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    CLINTONS CONNECTED TO THE GEORGE ALLEN LYNCHING The latest hot internet speculation is that BOTH Bill and Hillary Clinton may well be connected to the lynching
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2006
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      The latest hot internet speculation is that BOTH Bill and Hillary
      Clinton may well be connected to the lynching of Virginia Republican
      US Senator George Allen. Whether this is mere internet speculation,
      or whether
      it goes farther than that and is actually true remains to be seen.

      Here now the speculation, as Fox News would say: "We Report You

      Remember the name John N. Walsh Jr.?
      You do if you read Are Saddams Saddemocrats Behind The George Allen

      John N. Walsh Jr. is also a relative of John N. Walsh, III.
      Coincidence Or Maybe Something Else
      As Fox News would say:
      "We report! You decide!"
      Pictured: Mr. & Mrs. John n. Walsh, Jr. with Senator Hillary rodham
      Clinton (center). annual reportcontents4. Page 15 ...

      Pictured: Kaleida Health Board of Directors Chair edward F. Walsh,
      Jr., Congressman tom reynolds, Senator Hillary Clinton, Kaleida
      Health president and Ceo James r. Kaskie and former Kaleida Health
      Ceo William D. McGuire
      kaleida ball
      On September 10, 2005 the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center was
      transformed into the streets of New York City for the annual Kaleida
      Ball. Spectacular city scenes and foods from various famous
      neighborhoods and delis greeted the more than 1,100 partygoers who
      were in attendance. Guests enjoyed foods from Little Italy,
      Chinatown, Harlem and Stage Deli as they mingled and danced to the
      sounds of Crystal Blue and Jack Civiletto.
      Highlights included the presentation of the Spirit Award to both
      Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Congressman Thomas Reynolds

      MCGUIRE, WILLIAM D (KALEIDA HEALTH), (Zip code: 14203) $1000 to
      FRIENDS OF HILLARY on 02/21/03¡¨
      Lockwood, Anne (Kaleida Health/Psychologist), (Zip code: 14214)
      $2000 to JOHN KERRY FOR PRESIDENT INC on 03/15/04¡¨
      Lockwood, Anne S (Kaleida Health/Psychologist), (Zip code: 14214)
      Walsh, John N III, (Zip code: 14222) $500 to JOHN KERRY FOR
      PRESIDENT INC on 07/26/04¡¨
      Walsh, Constance E, (Zip code: 14222) $500 to JOHN KERRY FOR
      PRESIDENT INC on 07/26/04¡¨

      Recall if you will Doctor Ken Shelton. Dr. Who?
      No not the British science fiction series time traveler in any of
      his many
      Doctor Ken Shelton is the man accusing Virginia Republican US
      Senator George
      Allen of
      things we firmly believe are absolutely untrue. "During a deer hunt
      with Allen
      in the early 1970s, Shelton said, Allen asked whether black families
      lived in
      the area before stuffing
      a female deer's head into the mail box of a black household.

      "George insisted on taking the severed head, and I was a little
      shocked by that," Shelton said.

      "This was just after the movie `The Godfather' came out with the
      severed horse's head in the bed," Shelton told the AP.

      Doug Jones, who said he roomed with Shelton at Virginia , said in a
      statement that he never saw or heard anything from Allen that
      supports Shelton `s claims.

      "I never heard George Allen use any racially disparaging word nor
      did I ever witness or hear about him acting in a racially
      insensitive manner," Jones said."
      What the news stories are NOT
      telling you is that Doctor Ken Shelton is the founder of something
      called Tobacco FREE for Life Tobacco Free for Life - Teaching kids
      of all ages
      the truth about smoking. ... and is currently operating out of an
      office on the
      Pardee Hospital campus. ...www.tobaccofreeforlife.org/home.shtml
      Tobacco FREE for Life
      TFL started in 1996 by Dr. Ken Shelton of Hendersonville Radiological
      Consultants and is currently operating out of an office on the Pardee
      Hospital campus. ...www.tobaccofreeforlife.org/home.shtml
      and that Pardee Hospital is the recipient of
      Grants Help Fund New Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab and Diabetes Education
      Center Pardee Hospital Foundation recently received notification of
      worth of grants toward Pardee's new Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation
      and Diabetes
      Education Center. The Center will be constructed in Pardee's
      Thompson Street
      facility which currently houses Pardee's Urgent Care and Rehab and
      Therapy services.
      The James H. Cummings Foundation has awarded a $50,000 grant toward
      the creation of the center. Cummings Foundation was established in
      1962 by the late Mr. Cummings to fund medical science, medical
      research and medical education, as well as some other focus areas,
      in Buffalo, Toronto and Hendersonville. The Cummings Foundation
      previously funded Pardee's Emergency Department expansion.
      The Perry N. Rudnick Donor Advised Fund of the Community Foundation
      of Henderson County has awarded a $25,000 grant toward the project.
      The Community Foundation of Henderson County supports charitable
      programs in the greater Henderson County area. It was founded in
      1983 and administers over 400 funds with assets of over $67 million.
      South Financial Group Foundation, formerly known as the Carolina
      First Foundation, has awarded a $5,000 grant toward the creation of
      the center. The South Financial Group Foundation was created in 1999
      with a focus on improving education through enhancing the quality of
      life for the community.
      In addition to these three grants, more than $179,000 has been
      raised from the Pardee Hospital Auxiliary and other generous
      benefactors. Proceeds from the 11th Annual Tournament of Champions
      will also go toward the Center, contributing to a total of nearly
      $323,000 in funds raised for this project.
      source: http://www.pardeehospital.org/foundation/whats_new/cardio.htm
      James H Cummings Foundation Inc 1807 Elmwood Ave Ste 112, Buffalo,
      NY, James H Cummings Foundation Inc - detailed
      company profile James H Cummings Foundation Inc
      1807 Elmwood Ave Ste 112,Buffalo, New York 14207-2434
      Year Started: 1962 Contact Name: John N Walsh Jr
      Contact Title: President"
      source: http://www.manta.com/coms2/dnbcompany_6l5q1g

      John N. Walsh, Jr. is listed under Additional Regional Board
      Members - Board Listing: at:
      and that under
      Key Facts: at an organization that currently calls itself:
      National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ)
      that organization states:
      "The National Conference of Christians and Jews, changed its name in
      the 1990's to better reflect its mission to build whole and
      inclusive communities. The historic name confused many, who
      believed that NCCJ was an interfaith organization. Therefore the
      new name is not a change in vision, but rather an affirmation of our
      abiding commitment to embrace the diversity of our nation.
      NCCJ is the only national human relations organization that focuses
      on a broad range of "isms," the multiple manifestations of
      discrimination and oppression that are based on one's religion,
      race, gender, sexual orientation, bias crimes to racial profiling -
      the challenges ahead are real. To confront and overcome them, NCCJ
      maintains an abiding commitment to work with decision-makers and
      leaders to support their work to build an inclusive society."
      Now all of these things are of course worthy goals. Medical research
      admirable, so is fighting the ills of tobacco, although Webb himself
      admits to
      being someone who has chewed tobacco for many years, and certainly
      discrimination of any sort is a worthy goal. It is the interesting
      connections between the characters involved in the character
      assassination and
      overall lynching of Senator Allen that lead us to believe that there
      are just
      too many coincidences involved to be pure coincidence. However, to
      Fox News once again, "We report, you decide!" What do you think of
      the so-called
      coincidences in this story? Are they more than mere coincidence?

