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Anatomy Of The George Allen Lynching

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    Anatomy Of The George Allen Lynching First we do not have definitive proof in the form of signed confessions or documents in terms of who is behind the
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      Anatomy Of The George Allen Lynching
      First we do not have definitive proof in the form of signed
      confessions or documents in terms of who is behind the lynching of
      Senator Allen.
      Some of our suspicions are shared here. We hope that you will help
      to expose this story before it is too late. If you agree, here is
      some of what we need you to do. First go to
      from there you can click on
      Virginia statewide media: All the major media in Virginia
      Virginia newspapers: All the newspapers in Virginia

      Virginia TV stations: All the TV stations in Virginia
      Virginia media contacts: Download Virginia media lists at
      We need your help to get the word out on this while there is still
      Please also read more by Googleing the following articles:



      Are Saddams Saddemocrats Behind The George Allen Lynching

      Politics and Bedfellows An Age Old Story Told Once Again

      We start with the following excerpt from:
      "TFL started in 1996 by Dr. Ken Shelton of Hendersonville
      Radiological Consultants and is currently operating out of an office
      on the Pardee Hospital campus. Pardee Hospital Foundation acts as
      TFL's fiscal agent and provides TFL with 501c3 nonprofit status.
      Interesting that Shelton claims that an Allen Presidential candidacy
      is what made him so suddenly concerned as to begin writing down
      recollections several months ago. Exactly how much prodding did his
      memory require if this was so significant at the time?..."
      SOURCE: http://newsbusters.org/node/7862
      We are very interested to know whether Todd Webb is related to
      James Webb, a.k.a. Jim Webb, who is running against Senator Allen in
      Virginia. Relatively speaking, in a manner of speaking we do not
      know if
      Senator George Allen's opponent in the 2006 US Senate race James
      Webb is related to Todd Webb. Todd Webb? You may remember Todd
      Webb's name from his listing as the "Pardee Hospital Foundation
      Treasurer Todd A. Webb" at:
      http://pardeehospital.org/foundation/who_we_are/board/index.htm and
      Pardee Hospital. We do not believe radiologist Ken Shelton's tall
      tale about Senator Allen. We think that tall tale may well have been
      by a number of things. Let's share those things with you here. We
      firmly believe Senator Allen's denial of the deer head story.
      How it was fabricated. Who fabricated it, remains to be seen.
      Here now some background material to consider:
      "HBO BROADCAST TRANSCRIPT April 22, 2005 Episode #309 "REAL TIME
      (via satellite)
      (Senator)SIMPSON: I was on federal probation when I was a kid—
      MAHER: No.
      (Senator) SIMPSON: --for shooting mailboxes. [laughter]
      SCARBOROUGH : Front page of the L.A. Times says – and this is in the
      lead – front page of the L.A. Times – that some more information is
      coming out about John Bolton that proves he's not fit to serve at
      the U.N. Why, he once slammed a phone down and yelled at somebody.
      Three years from now, Hillary Clinton is going to be running for
      President of the United States, and I wonder if the same Democratic
      Senators that think him slamming the phone down disqualifies him are
      going to think Hillary – or running down a hall in Russia and
      shooting documents underneath the doors, should disqualify him –will
      disqualify Hillary Clinton from being President of the United States
      because she threw lamps in the White House residence. MAHER: At her
      husband! SCARBOROUGH : Exactly. [laughter] The Commander in Chief!
      "The Art of Political Humor
      With Al Franken, Helen Thomas, and Senator Alan Simpson; moderated
      by Jeff Greenfield John F. Kennedy Library and Foundation
      October 16, 2002 SENATOR ALAN SIMPSON: I remember one of my
      campaigns where this guy said, "You know, Simpson's hiding something
      from us." I had told him I'd been on federal probation for shooting
      mailboxes…" We think the Shelton Big Lie about the deer head in the
      mail box was made up out of whole cloth, and was probably inspired
      by the Simpson mail box incident and the Godfather horse's head
      Clearly Hillary Clinton's damage control team had to have focused in
      on the REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER episode excerpted from above. We
      believe that what Shelton is saying is absolutely
      untrue. "During a deer hunt with Allen in the early 1970s" Shelton
      lied, "Allen asked whether black families lived in the area before
      stuffing a female deer's head into the mail box of a black
      household. "George insisted on taking the severed head, and I was a
      little shocked by that," Shelton lied. "This was just after the
      movie `The Godfather' came out with the severed horse's head in the
      bed," Shelton lied to the AP. Doug Jones, who said he roomed with
      Shelton at Virginia, said in a statement that he never saw or heard
      anything from Allen that supports Shelton `s claims. "I never heard
      George Allen use any racially disparaging word nor did I ever
      witness or hear about him acting in a racially insensitive manner,"
      Jones said."
      Please pay particular attention to the following item in the article
      below in which Senator Warner is comparing the invitation to the
      50th birthday party for Larry Sabato to Marlon Brando's "offer you
      can't refuse".
      Surely that line must have stuck with Larry Sabato.
      Larry Sabato must have remembered that line.
      "U.S. Senator John Warner, R-Va., compared the invitation to Marlon
      Brando's "offer you can't refuse."
      In case you are not a fan of The Godfather, which starred Marlon
      Brando Senator Warner's 2002 reference was to Marlon Brando's
      character Don Vito Corleone, The Godfather," Don Vito's line, "I'm
      going to make him an offer he can't refuse" was voted as the second
      most memorable line in cinema history in a 2005 poll"
      The reference is to a character being pressured by The Godfather to
      use a film star favored by The Godfather waking up to find the
      severed head of a horse in his bed.
      item immediately below is excerpted from the Wednesday, October
      2002 issue of a publication called THE CAVALIER DAILY
      Birthday Bashing
      Politicians, professors and students gather to celebrate Larry J.
      Sabato's 50th birthday and raise money for the Center for Politics…
      Sullivan , Cavalier Daily Associate Editor
      … Clearly, these people could only have gathered for one reason—to
      celebrate Politics Prof. Larry J. Sabato's 50th birthday. Virginia
      politicians, political analysts, journalists and University students
      and alumni gathered Monday night in the Richmond Marriot to wish
      Sabato a happy birthday... a few prominent Virginia politicians
      humorously chose to light something else on fire—Sabato's reputation.
      The celebration, called the "Sabato Five-O," took the form of a
      roast a la Comedy Central. The event also served as a fundraiser for
      The University of Virginia Center for Politics, of which Sabato
      serves as director.
      The Center for Politics, located on Old Ivy Road …After the crowd
      made its way
      into the dining room, former Virginia
      Gov. L. Douglas Wilder introduced himself as emcee of the night's
      festivities, and proceeded to introduce a video, much like those
      shown at bachelor parties.
      The video started out with photos of Sabato's youth, then moved to
      doctored photographs including Sabato as Elvis and an onlooker in
      the fateful photograph of former President Clinton and Monica
      Lewinsky. …The program then gave six of Virginia `s most powerful
      the opportunity to poke fun at a man who, as he himself claimed, has
      predicted defeat for every one of them…. Virginia Attorney General
      Jerry Kilgore
      spoke about Sabato's ability
      to state the obvious and make it sound profound, then joked about
      Sabato's abundance of media exposure.
