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Are Saddams Saddemocrats Behind The George Allen Lynching

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  • fellowtruthteller
    Are Saddams Saddemocrats Behind The George Allen Lynching As Fox News would say: We report, You Decide! Let s start off with George Allen critic, to say the
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      Are Saddams Saddemocrats Behind The George Allen Lynching

      As Fox News would say: "We report, You Decide!"

      Let's start off with George Allen critic, to say the least, Larry

      First let us travel back in time to the Wednesday, October 23rd,
      2002 issue of a publication called THE CAVALIER DAILY
      when "Politicians, professors and students gather to celebrate Larry
      J. Sabato's 50th birthday and raise money for the Center for
      Politics" Surely Mr.Sabato's 50th birthday party must have been an
      occasion for him. You can see a photo or Mr. Sabato being teased by
      Allen at Sabato's 50th birthday bash at
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/KnowTheEnemy/ in the KnowTheEnemy photo
      album."Politics Prof. Larry J. Sabato covers his face in
      embarassment as U.S.
      Senator George Allen teases Sabato about his excessive on-camera

      Please pay particular attention to the following item in the article
      below in which Senator Warner is comparing the invitation to the
      50th birthday
      party for Larry Sabato to Marlon Brando's "offer you can't refuse".
      Surely that
      line must have stuck with Larry Sabato.
      Larry Sabato must have remembered that line.
      "U.S. Senator John Warner, R-Va., compared the invitation to
      Marlon Brando's "offer you can't refuse."

      In case you are not a fan of The Godfather, which starred Marlon
      Brando Senator Warner's 2002 reference was to Marlon Brando's
      character Don Vito Corleone,The Godfather,"Don Vito's line, "I'm
      going to make him an offer he can't refuse" was voted as the second
      most memorable line in cinema history in a 2005 poll"

      The reference is to a character being pressured by The Godfather to
      use a film star favored by The Godfather waking up to find the
      severed head of a horse in his bed.

      item immediately below is from the Wednesday, October 23rd,
      2002 issue of a publication called THE CAVALIER DAILY

      Birthday Bashing
      Politicians, professors and students gather to celebrate Larry J.
      Sabato's 50th birthday and raise money for the Center for Politics