      As far back as May of 2006 Larry Sabato was so concerned about who
      would challenge Republican US Senator George Allen in the Virginia
      Senate Race in 2006 that he was calling one of the Democratic
      candidates for the nomination "The worst candidate I have ever
      seen." That candidate, Harris Miller, did not get nominated.
      The candidate who was nominated was former Navy Secretary James
      Webb, a.k.a. Jim Webb.
      Sabato in May of 2006 said of George Allen in 2008, "Sabato ranks
      him as one of three GOP hopefuls who have an actual shot at winning
      the nomination."


      the article is below:

      Virginia Virtucon (Virtual Conservative)
      Thursday, May 18, 2006
      Larry and Me
      I had the good fortune to be able to speak with UVA Prof. Larry
      Sabato yesterday after an event in D.C. I got the chance to ask him
      about some of the hot topics in the Virginia blogosphere and he had
      some interesting things to say.

      "The worst candidate I have ever seen." "A joke." "Won't even look
      you in the eye when he is talking to you."

      Who might you ask is he describing?

      None other than 2006 Democrat senate hopeful Harris Miller.

      However, Sabato wouldn't go so far as to say that Miller wouldn't be
      the nominee. While the good Professor didn't shy away from making
      predictions in any other race he was asked about, he didn't even
      make a guess on the Democrat senate primary next month. Why? Well,
      he seems convinced that there is a large Democrat contingent who
      will never vote for Jim Webb on the sole basis that he was a Reagan

      What he would say is that neither Miller nor Webb would defeat
      George Allen in November. He said that Webb would make it more
      interesting than Miller, but they would both ultimately lose.

      Aside from Democrats not voting for Webb on the basis of his ties to
      the Reagan Administration, Sabato claimed that there are organized
      efforts by Republicans to vote in the Democrat primary for Miller on
      the basis that he is such a horrible candidate and would lose worse
      than Webb to Allen in November. (If there are indeed such efforts, I
      have yet to hear of them.)

      On George Allen in 2008, Sabato ranks him as one of three GOP
      hopefuls who have an actual shot at winning the nomination, the
      other two being John McCain and Mitt Romney. Sabato pointed out the
      weaknesses of all three candidates—McCain being a maverick in a
      party that hasn't nominated a maverick since Wendell Wilke; Romney
      being Governor of Massachusetts which automatically makes him
      suspect to conservatives; and Allen being more Bush than Bush in a
      time when W's approval ratings are in the basement.

      Finally, closer to home, I posed the question to Prof. Sabato about
      whether PWC Chairman Sean Connaughton has a future at the statewide
      level in Virginia . Sabato thought that without a doubt he does, but
      said Connaughton might have to wait a cycle or two in order to give
      himself a chance to remake his image after he was, as Sabato put
      it, "unfairly characterized as a Tom Davis-moderate" during the 2005
      Lt. Gov. primary.

      So, there you have it—straight from Sabato's mouth to my ears and
      typed here by my fingers.

      Categories: Virginia Politics_
      posted by Riley, Not O'Reilly at 5/18/2006
      That Larry Sabato was concerned about who might be elected President
      in 2008 is clear. Here's Sabato being quoted about a Hillary blunder:
      "A blunder for Clinton ?

      WASHINGTON - Hillary Clinton's painstakingly crafted campaign to
      soften her limousine liberal pedigree for 2008 hit a speed bump in
      Harlem yesterday.
      Ever since being elected to the Senate, New York `s junior senator
      has strived to persuade moderate and independent voters she's not
      just another Hollywood lefty.
      But her likening of House Republican leaders to slave-era plantation
      overseers at least momentarily complicates her move-to-the-middle
      "The use of the word `plantation' is terribly unwise," said Larry
      Sabato, director of the University of Virginia `s Center for
      Politics. "It will just reinforce the view most Americans have of
      Hillary Clinton as being very liberal."
      It could have been worse, Sabato added: "At least she didn't mention
      Originally published on January 17, 2006"
      In case you wondered who Larry Sabato donated to:
      "Wednesday, November 09, 2005
      Pundits Bruce Cain, Larry Sabato Donated to Dems

      Another election day has passed and two of the most frequently
      quoted pundits, Bruce Cain of the University of California at
      Berkeley and Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia , are all
      over the news, giving their supposedly unbiased opinions.

      A quick search of Federal Election Commission records at
      NewsMeat.com reveals that Cain gave Sen. John Kerry $300 last year
      and Sabato donated $500 in 1999 to Utah Democrat James Matheson's
      winning run for a seat in the House.

      Yet, good luck locating a single news story that quotes either man
      and references the political donations they've made.

      Sabato's official site, the Crystal Ball, evaluates Rep. Matheson's
      race in 2006, and he doesn't mention his contribution to Matheson. I
      guess Sabato doesn't believe in full disclosure and transparency.

      These are their FEC listings:

      Cain, Bruce
      San Rafael, CA 94901
      UC Berkeley/Professor
      KERRY, JOHN F (D)

      House (UT 02)
      05/21/99" source:

      Let's start off with George Allen critic, to say the least, Larry

      First let us travel back in time to the Wednesday, October 23rd,
      2002 issue of a publication called THE CAVALIER DAILY
      when "Politicians, professors and students gather to celebrate Larry
      J. Sabato's 50th birthday and raise money for the Center for
      Politics" Surely Mr.Sabato's 50th birthday party must have been an
      occasion for him. You can see a photo or Mr. Sabato being teased by
      Allen at Sabato's 50th birthday bash at

      in the KnowTheEnemy photo
      album."Politics Prof. Larry J. Sabato covers his face in
      embarassment as U.S.
      Senator George Allen teases Sabato about his excessive on-camera

      Please pay particular attention to the following item in the article
      below in which Senator Warner is comparing the invitation to the
      50th birthday
      party for Larry Sabato to Marlon Brando's "offer you can't refuse".
      Surely that
      line must have stuck with Larry Sabato.
      Larry Sabato must have remembered that line.
      "U.S. Senator John Warner, R-Va., compared the invitation to
      Marlon Brando's "offer you can't refuse."

      In case you are not a fan of The Godfather, which starred Marlon
      Brando Senator Warner's 2002 reference was to Marlon Brando's
      character Don Vito Corleone,The Godfather,"Don Vito's line, "I'm
      going to make him an offer he can't refuse" was voted as the second
      most memorable line in cinema history in a 2005 poll"

      The reference is to a character being pressured by The Godfather to
      use a film star favored by The Godfather waking up to find the
      severed head of a horse in his bed.

      item immediately below is excerpted from the Wednesday, October
      2002 issue of a publication called THE CAVALIER DAILY

