who haven't stopped hating
      Israel even though they are no longer on the federal payroll. As
      such, it is a must-read for friends of Israel who want a reliable
      indicator of the thinking of the anti-Israel crowd.
      One of the most noteworthy features of the magazine is an election-
      year report card on Congress that evaluates members of the Senate
      and the House on hostility to Israel and related causes. In other
      words, if you want to know who is on the list of good guys and bad
      guys for Israel, all you have to do is look at the pro-Arab
      crowd's "Hall of Fame" and "Hall of Shame."
      The 535 House and Senate members were evaluated on, among other
      issues, the following: opposition to the use of anti-Semitic
      propaganda in the Palestinian media and textbooks; opposition to
      asking the Palestinian Authority and Syria about the whereabouts of
      missing Israeli soldiers and linking aid to that issue; support for
      Palestinian statehood prior to the achievement of a peace agreement;
      support for a bill prohibiting the use of intelligence on terrorism
      for evaluating immigration cases (as in supporters of Hamas who are
      liable to deportation); the signing of a letter opposing commutation
      of the sentence of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard; opposition to
      moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem; and
      opposition to sanctions on rogue nations like Libya and Iraq.
      As far as the Arab lobby is concerned, the more members of Congress
      opposed anti-Semitism and terrorism and/or were willing to support
      Israel, the less The Washington Report liked them.
      Chief among the members of The Washington Report's "Hall of Fame" is
      Rep. David Bonior, D-Mich. Bonior's animus for Israel is no
      surprise, given the large number of Arab-Americans in his Detroit-
      area district. It is ominous ...."
      Among the other anti-Israel House favorites are John Conyers, D-
      Mich.; John Dingell, D-Mich.; Amos Houghton, R-New York; Jesse
      Jackson Jr., D-Ill.; John Lewis, D-Ga.; Jim McDermott, D-Wash.;
      Cynthia McKinney, D-Ga.; Ron Paul, R-Texas; John Sununnu, R-N.H.;
      and Maxine Waters, D-Calif.
      In the case of Jackson and Sununu (sons of their famous namesakes),
      the anti-Israel apple didn't fall far from the tree.
      The Washington Report's favorite senators are Spencer Abraham, R-
      Mich.; Robert Byrd, D-W.V.; Lincoln Chafee, R-R.I.; Chuck Hagel, R-
      Neb.; Patrick Leahy, D-Vt.; Charles Robb, D-Va.; Strom Thurmond, R-
      S.C.; and Paul Wellstone, D-Minn.
      While nobody should be surprised at the high marks given ex-klansmen
      Byrd and Thurmond, the pro-Arab ranking of Wellstone may surprise
      some, since he is one of the Senate's 11 Jews. Wellstone, is,
      however, also the far-left Tikkun magazine's idea of a good
      politician, and thus way out of the pro-Israel mainstream.
      The Arabist "Hall of Shame" included Joseph Crowley, D-N.Y.; Peter
      Deutsch, D-Fla.; Michael Forbes, D-N.Y.; Bob Franks, R-N.J.; Sue
      Kelly, R-N.Y.; Rick Lazio, R-N.Y.; Nita Lowey, D-N.Y.; Jerold
      Nadler, D-N.Y.; Ileana Ross-Letinen, R-Fla.; Matt Salmon, R-Ariz.;
      Jim Saxton, R-N.J.; and Brad Sherman, D-Calif.
      Only four of the House's 23 Jews made it to the list: Deutsch,
      Lowey, Nadler and Sherman.
      While both parties are well-represented on both sides of the ledger,
      it's worth noting that two of the Republican Party's most notable
      challengers for the Senate made it to The Washington
      Report's "shame" list: Bob Franks, who is facing an uphill battle
      against billionaire financier Democrat Jon Corzine in New Jersey;
      and Rick Lazio, who is the man who hopes to defeat Hillary Clinton
      in her bid for a New York Senate seat.
      Surprisingly, of the Senate's 11 Jews, only one, Philadelphian Arlen
      Specter, R-Pa., made it to the Arabist "Hall of Shame." He was
      joined there by Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., and Connie Mack, R-
      Fla. ...."