      Katie Sullivan , Cavalier Daily Associate Editor
      A conversational hum filled the hotel lobby as men and women in
      business suits congregated in small groups.
      "Can I get two minutes when you're done here?" one businessman said
      to another. Hearty greetings were exchanged while college students
      and interns searched for a chance to network.
      In a corner, a table holding platters of fruit and cheese stood near
      a cash bar where even beer was poured into wine glasses.
      Nearby, a long line waited to pick up their pre-printed nametags. An
      aide asked for the Virginia attorney general's nametag, only to find
      that his nametag had not been printed.
      As Virginia Gov. Mark R. Warner slowly worked his way through the
      crowd, a server holding a xylophone wandered in the throng, striking
      random notes to encourage the group to move into the dining room.
      Clearly, these people could only have gathered for one reason—to
      celebrate Politics Prof. Larry J. Sabato's 50th birthday.
      Virginia politicians, political analysts, journalists and University
      students and alumni gathered Monday night in the Richmond Marriot to
      wish Sabato a happy birthday.
      Rather than traditional cake and candles, however, a few prominent
      Virginia politicians humorously chose to light something else on
      fire—Sabato's reputation.
      Warner said he accepted the invitation to speak for the opportunity
      to give Sabato some of his own medicine.
      "Larry's been roasting all of us for years," Warner said. "Turnabout
      is fair play."
      The celebration, called the "Sabato Five-O," took the form of a
      roast a la Comedy Central. The event also served as a fundraiser for
      The University of Virginia Center for Politics, of which Sabato
      serves as director.
      The Center for Politics, located on Old Ivy Road , uses various
      research and outreach programs to promote civic education and
      participation around Virginia .
      After the crowd made its way into the dining room, former Virginia
      Gov. L. Douglas Wilder introduced himself as emcee of the night's
      festivities, and proceeded to introduce a video, much like those
      shown at bachelor parties.
      The video started out with photos of Sabato's youth, then moved to
      doctored photographs including Sabato as Elvis and an onlooker in
      the fateful photograph of former President Clinton and Monica
      Lewinsky. The video then featured birthday wishes from some of the
      media's most prominent political talk shows, such as Crossfire, The
      Capital Gang and The Beltway Boys.
      The Beltway Boys, Mort Kondracke and Fred Barnes, named Sabato as
      their favorite guest, even if "he doesn't always know what he's
      talking about. His greatest strength is that he's always there."
      University alumna and NBC Today Show anchor Katie Couric also taped
      a personal message, as well as fellow alumnus and FOX news anchor
      Brit Hume, who encouraged Sabato to "prevail in your long struggle
      against shyness."
      The program then gave six of Virginia `s most powerful politicians
      the opportunity to poke fun at a man who, as he himself claimed, has
      predicted defeat for every one of them.
      Virginia Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine called the head table "the greatest
      group of Virginia politicians since Thomas Jefferson ate by
      Much was said about Sabato's willingness to comply with the news
      media. AOL Editorial cartoonist Bob Gorrell showed the crowd a pie
      chart, claiming to cater to Sabato's love of precise polling data.
      According to the chart, 60 percent of the audience were thrilled to
      be there, 30 percent were moderately pleased, and 10 percent were
      incredibly inconvenienced. He also called Sabato "the Pez dispenser
      of sound bytes."
      Virginia Attorney General Jerry Kilgore spoke about Sabato's ability
      to state the obvious and make it sound profound, then joked about
      Sabato's abundance of media exposure.
      "He spends so much time in front of the camera lights," Kilgore
      said, "that when he opens his fridge at night he speaks for three
      Kilgore also mentioned Sabato's record for predicting the outcomes
      of elections.
      "In ancient times, prophets who got it wrong were taken out and
      stoned," he laughed.
      Several of the roasters mentioned a fear that if they turned down
      the invitation to speak, they later would receive some roasting of
      their own in Sabato's political analysis.
      U.S. Senator George Allen, R-Va., cited a need to keep Sabato off
      their backs.
      "There are places we'd rather be," Allen said. "But we didn't want
      to cross the good professor."
      U.S. Senator John Warner, R-Va., compared the invitation to Marlon
      Brando's "offer you can't refuse."
      Several speakers also joked about the dinner's fundraising function,
      calling it "extortion."
      Warner claimed it was only the beginning of a series of fundraisers
      to support various state agencies, including ABC stores and the
      Virginia Museum .
      Allen mentioned budgets cuts facing the University as well, and,
      indicating Warner, said, "If he cuts your budget next year, Larry,
      put it in your file as something mean a Democrat did to you."
      Allen, who attended the University as an undergraduate with Sabato,
      remembered Sabato's beginnings as a student who wanted to fight the
      power of special interest groups.
      "Then I see this gathering," Allen said. "You make Hillary Clinton
      look like a pike."
      Other commentary centered on Sabato's role as a professor.
      Warner, citing Sabato's frequent role as a debate moderator, posed a
      question of his own to the man of the hour: "Larry, do you require
      students to buy your textbooks to line your own pockets, or because
      nobody else will?"
      The night did include some serious moments, with Warner promising
      the state would come through the budget crisis and that the actions
      of the sniper would not keep the state from "moving forward."
      The dinner raised over $166,000 for the Center for Politics, which
      Sabato claimed was a third of the money needed to compensate for
      budget cuts.
      Sabato, always the academic, took advantage of the night as an
      educational opportunity. Two of his classes dined at sponsored
      tables, and each of his students met the roasting politicians and
      took pictures with them.
      Fourth-year College student Audrey Wagner, who is in Sabato's
      Virginia Government and Politics class, said she valued the
      opportunity to see the figures discussed in class in person.
      "Mr. Sabato's class is a class where you learn the kind of things
      you can't learn from textbooks," Wagner said. "It's great to
      understand some of the inside jokes the politicians made this
      evening just because I'm in his class."
      Sabato, who has been roasted before, said he enjoyed the event
      "I would walk over hot coals while barefoot to raise money for my
      beloved University," he said.

      Politics Prof. Larry J. Sabato covers his face in embarassment as
      U.S. Senator George Allen teases Sabato about his excessive on-
      camera time.
      Peter Dunn I Cavalier Daily

      We hope that you will pay particular attention to the following item
      movie reference in the article above: "U.S. Senator John Warner, R-
      Va., compared
      the invitation to Marlon Brando's "offer you can't refuse."

      Consider if you will the Dr.Shelton situation:

      "Dr. Shelton said the incident with the deer head occurred during
      their college days when he, Mr. Allen, and another teammate who has
      since died were hunting on a farm the third man's family owned near
      Bumpass, Va., 40 miles east of the university.
      Dr. Shelton said Mr. Allen asked the other teammate where black
      families lived in the area, then stuffed a deer's head into the
      mailbox of one of the homes.
      "George insisted on taking the severed head, and I was a little
      shocked by that," he told the AP. "This was just after the
      movie `The Godfather' came out with the severed horse's head in the
      source: http://www.nysun.com/article/40451?page_no=3

      We have a million dollar question about Larry Sabato. From "AJR,
      American Journalism Review April/May 2005 issue The Quote
      Machines By Mark Francis Cohen
      Mark Francis Cohen, whose work has appeared in the Washington Post
      and the New York Times, is a contributing editor at Washingtonian