      Birthday Bashing
      Politicians, professors and students gather to celebrate Larry J.
      Sabato's 50th birthday and raise money for the Center for Politics…
      Sullivan , Cavalier Daily Associate Editor
      …Virginia Gov. Mark R. Warner slowly worked his way through the
      Clearly, these people could only have gathered for one reason—to
      celebrate Politics Prof. Larry J. Sabato's 50th birthday.
      Virginia politicians, political analysts, journalists and University
      students and alumni gathered Monday night in the Richmond Marriot to
      wish Sabato a happy birthday.
      Rather than traditional cake and candles, however, a few prominent
      Virginia politicians humorously chose to light something else on
      fire—Sabato's reputation.
      Warner said he accepted the invitation to speak for the opportunity
      to give Sabato some of his own medicine.
      "Larry's been roasting all of us for years," Warner said. "Turnabout
      is fair play."
      The celebration, called the "Sabato Five-O," took the form of a
      roast a la Comedy Central. The event also served as a fundraiser for
      The University of Virginia Center for Politics, of which Sabato
      serves as director.
      The Center for Politics, located on Old Ivy Road …After the crowd
      made its way
      into the dining room, former Virginia
      Gov. L. Douglas Wilder introduced himself as emcee of the night's
      festivities, and proceeded to introduce a video, much like those
      shown at bachelor parties.
      The video started out with photos of Sabato's youth, then moved to
      doctored photographs including Sabato as Elvis and an onlooker in
      the fateful photograph of former President Clinton and Monica
      Lewinsky. …The program then gave six of Virginia `s most powerful
      the opportunity to poke fun at a man who, as he himself claimed, has
      predicted defeat for every one of them…. Virginia Attorney General
      Jerry Kilgore
      spoke about Sabato's ability
      to state the obvious and make it sound profound, then joked about
      Sabato's abundance of media exposure.
      "He spends so much time in front of the camera lights," Kilgore
      said, "that when he opens his fridge at night he speaks for three
      U.S. Senator George Allen, R-Va., cited a need to keep Sabato off
      their backs.
      "There are places we'd rather be," Allen said. "But we didn't want
      to cross the good professor."
      U.S. Senator John Warner, R-Va., compared the invitation to Marlon
      Brando's "offer you can't refuse."
      …Allen mentioned budgets cuts facing the University as well, and,
      indicating Warner, said, "If he cuts your budget next year, Larry,
      put it in your file as something mean a Democrat did to you."
      Allen, who attended the University as an undergraduate with Sabato,
      remembered Sabato's beginnings as a student who wanted to fight the
      power of special interest groups.
      "Then I see this gathering," Allen said. "You make Hillary Clinton
      look like a pike."
      Other commentary centered on Sabato's role as a professor...

      Politics Prof. Larry J. Sabato covers his face in embarassment as
      U.S. Senator George Allen teases Sabato about his excessive on-
      camera time.
      Peter Dunn I Cavalier Daily

      We hope that you will pay particular attention to the following item
      movie reference in the article above: "U.S. Senator John Warner, R-
      Va., compared
      the invitation to Marlon Brando's "offer you can't refuse."

      Consider if you will the Dr.Shelton situation:

      "Dr. Shelton said the incident with the deer head occurred during
      their college days when he, Mr. Allen, and another teammate who has
      since died were hunting on a farm the third man's family owned near
      Bumpass, Va., 40 miles east of the university.
      Dr. Shelton said Mr. Allen asked the other teammate where black
      families lived in the area, then stuffed a deer's head into the
      mailbox of one of the homes.
      "George insisted on taking the severed head, and I was a little
      shocked by that," he told the AP. "This was just after the
      movie `The Godfather' came out with the severed horse's head in the
      source: http://www.nysun.com/article/40451?page_no=3

      We have a million dollar question about Larry Sabato. From "AJR,
      American Journalism Review April/May 2005 issue The Quote
      Machines By Mark Francis Cohen
      Mark Francis Cohen, whose work has appeared in the Washington Post
      and the New York Times, is a contributing editor at Washingtonian

      Larry J. Sabato, who bills himself on the paid speaking circuit
      as "probably the most quoted college professor in the land,"
      recently donated $1 million to the University of Virginia .
      That sum of money—estimated to be 12 to 13 times the scholar's
      annual salary—makes Sabato, 52, the most generous faculty member the
      university has ever employed. Actually, it's one of the biggest
      gifts an active professor has handed to a school anywhere.
      So where did Sabato get all this cash? "Thank goodness for compound
      interest," the mustachioed pundit told the Washington Post the day
      his gift was announced. "It's amazing what you can live on eating
      Kraft Macaroni & Cheese for dinner."
      "Still, a prudent lifestyle and savvy investment decisions hardly
      explain Sabato's beneficence. The scholar has amassed mounds of
      extra cash writing 23 books and moonlighting as a public speaker.
      He's a successful pundit whose words and face blanket the newspapers
      and airwaves, appearances that boost his profile and his cachet on
      the speaking circuit….it has become routine for individual editors,
      say on a national desk, to forbid reporters from using certain
      pundits as sources. Many editors interviewed for this article would
      only admit such prohibitions anonymously. "I have told my reporters
      not to use Larry Sabato anymore," says the editor of a publication
      that covers Congress."
      You decide: Where did Sabato get the million dollars? Why would "the
      editor of a publication that covers Congress" have told
      his "reporters not to use Larry Sabato anymore." ?
      Dr. Shelton said Mr. Allen used the N-word only around white
      Dr. Shelton said the incident with the deer head occurred during
      their college days when he, Mr. Allen, and another teammate who has
      since died were hunting on a farm the third man's family owned near
      Bumpass, Va., 40 miles east of the university.
      Dr. Shelton said Mr. Allen asked the other teammate where black
      families lived in the area, then stuffed a deer's head into the
      mailbox of one of the homes.
      "George insisted on taking the severed head, and I was a little
      shocked by that," he told the AP. "This was just after the
      movie `The Godfather' came out with the severed horse's head in the
      source: http://www.nysun.com/article/40451?page_no=3
      "Virginia Senator Denies Using `N Word'
      George Allen: Accusation By Ex-College Teammate `Absolutely False'
      "I don't remember ever using that word and it is absolutely false
      that that was ever part of my vocabulary."
      RICHMOND, Va., Sept. 25, 2006

      (AP) Sen. George Allen on Monday denounced as "ludicrously false"
      claims from a former college football teammate that he frequently
      used a racial slur to refer to black people.

      Dr. Ken Shelton, now a radiologist in Hendersonville , N.C. , also
      alleges that Allen, a former University of Virginia quarterback,
      once stuffed the severed head of a deer into a black household's
      oversized mail box.

      In an Associated Press interview, Allen vehemently denied the
      allegations Shelton made in an article published in the online
      magazine Salon.com and an AP interview Sunday night.

      His campaign released statements from four other ex-teammates
      defending Allen and rejecting Shelton `s claims.

      "The story and his comments and assertions in there are completely
      false," Allen said during an interview with AP reporters and
      editors. "I don't remember ever using that word and it is absolutely
      false that that was ever part of my vocabulary."

      Questions about racial insensitivity have dogged the Republican
      throughout his re-election bid against Democrat Jim Webb.
      Shelton , a tight end and wide receiver for the Cavaliers in the
      early 1970s, said Allen used the N-word only around white teammates….

      During a deer hunt with Allen in the early 1970s, Shelton said,
      Allen asked whether black families lived in the area before stuffing
      a female deer's head into the mail box of a black household.

      "George insisted on taking the severed head, and I was a little
      shocked by that," Shelton said.

      "This was just after the movie `The Godfather' came out with the
      severed horse's head in the bed," Shelton told the AP.

      Doug Jones, who said he roomed with Shelton at Virginia , said in a
      statement that he never saw or heard anything from Allen that
      supports Shelton `s claims.