      "...September issue also provided a chart showing just how much pro-
      Israel PAC money each member of their halls of "fame" and "shame"
      Their chart illustrated the fact that the pro-Israel community is
      often far more interested in backing long-time incumbents and
      legislators in leadership positions -- no matter what their policies
      on key issues -- than anything else.
      Thus, anti-Israel stalwarts such as David Bonior and Robert Byrd got
      big bucks from friends of Israel despite their awful records.
      On the other end of the spectrum, while some of the good guys were
      rewarded by friends of Israel, that wasn't true in every case.
      Specter received $366,123 in pro-Israel money, but, put together,
      the pro-Israel PAC contributions received by Lazio, Franks, Kelly
      and Salmon did not equal the amount Bonior got! Pro-Israel sentiment
      from those backbenchers apparently isn't as valued by some people as
      much as Bonior's leadership position."
      source: http://www.jewishworldreview.com/cols/tobin091500.asp

      Pelosi donated $5,000 to McKinney
      "[ The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: 8/3/02 ]
      "Some McKinney donors probed for terror ties By BILL TORPY
      Atlanta Journal-Constitution Staff Writer Rep. Cynthia McKinney is
      backed by many Islamic individuals and groups. Rep. Cynthia
      McKinney's re-election campaign has accepted contributions from
      several people who have come under federal investigation for
      links to Middle Eastern terrorists or have voiced support for
      extremist groups. The outspoken DeKalb County Democrat, a frequent
      critic of U.S. Middle East policy, has long drawn Arab and Muslim
      financial support.

      Most of McKinney's individual donors listed on
      disclosure reports in 2001 and this year have Arabic names and live
      out of state. According to a review of federal campaign disclosure
      records, they include:
      Abdurahman Alamoudi, leader of a Muslim organization, who during a
      2000 rally outside the White House expressed support for the violent
      Palestinian group Hamas and for Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite party
      linked to bombings.....A professor who
      jailed in 1998 on contempt charges for refusing to answer a grand
      jury's questions about alleged money-laundering links to Hamas. Five
      businessmen whose homes or businesses were searched in March during
      FBI raid investigating financial links to terrorism. Another was an
      officer in one of the groups under investigation, according to
      Election Commission reports.....The McKinney
      campaign reported most of those contributions as having come Sept.
      the date of the terror attacks in New York and Washington. FEC
      spokeswoman Kelly Huff said the date listed on disclosure reports is
      supposed to be, by law, the date the campaign received the money. But
      FEC officials said it was up to the campaign to document the proper
      date.....McKinney caused a tempest
      earlier this year by suggesting President Bush knew the Sept. 11
      attacks were coming but did nothing so his associates could make
      in the ensuing war. And last October, she also caused controversy for
      apologizing to a Saudi prince whose $10 million donation for terror
      victims was rejected by New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. The prince
      had laid part of the blame for the Sept. 11 attacks on U.S. policy.

      The following week, McKinney collected $32,150 in a fund-raiser, her
      best fund-raising day in 2001.

      McKinney's support for Arab causes is well known. The Council on
      American-Islamic Relations, an Islamic advocacy group whose director
      was named on the Sept. 11 listing as giving McKinney $500, recently
      asked members to support her. "She is our strategic choice. Pro-
      candidate. Supporter of (so-called) "palestinian state for over
      seven years.
      Against secret evidence. Against aid to Israel."
      Steven Emerson, who runs a private counterterrorist institute in
      Washington, called McKinney's contributors "the A list of militant
      Islamic front groups." Two years ago, Emerson warned a Senate
      committee about increasing terrorist activity in America, sometimes
      the name of charity. Alamoudi, the president of the American Muslim
      Foundation who expressed support for Hamas and Hezbollah, gave the
      maximum allowable contribution of $2,000....Alamoudi did not return
      phone calls seeking comment. Another donor,
      Abdelhaleem Ashqar, now a Howard University professor, who gave $250,
      was jailed for six months in 1998 after refusing to testify before a
      federal grand jury investigating money laundering in the United
      by Hamas.