      "He spends so much time in front of the camera lights," Kilgore
      said, "that when he opens his fridge at night he speaks for three
      minutes."… U.S. Senator George Allen, R-Va., cited a need to keep
      Sabato off their backs.
      "There are places we'd rather be," Allen said. "But we didn't want
      to cross the good professor."
      U.S. Senator John Warner, R-Va., compared the invitation to Marlon
      Brando's "offer you can't refuse."
      …Allen mentioned budgets cuts facing the University as well, and,
      indicating Warner, said, "If he cuts your budget next year, Larry,
      put it in your file as something mean a Democrat did to you." Allen,
      who attended the University as an undergraduate with Sabato,
      remembered Sabato's beginnings as a student who wanted to fight the
      power of special interest groups. "Then I see this gathering," Allen
      said. "You make Hillary Clinton look like a pike."
      Other commentary centered on Sabato's role as a professor...
      Politics Prof. Larry J. Sabato covers his face in embarassment as
      U.S. Senator George Allen teases Sabato about his excessive on-
      camera time. Peter Dunn I Cavalier Daily source:
      We hope that you will pay particular attention to the following item
      Godfather movie reference in the article above: "U.S. Senator John
      Warner, R-Va., compared the invitation to Marlon Brando's "offer you
      can't refuse." We are trying to determine if one of the listed
      Individuals Who Gave
      To: RAHALL, NICK J II identified as one SABO, J RANDY of LAKEWOOD
      CO 802280 on 3/25/1998 $250.00 or anyone else at the
      SABO GOVERNMENT RELATIONS GROUP is related to Larry Sabato, and, or,
      to Congressman Martin O. Sabo or both of them.
      "View the Sabo family crest and history. Discover the Sabo family
      history for ... Spelling variations include: Zapata, Zapato,
      Zapatero, Zapatera, Sabato, ..." source:

      Sabo Government Relations Group Companies and organizations that
      have hired this firm ranked by amount spent 2003 2004 1998-2004 1)
      AREVA Group - - $160,000 2) Cast Transportation - - $80,000 3)
      Matanuska-Susitna Borough - - $40,000 4) Kerr-McGee Corp. - -
      $20,000 5)
      American College of Nuclear Physicians
      The following is excerpted from Registrant/Client List and Senate
      Identification Numbers
      Which lists lobbyists and their clients. We have not included the
      United States Senate Identification Numbers
      "SABO GOVERNMENT RELATIONS GROUP" is the lobbyist COGEMA was the
      client Source:
      We do not know if Sabo is related to Congressman Martin O. Sabo
      Democrat http://sabo.house.gov/ whose top campaign contributors
      have included Lockheed Martin source:
      ID=MN05&cycle 04&special=N and CAIR source:
      ID=MN05&cycle 06&special=N
      View the Sabo family crest and history. Discover the Sabo family
      history for ... Spelling variations include: Zapata, Zapato,
      Zapatero, Zapatera, Sabato, ...
      View the Sabo coat of arms and history. Discover the Sabo family
      history and ... Spelling variations include: Zapata, Zapato,
      Zapatero, Zapatera, Sabato, ...
      www.houseofnames.com/xq/asp.c/qx/sabo-coat-arms.htm We hope that you
      can remember that what the news
      stories are NOT telling you is that Doctor Ken Shelton is the
      founder of something called Tobacco FREE for Life Tobacco Free for
      Life - Teaching kids of all ages the truth about smoking. ... and is
      currently operating out of an office on the Pardee Hospital
      campus. ...www.tobaccofreeforlife.org/home.shtml Tobacco FREE for
      Life TFL started in 1996 by Dr. Ken Shelton of Hendersonville
      Radiological Consultants and is currently operating out of an office
      on the Pardee Hospital
      campus. ...www.tobaccofreeforlife.org/home.shtml and that Pardee
      Hospital is the recipient of Grants Help Fund New Cardio-Pulmonary
      Rehab and Diabetes Education Center Pardee Hospital Foundation
      recently received notification of $80,000 worth of grants toward
      Pardee's new Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Diabetes Education
      Center. The Center will be constructed in Pardee's Thompson Street
      facility which currently houses Pardee's Urgent Care and Rehab and
      Sports Therapy services. The James H. Cummings Foundation has
      awarded a $50,000 grant toward the creation of the center... The
      Cummings Foundation previously funded Pardee's Emergency Department
      expansion..." source:
      James H Cummings Foundation Inc 1807 Elmwood Ave Ste 112, Buffalo,
      NY, James H Cummings Foundation Inc - detailed
      company profile James H Cummings Foundation Inc
      1807 Elmwood Ave Ste 112,Buffalo, New York 14207-2434
      Year Started: 1962 Contact Name: John N Walsh Jr
      Contact Title: President"
      source: http://www.manta.com/coms2/dnbcompany_6l5q1g
      John N. Walsh, Jr. is listed under Additional Regional Board
      Members - Board Listing: at:
      and that under Key Facts: at an organization that currently calls
      National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ)
      open document
      that organization states:
      "The National Conference of Christians and Jews, changed its name in
      the 1990's to better reflect its mission to build whole and
      inclusive communities. The historic name confused many, who believed
      that NCCJ was an interfaith organization. Therefore the new name is
      not a change in vision, but rather an affirmation of our abiding
      commitment to embrace the diversity of our nation. NCCJ is the only
      national human relations organization that focuses on a broad range
      of "isms," the multiple manifestations of discrimination and
      oppression that are based on one's religion, race, gender, sexual
      orientation, bias crimes to racial profiling - the challenges ahead
      are real. To confront and overcome them, NCCJ maintains an abiding
      commitment to work with decision-makers and leaders to support their
      work to build an inclusive society." Now all of these things are of
      course worthy goals. Medical research is admirable, so is fighting
      the ills of tobacco, although Webb himself admits to being someone
      who has chewed tobacco for many years, and certainly fighting
      discrimination of any sort is a worthy goal.
      The following item on Jim
      a.k.a. James Webb. comes from his campaign website:
      "In government, Jim served in the U.S. Congress as counsel to the
      Committee on Veterans Affairs from l977 to l98l"
      source: http://www.webbforsenate.com/biography/
      We wonder what sort of useful and lasting contact Jim Webb, a.k.a.
      James Webb,
      might have made while he "served in the U.S. Congress as counsel to
      the House
      Committee on Veterans Affairs from l977 to l98l".
      "Public release date: 22-Jan-1998
      BUFFALO, N.Y.—Researchers at the University at Buffalo and the U.S.
      of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Buffalo, using positron
      tomography (PET), have pinpointed for the first time the specific
      brain regions
      responsible for Tinnitus, a constant and debilitating ringing in the
      experienced by millions of Americans. ….The study was made possible
      by grants
      from UB, the American Tinnitus Association, the James H. Cummings
      Foundation of
      Buffalo and the National Institute on Deafness and Other
      Disorders, part of the NIH."
      SOURCE: http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/1998-01/UaB-RFSI-
      We hope that you will rember the name of the James H. Cummings
      Foundation of
      Buffalo in the article above.

      It is the interesting
      cross connections between the characters involved in the character
      assassination and overall lynching of Senator Allen that lead us to
      believe that there are just too many coincidences involved to be
      pure coincidence. However, to paraphrase Fox News once again, "We
      report, you decide!" What do you think of the so-called coincidences
      in this story? Are they more than mere coincidence?