      "I never heard George Allen use any racially disparaging word nor
      did I ever witness or hear about him acting in a racially
      insensitive manner," Jones said."
      Jim Webb, a.k.a. James Webb is Senator Allen's opponent in the
      Virginia Senate
      race this year. Webb is an opponent of the liberation of Iraq. Webb
      is one of
      what we like to call Saddam's Saddemocrats The following item on Jim
      a.k.a. James Webb. comes from his campaign website:
      "In government, Jim served in the U.S. Congress as counsel to the
      Committee on Veterans Affairs from l977 to l98l"
      source: http://www.webbforsenate.com/biography/
      We wonder what sort of useful and lasting contact Jim Webb, a.k.a.
      James Webb,
      might have made while he "served in the U.S. Congress as counsel to
      the House
      Committee on Veterans Affairs from l977 to l98l".
      "Public release date: 22-Jan-1998
      BUFFALO, N.Y.—Researchers at the University at Buffalo and the U.S.
      of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Buffalo, using positron
      tomography (PET), have pinpointed for the first time the specific
      brain regions
      responsible for Tinnitus, a constant and debilitating ringing in the
      experienced by millions of Americans. ….The study was made possible
      by grants
      from UB, the American Tinnitus Association, the James H. Cummings
      Foundation of
      Buffalo and the National Institute on Deafness and Other
      Disorders, part of the NIH."
      SOURCE: http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/1998-01/UaB-RFSI-
      We hope that you will remember the name of the James H. Cummings
      Foundation of
      Buffalo in the article above.

      Here is a story about Senator Allen's opponent Jim Webb, a.k.a.
      James Webb, that you will NEVER see on the Saddemocrat controlled
      "Webb's alleged use of a racial epithet
      In late September, Webb was asked if he had ever used the "N-word."
      Webb replied that "I don't think that there's anyone who grew up
      around the South that hasn't had the word pass through their lips at
      one time in their life." Webb noted that that word and a lot of
      other epithets were in "Fields of Fire," a novel Webb wrote about
      the Vietnam War.
      Allen campaign officials referred reporters to Dan Cragg, a former
      acquaintance of Webb's. Craig said that Webb told him in 1983 that
      Webb and members of his ROTC unit at the University of Southern
      California would "hop into their cars, and would go down to Watts ,"
      taking fake rifles, yell out epithets, "point the rifles at them,
      pull the triggers and then drive off laughing."

      By contrast, although he has wrongfully been painted as a racist by
      Saddemocrat controlled media US Senator George Allen, Republican of
      Virginia is
      no such thing. He is in fact, just the opposite.

      As a US Senator George Allen sponsored legislation to award $1.25
      billion in
      grants for computers and technology for historically black colleges
      universities — the measure died in the US House of Representatives.

      "I have worked very hard in the Senate to reach out to all
      Americans, regardless
      of their race, religion, ethnicity or gender," Senator George Allen

      Senator George Allen proposed that the Senate apologize for its
      failure to enact
      anti-lynching laws in the 1930's and 40's.

      In fact Senator Allen is being politically lynched every day in the
      controlled media. He is no racist.

      We have what we believe is a credible theory about the so-called
      "macaca" incident. What we did not know at the time the so-called
      "macaca" story appeared was that Senator Allen's mother is Jewish.

      We found that out later. Jews of the generation of Senator Allen's
      frequently speak one version of Yiddish or another.

      Here is some of the coverage of the so-called "macaca" incident:

      "This fellow here, over here with the yellow shirt, Macaca, or
      whatever his name
      is, he's with my opponent," Mr. Allen said on Friday night at a
      rally in Breaks,
      next to the Kentucky border. "He's following us around everywhere.
      And it's just
      great…. The senator's communications director, John Reid, said in an
      Tuesday that Allen campaign workers had good-naturedly nicknamed Mr.
      "Mohawk" because he would not disclose his name and the sobriquet
      appropriate for Mr. Sidarth's hairstyle. Perhaps, Mr. Reid
      suggested, "Mohawk"
      morphed into "macaca," with results that turned out to be
      After his initial use of the term, Mr. Allen went on to urge the
      crowd to "give
      a welcome to Macaca here. Welcome to America and the real world of
      ."Mr. Reid said those words were not an effort to stamp
      a "foreigner" label on
      Mr. Sidarth, who was born in Fairfax County , Va. People who follow
      the campaign
      of Mr. Allen, who was born in California , know that he often talks
      about "the
      real America , real people in the real world," meaning people
      outside the
      Washington Beltway, Mr. Reid said. Mr. Allen expressed further
      regrets on
      Tuesday, saying, "I apologize if my comments offended this young

      What we believe Senator Allen was trying to say was
      fakakta: Yiddish for crazy, all mixed up.


      We believe that Senator Allen would have heard one version of that
      word or
      another frequently as a child from his Jewish mother or one or more
      of his other
      Jewish relatives,some of whom spoke several languages.

      Nu? I'm talking to you!
      You don't have to be Jewish to appreciate a good bagel and schmear
      or how to
      shmooze and kvetch. Compliments of Jewcy.com, here's a primer on
      Yiddish basics
      that'll have you kibbitzing in no time! If you're looking for more
      than basic
      slang, check out Kolel's great Yiddish and Hebrew classes.

      FAKAKTA (fuh-KAK-ta) adj. Crappy
      "I love a good menorah lighting ceremony, but I hate cleaning up the
      fakakta wax
      afterwards." Source: http://www.kolel.org/revivingeden/culture2.html

      "Remember the good old days when all we had to worry about was
      nuclear war?
      (Actually, many of you probably don't. Never mind.)

      Well, those days are back due to the exciting CBS drama " Jericho ",
      which would
      be another faceless family drama except for the fact that at least 2
      major US
      cities get nuked in the pilot. Jericho is a town in Kansas , from
      where people
      see a gigantic mushroom cloud over Denver and gradually learn that
      everything is
      fakakta except in their idyllic slice of Americana . Actually, we
      don't know how
      fakakta the world is yet, I suppose we'll be learning over the next
      months." Source: http://mrfantasy.livejournal.com/

      "One reason our political culture is verkakte…. Wow! I don't think
      I've ever
      seen verkakte written down. I probably I would have spelled it
      fekakte or even

      And to think that my childhood babysitter spoke to me exclusively in

      You learn something new every day." Source:

      "Are you Red Sox fans crazy? Fakakta? Looney Toons?" source:

      "All I know is that facacta song has been stuck in my head for two
      now.Never even heard of it before.
      That's because it's spelled "verkakte." Source:

      "I can think of two institutions this year to which I would give my
      vote for the
      year 2000 as being - in Yiddish they have a lovely word - verkakte -
      the most
      verkakte service in relation to the advertising. One is ***Technical
      Support on
      the Internet. Horrendous. The ads are very good. They have aged me
      by twenty
      years, as one individual, and *** Bank, the credit card side of it -

      There are thousands of online examples of the word fakakta
      which is also sometimes spelled in a variety of other ways including
      fekakte or verkakte, among others. We cannot blame Senator Allen for
      mispronouncing fakakta as "macaca". He certainly never meant to use
      any sort of
      racial slur or epithet.