      Ashqar told the grand jury that he would not testify...Six of
      McKinney's donors were officers with companies and
      organizations that are under investigation.
      On March 20 and 21, Treasury agents served warrants on the Herndon
      Va.-based Saar Foundation, Safa Trust, the International Institute of
      Islamic Thought and 13 other locations. The groups are part of a
      Saudi-based financial empire that U.S. investigators say has handled
      $1.7 billion since the mid-1990s, allegedly sending some of it to
      groups that authorities have linked to terrorists, The Washington
      Post reported....Listed as McKinney donors on Sept. 11 are M. Yaqub
      Mirza, Mohamed
      Omeish and Ahmad Totonji.
      Federal agents in March searched the offices of Mirza, who

      The former president of Saar, Mirza was the central figure in
      the interlocking multinational corporations being investigated. He is
      the president of Mar-Jac, which includes investment firms and a North
      Georgia poultry plant, which also was searched in March. He did not
      return phone calls seeking comment.
      Omeish is president of Success Foundation, a refugee relief
      organization whose office was searched in March. He is listed as
      having given $500.

      Omeish said investigators returned computers taken
      from his office. Totonji, founder of Saar and the IIIT, gave $1,000.
      Federal agents carted away numerous computers from his offices in the
      March raid.

      Two weeks later, on Sept. 26, Jamal Barzinji, Taha
      Alalwani of Herndon, Va., and Hisham Al Talib of California all gave
      $500 to McKinney's campaign, according to FEC records. Barzinji, a
      business associate of Mirza's, is also president of Mar-Jac Poultry
      Gainesville. Alalwani is a founder of the IIIT and Al Talib, was the
      treasurer for Safa and the IIIT vice president."
      Pelosi donated $5,000 to McKinney
      Father of Ousted McKinney Spells Defeat `J-E-W-S'
      ATLANTA — The father of Rep. Cynthia McKinney is blaming Jews for
      her defeat in Georgia's Democratic primary, but observers said that
      Tuesday's outcome had less to do with dueling donations from pro-
      Israel and pro-Palestinian activists than with high Republican
      turnout in the open primary and tepid support from black voters and
      congressmen.....her father, civil-rights stalwart and DeKalb County
      leader Billy McKinney, pointed a finger at her pro-Israel critics.
      When asked by a local television reporter what the election had
      hinged on, he responded: "J-E-W-S."

      In a press release, Anti-Defamation League southeast director
      Deborah Lauter condemned Billy McKinney's remark, calling
      it "classic anti-Semitism." He caused a similar stir in 1996 after
      calling his daughter's opponent a "racist Jew," ....Among leaders of
      mainstream Jewish groups, McKinney was considered a
      more controversial member of Congress than other black lawmakers on
      the left. Along with her support of the Palestinian cause, McKinney
      refused in 1994 to condemn a fiery speech by a Nation of Islam
      spokesman, the late Khalid Muhammed. More recently, she also
      infuriated otherwise indifferent Republicans in her district when
      she suggested that President Bush might have known about September
      11 before it happened, and possibly profited from it.

      Last October, after New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani returned a $10
      million gift to the city from Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal after
      the prince criticized Israel in published comments, McKinney issued
      a public letter supporting the prince, asking that he donate the
      money to black charities.

      In May, along with Hilliard, McKinney was one of 5 of the 36 voting
      members of the Congressional Black Caucus to oppose a pro-Israel
      resolution that put the bulk of the blame for the conflict on the
      Palestinians. McKinney said the measure would "undermine America's
      vital role as peacemaker"...Democratic institutional support for
      McKinney, who has been a solid member of the Democratic caucus in
      the House, was weak. In the Hilliard race the Democratic
      Congressional Campaign Committee took much heat for its financial
      support of the five-term incumbent, with some asking why the
      committee was using resources on a solidly Democratic district. In
      this race, the committee, whose function is to help increase the
      Democratic ranks in the House, stayed out.