      Remember the name John N. Walsh Jr.? You do if you read Are Saddams
      Saddemocrats Behind The George Allen Lynching.
      John N. Walsh Jr. is also a relative of John N. Walsh, III.
      Coincidence Or Maybe Something Else As Fox News would say:
      "We report! You decide!"
      Pictured: Mr. & Mrs. John n. Walsh, Jr. with Senator Hillary rodham
      Clinton (center). annual reportcontents4. Page 15 ...
      Pictured: Kaleida Health Board of Directors Chair edward F. Walsh,
      Jr., Congressman tom reynolds, Senator Hillary Clinton, Kaleida
      Health president and Ceo James r. Kaskie and former Kaleida Health
      Ceo William D. McGuire
      kaleida ball
      On September 10, 2005 the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center was
      transformed into the streets of New York City for the annual Kaleida
      Ball. …Highlights included the presentation of the Spirit Award to
      Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Congressman Thomas Reynolds
      MCGUIRE, WILLIAM D (KALEIDA HEALTH), (Zip code: 14203) $1000 to
      FRIENDS OF HILLARY on 02/21/03¡¨ Lockwood, Anne (Kaleida
      Health/Psychologist), (Zip code: 14214) $2000 to JOHN KERRY FOR
      PRESIDENT INC on 03/15/04¡¨ Lockwood, Anne S (Kaleida
      Health/Psychologist), (Zip code: 14214) $1000 to KERRY-EDWARDS 2004
      09/03/04¡¨ Walsh, John N III, (Zip code: 14222) $500 to JOHN KERRY
      FOR PRESIDENT INC on 07/26/04¡¨ Walsh, Constance E, (Zip code:
      14222) $500 to JOHN KERRY FOR PRESIDENT INC on 07/26/04¡¨ SOURCE:
      Recall if you will Doctor Ken Shelton. Dr. Who? No not the British
      science fiction series time traveler in any of his many
      incarnations. Doctor Ken Shelton is the man we firmly believe is
      lying. Of course lies are nothing new to Saddam's Saddemocrats.
      Recall if you will the 2004 fake Dan Rather memo falsely accusing
      President Bush on his National Guard record. The Big Lie is nothing
      new to these people. They are masters of The Big Lie. We think
      Shelton is falsely accusing Virginia Republican US Senator George
      Allen. We believe that what Shelton is saying is absolutely
      untrue. "During a deer hunt with Allen in the early 1970s" Shelton
      lied, "Allen asked whether black families lived in the area before
      stuffing a female deer's head into the mail box of a black
      household. "George insisted on taking the severed head, and I was a
      little shocked by that," Shelton lied. "This was just after the
      movie `The Godfather' came out with the severed horse's head in the
      bed," Shelton lied to the AP. Doug Jones, who said he roomed with
      Shelton at Virginia, said in a statement that he never saw or heard
      anything from Allen that supports Shelton `s claims. "I never heard
      George Allen use any racially disparaging word nor did I ever
      witness or hear about him acting in a racially insensitive manner,"
      Jones said." Whoever wrote the frame up script against George Allen
      may well have been inspired by the story told by Senator Simpson
      regarding shooting at mailboxes and by the Godfather movie reference
      at the Larry Sabato birthday party. Was it Sabato himself? Was it
      French intelligence? Was it Hillary Clinton? We really do not know.
      Who do you think wrote it? The first item below is excerpted from
      the Hillary Rodham
      Biography which may be found at:
      plain.html "In the summer of 1994, they (Hillary Rodham Clinton and
      then President Bill Clinton),traveled to Naples, Italy, again for
      the G-7 Summit." Whether it was at that summit, or at some other
      time, we suspect that Hillary Rodham Clinton may well have met with
      none other than Anne Lauvergeon. Anne Lauvergeon is listed as number
      eight in The 100 Most Powerful Women at:
      The Delegations of France and the United States are described
      below: "G-7 Summit Naples , Italy July 8th-10th, 1994 France :
      François Mitterrand, President of the Republic
      Alain Juppé, Minister of Foreign Affairs
      Edmond Alphandéry, Minister of the Economy
      Anne Lauvergeon, Personal Representative
      United States :
      William J. Clinton, President
      Warren Christopher, Secretary of State
      Lloyd Bentsen, Secretary of the Treasury
      Robert Fauver, Personal Representative"

      We wonder if Anne Lauvergeon and Hillary Rodham Clinton may have met
      at some function or other of something called the "Young Leaders
      Program". The program is described as: "The Young Leaders is the
      flagship program of the French-American Foundation and continues to
      be central to the Foundation's success in deepening understanding
      between France and the United States. The program was created in
      1981 in response to observations that the close working
      relationships between French and American leaders in the post-war
      period were waning as new, younger leaders rose with little exposure
      to their transatlantic counterparts. From its inception, the program
      has taken small groups of carefully selected up-and-coming leaders
      in government, business, the media, the military and the non-profit
      sector and provided them the opportunity to spend four days
      discussing issues of common concern and, most importantly, getting
      to know each other. The relaxed atmosphere and the off-the-record
      nature of the conferences have fostered trenchant and open
      discussions of policy and social issues, and have been very
      successful in facilitating the development of a new network of
      transatlantic leaders. The 18 meetings which have been held since
      1981 have been attended by 250 influential men and women, many of
      whom have gone on to positions of significant responsibility. Young
      Leaders include such prominent American as President Clinton,
      Senators Bill Bradley and Hillary Clinton, General Wesley Clark, …as
      well as business leaders… On the French side, past participants
      include several distinguished business leaders, such as, Anne
      Lauvergeon (with Areva)…Roundtables are moderated by past
      participants with relevant expertise. An emphasis is always placed
      on creating an informal, frank dialogue: discussions are therefore
      strictly off-the-record. The group stays together throughout the
      length of the conference, with meals, free time and group activities
      providing further opportunities to develop personal relationships
      and networks, and promote cross-cultural understanding...."
      You can see a list of SOME of their key players at their
      website,others are listed as ANONYMOUS :
      http://www.frenchamerican.org/cgi-bin/contributors.cgi included in
      the list: David Rockefeller,Alcatel, Boeing,Cartier, CDC IXIX, The
      Coca-Cola Company,Crédit Industriel et Commercial Dassault Falcon
      Jet Corp,EADS, Incorporated, Lockheed Martin,L'Oréal USA,Shearman
      and Sterling,SNECMA, Thales, Inc.
      Dassault and Snecma, listed above, are also mentioned later in this
      post in the UNHOLY BABYLON excerpts, as among the French companies
      that armed SADDAM HUSSEIN.
      "The Queen Of Nukes Anne Lauvergeon, head of French nuclear giant
      Areva, wants the world to give atomic power another chance. Is the
      world ready to listen? By Richard Tomlinson May 17, 2004"
      from another source:
      "(April 2005) A nuclear present for France , a nuclear future for
      the world. Anne Lauvergeon is an unsung heroine of France , Europe
      and perhaps the world. She leads Areva, a company that is mostly
      owned by the French government," source:
      "Iran Asks France to Oversee Enrichment
      October 3rd, 2006 By ANGELA CHARLTON Associated Press Writer PARIS A
      top Iranian nuclear official proposed Tuesday that France create a
      consortium to enrich uranium in Iran, saying that could satisfy
      international demands for outside oversight of Tehran `s nuclear
      program. "To be able to arrive at a solution, we have just had an
      idea. We propose that France create a consortium for the production
      in Iran of enriched uranium," Mohammad Saeedi, deputy chief of
      Iran `s Atomic Energy Organization, told France-Info radio."That way
      France , through the companies Eurodif and Areva, could control in a
      tangible way our enrichment activities," he said.