      Larry J. Sabato, who bills himself on the paid speaking circuit
      as "probably the most quoted college professor in the land,"
      recently donated $1 million to the University of Virginia .
      That sum of money—estimated to be 12 to 13 times the scholar's
      annual salary—makes Sabato, 52, the most generous faculty member the
      university has ever employed. Actually, it's one of the biggest
      gifts an active professor has handed to a school anywhere.
      So where did Sabato get all this cash? "Thank goodness for compound
      interest," the mustachioed pundit told the Washington Post the day
      his gift was announced. "It's amazing what you can live on eating
      Kraft Macaroni & Cheese for dinner."
      "Still, a prudent lifestyle and savvy investment decisions hardly
      explain Sabato's beneficence. The scholar has amassed mounds of
      extra cash writing 23 books and moonlighting as a public speaker.
      He's a successful pundit whose words and face blanket the newspapers
      and airwaves, appearances that boost his profile and his cachet on
      the speaking circuit?it has become routine for individual editors,
      say on a national desk, to forbid reporters from using certain
      pundits as sources. Many editors interviewed for this article would
      only admit such prohibitions anonymously. "I have told my reporters
      not to use Larry Sabato anymore," says the editor of a publication
      that covers Congress."
      You decide: Where did Sabato get the million dollars? Why would "the
      editor of a publication that covers Congress" have told
      his "reporters not to use Larry Sabato anymore." ?
      Dr. Shelton said Mr. Allen used the N-word only around white
      Dr. Shelton said the incident with the deer head occurred during
      their college days when he, Mr. Allen, and another teammate who has
      since died were hunting on a farm the third man's family owned near
      Bumpass, Va., 40 miles east of the university.
      Dr. Shelton said Mr. Allen asked the other teammate where black
      families lived in the area, then stuffed a deer's head into the
      mailbox of one of the homes.
      "George insisted on taking the severed head, and I was a little
      shocked by that," he told the AP. "This was just after the
      movie `The Godfather' came out with the severed horse's head in the
      source: http://www.nysun.com/article/40451?page_no=3
      "Virginia Senator Denies Using `N Word'
      George Allen: Accusation By Ex-College Teammate `Absolutely False'
      "I don't remember ever using that word and it is absolutely false
      that that was ever part of my vocabulary."
      RICHMOND, Va., Sept. 25, 2006

      (AP) Sen. George Allen on Monday denounced as "ludicrously false"
      claims from a former college football teammate that he frequently
      used a racial slur to refer to black people.

      Dr. Ken Shelton, now a radiologist in Hendersonville , N.C. , also
      alleges that Allen, a former University of Virginia quarterback,
      once stuffed the severed head of a deer into a black household's
      oversized mail box.

      In an Associated Press interview, Allen vehemently denied the
      allegations Shelton made in an article published in the online
      magazine Salon.com and an AP interview Sunday night.

      His campaign released statements from four other ex-teammates
      defending Allen and rejecting Shelton `s claims.

      "The story and his comments and assertions in there are completely
      false," Allen said during an interview with AP reporters and
      editors. "I don't remember ever using that word and it is absolutely
      false that that was ever part of my vocabulary."

      Questions about racial insensitivity have dogged the Republican
      throughout his re-election bid against Democrat Jim Webb. His use of
      the word "macaca" in referring to a Webb campaign volunteer of
      Indian descent in August prompted an outcry. The word denotes a
      genus of monkeys and, in some cultures, is considered an ethnic

      Shelton , a tight end and wide receiver for the Cavaliers in the
      early 1970s, said Allen used the N-word only around white teammates.

      During a deer hunt with Allen in the early 1970s, Shelton said,
      Allen asked whether black families lived in the area before stuffing
      a female deer's head into the mail box of a black household.

      "George insisted on taking the severed head, and I was a little
      shocked by that," Shelton said.

      "This was just after the movie `The Godfather' came out with the
      severed horse's head in the bed," Shelton told the AP.

      Doug Jones, who said he roomed with Shelton at Virginia , said in a
      statement that he never saw or heard anything from Allen that
      supports Shelton `s claims.