      The committee declined to comment on the McKinney race, but Rangel,
      who donated $5,000 to her campaign, said: "Some Republicans and
      Democrats support incumbents, and others don't." Rangel is board
      chair of the committee.
      Democratic House Whip Nancy Pelosi of California also donated $5,000
      to McKinney's effort.

      National Jewish Democratic Committee executive director Ira Forman
      declined to comment on Pelosi's funding. But a Jewish Republican
      activist slammed Democratic support of McKinney.
      "For the Democrats and the NJDC and other groups to remain silent is
      an abdication of their responsibility," the activist said. Pelosi's
      office did not return a call for comment."
      Pelosi donated $5,000 to McKinney
      Please take action. Please contact
      njdc@... njdc AT njdc.org and DEMAND that they STRONGLY
      CONDEMN the funding provided to McKinney by Pelosi and company.
      Phone: 202-216-9060
      Fax 202-216-9061
      P.O. Box 75308
      Washington, DC 20013-5308
      Their New York office may be reached at:
      nynjdc@... nynjdc AT njdc.org
      Phone 212-868-4048
      Pelosi donated $5,000 to McKinney
      The issue of Democratic conflicts over Israel policy took center
      last month, when the House voted 352 to 21, with 29 members voting
      "present," for a pro-Israel resolution sponsored by Majority Whip Tom
      DeLay (R-Tex.) and Rep. Tom Lantos (D-Calif.). Many of those voting
      "present" were expressing their unwillingness to support a resolution
      that strongly endorsed Israel while condemning "the ongoing support
      and coordination of terror by Yasser Arafat and other members of the
      Palestinian leadership."

      Of the 50 "no" and "present" votes, 44 were cast by Democrats and six
      by Republicans. More significantly, five of the most senior Democrats
      voted against the resolution, including Democratic whip David E.
      Bonior (Mich.), and four members in line to become committee chairmen
      if Democrats win back the House: David R. Obey (Wis.), John D.
      (Mich.), George Miller (Calif.) and John Conyers Jr. (Mich.).
      The vote also forced to the surface long-standing tensions between
      Jewish and black communities. Of the 37 members of the Congressional
      Black Caucus, a total of 17 either voted no on DeLay-Lantos (4),
      present (8) or did not vote at all (5).
      Two black Democratic House members, Earl F. Hilliard (Ala.) and
      Cynthia McKinney (Ga.), have become lightning rods in the Jewish
      community, and their primary challengers are raising hundreds of
      thousands of dollars from Jewish supporters determined to defeat the
      two incumbents because of statements they have made.
      Not to mention her father's notorious remarks. This piece from 1996
      covers, however, anti-Semitism on both sides of the aisle. There's
      enough to
      go round. Bonior, on the other hand, is significant, particularly
      because he's
      so consistently wobbly on Israel. http://amygdalagf.blogspot.com/

      "Five congressional aides from the House of Representatives left
      Friday on an independent fact-finding mission to Iraq. ADC, one of
      co-sponsors of the delegation, applauds the five members of Congress
      whose aides are participating in the delegation. *** The
      offices participating in the delegation are: Rep.Danny K. Davis
      (D-IL), Rep. Sam Gejdenson (D-CT), Rep. Earl F. Hilliard (D-AL), Rep.
      Cynthia McKinney (D-GA), and Rep. Bernard Sanders (I-VT).
      McKinney and Davis are members of the House International Relations
      Committee; Gejdenson is the Ranking Minority Member. The
      staffers are accompanied by Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for
      "The caucus would not provide a full list of the corporate donors
      here. But a partial list included Philip Morris, the tobacco giant;
      Anheuser- Busch, the brewing company;
      Entergy, the energy company; Lockheed Martin, the defense contractor;
      Household Finance, the consumer- credit company, and the American
      Gaming Association, which represents the casino industry."