      Eurodif is a branch of Areva, a French state-controlled nuclear
      manufacturer, and was created in part with Iranian backing in the
      1970s."...European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana gave a
      cautious response to the proposal, saying the idea of a consortium
      had long been discussed in his talks with Larijani. "It's an
      interesting thing, but it's difficult to put it in place," Solana
      said on the sidelines of an EU defense ministers' meeting in
      Finland .Iranian state television, in a commentary Tuesday, said the
      proposal amounted to a "a test ... to assess the extent of the
      French government's realism and flexibility." It said timing of the
      proposal following talks between Larijani and Solana "shows Iran `s
      determination in seeking a negotiated settlement" over Tehran `s
      nuclear activities....Iran's participation in Eurodif was reduced
      after the 1979 revolution, and now Iran has a "purely financial"
      stake of about 11 percent through a joint French-Iranian company
      called Sofidif, Hufnagel said."
      Excerpted from page 3 of SPIDER'S WEB: THE SECRET HISTORY
      "It was hardly a secret that Saddam was aiming to develop nuclear
      weapons. He ahd already shelled out $3 billion, purchasing much of
      the equipment from the french. Indeed Saddam had even given an
      interview to a Lebanese journalist in 1975 in which he called his
      dealilngs with France "the first concrete step toward the production
      of the Arab atomic weapon."
      Excerpted from page 4 SPIDER'S WEB: THE SECRET HISTORY
      "Although Saddam had been obtaining most of his arms from the Soviet
      Union since the early 1970s, the top of the line equipment he really
      craved was Western. So he had begun cultivating the Europeans,
      especially the French, and in September 1975 he found himself flying
      into Paris for a champagne reception offered by Prime Minister
      Jacques Chirac. It was not long before France, which saw billions of
      francs worth of business just over the horizon, began selling Saddam
      missiles, helicopters, defense electronics, and ultimately the
      materials and technology he needed to construct a nuclear reactor.
      So obvious was his intended use of this technology that the French
      press even allowed itself some grim humor, referring to the Iraqi
      reactor as "O'Chirac" . After he approved the Osirak deal and other
      weapons transactions for Baghdad, he became known in certain French
      business circles as "Mr.Iraq."
      excerpted from page 75 SPIDER'S WEB: THE SECRET HISTORY
      "Allivane did not discriminate between the two combatants in the
      Iran-Iraq war. Back in 1983, it had signed up as a subcontractor for
      Luchaire, a French company that was selling the popular 155-mm shell
      to Iran. The Luchaire sales, based on false end-user certificates,
      were approved at cabinet level in Paris and contradicted France's
      officially stated policy of neutrality. When they became public,
      they caused a political fracas."
      excerpted from page 117 SPIDER'S WEB: THE SECRET HISTORY
      "If Baghdad's nuclear weapons ambitions were acknowledged by London
      and Washington at the same time they were officially condemned by
      them, the same was true of Iraqi chemical weapons development. The
      Iraqis would frequently order BNL to provide funds to finance a huge
      petrochemicals complex called PC2, located above seventy kilometers
      south of Baghdad, near the natural gas feeder lines that came from
      the southern oil fields. PC2 was to be the pride of the Iraqi
      military establishment because it had the support of contractors
      from the United States, Japan, Italy, France and Britain. More
      significant, as Western intelligence agents knew, although PC2 would
      manufacture normal petrochemicals upon completion, like many of
      Saddam's disguised operations, it would be dual-use. This meant it
      would be able to generate chemical compounds needed to make mustard
      gas and nerve gas as well. The head of Iraq's chemicals industry,
      Lieutenant General Amer Hamoudi al Saadi, was proud of PC2. Al Saadi
      was himself a dual operative-his other job was as head of Saddam's
      ballistic missile and chemical weapons programs, reporting to
      Hussein Kamel and his father-in-law, Saddam Hussein."
      One focus of this post is the alleged French connection in the
      George Allen lynching. We wonder if anyone knows if the James Webb
      mentioned immediately below might have been a relative of the James
      Webb, a.k.a. Jim Webb, who is running for Senate in Virginia. If so
      please post your sources one way or the other which either establish
      a connection or establish that there is no connection.
      James Webb preparing for visit to France.
      James. ... Title: James Webb preparing for visit to France . Date:
      ca. 1951. Accession number: 97-210. Return to Truman Library home
      page ...www.trumanlibrary.org/photographs/ displayimage.php?
      pointerQ01&people=&listid=7 - 12k
      "Francois Mitterrand's political career spanned half a century, and
      his 14 years as president made him France `s longest serving leader
      since Napoleon III. Peter Morgan of Independent Television News
      remembers Mitterrand just after his death. Morgan's report precedes
      a discussion between Washington Post senior foreign correspondent
      Jim Hoagland and Charlayne Hunter-Gault.
      PETER MORGAN, ITN: Francois Mitterrand worked at first for Marshal
      Petain's pro-Nazi Vichy government. Later, he downplayed his ties
      with that regime and stressed his work for the Resistance. FRANCOIS
      MITTERRAND: (speaking through interpreter) I started my political
      life in the Resistance. It was there that I had my first
      PETER MORGAN: But a recently discovered photograph showing
      Mitterrand with Marshal Petain suggested a more uncomfortable
      truth. Mitterrand continued to lead a political double life,
      cultivating the extreme right and the extreme left to further his
      career. Soon after the liberation, Mitterrand joined the government
      as its youngest minister, but when DeGaulle returned to power in
      1958, Mitterrand left the government. In political exile, the former
      conservative discovered Socialism. DeGaulle always ridiculed the
      conversion." http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/remember/mitterrand_1-
      8b.html "A recent biography revealed Mitterrand flirted with fascism
      as a young man and was also, for a time, an admirer of the pro-Nazi
      collaborationist leader Marchal Petain. Mitterrand himself helped
      the author's research and never disavowed the facts presented in the
      biography." http://www.cnn.com/WORLD/9601/mitterand/ "Even in death,
      Mitterrand remains a controversial and contradictory figure. After
      the Nazi conquest of France , he spent a year working for the
      collaborationist Vichy government… he defended associates who had
      aided the persecution of Jews under the Vichy regime."
      Tiersky/dp/0312129084 Bitter Scent : The Case of L'Oreal, Nazis, and
      The Arab Boycott Michael Bar-Zohar Publisher Information:
      New York : Dutton. Penguin, 1996.