      "In October of 1983
      (according to a report in The Jerusalem Post), Syrian television
      showed 16-year-old girls-trainees in the Syrian Ba'ath Party
      militia-fondling live snakes as President Hafez Assad and other
      Syrian leaders looked on approvingly. Martial music reached a
      crescendo as the girls suddenly bit the snakes with their teeth,
      repeatedly tore
      off flesh and spat it out as blood ran down their chins. As the
      applauded, the girls
      then attached the snakes to sticks and grilled them over the fire,
      eating them triumphantly. After this, militiamen "strangled puppies
      and drank
      their blood." Such demonstrations are clearly intended to send a
      message to the
      regime's domestic opponents."
      "French Jewish groups say they will file a lawsuit against Mr Assad
      for inciting racial hatred when he accused Jews last month of having
      betrayed Jesus."
      "The Wall Street Journal October 25, 1990 With a sudden flash of
      teeth and claws, our new Syrian ally has pounced on what remains of
      Lebanon. Syrian troops, who have been occupying most of Lebanon
      since 1984, overran the headquarters of General Michel Aoun, the
      military chief of Lebanon's Maronite Christians, on Oct. 13. No
      organized military resistance to Syria now exists in what was once
      the Arab world's best approximation of democracy. *** With
      Washington's smiles turning back toward Damascus, Syrian President
      Hafez Assad grabbed his opportunity, and General Aoun has been
      driven to seek refuge in the French Embassy in Beirut. At least 30,
      and perhaps as many as 100, of General Aoun's followers were
      captured by Syrian soldiers, handcuffed, lined up and shot in the
      back of the head. On Sunday in the town of Baabda, gunmen in
      Lebanese army uniforms murdered another of the few remaining
      Lebanese leaders to dare to oppose Syrian control-Danny Chamoun-and
      his wife and two young sons. France has asked the United Nations to
      investigate the atrocities that have followed the Syrian takeover.
      The U.S has not joined that request. The State Department,
      instantaneous and eager in its condemnation of Israel, has yet to
      mumble a word of displeasure about Syria's killings. As the Syrians
      descend on Lebanon, so soon after their brother Baathists consumed
      Kuwait, we hope the Bush Administration is able to sustain a clear-
      eyed view of America's new Middle Eastern ally, Hafez Assad."

      Can you imagine the nightmare of Hillary Rodham Clinton elected
      President in 2008 and James Webb,a.k.a. Jim Webb, elected Vice
      President in
      2008? What sort of views does Webb have of Bashir al Assad, the son
      of the
      Syrian dictator Hafez Al Assad, and his Baathist regime?

      Here is Webb being quoted about Syria, the nation from which and
      through which most of the terrorists who are murdering Americans and
      forces and innocent Iraqis right now come from,in 2006:

      "On the current situation in the Middle East, Webb said he believes
      the U.S. must befriend Syria and try to use that country as an ally…"

      And if under President Hillary Rodham Clinton and Vice President
      James Webb,
      a.k.a. Jim Webb, or President Webb should something happen to
      Presdient Hillary
      Rodham Clinton the U.S. befriends Syria and tries to use Syria as an
      ally what
      country or countries will
      Syria be used as an ally against?

      Against Israel? Syria is no friend of Israel. So if under President
      Rodham Clinton and Vice President James Webb, a.k.a. Jim Webb
      America becomes the friend of Syria and the Syria is the enemy of
      Israel does America become the enemy of Israel? Does America nuke
      Israel? Does America round up American Jews and open extermination
      camps? In
      America can a sitting US Senator be asked whether he has Jewish
      ancestry? Think
      it can't happen here? It just did in Virginia!

      "Arutz Sheva News Service
      Delivered Daily via Email, Sunday thru Friday
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      Tensions with Syria continue, while Israel Air Force officer says
      short-range rockets are the main threat.
      Syria's Information Minister Muhsin Bilal says the "Syrian nation
      will not wait
      much longer for the return of the Golan Heights." He told the
      Egyptian Al-Ahram
      newspaper that though Syria has waited patiently for 16 years hoping
      the "peace
      for land" formula would be implemented, "nothing has happened." In
      meanwhile, an Israel Air Force officer said today that the main
      threat against
      Israel today stems from short-range rockets from Gaza, Lebanon and
      Judea and Samaria. "If the IDF had had full intelligence on
      everything going on
      in southern Lebanon near Israel, we could have prepared better for a
      solution, both from the air and on the ground, to the short-range
      missiles," he said. The officer said that the maps used by the Air
      Force were
      more up-to-date than those used by the ground forces.Two Kassam
      rockets were
      fired by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza Monday morning. The rockets
      landed just
      short of the northern Gaza border fence, causing no damage."

      And what of Hamas, whose headquarters are in Damascus,Syria?
      "Report: Hamas weighing large-scale conflict with Israel
      ...Hamas smuggled hundreds of tons of weapons from Egypt into Gaza
      Strip Aaron
      Klein, WND Hamas has succeeded in smuggling "hundreds of tons" of
      weapons from
      Egypt into the Gaza Strip and is preparing for the possibility of
      launching a
      large-scale conflict with Israel... Hamas has smuggled from the
      Egyptian Sinai
      desert between several hundred and 1,300 tons of advanced rockets;
      anti-tank and
      anti-aircraft missiles; rocket propelled grenades; raw explosives;
      ammunition; and other heavy weaponry....Israel withdrew from the
      Gaza Strip last
      year. In a deal brokered in November by Secretary of State
      Condoleezza Rice, the
      Egypt-Gaza border, once controlled by the Jewish state, now is
      manned by
      Egyptian and (so-calle) "palestinian" security officials and is
      observed by
      European monitors. The monitors reportedly have fled their duty
      several times
      the past few months. Israeli security officials have noted multiple
      breaches in
      border security, including the transport of terrorists and weapons
      across the
      border. They say several key sections of the border are penetrable
      and that
      smuggling tunnels that snake under the border
      are "thriving." ...since the
      Jewish state withdrew from Gaza, the (so-called) "palestinians"
      have transferred hundreds of tons of weapons into the Strip. "If we
      don't move
      to counter this smuggling, it will continue and create a situation
      in Gaza
      similar to the one in southern Lebanon," (Yuval Diskin,
      director of Israel's Shin Bet Security Services, said)referring to
      development of large rocket and weapons arsenals in south Lebanon
      for use
      against Israel. Hizbullah 'turning Gaza into south Lebanon'... "he
      is right. We
      are turning Gaza into south Lebanon," said Abu Ahmed, northern Gaza
      leader for
      the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror group. "We learned from
      Hizbullah's victory
      that Israel can be defeated if we know how to hit them and if we are
      prepared," Abu Ahmed said. "We are importing rockets and the
      knowledge to launch
      them and we are also making many plans for battle." Abu Abdullah, a
      leader of
      Hamas' so-called "military wing" told WND his group is preparing for
      war against
      Israel. "In the last 15 months, even though the fighters of Hamas
      kept the
      cease-fire, we did not stop making important advancements and
      training on the military level. In the future, after Hamas is
      obliged to stop
      the cease-fire, the world shall see our new military capabilities,"
      said Abu
      Abdullah, who is considered one of the most important operational
      members of
      Hamas' Izzedine al-Qassam Martyrs Brigades, Hamas'
      declared "resistance"
      department. Al Aqsa's Abu Ahmed said his group is receiving help
      from Hizbullah
      to import long-range rockets and train in guerrilla warfare
      tactics. "We have
      warm relations with Hizbullah, which helps with some of the training
      Abu Ahmed said. "We don't have anything to be ashamed of - that we
      are dealing
      with Hizbullah and that we are receiving training and information
      from them." He
      said Hizbullah maintains cells in the Sinai. "The Sinai is an
      excellent ground
      for training, the exchange of information and weapons and for
      meetings on how to
      turn every piece of land into usable territory for a confrontation
      with Israel,"
      Abu Ahmed said. The terror leader said (so-called) "palestinian"
      groups are
      developing war bunkers inside Gaza imilar to the underground
      Hizbullah lairs
      Israel found during last month's war in Lebanon. "Our preparations
      include the
      building of special bunkers. Of course, we are taking into
      consideration that
      Gaza is not the same topography as Lebanon," Abu Ahmed said. During
      confrontation with Hizbullah, Israel destroyed scores of complex
      bunkers that
      snaked along the Lebanese side of the Israel-Lebanon border.
      Military officials
      said they were surprised by the scale of the Hizbullah bunkers, in
      which Israeli
      troops reportedly found war rooms stocked with advanced
      eavesdropping and
      surveillance equipment they noted were made by Iran. Abu Ahmed said
      the most
      important "tool" in the so-called "palestinian resistance arsenal
      was rockets.
      He said his group learned from Hizbullah that Israel can be defeated
      missiles. "We saw that with the capacity to bombard the Israeli
      population with
      hundreds of rockets every day we can change the strategic balance
      with Israel,"
      he said. Since Israel's Gaza withdrawal, so-called "palestinian"
      terror groups
      have been regularly firing rockets at nearby Jewish communities. The
      generally have fired three versions of Qassam rockets, improvised
      projectiles filled with explosives and fuel. Qassams can travel
      between one and
      five miles depending on the sophistication of the particular rocket.
      Israel has noted improvements in Qassams, including rockets carrying
      engines. Israeli security officials say a large number of Katyusha
      rockets have
      been brought into Gaza. Katyushas can travel about 12 miles and can
      large payloads. Hizbullah fired more than 2,800 Katyusha rockets
      into Israel in
      July and August, devastating many northern towns. In August, Islamic
      Jihad fired
      a Katyusha rocket into the Israeli Negev. It landed in an empty
      area. In June
      the group fired a Katyusha-like rocket that traveled about nine
      miles. "The
      Katyusha we fired (in August) shows we can have every weapon we
      need," said Abu
      Ahmed. "It is only a matter of a small period before Gaza is ready
      for war."