      "Mr. Thompson, the event's host, said the two casinos that helped
      underwrite the weekend, the Horseshoe and the Grand, had each pledged
      $50,000 in services and cash donations, which allowed them to call
      themselves platinum sponsors of the event. Gold donors pledged
      $25,000, while silver donors promised $10,000. A similar fund-raising
      event here last summer raised $500,000 for the caucus. As he took a
      seat in the Horseshoe's hospitality suite, Representative Earl F.
      Hilliard of Alabama, whose district is listed as the seventh poorest
      in the country, said that he saw a soft-money ban as "a threat to my
      continued service in the Congress."

      This next piece, which also mentions Spencer Abraham, reminds us of
      the movie :
      TRADING PLACES, in which , well why spoil the story, see the movie
      if you have
      not seen it already. Suffice it to say that
      in that movie , well, go see it.

      We wish that Al Gore's feelings for Israel and for America had
      withstood the
      test of the horrible blow to Gore's psyche that not being able to be
      sworn in as
      President of the United States on January 20th, 2001 must have been.

      We think that Al Gore went insane after the Supreme Court ordered a
      halt to the
      Florida recount in December of 2000. We think George W. Bush stole
      election, but in retrospect, considering how the loss of the
      Presidency we
      believe Al Gore really won that year, as he was cheated out of the
      votes of Florida, evidently caused Al Gore to go insane it seems to
      have been
      better for America, for Israel, and for the world that George W.
      Bush did steal
      that election. In the nuclear age we cannot afford to have a person
      who would
      crack under pressure, as Al Gore evidently has, as President of the

      When reading this next piece keep in mind that it was written in
      2000, before Al
      Gore was cheated out of the Presidency, before Al Gore lost his
      mind. Before Al
      Gore's true feelings of hatred for Israel and for America came out.

      Anyone who would oppose the liberation of Iraq from Saddam Hussein
      implicity was
      endorsing the continuation of the paying by Saddam Hussein of
      $25,000 to the
      familes of genocide bombers for the murder of Jews. When Al Gore
      chose to oppose
      the liberation of Iraq from Saddam Hussein he was implicitly saying
      yes to more
      such payments to the families of those genocide bombers. Al Gore was
      "DEATH TO THE JEWS" just as surely as any terrorist would. Anyone
      who opposed
      the liberation of Iraq from Saddam Hussein is saying the very same

      "Gore's true feelings of friendship for Israel have withstood the
      test of time."
      On March 3rd 2000 Jerusalem Post Washington correspondent Janine
      Zacharia wrote:
      "[Gore] is the clear-cut Jewish favorite in the upcoming presidential
      elections." American Jewish commentators are equally outspoken about
      George W.
      Bush's almost total lack of support among Jewish voters.

      Highly respected columnist J.J. Goldberg wrote in the Jewish Week of
      New York on
      March 3rd,2000 "Hardcore hawks make up about
      10 percent of the Jewish vote. Bush won't draw even them, given his
      family name." And Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol said in a March
      23 seminar of Orthodox Jewish leaders that the Jewish vote for Bush
      "could be pretty bad. The only question is whether Bush will do
      better or worse
      than his Dad."

      Kristol added that if Gore picked an Orthodox Jew like Sen. Joseph
      Lieberman as
      his vice presidential running mate, "it will be truly unbelievable
      how small
      Bush's Jewish vote will be." As for the candidates themselves, Gore
      told the
      Council of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations this
      that (on) moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, his
      personal views
      "are the same as yours."

      Bush has changed his answer on relocating the U.S.Embassy from a vow
      to move it
      immediately upon assuming office to saying he would not do or say
      anything to
      hurt the peace process. When he speaks of America's wealth of
      institutions, he refers to them as "the synagogues, churches, and
      mosques of
      America." Picking which candidate to support should be easy.