      ISBN: 0525940685
      "The business of L'Oreal is beauty. It is the world's largest
      cosmetics firm." This startling book shows the other face of
      beauty. It is the story of how this giant company became a haven
      for ex-Nazis. It reveals the illegal alliance the L'Oreal forged
      with the Arab Boycott Bureau. And it brings to light the secret link
      between the L'Oreal high command and the President of France
      himself, Francois Mitterrand—a link cast in the darkness of the Nazi
      past. Above all, it tells the story of what happened when L'Oreal
      partner Jean Frydman, a former French Resistance hero who had fought
      against anti-Semitism all his life, stumbled upon and exposed the
      shocking truth about L'Oreal and its web of concealed Nazi
      collaborators. Making it his crusade to unmask the cosmetics firm's
      long history of Nazi connections, Frydman filed suit against L'Oreal
      for forgery, perjury, and racial discrimination. "Though the Nazi
      movement of the 1930s and 1940s appears to be moribund, vestiges
      still remain—and in some unlikely places. Official biographer of
      David Ben-Gurion and novelist, Bar-Zohar documents the very strange
      truth of how certain top L'Oreal managers collaborated with Hitler
      and how they conspired to eradicate an existing Arab boycott on
      their products in the 1990s. The story begins—and ends—with Jean
      Frydman, a French-Israeli executive running one of the cosmetic
      giant's subsidiaries. Told to resign for no apparently valid reason,
      Frydman launched a series of investigations and lawsuits that
      eventually led to the resignations of high-ranking businessmen.
      Jacques Correze, the president of L'Oreal's Cosmair in New York
      City , was part of La Cagoule, a band of Hitler sympathizers; and
      Andre Bettencourt, a L'Oreal director and friend of French president
      Mitterrand, was found to have been on the payroll of the propaganda
      ministry of Nazi Germany. Revelations such as these shocked the
      world press—and will probably do the same for readers in this well-
      wrought, fact-filled book."
      Library Journal: "Bar-Zohar. a specialist on Jewish-Arab relations,
      presents another masterpiece (previously published in Israel ) about
      the corruptions and violations of France `s anti-boycott laws by
      L'Oreal, a giant French conglomerate, with the `zealous cooperation
      of the French embassy in Damascus ` and other important French
      dignitaries. Bar-Zohar relates how L'Oreal yielded to the Arab
      boycott of Israeli products, which started even before the birth of
      the state of Israel . He also gives a fascinating look into
      France `s murky past during World War II, following the complex
      story of President Francois Mitterand's right-wing connections
      during his youth, activities as an official of the Petain government
      at Vichy , and his continued and shadowy ties with top L'Oreal
      executives. The author also delves into the shadowy past of L'Oreal
      owner Andre Bettencourt, a cabinet minister, senator, and recipient
      of the Resistance medal who was on the payroll of the Propaganda
      Ministry of Nazi Germany. Bar-Zohar's work is richly detailed and
      clearly argued but not well documented. It is a remarkable work
      designed for nonspecialists."
      Publishers Weekly: "In 1989, Jean Frydman, a director of L'Oreal,
      the highly profitable Paris-based cosmetics conglomerate, learned he
      had "resigned" at a board of directors meeting that never actually
      took place. A hero of the French Resistance, founder of Paravision
      (a L'Oreal subsidiary), a Jew and a part-time resident of Israel ,
      Frydman suspected that his resignation had been forged to meet the
      demands of the Arab League, which, at that time, was enforcing an
      illegal ban in both France and the U.S. on businesses with ties to
      Israel . He later began to suspect that the instigator of his
      removal was Jacques Correze, a former Nazi collaborator and
      convicted war criminal who was head of the company's U.S. operation.
      The ensuing lawsuits created a scandal in France . As retold by Bar-
      Zohar, a novelist and a biographer of David Ben-Gurion, L'Oreal was
      a hotbed of former Nazi sympathizers all too willing to bribe and be
      pressured by anti-Zionists. It also had friends in high places, Bar-
      Zohar claims, as high as French President Francois Mitterand."
      You can see a photo of Mitterand with Petain at:
      More on Mitterand,whose Personal Representative was Anne Lauvergeon,
      as mentioned above, at the 1994 Naples Summit attended by then
      President Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton, from another source:
      Pétain - François Mitterrand - Photograph 1943
      Francisque, decoration of Mitterrand in 1943:
      "I make gift of my person to the Pétain marshal like it made gift of
      his in France.I commit myself to serve his disciplines and remaining
      faithful to his person and his work. "
      François Mitterrand. Note. The order of francisque is created in
      September 1940. Philippe Pétain, victorious Marshal of France of
      Verdun,Head of
      the French State sets up a policy based on the "national Revolution"
      currency is "Work,
      family, fatherland".The francisque one. Just like the Legion of
      Honor, this distinction was not received from office.Almost at the
      same moment
      in 1943,in Bordeaux, a certain Maurice Papon activates himself…
      Extract of
      Wire-information-France of Thursday September 19 2002 N°203/20224
      Maurice Papon (photo) (92 years), the last condemned for "complicity
      of crimes against humanity", was slackened Wednesday for "reasons of
      health" to the great indignation of Jewish associations which had
      succeeded in making it condemn in Bordeaux on April 2, 1998 for its
      part administrative responsibility in the routing for convoys for
      Jews towards the Nazi Germany in 1943. But France was condemned last
      July for "inequitable lawsuit" by the European court of the human
      rights. The former secretary of the prefecture of Vichy continued,
      after the Release, a brilliant career where he was a prefect of
      Paris, deputy and mayor gaullist, chevalier of the Legion of Honour
      and finally member of the government of Raymond Barre with in the
      chair Valery Giscard d'Estaing. François Mitterrand did not hold
      with this lawsuit of alive sound. The former friend of Rene Bousquet
      was decorated with Francisque in 1943, supreme decoration granted by
      the Pétain Marshal. The person in charge for the Center Simon
      Wiesenthal Ephraïm Zuroff qualified this release of "eminently
      regrettable". More bonds: The Papon business; Maurice Papon and
      chronology of the lawsuit by SudOuest Photograph Pétain, Hitler:
      The Pétain Marshal, Adolphe Hitler in Montoire, October 24, 1940"
      You can see a photo VICHY BOSS PETAIN WITH HITLER
      Birds of A Feather Photo Album at

      "Trouble With Uranium Processing Co. H. Josef Hebert
      Associated Press April 11, 2000 WASHINGTON (AP) - Less than two
      years after the government sold its uranium business, the private
      company it created to take on the job is mired in financial
      quicksand. The deal is also jeopardizing a crucial nuclear security
      agreement with Russia , critics say. USEC Inc.'s (NYSE:USU -news)
      first 20 months as a private company have been anything but smooth.
      Its stock has dropped 70 percent, its credit rating is in junk bond
      territory, and its earnings have nose dived. Amid the financial
      turmoil, lawmakers and others are questioning the sale. A
      congressional investigation has been under way for a year, with the
      first public hearings scheduled this week. While investors have
      lost millions of dollars, some of the people who pushed hardest for
      an initial stock offering have profited handsomely.
      "A number of lobbyists, company insiders and investment bankers made
      a killing financially," said Charles Lewis, director of the Center
      for Public Integrity, a private government watchdog.
      In all, Wall Street bankers, Washington lawyers and lobbyists – many
      with close ties to the Clinton administration – earned more than $75
      million on the $1.9 billion sale, according to contracts and
      interviews. Among those talking up the stock offering in 1998 on
      Capitol Hill and in the White House were Susan Thomases, a New York
      lawyer and confidante of Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Greg Simon,
      formerly Vice President Al Gore's domestic policy adviser. The law
      firm of Skadden Arps, which represented President Clinton in the
      Paula Jones case, was USEC's lead attorney in the deal."
      This from another source:
      "What Wilson Didn't Say About Africa Joseph Wilson's Silent Partners
      By Fedora with help from a few FReeper friends Former ambassador
      Joseph Wilson has been a leading spokesman for critics who accuse
      President Bush of basing his case for war against Iraq on forged
      documents purporting that Iraq attempted to buy uranium from Niger.