      James Webb, a.k.a. Jim Webb, Senator Allen's opponent in the
      November 2006 Election appears to be a man who will say and perhaps
      do anything
      to get elected. Here is Webb being quoted :
      By Todd Jackson on Tuesday August 1st, 2006
      "The country, too, should tailor an affirmative action plan that
      would aid only blacks, Webb said, because that's the only group of
      people to be
      systematically held down decade after decade in the U.S." "On the
      situation in the Middle East, Webb said he believes the U.S.must
      befriend Syria
      and try to use that country as an ally…""Webb, sitting in an easy
      chair in
      Democrat Warren Campbell's living room,acknowledged that he's got
      recognition issues—particularly in Western Virginia—a day after a
      poll revealed that 33 percent of 625 survey
      respondents statewide don't know who he is. The same poll showed
      that incumbent Republican Sen. George Allen's name recognition is 97
      percent.Moreover, 58 percent say Allen is doing a good or excellent
      job. Three
      months from Election Day, Allen leads Webb by 16 percentage points,
      the poll
      The day before, on Monday, July 31, 2006
      "Ben Tribbett of Not Larry Sabato reports that only 39 percent of
      African-Americans support Jim Webb for the Senate. Sixteen percent
      support Sen.George Allen and a whopping 45 percent are undecided
      Are these the type of "sweet little truths" Webb would be
      whispering to black voters?

      "To understand me, you've got to look at things like my mother. My
      mother grew up in East Arkansas. When her father died, they were the
      only white
      family living in a black section of town. They had to follow the
      crops, picked
      cotton, strawberries . . . there is not a black family in this
      country that had
      it rougher than they did. I am still finding out how rough things
      (Washington Post, 12/8/1985).

      "Affirmative action, which originally sought to repair the state-
      induced damage to blacks from slavery and its aftermath, has within
      generation brought about a permeating state-sponsored racism that is
      as odious
      as the Jim Crow laws it sought to countermand. A Soviet-style
      bureaucracy of
      political commissars now
      monitors every level of our society to ensure that racial and
      gender "diversity" matches pre-ordained models, using the awesome
      powers of
      government to make certain that white males are
      not "overrepresented" in
      education, employment or
      government contracts." (Wall Street Journal, 5/22/00)

      "It would be folly to assume that affirmative action has done
      anything but exacerbate these disparities" (Wall Street Journal,

      "[The racial polices established by Clinton for the military are]
      absolute stupidity," said former Navy Secretary James Webb, who has
      criticized Clinton administration efforts to make the
      military "reflect society
      at large."
      (Washington Times, 8/9/95)"
      Now that's quite a difference.
      as is this:
      Webb's Support of Affirmative Action at Issue
      Writings Scrutinized During Campaign for Democratic Nomination

      By Rosalind S. Helderman
      Washington Post Staff Writer
      Tuesday, June 6, 2006; Page B08

      RICHMOND -- Democratic Senate candidate James Webb has a childhood
      memory of relatives living hard lives in southwest Virginia
      communities with no electricity.

      That's why when he started studying affirmative action programs as a
      law student, he came to a question: Why was preferential treatment
      given on the job to all kinds of ethnic groups that were considered
      disadvantaged -- Latinos, Asians, blacks, Native Americans -- but
      not to
      working-class whites struggling to overcome poverty?"

      Kind of reminds me of voting for the $87 billion before voting
      against it, if
      anyone can remember Kerry's 2004 flip flops.

      A historical note, this writer went to Mississippi in the 1960s to
      join the
      civil rights movement. As such I am extremely uncomfortable about
      the use of the
      so-called "n" word in some of the articles being quoted. I find the
      word to be
      offensive and atrocious.
      I have included it sparingly where it exists in some of the articles
      quoted for the sake of accurately relaying what some of the articles
      quoted are saying. Nonetheless I am repelled by the word itself, and
      by those
      who would use it against other human beings. I do not believe that
      Senator Allen
      ever used it against anyone. I do believe that James Webb, a.k.a.
      Jim Webb did
      and may still do so. Moreover Webb is not the only one to have
      allegedly used,
      and possibly still be using, such an atrocious racial slur.

      the following item is excerpted from:
      More Than Sex: The Secrets of Bill and Hillary Clinton Revealed by
      Arkansas State Trooper NewsMax.com
      September 14, 1999 Washington - An Arkansas State Trooper who once
      guarded Bill
      Clinton has revealed startling new information about Bill and
      Hillary Rodham
      Clinton. Trooper Larry Patterson, a recently retired 32-year veteran
      of the
      state police,
      had been the most senior member of the elite Governor's Security
      Detail during the period Bill Clinton served as Governor. During
      that time,
      Patterson became privy to Bill and Hillary Clinton's most closely
      secrets. Patterson told his story exclusively to NewsMax.com and
      Vortex. NewsMax.com has
      published More than Sex: The Secrets of Bill and Hillary Clinton
      Revealed — a two-hour audio cassette tape of Christopher Ruddy's
      interview with
      Trooper Larry Patterson. In More than Sex Patterson makes bombshell
      some of which
      have never been disclosed before: Organized Crime. The press has
      reporting of this critical issue, but
      Patterson says Clinton had a close relationship with the head of the
      Dixie Mafia—Arkansas' homegrown organized crime family that has
      grown in recent
      years through drug trafficking. Patterson said Clinton regularly
      received gifts
      the reputed mob boss. Ethnic Slurs about Jews. Both Hillary and Bill
      frequently used slurs during heated arguments with each other,
      Patterson said.
      Among the epithets they
      frequently hurled at each other were anti-Semitic slurs such
      as `mother f---in' Jew' or `Jew bastard'. Patterson said such
      references were
      heard frequently during the years he served the Clintons. Patterson
      said Clinton
      loved telling
      ethnic jokes and frequently told jokes that were anti-Semitic.
      The use of the "N" word. Patterson said Bill Clinton would use the
      word "nigger" — the "N" word — when he was angry with African-
      opponents. He recalls the use of the word in describing a black,
      activist who was critical
      of Clinton. Patterson said Clinton also used the "N" word during the
      1992 campaign Hitler and Mein Kampf. Bill Clinton, Patterson said,
      admiringly of Hitler and was fascinated by his book Mein Kampf.