      What Difference Does It Make? In a very close election, as it
      appears this one
      will be, if nearly all of the Muslim- and Christian Arab-American
      votes are cast
      as a bloc in the United States, that bloc vote probably will
      determine which
      candidate Other states where the Muslim vote can be very influential
      are Texas,
      Florida, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

      If Muslim voters demonstrate the discipline this year to turn out
      communities to vote as a bloc, the United States will never again be
      the same
      U.S. South Asia policy may also be liberated from the current strong
      of the Israel-Indian alliance, as will U.S. policy toward Iran and

      "Guided by Sen. Spencer Abraham, himself a Lebanese-American, the
      Bush team has
      been courting the Arab-American vote assiduously. Bush foreign-
      affairs adviser
      Condoleezza Rice met with Arab-American groups in the Detroit area
      two weeks

      Mr. Bush himself met with AAPAC members a day later. "Bush clearly
      is a man who
      listens,"says Abed Hammoud, president of AAPAC (the Arab-American
      Action Committee)". While Vice President Gore has done all he can to
      fight arab
      terrorists "In 1996, in the wake of the TWA 800 disaster, President
      asked Mr. Gore to chair a White House Commission on Aviation and
      Security. The
      Gore commission adopted several recommendations for heightened
      security,including a Computer Assisted Passenger Screening system to
      weed out
      possible terrorists."(source "Gore's Arab-American Problem How
      the "racial
      profiling" issue might help Bush win Michigan. BY THOMAS J.BRAY Mr.
      Bray is a
      staff columnist at the Detroit News. His OpinionJournal.com column
      Tuesdays. Tuesday, October 17, 2000)

      "Bush forces are ecstatic over the endorsement they won Sunday from
      the Arab-American Political Action Committee." "The AAPAC endorsement
      wasn't cemented until a few days later. In the second debate Mr. Bush
      made several points that may have gone over the heads of most
      Americans but struck home forcefully in places like Dearborn- Mr.
      Bush went out
      of his way to stress the importance of talking to "moderate" Arab
      nations like
      Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Second and even more
      decisive was Mr.
      Bush's deft handling of an extended discussion of hate-crime
      legislation. Mr.
      Gore placed nearly all of his focus on the need to protect African-
      the vast majority of whom are sure to vote Democratic.

      Mr. Bush, by contrast, went out of his way to add Arab-Americans to
      equation. Other forms of racial profiling go on in America, Mr. Bush
      "Arab-Americans are
      profiled in what's called secret evidence. People are stopped, and we
      got to do something about that. My friend, Sen. Spence Abraham, is
      pushing a law to make sure that Arab-Americans are treated with real
      respect." Though the answer conflated two different
      issues-law-enforcement profiling and the use of secret evidence to
      deny entry to immigrants suspected of having terrorist ties-the
      sentiment behind the response drew thunderous applause from

      "When he said that, I turned to my wife and said,
      'Bush just won Michigan,' " David Mack, vice president of the Middle
      East Institute, a Washington think tank, told the Detroit Free Press.
      And sure enough, the 100-member board of AAPAC voted almost
      unanimously to endorse Mr. Bush." The (Nearly) Barefoot "Crusader"
      "Bush visited a mosque and bought coffee for a cafeteria full of
      aides on Monday
      as he appealed to Americans to get back to everyday business and not
      against their Muslim neighbors. In his socks, as is Muslim practice,
      Bush padded
      through the ornate mosque on Washington's Embassy Row and heard
      stories from his
      hosts about Muslim-American women afraid to leave their homes for
      fear of
      prejudiced backlash after last week's terrorist strikes."

      "Edwards and Israel: Word that a 2008 presidential aspirant, John
      Edwards, has tapped a former House minority whip, David Bonior, to
      manage his campaign has the pro-Israel lobby cooling on the former
      Democratic senator's likely run.

      The Associated Press yesterday reported that Mr. Edwards had tapped
      Mr. Bonior, who retired as a Democratic representative from Michigan
      in 2002, to manage his campaign if he chooses to run.