      Wilson's charge has been discredited by a Senate investigation,1 but
      remains unanswered are questions arising from what is now known
      about French
      intelligence's role...The role of France and Wilson in undermining
      Bush's case
      for war looks particularly curious in light of disclosures about
      Hussein's bribery of foreign political and business figures during
      the course of
      the Oil-for-Food program from 1996 to 2003. Saddam's web of graft
      spun in many
      directions: among others, to UN officials,Russian and Chinese oil
      British critics of Tony Blair's Iraq policies, and US critics of
      Bush's Iraq policies, as well as France. Near the center of the web
      was the
      Banque Nationale de Paris, where Iraq's Oil-for-Food revenues were
      kept until 2001, when they were redistributed among several
      undisclosed banks
      approved by Iraq. Meanwhile French oil company TotalFinaElf received
      Oil-for-Food vouchers and held a contract to develop oil fields in

      Already in December 2001, Russia had announced it would not support
      a US attack on Iraq.3 Then shortly after President Bush's January
      29, 2002 State of the Union Address named Iraq as a member of a
      terrorist-sponsoring "Axis of Evil", France announced on February
      22, 2002 that Europe would not support a US attack on Iraq.4 French
      intelligence soon began a campaign to discredit the US case for war
      against Iraq. In 1999, French intelligence had begun investigating
      the security of uranium supplies in Niger, where uranium production
      was controlled by a consortium led by the French mining company
      COGEMA, a division of the French state-owned nuclear energy firm
      Wilson, a lifetime Francophile, had spent the bulk of his diplomatic
      career in former French African colonies like Niger.7 His second
      wife from 1986 to 1998, Jacqueline, had served the French embassy in
      Burundi as a "cultural counselor" (a function often used as a cover
      by French intelligence).8 From Wilson's experience in Niger he was
      familiar with the Niger uranium industry. Additionally, he had
      worked in Iraq during the days leading up to the Gulf War.
      (Intriguingly, on the eve of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait Wilson had
      dined at the home of an arms dealer who bought weapons for Iraq from
      France; a Vanity Fair profile on Wilson mentions his wife's presence
      at this event, but Wilson's book states "I was the only guest.").9
      Wilson ran his company out of the offices of an investment company
      called Rock Creek Corporation. Rock Creek was controlled by Mohammed
      Alamoudi, whom Wilson had met in 1997 at a reception organized for
      the World Bank by Westar Group. Alamoudi was a member of the Saudi-
      Ethiopian Alamoudi dynasty, which was heavily invested in the
      segments of the African economy Wilson was seeking to penetrate. The
      Alamoudi-affiliated company Delta Services—a Swiss subsidiary of the
      Saudi company Delta Oil—handled Iraqi oil export contracts in 2000
      and 2001 and was revealed in 2003 as a recipient of Iraqi Oil-for-
      Food vouchers channeled through Abu Abbas, a Palestinian terrorist
      with Iraqi connections. Delta Services also cooperated with
      Afghanistan's Taliban regime in a project to build an oil pipeline
      from Afghanistan to Pakistan, prior to this project's suspension in
      1998. In 1999, Alamoudi was accused by USA Today reporter Jack
      Kelley of heading a bank which was being investigated for financing
      Al Qaeda. USA Today printed retractions of several details in
      Kelley's article in 2004, after another member of the Alamoudi
      family—Abdurahman Alamoudi, a prominent American Muslim lobbyist—was
      indicted on terror-related charges involving a Libyan-backed
      conspiracy to assassinate Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Abdullah.
      Abdurahman was ultimately convicted in October 2004 and sentenced to
      23 years in prison.12 Under Mohammed Alamoudi's direction, Rock
      Creek was chaired by Elias Aburdene, an Arab-American international
      banking advisor and lobbyist who had previously advised banks linked
      to organized crime and intelligence community figures involved in
      the S&L Scam. In 2003 and 2004 Aburdene donated to the Sandhills
      Political Action Committee, which was affiliated with Senator Chuck
      Hagel, 13 a leading Republican critic of the Bush administration's
      Iraq policy.14
      While Wilson was pursuing his foreign investment ventures, he also
      served as a foreign policy advisor to the 2000 Presidential campaign
      of Al Gore. A company the Gore family had a long-term relationship
      with, Occidental Petroleum, shared business interests with Alamoudi-
      affiliated companies in Africa and the Middle East, and employed as
      Vice President for Middle East business Odeh Aburdene,24 who shared
      a complex network of relationships with Rock Creek's Elias Aburdene
      and Joseph Wilson—notably, all three contributed to Arab-American
      Congressional Caucus leader Nick Rahall,25 who supported Muslim
      lobbying groups linked to terrorists and opposed military action in
      Iraq.26 Abdurahman Alamoudi also contributed to Rahall, and sat on
      the steering committee of Arab Americans for Clinton/Gore `96 along
      with his associate James Zogby, who later advised Gore's 2000
      Presidential campaign.27 Wilson had worked as an aide to Gore from
      1985 to 1986 and had developed a friendly relationship with him.
      Wilson says Gore was the first person outside the State Department
      to contact him expressing support when he was caught in Iraq in the
      middle of the diplomatic crisis leading up to the Gulf War. In 1997
      Gore recommended Wilson to President Clinton to help him plan a trip
      to Africa. When Wilson began publicly opposing Bush's Iraq policy in
      2002, Gore was still considered a potential candidate in the 2004
      election. Gore's speeches were then being sponsored by the antiwar
      group Moveon.org, which Wilson would support in September 2003 in an
      attempt to petition Congress against appropriating funds for Iraq
      operations.28 Moveon.org was financed by billionaire George Soros,29
      who had business interests encompassing, among other things, the BTC
      Pipeline that Mohammed Alamoudi's Delta Oil was helping build.30
      Later, after Gore announced in December 2002 that he would not be
      running in the 2004 campaign,31 Moveon.org began supporting John
      Kerry's campaign.32 Wilson began advising Kerry's campaign on
      foreign policy matters around May 2003, several months prior to his
      public entry into the Niger uranium controversy.33
      Another question that might be raised is why Wilson and the CIA's
      investigation did not explore at least the possibility of the French-
      led company COGEMA covertly allowing Niger to sell uranium to Iraq.
      In Wilson's book, while explaining the method that led him to
      conclude the report of Niger selling uranium to Iraq was false,
      Wilson explains that he ruled out the possibility of an off-the-
      books transaction partly because "COGEMA, as the managing partner,
      would have had to know and be complicit."37 This seems to rule out a
      priori the very thing Wilson was sent to investigate, and in the
      process, to rule out the possibility of French complicity in arming
      Saddam Hussein's regime, which seems a hasty exoneration in light of
      the fact that France had a long history of selling Iraq military
      equipment and resisting UN sanctions against Iraq.38 It is now known
      that in fact French companies were helping Iraq skirt UN
      Source: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1256475/posts (The
      full name for COGEMA in French is Compagnie Generale des Matieres
      "The arab American Nick Rahall hates Israel with a passion. He
      spent the anniversary of September 11th with Saddam Hussein, the man
      who sent Osama bin Laden to assassinate former President Bush at the
      White House on September 11th, 2001.
      We hope you can recall the name of Nick Rahall in the items above.