      "I never heard George Allen use any racially disparaging word nor
      did I ever witness or hear about him acting in a racially
      insensitive manner," Jones said."
      Jim Webb, a.k.a. James Webb is Senator Allen's opponent in the
      Virginia Senate
      race this year. Webb is an opponent of the liberation of Iraq. Webb
      is one of
      what we like to call Saddam's Saddemocrats The following item on Jim
      a.k.a. James Webb. comes from his campaign website:
      "In government, Jim served in the U.S. Congress as counsel to the
      Committee on Veterans Affairs from l977 to l98l"
      source: http://www.webbforsenate.com/biography/
      We wonder what sort of useful and lasting contact Jim Webb, a.k.a.
      James Webb,
      might have made while he "served in the U.S. Congress as counsel to
      the House
      Committee on Veterans Affairs from l977 to l98l".
      "Public release date: 22-Jan-1998
      BUFFALO, N.Y.—Researchers at the University at Buffalo and the U.S.
      of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Buffalo, using positron
      tomography (PET), have pinpointed for the first time the specific
      brain regions
      responsible for Tinnitus, a constant and debilitating ringing in the
      experienced by millions of Americans. ?The study was made possible
      by grants
      from UB, the American Tinnitus Association, the James H. Cummings
      Foundation of
      Buffalo and the National Institute on Deafness and Other
      Disorders, part of the NIH."
      SOURCE: http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/1998-01/UaB-RFSI-
      We hope that you will rember the name of the James H. Cummings
      Foundation of
      Buffalo in the article above.
      Recall if you will Doctor Ken Shelton.
      What the news stories are NOT
      telling you is that Doctor Ken Shelton is the founder of something
      called Tobacco FREE for Life Tobacco Free for Life - Teaching kids
      of all ages
      the truth about smoking. ... and is currently operating out of an
      office on the
      Pardee Hospital campus. ...www.tobaccofreeforlife.org/home.shtml
      Tobacco FREE for Life
      TFL started in 1996 by Dr. Ken Shelton of Hendersonville Radiological
      Consultants and is currently operating out of an office on the Pardee
      Hospital campus. ...www.tobaccofreeforlife.org/home.shtml
      and that Pardee Hospital is the recipient of
      Grants Help Fund New Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab and Diabetes Education
      Center Pardee Hospital Foundation recently received notification of
      worth of grants toward Pardee's new Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation
      and Diabetes
      Education Center. The Center will be constructed in Pardee's
      Thompson Street
      facility which currently houses Pardee's Urgent Care and Rehab and
      Therapy services.
      The James H. Cummings Foundation has awarded a $50,000 grant toward
      the creation of the center. Cummings Foundation was established in
      1962 by the late Mr. Cummings to fund medical science, medical
      research and medical education, as well as some other focus areas,
      in Buffalo, Toronto and Hendersonville. The Cummings Foundation
      previously funded Pardee's Emergency Department expansion.
      The Perry N. Rudnick Donor Advised Fund of the Community Foundation
      of Henderson County has awarded a $25,000 grant toward the project.
      The Community Foundation of Henderson County supports charitable
      programs in the greater Henderson County area. It was founded in
      1983 and administers over 400 funds with assets of over $67 million.
      South Financial Group Foundation, formerly known as the Carolina
      First Foundation, has awarded a $5,000 grant toward the creation of
      the center. The South Financial Group Foundation was created in 1999
      with a focus on improving education through enhancing the quality of
      life for the community.
      In addition to these three grants, more than $179,000 has been
      raised from the Pardee Hospital Auxiliary and other generous
      benefactors. Proceeds from the 11th Annual Tournament of Champions
      will also go toward the Center, contributing to a total of nearly
      $323,000 in funds raised for this project.
      source: http://www.pardeehospital.org/foundation/whats_new/cardio.htm
      James H Cummings Foundation Inc1807 Elmwood Ave Ste 112, Buffalo,
      NY, United StatesPhone: (716) 874-0040Location Type: Single Location
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      Family ServicesSIC: Individual and Family Social ServicesLine of
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      H Cummings Foundation IncJames H Cummings Foundation Inc - detailed
      company profile
      James H Cummings Foundation Inc
      1807 Elmwood Ave Ste 112,Buffalo, New York 14207-2434
      Erie County
      United States
      (716) 874-0040
      (716) 874-0040

      Year Started: 1962
      State of Incorporation: N/A
      Location type: Single Location
      Stock Symbol: N/A
      Stock Exchange: N/A
      Trade Style Names: N/A

      SIC Code: 8322-Individual and Family Social
      Services6733-Trusts, Except Educational, Religious, and Charitable
      Business Description: Individual/Family Services Trust

      Estimated Annual Sales: $200,000
      Estimated Employees: 8
      Estimated Employees at Location: 8

      Contact Name: John N Walsh Jr
      Contact Title: President

      source: http://www.manta.com/coms2/dnbcompany_6l5q1g

      John N. Walsh, Jr. is listed under Additional Regional Board
      Members - Board Listing: at:
      and that under
      Key Facts: at http://www.nccj.org/nccj/nccj.nsf/articleall/4499?
      that organization states:
      "The National Conference of Christians and Jews, changed its name in
      the 1990's to better reflect its mission to build whole and
      inclusive communities. The historic name confused many, who
      believed that NCCJ was an interfaith organization. Therefore the
      new name is not a change in vision, but rather an affirmation of our
      abiding commitment to embrace the diversity of our nation.
      NCCJ is the only national human relations organization that focuses
      on a broad range of "isms," the multiple manifestations of
      discrimination and oppression that are based on one's religion,
      race, gender, sexual orientation, bias crimes to racial profiling -
      the challenges ahead are real. To confront and overcome them, NCCJ
      maintains an abiding commitment to work with decision-makers and
      leaders to support their work to build an inclusive society."
      Now all of these things are of course worthy goals. Medical research
      admirable, so is fighting the ills of tobacco, although Webb himself
      admits to
      being someone who has chewed tobacco for many years, and certainly
      discrimination of any sort is a worthy goal. It is the interesting
      connections between the characters involved in the character
      assassination and
      overall lynching of Senator Allen that lead us to believe that there
      are just
      too many coincidences involved to be pure coincidence. However, to
      Fox News once again, "We report, you decide!" What do you think of
      the so-called
      coincidences in this story? Are they more than mere coincidence?