      Mr. Bonior, however, earned a reputation in Congress as one of the
      least friendly members toward Israel. In 2002, for example, he was
      one of 21 lawmakers in the House to vote against House Resolution
      292 expressing solidarity for the Jewish state after a year of
      bloody terrorist attacks."
      SOURCE: http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/pages/ShArt.jhtml?itemNo=806827

      "Bush's Big Blunder - [meeting with heads of American Islamic groups
      that support terror] "The president of the Council on American-
      relations, Nihad Awad, who attended the session with Mr. Bush, said,
      'We thank" (Bush) Daniel Pipes, a former Reagan administration Middle
      East aide who now runs the Middle East Forum in Philadelphia and the
      wonderfully informative Web site DanielPipes.org: Mr. Pipes says:
      "CAIR is a particularly worrisome organization because it has
      succeeded in portraying itself as a public affairs organization
      promoting 'interest and understanding among the general public with
      regards to Islam and Muslims in North America.' In fact, this
      organization is radical to the core; it seeks nothing less than the
      imposition of Islamist mores on the United States."

      Mr. Pipes notes that CAIR's record includes the
      following: "Apologizing for such
      killers as Hamas (a group associated with the murder of 7 Americans)
      and Usama bin Ladin (charged with the Tanzania and Kenya embassy
      bombings a year ago). . . . Helping promote terrorism: In the words
      of Steve
      Pomerantz, a former Chief of Counter-terrorism for the FBI,
      'CAIR, its leaders, and its activities, effectively give aid to
      international terrorist groups.' . . . Intimidation of patriotic
      Muslims who disagree with CAIR's chauvinist agenda: In one case
      (Sheikh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani), the FBI is looking into charges
      that he
      received death threats after renouncing the chauvinists. . .
      Defense of even the most archaic and barbaric of customs associated
      with Islam: When a prosecutor in Cleveland argued that the bail of
      two young men
      being held for an 'honor killing' of their female cousin should be
      CAIR replied by accusing him of 'ethnic and religious stereotyping'
      and called
      for a formal investigation into the prosecutor's actions."

      In addition, as anti-terrorism expert Steven
      Emerson has noted in Congressional testimony, CAIR co-sponsored a May
      24, 1998, all-day program in the Walt Whitman Auditorium of Brooklyn
      College in Brooklyn, New York. As Mr. Emerson testified, "In Arabic,
      Wagdi Ghuniem, a militant Islamic cleric from Egypt, mesmerized his
      audience, with his relentless tirade against the Jews, reminding them
      of the Jews' 'infidelity,' 'stealth' and 'deceit.' Known for his
      folksy deliveries and exhortations to commit violence against the
      Jews, Ghuniem did not disappoint his crowd, several of whom had come
      just to hear him. The conflict with the Jews, he said, was not over
      land but one of religion. 'The problem of Palestine is not a problem
      of belief. suppose the Jews said "Palestine-you [Muslims] can take
      it." Would it then be ok? What would we tell them? No! The problem is
      belief, it is not a problem of land.'"

      Mr. Emerson continued: "Ghuniem
      then led his rapt audience, which numbered as many as 500, in a
      special song, the audience responsively repeating each refrain: 'No
      to the Jews,
      Descendants of the Apes.'" Says Mr. Pipes: "In short, CAIR
      represents not the
      great civilization of Islam but a radical utopian movement
      originating in the
      Middle East that seeks to impose its ways on the United States.
      Americans should
      consider themselves warned: a new danger exists in their midst." So
      much for
      CAIR. But, according to the CAIR Web site, CAIR wasn't the only
      terrorist-sympathizing American Muslim group that Bush met with
      yesterday, less than a week after the worst terrorist attack in
      American history. In fact, according to the CAIR web site, the
      meeting yesterday
      also included "representatives from the American Muslim Alliance"
      and the Muslim
      Public Affairs Council. The Muslim Public Affairs Council is a group
      founded and
      headed by Salam Al-Marayati.

      He's the man whose views on terrorism were so problematic that, after
      an outcry, Rep. Richard Gephardt withdrew his support for Mr.
      Al-Marayiti as a nominee to a federal anti-terrorism commission.
      According to an article in the August 22, 1998, Los Angeles Times,
      the Muslim
      Public Affairs Council called America's 1998 missile strikes on
      Osama Bin
      Laden's training camps in Afghanistan "illegal" and "immoral."
      Again, Daniel
      Pipes, in an article posted on
      DanielPipes.org, is instructive.