      In 2004 John Forbes Kerry launched what was seen by many as a pre-
      emptive strike
      against the Bush-Cheney re-election campaign by discussing the sexual
      orientation of Vice President Cheney's daughter. Some years earlier,
      reports in a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania newspaper had alleged that
      Theresa Heinz,
      who later became Theresa Heinz Kerry, was a lesbian. In light of the
      vulnerability to charges of racism in the story immediately above
      one wonders
      whether history was in a sense repeating itself when
      the baseless charges of racism against US Senator George Allen of
      Virginia were
      aired by the Saddemocrat controlled media. Kerry's 2004 campaign was
      taken over
      by Clintonistas in the fall of 2004.

      Kerry Has No Sense of Decency or of Shame No Sense At All
      Kerry Worse Than Howard Stern And Howard Dean Combined
      Joseph Welch
      Joseph Nye Welch (left), chief counsel for the U. S. Army, speaks to
      Senator McCarthy during the Army-McCarthy hearings in Washington, D.
      C., June, 1954.

      "Welch removed his glasses, stared dolefully at the table and shook
      his head. What he said then became the event's dramatic climax, and
      a moment more movie-like in its dramatic impact than even most
      movies come close to.

      "Until this moment, Senator, I think I never really gauged your
      cruelty or your recklessness." There was no noise in the huge, high-
      ceilinged room save for the sparse clearing of throats. "Let us not
      assassinate this lad further, Senator. You have done enough. Have
      you no sense of decency sir, at long last? Have you no sense of

      "Mary Beth Cahill, John Kerry's campaign manager, called Mary
      Cheney's sexuality "fair game" in a post-debate interview with Fox
      News Wednesday night
      (October 13th, 2004)."

      "KERRY: I think if you were to talk to Dick Cheney's daughter, who
      is a lesbian..." (October 13th, 2004). Bush-Kerry Presidential Debate

      ...the vice president and his wife...have a gay daughter."
      (October 5th, 2004) Cheney-Edwards Vice Presidential Debate

      "The vice president's wife, Lynne Cheney, called Kerry "not a good
      man" and his remarks about daughter Mary Cheney "a cheap and tawdry
      political trick." Meanwhile, Elizabeth Edwards, the wife of vice
      presidential candidate John Edwards, suggested in a radio interview
      that Mrs. Cheney might feel "a certain degree of shame" because her
      daughter is a lesbian."

      'Clintonistas' Rally Behind Kerry's Presidential Bid
      AFP: 9/22/2004 WEST PALM BEACH, United States (AFP) - Democratic
      Senator John
      Kerry`s White House bid has become more combative, more open to
      reporters and
      delivered a more focused message recently which
      observers have attributed to the influence of former Bill Clinton
      administration staffers. Under advice from the `Clintonistas`,
      according to US
      media reports, the veteran Massachusetts senator`s campaign has
      clicked into a
      higher gear just 41 days before Amercians go to the polls on
      November 2. The
      Democratic presidential hopeful interrupted his campaigning across
      Florida on
      Tuesday to hold a press conference, his first in more than seven
      weeks, at which
      he lambasted President George W. Bush`s credibility over Iraq.
      Kerry last spoke took questions from the press on August 9, despite
      the growing number of reporters who are following the Democrat
      around the country. Kerry criticized Bush who has also kept his
      distance from
      the press. ...Under the guidance of former Clinton era White House
      spokesman Joe
      Lockhart, and other former high-powered `Clintonistas` including
      James Carville,
      Paul Begala,... the Democratic candidate has become more combative
      and less

      Kerry has notably increased his attacks on Bush, concentrating his
      fire on Bush`s handling of Iraq in clear-cut language.

      Citing the "chaos" and "colossal errors" in Bush`s decision to go to
      war against the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in March 2003,
      Kerry laid into Bush in a speech on Iraq this week at New York

      According to Michael McCurry, another former Clinton spokesman who
      has joined the Kerry campaign, the speech was "exactly what you`d
      expect, many people have said this was a speech that you needed to

      The Democratic candidate, who has pulled back of late in some polls,
      has said he always performs better as he approaches the finishing
      tape in political campaigns.

      "Tonight I`m going to talk softly, but carry a big stick, the guys
      have got me in a fighting mood," Kerry told thousands of supporters
      at an Orlando rally late Tuesday.

      "There is a time for everything and it was time for him to take off
      the gloves," Kerry`s wife Teresa told a New York audience at a fund-
      raising dinner for her husband.

      Kerry has not hidden the fact that Bill Clinton`s seemingly
      inexhaustable energy might be rubbing off: "He is probably the best
      observer of American politics, the only Democrat who`s won twice in
      50 years or more, he is worth listening to," Kerry told CBS talk-
      show host David Letterman earlier this week.

      Explaining the recent ramping up of his campaign, Kerry said "a
      campaign grows, a presidential campaign is an enormous undertaking,
      suddenly you`re building a multimillion dollar corporation.

      You grow and there are stages in it, we have fabulous people in
      place, nobody was fired, we just hired more people and brought in
      more talent," he added."
      Source: http://www.turkishpress.com/news.asp?id=28068

      "The Clintonista "Coups." At several critical junctures Kerry's
      campaign (and
      the candidate himself), struggled to find sure footing. Following
      the missteps
      of August, Clinton veteran James Carville confronted Kerry campaign
      manager Mary
      Beth Cahill, telling her she had to step aside and let newly arrived
      Lockhart run the campaign. So worked up, Carville began to cry,
      Cahill: "You've got to let him do it." Carville continued, "Nobody
      can gain
      power without someone losing power." Carville threatened to go
      on "Meet the
      Press" the next day "and tell the truth about how bad it is" if
      Cahill didn't
      give effective control to Lockhart."
      Source: http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/041104/nyth186_1.html

      Kerry appeared to be mesmerized by Bill Clinton, as, sadly, so many
      have been. While Bill Clinton appears to have fooled Kerry, and the
      of the piece excerpted from immediately below, the Clintons can't
      fool all of
      the people all of the time.