      Individuals Who Gave To: RAHALL, NICK J II
      CO 8022803/25/1998 250.00 SABO GOVERNMENT RELATIONS GROUP
      ROCKEFELLER, JOHN D IV WASHINGTON DC 2001009/11/2000 1000.00 U S
      2001006/15/1998 500.00 U S SENATE 98033274568 ROCKEFELLER, JOHN D.
      DC 2001007/01/2004 2000.00 U.S. SENATE/U.S. SENATOR24971672139
      DC 2001010/02/2002 1000.00 U.S. SENATE/U.S. SENATOR22992327691
      DC 2001004/07/2006 2100.00 U.S. SENATE/U.S. SENATOR 26950095865
      DC 2001009/11/2000 1000.00 WETA20036131928 ROCKEFELLER, SHARON
      DC 2001007/01/2004 2000.00 WETA TV/FM/PRESIDENT AND CEO24971672140
      DC 2001010/02/2002 1000.00 WETA TV/FM/PRESIDENT AND CEO
      OH 4323505/29/1998 -1000.00
      Please also note the name Sabo in the list of people who gave money
      to Nick Rahall above.
      Sabo Government Relations Group
      Companies and organizations that have
      hired this firm ranked by amount spent 2003 2004 1998-2004 1) AREVA
      Group - - $160,000 2) Cast Transportation - - $80,000 3) Matanuska-
      Susitna Borough - - $40,000 4) Kerr-McGee Corp. - - $20,000 5)
      American College of Nuclear Physicians
      The following is excerpted from Registrant/Client List and Senate
      Identification Numbers
      Which lists lobbyists and their clients.We have not included the
      United States Senate Identification Numbers
      "SABO GOVERNMENT RELATIONS GROUP" is the lobbyist COGEMA was the
      client Source:
      We do not know if Sabo is related to Congressman Martin O. Sabo
      Democrat http://sabo.house.gov/ whose top campaign contributors
      have included Lockheed Martin source:
      ID=MN05&cycle 04&special=N and CAIR source:
      ID=MN05&cycle 06&special=N
      We thought you might wish to find out a bit more about C.A.I.R.
      from "Daniel Pipes, a former Reagan administration Middle East aide
      who now runs the Middle East Forum in Philadelphia and the
      wonderfully informative Web site DanielPipes.org: Mr. Pipes says:
      "CAIR is a particularly worrisome organization because it has
      succeeded in portraying itself as a public affairs organization
      promoting `interest and understanding among the general public with
      regards to Islam and Muslims in North America.' In fact, this
      organization is radical to the core; it seeks nothing less than the
      imposition of Islamist mores on the United States." Mr. Pipes notes
      that CAIR's record includes the following: "Apologizing for such
      killers as Hamas (a group associated with the murder of 7 Americans)
      and Usama bin Ladin (charged with the Tanzania and Kenya embassy
      bombings a year ago). . . . Helping promote terrorism: In the words
      of Steve Pomerantz, a former Chief of Counter-terrorism for the
      FBI, `CAIR, its leaders, and its activities, effectively give aid to
      international terrorist groups.' . . . Intimidation of patriotic
      Muslims who disagree with CAIR's chauvinist agenda: In one case
      (Sheikh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani), the FBI is looking into charges
      that he received death threats after renouncing the
      chauvinists. . . Defense of even the most archaic and barbaric of
      customs associated with Islam: When a prosecutor in Cleveland argued
      that the bail of two young men being held for an `honor killing' of
      their female cousin should be increased, CAIR replied by accusing
      him of `ethnic and religious stereotyping' and called for a formal
      investigation into the prosecutor's actions." In addition, as anti-
      terrorism expert Steven Emerson has noted in Congressional
      testimony, CAIR co-sponsored a May 24, 1998, all-day program in the
      Walt Whitman Auditorium of Brooklyn College in Brooklyn, New York.
      As Mr. Emerson testified, "In Arabic,Wagdi Ghuniem, a militant
      Islamic cleric from Egypt, mesmerized his audience, with his
      relentless tirade against the Jews, reminding them of the
      Jews' `infidelity,' `stealth' and `deceit.' Known for his folksy
      deliveries and exhortations to commit violence against the Jews,
      Ghuniem did not disappoint his crowd, several of whom had come just
      to hear him. The conflict with the Jews, he said, was not over land
      but one of religion. `The problem of Palestine is not a problem of
      belief. suppose the Jews said "Palestine-you [Muslims] can take it."
      Would it then be ok? What would we tell them? No! The problem is
      belief, it is not a problem of land.'" Mr. Emerson
      continued: "Ghuniem then led his rapt audience, which numbered as
      many as 500, in a special song, the audience responsively repeating
      each refrain: `No to the Jews, Descendants of the Apes.'" Says Mr.
      Pipes: "In short, CAIR represents not the great civilization of
      Islam but a radical utopian movement originating in the Middle East
      that seeks to impose its ways on the United States. Americans should
      consider themselves warned: a new danger exists in their midst."
      Top Contributors source:
      Citigroup Inc $205,160 2 Goldman Sachs $171,290 3 Metropolitan Life
      $154,350 4 Corning Inc $133,900 5 Time Warner $128,410 6 JP Morgan
      Chase & Co $115,350 7 Morgan Stanley $110,010 8 Skadden, Arps et al
      $91,030 9 International Profit Assoc $88,400 10 Ernst & Young
      $88,225 11 New York Life Insurance $86,250 12 Viacom Inc $84,380 13
      Cablevision Systems $82,800 14 Kirkland & Ellis $73,150 15 Cendant
      Corp $72,450 16 Akin, Gump et al $64,250 17 Lehman Brothers $57,190
      18 Patton Boggs LLP $54,138 19 Debevoise & Plimpton $51,500 20
      Verizon Communications $51,020 We hope that you will remember the
      name of Skadden, Arps et al in the list of contributors to Hillary
      Rodham Clinton from http://www.opensecrets.org above can you find
      any other contributors to Hillary from the list above in the list of
      below? "SKADDEN, ARPS, SLATE, MEAGHER, & FLOM LLP" is the lobbyist.
      The following were listed as their clients:
      FMR CORP
      "Nature of Practice
      Established in 1990, the Paris office of Skadden, Arps, Slate,
      Meagher & Flom LLP and affiliates ("Skadden, Arps" or "Skadden") has
      four partners, one of counsel, four counsel and 20 associates. The
      Paris office advises clients principally in the areas of mergers and
      acquisitions, corporate and structured finance, taxation,
      litigation, and international arbitration, banking and real estate.
      The Paris office is registered with the Paris Bar and most of its
      attorneys are admitted as avocats with the Paris Bar. A number of
      the attorneys in the Paris office are also qualified in New York .
      Practice Areas Mergers and Acquisitions Corporate and Structured
      Finance General

      Here is an excerpt from the bio of one George Beam:
      "George Beam Senior Vice President, Nuclear Services AREVA NP Inc.