      "Larry Sabato.. a classmate of Allen's in the early 1970s, said in a
      televised interview Monday that Allen used the "n-word."
      Earlier, Dr. Ken Shelton ?a radiologist who played football with
      Allen at the University of Virginia in the early 1970s ?said Allen
      not only used the slur frequently but also once stuffed a severed
      deer head into a black family's mailbox? Christopher LaCivita, an
      Allen strategist?said Allen and Sabato were not friends nor did
      they associate with each other in college. " Sabato, director of the
      University of Virginia Center for Politics, would not say how he
      knew Allen used the slur. He told Chris Matthews on MSNBC that he
      did not know whether it was true that Allen used the word frequently.
      "I'm simply going to stay with what I know is the case, and the fact
      is he did use the n-word, whether he's denying it or not," Sabato
      However, Tuesday, Sabato acknowledged he has never directly heard
      Allen use the slur.
      UVA's Larry Sabato had strong words about Sen. George Allen (R-VA)
      on "Hardball" last night:
      MSNBC's Matthews: "What about these charges that he actually used
      the bad language that some of us are familiar with in this country?
      br> in fact, most Americans are—the bad language about people from
      another, other background—did he do it?"
      Sabato: "I can't say how frequently he did it, but I don't believe
      him when he denies never having done it."
      More Sabato: "I'm simply going to say that I'm going to stay with
      what I know is the case. And the fact is that he did use the `N'
      word, whether he's denying it now or not. He did use it. It was
      the `70s, you're right, it was a harsh term, it was an obscenity at
      this as far as I'm concerned."
      Matthews: "How do you know about the `N' word? How do you know,
      Larry, about the `N' word?"
      Sabato: "Because there is other evidence that I'm not going to go
      into on your show, Chris, sorry."
      Asked if he heard Allen use the word: "I'm not going to go into any
      more details" ("Hardball," MSNBC, 9/25).