      "Former Reagan Navy Secretary and now Democratic Senate hopeful from
      Virginia James Webb is being accused of anti-Semitism for a flier
      produced against his opponent Harris Miller.
      By James Joyner
      Senate candidate James H. Webb, President Reagan's former Navy
      secretary, was criticized by his Jewish opponent Friday over a
      campaign flier that depicted the opponent with a hooked nose and
      cash spilling from his pockets. The flier was intended for
      distribution among labor groups. It was titled "Miller the Job
      Killer," referring to Webb's opponent for the Democratic nomination
      in Tuesday's primary, businessman Harris Miller.
      The flier, drawn in comic-book cartoon style, depicts Miller with a
      grotesquely hooked nose and cash overflowing from his suit pockets
      as he orders an underling to find ways to export U.S. jobs overseas.
      The flier refers to Miller as the "anti-Christ of outsourcing."
      Miller called it "despicable." "One of the things I hoped we would
      keep out of this campaign, because it has nothing to do with the
      campaign, is my religion and my background," Miller said." source:
      Here are some excerpts from that anti-Miller flyer
      click on the url immediately below to see it:
      which was "paid for and authorized by webb for senate.
      www.webbforsenate.com" whose caricature drawings of Democrat Harris
      Miller, who happens to be Jewish, look like they came straight out
      of some nazi Germany era anti-Semitic propaganda piece, have him
      saying: "Let them eat cake.", which of course he never said, and
      which has a footnote stating "1. Attributed to Marie Antoinette
      shortly before she was beheaded in 1793." as if Miller had actually
      said it.
      "Harris Miller, a corporate lobbyist, made his fortune by advocating
      the outsourcing of American jobs. Called the "anti-Christ of
      outsourcing," 1. Attributed to Marie Antoinette shortly before she
      was beheaded in 1793. As Virginia's Senator, Jim Webb will be a
      voice for working Virginians and will fight for what is really
      Root out corporate corruption and end the lobbyist stranglehold on
      Congress, restoring confidence in our government. paid for and
      authorized by webb for senate. www.webbforsenate.com"

      it is no wonder that the American Muslim Alliance chapter in
      Massachusetts held
      what it called a "successful fundraiser" for First Lady Hillary
      Clinton at the
      Park Plaza Hotel in Boston on June 13, 2000. AMA Massachusetts Chair
      Tahir Ali
      said afterwards, "We are attempting to send an important message to
      all AMA
      chapters: we must support all who have [Muslim] interests at heart,
      of what part of the country they are running in."

      According to Steve Emerson, a well-known investigative journalist
      in militant Islamic organizations, the AMA's leaders "have
      sanctioned terrorism,
      published anti-Semitic statements, and repeatedly hosted conferences
      that were
      forums for denunciations of Jews and exhortations to wage jihad."
      Faced with
      pressure on the matter, Mrs. Clinton announced on Oct. 25th that she
      returning the $50,000 in campaign contributions raised for her by
      the AMA. She
      failed to give a credible explanation as to why it took her more
      than four
      months from June 13th until October 25th until she saw it
      necessary to
      return the money.

      Mr. Emerson, in a recent Wall Street Journal article, noted: "As
      first lady,
      Mrs. Clinton began in 1996 an outreach program to Muslim leaders in
      the U.S.
      With America's Muslim population at some six million and growing, an
      effort to
      include the community's leaders in the mainstream of American
      politics is
      unquestionably a worthy undertaking. But curiously, nearly all of
      the leaders
      with whom Mrs. Clinton elected to meet came from Islamic
      organizations. A review of the statements, publications and
      conferences of the
      groups Mrs. Clinton embraced shows unambiguously that they have long
      or justified violence. By meeting with these groups, the first lady
      lent them
      legitimacy as "mainstream" and "moderate"."

      But this should not be unexpected, considering Mrs. Clinton's past
      affiliations. During the 1980's, ultra-liberal lawyer Hillary Rodham-
      served on the board of the New World Foundation, which funneled
      money to the
      Palestine Liberation Organization, at a time when the PLO was
      recognized by the United States as a terrorist organization.

      Similarly, in February 1996, Hillary hosted a reception at the White
      House for
      leaders of Hamas-supporting groups such as the American Muslim
      Council and the
      Council on American-Islamic Relations. And in January, 1998, Hillary
      another White House reception honoring Muslim leaders and the Muslim
      Affairs Council who defended militant Islamic fundamentalism and
      also supported
      radical Islamic groups.

      This, then, is the real Hillary Rodham-Clinton. An ambitious woman
      willing to
      utter any banal cliche on behalf of "Israel's security" to placate
      unaware New
      York Jewish voters, but one whose pre-Senate race record on Israel
      is appalling.
      It's a record of supporting the terrorist PLO, even before the 1993
      signing of
      the first Oslo Agreement on the White House lawn, of ignoring
      blatant calumny
      heaped on Israel by Suha Arafat, of supporting the creation of a
      Palestinian PLO
      State, of hosting and legitimizing extremist Islamic groups in the
      States. Most recently, it included taking campaign contributions
      from these very
      same evil, anti-Semitic organizations - until being caught with her
      hand in the
      extremist Islamic cookie jar. This is the very same Hillary Rodham-
      Clinton who
      now claims to be Israel's friend."

      SOURCE: http://www.papillonsartpalace.com/hillarSy.htm

      You can see actual photos of arafat's uncle,Haj Mohammad Amin al-
      Husseini,the grand mufti of Jerusalem, and others :
      Kofi and Nasrallah, boss of Hezbollah
      The Mufti and Hitler
      Himmler with a Moslem SS Division
      Joe Dioguardi
      Hillary Clinton Kissing Arafat's Wife

      Hillary Clinton Kissing Arafat's Wife may also be seen at:

      arafat's uncle,Haj Mohammad Amin al-Husseini,the grand mufti of
      Jerusalem raised
      three Moslem nazi SS divisions for Hitler during World War Two. Two
      of those
      Moslem SS divisions were Bosnian, the third was Albanian. The
      Albanian Moslem SS
      Division was called the SS Division from which would spring the
      "KLA" Kosovo Liberation Army, a.k.a. UCK in Albanian.
      The children and grandchildren of the Albanian Moslem SS Division
      became the so-called "KLA".

      Now imagine if you will the 2008 Dream Ticket of Saddam's
      Saddemocrats: Hillary
      Rodham Clinton for President and James Webb, a.k.a. Jim Webb, for
      President. And if they are elected in 2008?

      "Allen: Webb camp anti-Semitic
      Thursday, September 21, 2006
      U.S. Sen. George Allen, R-Va., is accusing challenger Jim Webb of
      anti-Semitism for spotlighting Allen's newly acknowledged Jewish
      ancestry on Democratic blogs."There is a common thread that is
      running through the Webb campaign," Allen campaign manager Dick
      Wadhams said yesterday. "It has a clear anti-Semitic overtone to it."
      Webb's press secretary, Kristian Denny Todd, dismissed the claim
      as "slash-and-burn campaign tactics" and a bid to "make George Allen
      a sympathetic figure by rallying his base against the big, bad
      The Allen broadside followed the latest complication for his re-
      election effort: confirming he is part Jewish after angrily ducking
      a question on his heritage during a debate Monday with Webb.
      Allen said his maternal grandfather, an Italian jailed in Tunisia
      by the Nazis, was Jewish. Allen said he learned of his grandfather's
      religion, in part, after recent discussions with his mother.
      Allen's mother, Henrietta, "Etty" Allen, told The Washington Post
      yesterday that she concealed her upbringing as a Jew in North Africa
      from her children until late August when Allen asked her directly
      about his Jewish heritage. She said that she and the senator's
      father, former Redskins coach George Allen, had wanted to protect
      their children from living with the fear that she had experienced
      during World War II.
      Allen's mother, who is 83, said she asked her son not to tell his
      siblings and his wife. "The fact this is such an issue justifies my
      actions, and my behavior," she told the Post.
      In addition to posts on Democratic blogs focusing on Allen's
      lineage, Wadhams cited Webb's use of a controversial handbill during
      the primary campaign as evidence of anti-Semitism.
      "Anti-Semitic themes run through the Webb campaign," Wadhams
      said. "I distinctly make that assertion and that charge."
      During the Democratic primary, Webb was criticized for a flier
      featuring a cartoon likeness of his Jewish opponent, Harris Miller,
      with a large nose and cash spilling from his pockets.
      Last night, the Allen campaign issued a statement in which two
      Jewish Republicans U.S<br/><br/>(Message over 64 KB, truncated)
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