      George Beam is currently Senior Vice President of Nuclear Services
      for AREVA NP Inc. Beam started his career as a Reactor Engineer at
      the Oconee Nuclear Station in 1977. After two years, he left to
      attend business school,after which he started work at Babcock &
      Wilcox in its Nuclear Services business in 1981. He initially
      started out on staff as a Strategic Planner, followed by several
      assignments in Business Development/Marketing for Steam Generator
      and Reactor Services. In 1992, Beam became the General Manager for
      the Plant Services business responsible for all field services
      performed by B&W Nuclear Technologies, excluding steam generator
      services. In 1998, he was promoted to Vice President, Steam
      Generator Services. Beam received a Bachelor of Science degree in
      Applied Math and Computer Science from the University of Virginia ,
      a Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering from N.C. State , and a
      Master of Business Administration from the University of Virginia .
      He is a registered professional engineer in the state of Virginia ."
      You may have heard of George Beam, currently Senior Vice President
      of Nuclear Services for AREVA NP Inc., recently Writing about the
      imaginary deer hunt, which was really a hunt that never happened
      DALE EISMAN, wrote in The Virginian-Pilot on September 28, 2006
      about one "George Beam, now an executive at a nuclear engineering
      firm based in Lynchburg,(Virginia)."
      Beam, wrote Eisman: "was not part of the hunting party." Which is of
      course true because there was no hunt and no hunting party to begin
      Eisman writes that Beam " told the Associated Press that one of the
      hunters, his now-deceased roommate, Bill Lanahan, described the
      incident to him later over a beer. "Billy Lanahan told me they cut
      the head off a deer and stuffed it in a mailbox. He didn't say whose
      idea it was, and he didn't say, at least not in my presence,
      anything about a black family or a black neighborhood,"
      In our opinion Beam lied to the AP.
      Eisman's article continued: "Allen insisted Monday that "The deer
      head story is... pure fabrication, absolutely false." The senator
      and several of his former classmates also have denied allegations
      that he routinely used the "n" word to refer to blacks.
      Beam did not return several calls Wednesday from The Virginian-
      Pilot...Dick Wadhams, Allen's campaign manager, insisted Wednesday
      that there is no evidence to support Shelton `s claim and called
      Shelton and Beam "sad and pathetic" for bringing Lanahan, who died
      earlier this year, into the dispute. "The incident did not occur.
      This gentleman is just piling on to a false story," he said of Beam,
      adding later that "I have no idea why he would do it."
      (The fabricated "hunt" allegedly)
      the article being quoted continues:
      "took place on land owned by Lanahan's family in Louisa County ,
      east of Charlottesville. Maj. Donald Lowe of the Louisa Sheriff's
      Department said Wednesday that a search this week of department
      records failed to produce any evidence of a complaint concerning a
      deer's head....Lowe said the sheriff's department also has
      interviewed several deputies from the early 1970s as well as with
      black community leaders at the time. None recalled any complaint
      concerning a deer's head.…
      Reach Dale Eisman at (703) 913-9872 or icemandc@....
      http://home.hamptonroads.com/stories/story.cfm? story 1765&ran!065
      We do not believe Areva Senior Vice President George Beam's story
      about the imaginary "deer hunt".
      Here is Beam being quoted on August 2, 2006
      AREVA wins contract for replacement reactor vessel head project at
      Diablo Canyon power plant...AREVA, through its subsidiary AREVA NP,
      has received a contract from Pacific Gas & Electric Company for two
      replacement reactor vessel heads at the Diablo Canyon Power Plant
      Units One and Two. "The replacement Reactor Vessel Closure Head
      (RVCH) project is particularly exciting because we are working with
      AREVA to fabricate RVCHs in the United States for the first time in
      many years." "A replacement reactor vessel head with a state-of-the-
      art integrated head assembly is one of the best economic options for
      a commercial nuclear utility to choose in today's cost and safety
      conscious environment to ensure continued operational safety as well
      as guarantee shorter outage durations and less cumulative personnel
      dose in the future. AREVA looks forward to working with PG&E to
      provide clean, safe, cost effective nuclear power for years to come"
      said George Beam, Senior Vice President of AREVA NP Inc."
      The axis of evil certainly figures into this story. Whether it is
      Iran, Iraq or North Korea.
      "Reprocessing is the chemical separation of the spent fuel into its
      three parts—plutonium, uranium, and highly radioactive reactor
      waste. Several countries have the capability to reprocess North
      Korea's spent fuel, but only two—the United Kingdom and
      France —have companies that offer commercial reprocessing
      services.\3 These
      companies also have direct experience in reprocessing magnox fuel—
      the type of
      fuel used in
      North Korea `s 5-MW(e) reactor.\4 Two companies provide commercial
      services—British Nuclear Fuels plc. (BNFL) of the
      United Kingdom and Cogema of France—and both have expressed interest
      reprocessing North Korea's spent fuel.\5 If either of these
      companies is
      selected to do the reprocessing, under normal circumstances, the
      spent fuel would be picked up, transported to the company's
      facility, and placed in interim storage until it is reprocessed.
      Neither company
      would normally take title to the spent fuel or the
      products of reprocessing so, unless other arrangements are made, the
      separated materials would be stored for up to 5 years and,
      eventually, returned to the country of origin. The specific terms of
      the commercial arrangement would be defined in a contract between the
      parties. According to BNFL, other matters—such as ownership and
      liability for the fuel after its removal—would be defined in letters
      between the governments. According to BNFL, reprocessing
      North Korea `s spent fuel would result in approximately 25 kilograms
      plutonium, 50,000 kilograms of uranium, and 160 liters (one
      canister) of
      high-level waste. If the spent fuel is reprocessed, the separated
      plutonium and
      uranium would
      be purified and converted into stable compounds that can be safely
      stored until final disposal.\6 The separated uranium and plutonium
      could be used as fuel for a nuclear power reactor. If not used as
      fuel, the plutonium would be disposed of in an underground
      radioactive waste repository, and the uranium would be stored for its
      economic value and potential use. The radioactive waste would be
      mixed with melted glass and poured into a steel canister to harden—a
      process called vitrification—and eventually disposed of in an
      underground repository.\7
      BNFL representatives estimated that it would cost between $50 million
      to $100 million to transport and reprocess
      North Korea `s spent fuel,
      treat the waste, and store the resulting products for up to 5
      years.\8 In addition to the cost of reprocessing, costs would also be
      incurred for the final disposal of the plutonium and the one canister
      of radioactive waste in an underground repository. We could not
      determine the costs of disposing of these materials because, among
      other factors, the disposal location and the cost of preparing the
      materials for disposal are not known.\9"
      Then there is the issue of James Webb, a.k.a. Jim Webb, who is
      running against Senator Allen in Virginia.
      "An Iraqi plane…attacked the USS Stark (FFG 31), a Perry class
      frigate on May 17th 1987 , killing 37 and injuring 21. However, U.S.
      attention was focused on isolating Iran" (The United
      States) "sponsored
      UN Security Council Resolution 598,
      which passed unanimously on July 20th, 1987 under which it
      skirmished with Iranian forces. In October 1987, the U.S. attacked
      Iranian oil platforms." UNHOLY BABLYON
      The Secret History of Saddam's War by Adel Darwish and Gregory
      ISBN 0-312-06530-2
      Excerpted from Page 138
      " France had begun supplying Iraq with arms in 1967 and continued
      until early 1990, by which time it had overtaken China as Baghdad `s
      second-largest supplier after the Soviet Union . The inventory of
      items supplied during thirteen years is lengthy. In addition to
      Mystere and Mirage fighters, it includes Alouette, Gazelle, Puma and
      Super Frelon helicopters supplied <br/><br/>(Message over 64 KB, truncated)
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