      Rough translation of op-ed that appeared in Yediot Achronot - 12
      A band of Islamic terrorists kidnapped Daniel Pearl - a Wall Street
      Journal correspondent, a month ago, in Pakistan . His captors held
      hostage, degraded him, hit him and tortured him. Afterwards, they
      slit his
      throat, chopped off his head and grossly mutilated his body. They
      documented their crimes on video. Daniel Pearls, last words, as they
      appear on the video are: "I am a Jew, my father and mother were
      The decapitated head of Daniel Pearl, a son of two Israeli parents
      emigrated from Israel to America , has still not been brought to a
      Jewish grave among the nation of Israel .
      Let us contemplate the significance of his last words that were
      uttered in
      the hateful faces of his murderers.
      "I am a Jew", said Pearl , meaning I am the son of the nation and of
      fate of the Jewish people. "I am a Jew", meaning I am a link in the
      chain of persecution, Exiles, pogroms and death camps. "I am a Jew",
      meaning this is my own personal Holocaust.
      When Daniel Pearl said "I am a Jew" he died sanctifying G-d's name.
      But Daniel Pearl also said, "My father and my mother are also
      Jews." Meaning: In my last moments of life I proclaim that I am
      reconnecting to the fathers of my parents - to my Jewish ancestors.
      I am
      not only the proud son of this persecuted nation, I am the proud son
      these survivors, this strong nation, who can never be defeated. My
      who is now in my wife's womb, will be a Jew just like me. You can
      kill me
      but you can't kill him. You can't kill us.
      Daniel Pearl said "I am a Jew" as a prayer and as a message. Pearl
      the whole world to know that he was butchered by his Muslim captors
      because he was a Jew, and not because he was a reporter or an
      Thus his words are a last will and request to Israel , the Jewish
      Gibson charged with drunken driving
      Misdemeanors carry maximum of six months in jail
      Thursday, August 3, 2006
      LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Mel Gibson was charged Wednesday
      with misdemeanor drunken driving, as well as driving with an
      elevated blood alcohol level and an open container of alcohol in his
      car, prosecutors said?During his arrest, Gibson asked the arresting
      deputy whether he was a Jew and said, "F---ing Jews. The Jews are
      responsible for all the wars in the world," according to a sheriff's
      report obtained by the entertainment Web site TMZ.com, which is
      owned by CNN.com parent company Time Warner.
      Mel Gibson Drives Drunk, Swears Uncontrollably, Hates Jewish People,
      Threatens Cops,
      Worried that Gibson might become violent, the deputy on the scene,
      James Mee, told the actor he would not be handcuffed as long as he
      cooperated. As the two stood next to the hood of the patrol car, the
      deputy asked Gibson to get inside, at which point Mel
      proclaimed "I'm not going to get in your car," and bolted to his own
      vehicle. The deputy quickly subdued Gibson, cuffed him and put him
      inside the patrol car.
      The deputy taped the entire exchange between himself and Gibson,
      from the time of the traffic stop to the time Gibson was put in the
      patrol car, and that the tape fully corroborates the written report
      obtained by TMZ.
      It gets better/worse. Once inside the car, Gibson began banging
      against the seat.
      "You motherf–ker. I'm going to f–k you," he yelled.
      The deputy, in the report, wrote that "Gibson almost continually
      [sic] threatened me saying he `owns Malibu ' and will spend all of
      his money to `get even' with me." The report also states that Gibson
      launched into a tirade of anti-Semitic statements, exclaiming "F?br>
      king Jews?The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world."
      Gibson then asked the deputy if he is Jewish.
      The deputy became alarmed as Gibson's tirade escalated, and called
      ahead for a sergeant to meet them when they arrived at the station.
      When they arrived, a sergeant began videotaping Gibson, who noticed
      the camera and then said, "What the f–k do you think you're doing?"
      Gibson then allegedly saw a female sergeant and yelled, "What do you
      think you're looking at, sugar tits?"
      TMZ has been told that Gibson took two blood alcohol tests, which
      were videotaped, and continued saying how "f–ked" he was and how he
      was going to "f–k" the deputy who arrested him. He was then put in a
      cell with handcuffs on. He said he needed to urinate, and tried
      manipulating his hands to unzip his pants. Afraid Gibson was going
      to urinate on the floor of the cell, the deputy asked someone to
      take Gibson to the bathroom.
      After leaving the bathroom, Gibson demanded to make a phone call,
      and was taken to a pay phone, where he began bashing the receiver
      against the phone when he didn't hear a dial tone. Gibson was warned
      that if he damaged the phone he could be charged with felony
      vandalism. Gibson was then asked, and refused, to sign the necessary
      paperwork, and was thrown in a detox cell.
      Deputy Mee wrote an eight-page report detailing Mel Gibson's rampage
      and comments. Sources say the sergeant on duty felt the written
      report was inflammatory, especially given the current situation in
      Israel . It was mentioned several times that Gibson had
      incited "anti-Jewish sentiment" and "For a drunk driving arrest, is
      this really worth all that?"
      Deputy Mee was then ordered to write a second report, leaving the
      comments about Jews out. Sources say he was told the sanitized
      report would end up in the media, and that he could file a
      supplemental report that contained the incendiary information, which
      would be locked in the commander's safe.
      Initially, a Sheriff's official told TMZ the arrest occurred without
      incident. On Friday night, spokesman Steve Whitmore told TMZ:
      "The L.A. County Sheriff's Department investigation into the arrest
      of Mr. Gibson on suspicion of driving under the influence will be
      complete and will contain every factual piece of evidence. Nothing
      will be sanitized. There was absolutely no favoritism shown to this
      suspect or any other. When this file is presented to the Los Angeles
      County District Attorney, it will contain everything. Nothing will
      be left out."
      by Liba Pearson I don't know what kind of Jew Daniel
      Pearl was—if he went to synagogue regularly or thought about keeping
      kosher. And it just doesn't matter.

      These days in Israel , I've noticed that cab drivers no longer only
      say "have a nice day" when you get out of the cab. Instead they
      say, "Have a quiet day." By that, they mean: "Let's hope no one dies
      today." Because it seems that almost every day comes another horror?
      br> two teenagers blown up in a pizza shop, an old man bludgeoned to
      death in a soccer stadium just inside Palestinian territory, a
      mother and her developmentally disabled daughter shot in their home
      by a demon who will later be proclaimed a hero by people who live a
      half hour's drive from me...
      Not every few months, or few weeks; the unthinkable is occurring so
      frequently that thought stops.
      With each headline, I pause and reflect... and it is too much and I
      close my eyes tightly. I try to comprehend how this happens, how can
      they do this...
      But I understand that I cannot understand.
      On Friday, shortly before I ran out for Shabbat, I saw that Daniel
      Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter, had been killed by his
      captors. I can't say that I was surprised. But, still, I had a
      moment—longer even than usual—where I grieved.
      I read the obituaries: about his joviality, his love of music, his
      propensity for walking around the newsroom in bare feet. And the
      reports were now "releasing" the information that Daniel Pearl was
      Jewish. To us—to Jews—this came as no surprise. His name, his
      face... we already knew that. And as silly as it seemed that his
      captors might not know it themselves, I understood why his family
      had asked that it not be reported.
      It wasn't until after Shabbat that I read what Daniel Pearl's last
      words were:
      "I am a Jew. My mother is a Jew..."

      That was the last thing he uttered before one of his captors stepped
      up behind him and slit his throat.