      Mr. Pipes writes of Mr. Al-Marayati:
      "Here are three elements of his radicalism: First, he wraps the
      American flag around some of the least attractive features of Middle
      Eastern life. In 1993, he memorably asserted that 'When Patrick Henry
      said, "Give me liberty or give me death," that statement epitomized
      jihad [Islamic holy war].'

      In 1996, he made the silly and inaccurate
      observation that 'American freedom fighters hundreds of years ago
      were also
      regarded as terrorists by the British.' Mr. Al-Marayati's intent
      here is
      obvious: to render jihad and terrorism acceptable to
      Americans." Mr. Pipes continued: "Second, Mr. Al-Marayati apologizes
      for the most ghastly Middle Eastern regimes and draws moral
      equivalencies between them and America. In his view, Iraq is no
      better or worse
      than America: 'Saddam Hussein's behavior in and around Iraq has been
      characterized as reckless. The same can be said about U.S. policy as
      a result of
      its reactionary mode.' . . .

      Third, Mr. Al-Marayati turns a blind eye to terrorism if it is of a
      fundamentalist Muslim persuasion (not a great credential for someone
      hoping to serve on a counter-terrorism commission).

      Take the February
      1996 incident when a Palestinian named Muhammad Hamida shouted the
      fundamentalist war cry, Allahu Akbar (Allah is Great), as he drove
      his car
      intentionally into a crowded bus stop in Jerusalem, killing one
      Israeli and
      injuring 23 others. Before he could escape or hurt anyone else,
      Hamida was shot
      dead. Commenting on the affair, Mr. Al-Marayati said not a word
      about Hamida's
      murderous rampage but instead focused on Hamida's death, which he
      called 'a
      provocative act,' and demanded the extradition of his executors to
      America 'to
      be tried in a U.S. court' on terrorism charges."

      Then there is the American Muslim Alliance, another group that CAIR
      reports had
      a representative at the Bush event yesterday. That's the group so
      extreme that
      even Hillary Rodham Clinton, no anti-Muslim extremist, decided to
      return $50,000
      it had raised for her senate campaign. The American Muslim Alliance
      was also a
      sponsor of the "No to the Jews, Descendants of the Apes" rally at
      College. And, as Steven Emerson has reported on
      OpinionJournal.com, "AMA's head,
      Agha Saeed, has openly sanctioned the use of 'armed resistance'
      against Israel
      and declared that the 'Zionist occupiers of Palestine can be beaten

      At its 1997 annual convention, the AMA distributed an article by
      S.A. Ahsani,
      head of the AMA's Texas chapter, denying the existence
      of 'Auschwitz, Birkenau
      and Majdanek.' At AMA national conferences in 1997, 1998 and 2000,
      speakers numerous speakers condemned the 'Jewish and Zionist'
      lobbies and their
      'control' of the United States." it is possible that Mr. Bush's
      actions are
      being driven in this critical hour not by his national security team
      but by his
      political aides with a misguided eye on the 2004 vote in Michigan
      and other
      swing states with large Arab and Muslim populations.

      Regardless of the reason,
      though, describing the CAIR, MPAC and AMA gang as "good folks" is so
      inappropriate that the Times would have been wise to at least probe
      further into what exactly Mr. Bush was doing at this event." IMRA -
      Independent Media Review and Analysis Website: http//www.imra.org.il

      Here is another mention of Spence Abraham, this one is from 2002.

      "As he helped the Bush administration write its national energy
      report last
      year, Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham heard from more than 100
      energy industry
      executives, trade association leaders and lobbyists, according to
      released by the Energy Department.
      Mr. Abraham did not meet with any representatives of environmental
      or consumer groups, the documents show.

      In a press release on Monday night, the Energy Department summarized
      secretary's calendar by saying that Mr. Abraham met with 36 industry
      representatives on task force matters. Most news organizations
      reported that
      figure today.

      But Mr. Abraham actually met with 109 representatives of energy
      companies and trade associations, according to a comprehens<br/><br/>(Message over 64 KB, truncated)
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