      That was apparently the last thing he uttered before one his captors
      stepped up behind him and slit his throat. Then they beheaded him,
      and they videotaped the entire grisly spectacle. Those words—they
      beheaded him—must be said in a whisper. They don't make sense, even
      to me—and I live in a place where children are killed for eating
      They beheaded him.
      Things like that don't happen. The gruesomeness of it, the
      But that's not what stuck in my head.
      He was a Jew and his mother was a Jew.
      I don't know what "kind" of Jew he was—if he went to synagogue
      regularly or thought about keeping kosher, if he considered himself
      a member of any of the particular "streams" of Judaism (maybe he was
      Refoconservadoxal) or not, or if his pretty wife is Jewish, or if he
      planned on giving the son she is carrying a bris.
      And it just doesn't matter.
      This is something that the wicked men who killed him understand,
      sometimes, much better than we do. Whether he was right or left,
      whether he was completely assimilated or wildly and fervently
      observant—Daniel Pearl was just a Jew.
      As I sat reading eulogies, with tears brimming in my eyes,
      Mordechai's admonition to Esther came into my head: "Do not imagine
      that you will be able to escape in the king's palace any more than
      any other Jew."
      Just like the old man beaten to death in a soccer field, like the
      teenagers eating pizza, the mother and daughter... They all
      committed the same crime: Being a Jew.
      I do not understand.
      This past Shabbat, we read Parshat Zachor, when the entire
      congregation repeats: "Remember what Amalek did to you on the way..."
      Amalek led his tribe in an attack on the Jews as they wearily made
      their way out of Egypt . His deeds were most dastardly: he attacked
      the Jews' rear, where the old and sick and weakest were. Ironically,
      he was a grandson of Esau's—and therefore not-so-distantly related
      to the Jews. And yet he attacked just after the miraculous splitting
      of the Red Sea : He feared neither the Jews nor God.
      Why did he do it? Our sages answer simply: because Amalek was evil.
      Not forgetting what Amalek did to us on means remembering that there
      is such a thing as simple wickedness, and remembering Amalek rebukes
      the notion that everyone is motivated by some sort of rational self-

      Evil deserves only to be eradicated.

      Thousands of people were slaughtered as they sat in their offices in
      New York and there are those who say we must "understand" why those
      who perpetrated the deed did so.
      Evil cannot be simply explained by reason. Evil deserves not to be
      understood, twisted into some shape that we recognize as rational
      behavior: Evil deserves only to be eradicated. Our charge to
      remember Amalek confronts us with that.
      We so want to rationalize evil into something we can wrap our
      intellects around: We want to believe that Hitler had some sort of
      gruesome Jewish kindergarten teacher and acted out his frustrations
      on the whole Jewish people. Mordechai set off Haman's dreadful
      inferiority complex. And maybe Amalek himself had appallingly low
      Nor can we any better understand the actions of the men who stepped
      in front of a video camera and murdered Danny Pearl.
      "I am a Jew. My mother is a Jew..."
      When he said that, they killed him. We know for what he was
      executed, what crime he committed.
      Parshat Zachor concludes: "It shall be that when God lets you rest
      from all your surrounding enemies in the land that God gave you as a
      heritage to bequeath, you are to erase the memory of Amalek from
      beneath the heaven. Do not forget." And, just like the old man in
      the soccer field, and the mother and daughter, and the kids in the
      pizza shop, we must never forget what Amalek did to Danny Pearl.
      Marianne Pearl said that Danny Pearl's spirit lives on.
      And after I am galled each time that I can go on with my day after
      the choking pause when I hear about the old man, or the mother and
      daughter, or the kids... or Danny Pearl, I know that going on, going
      downtown, refusing to be cowed by the fear the modern-day Amaleks
      spread, continuing to live life as a proud, committed Jew—that is
      the only victory I understand.
      Contributions to support Daniel Pearl's family can be made at:

      Pearl Family Foundation
      c/o Wall Street Journal
      P.O. Box 300
      Princeton , N.J. 08543
      This next item is excerpted from The Man in the High Castle by
      Philip K. Dick "The loudspeaker at the end of the aisle
      said "Achtung, meine Damen und Herren." In his seat, Mr. Baynes
      started, opened his eyes. Through the window to his right he could
      see, far below, the brown and green of land, and then blue. The
      Pacific. The rocket, he realized, had begun its long slow descent.
      In German first, then Japanese, and at last English, the loudspeaker
      explained that no one was to smoke or to untie himself from his
      padded seat. The descent, it explained, would take eight minutes.
      The retro-jets started then, so suddenly and loudly, shaking the
      ship so violently, that a number of passengers gasped. Mr. Baynes
      smiled, and in the aisle seat across from him, another passenger, a
      younger man with close-cropped blond hair, also smiled.
      "Sie furchten dass?quot; the young man began, but Mr. Baynes saidat
      once, in English:
      "I'm sorry; I don't speak German." The young German gazed at
      himquestioningly, and so he saidthe same thing in German.
      "No German?" the young German said, amazed, in accented English.
      "I am Swedish," Baynes said
      "You embarked at Tempelhof."
      "Yes, I was in Germany on business. My business carries me to a
      number of countries."
      Clearly, the young German could not believe that anyone in the
      modern world, anyone who had international business dealings and
      rode—could afford to ride—on the latest Lufthansa rocket, could or
      would not speak German. To Baynes he said, "What line are you in,
      mein Herr?"
      "Plastics. Polyesters. Resins. Ersatz—industrial uses. Do you see?
      No consumers' commodities."
      " Sweden has a plastics industry?" Disbelief.
      "Yes, a very good one. If you will give me your name I will have a
      firm brochure mailed to you." Mr. Baynes brought out his pen and pad.
      "Never mind. It would be wasted on me. I am an artist, not a
      commercial man. No offense. Possibly you have seen my work while on
      the Continent. Alex Lotze" He waited.
      "Afraid I do not care for modern art," Mr. Baynes said"I like the
      old prewar cubists and abstractionists. I like a picture to mean
      something, not merely to represent the ideal." He turned away.
      "But that's the task of art," Lotze said. "To advance the
      spirituality of man, over the sensual. Your abstract art represented
      a period of spiritual decadence, of spiritual chaos, due to the
      disintegration of society, the old plutocracy. The Jewish and
      capitalist millionaires, the international set that supported the
      decadent art. Those times are over; art has to—go on—it can't stay
      Baynes nodded, gazing out the window.
      "Have you been to the Pacific before?"Lotze asked.
      "Several times."
      "Not I. There is an exhibition in San Francisco of my work, arranged
      by Dr. Goebbels' office, with the Japanese authorities. A cultural
      exchange to promote understanding and goodwill. We must ease
      tensions between the East and West, don't you think? We must have
      more communication, and art can do that."
      Baynes nodded. Below, beyond the ring of fire from the rocket, the
      city of San Francisco and the Bay could now be seen.
      "Where does one eat in San Francisco ?" Lotze was saying. "I have
      reservations at the Palace Hotel, but my understanding is that one
      can find good food in the international section, such as the
      Chinatown ."
      "True," Baynes said.
      "Are prices high in San Francisco ? I am out of pocket for this
      trip. The Ministry is very frugal." Lotze laughed.
      "Depends on the exchange rate you can manage. I presume you're
      carrying Reichsbank drafts. I suggest you go to the Bank of Tokyo on
      Samson Street and exchange there."
      "Danke sehr,"Lotze said . "I would have done it at the hotel."
      The rocket had almost reached the ground. Now Baynes could see the
      airfield itself, hangars, parking lots, the autobahn from the city,
      the houses. . . very lovely view, he thought. Mountains and water,
      and a few bits of fog drifting in at the Golden Gate .
      "What is that enormous structure below?" Lotze asked. "It is half-
      finished, open at one side. A spaceport? The Nipponese have no
      spacecraft, I thought."
      With a smile, Baynes said, "That's Golden Poppy Stadium. The
      baseball park."
      Lotze laughed. "Yes, they love baseball. Incredible. They have begun
      work on that great structure for a pastime, an idle time-wasting
      Interrupting, Baynes said "It is finished. That's its permanent
      shape. Open on one side. A new architectural design. They are very
      proud of it."
      "It looks," Lotze said, gazing down, "as if it was designed by a
      Baynes regarded the man for a time. He felt, strongly for a moment,
      the unbalanced quality, the psychotic streak, in the German mind.
      Did Lotze actually mean what he said? Was it a truly spontaneous
      "I hope we will see one another later on in San Francisco ," Lotze
      said, as the rocket touched the ground. "I will be at loose ends
      without a countryman to talk to."
      "I'm not a countryman of yours," Baynes said.
      "Oh, yes; that's so. But racially, you're quite close. For all
      intents and purposes the same." Lotze began to stir around in his
      seat, getting ready to unfasten the elaborate belts.
      Am I racially kin to this man? Baynes wondered. So closely so that
      for all intents and purposes it is the same? Then it is in me, too,
      the psychotic streak. A psychotic world we live in. The madmen are
      in power. How long have we known this? Faced this? And—how many of
      us do know it? Not Lotze. Perhaps if you know you are insane then
      you are not insane. Or you are becoming sane, finally. Waking up. I
      suppose only a few are aware of all this. Isolated persons here and
      there. But the broad masses. . . what do they think? All these
      hundreds of thousands in this city, here. Do they imagine that they
      live in a sane world? Or do they guess, glimpse, the truth. . . ?
      But, he thought, what does it mean, insane? A legal definition. What
      do I mean? I feel it, see it, but what is it?
      He thought, It is something they do, something they are. It is—their
      unconsciousness. Their lack of knowledge about others. Their not
      being aware of what they do to others, the destruction they have
      caused and are causing. No, he thought. That isn't it, I don't know;
      I sense it, intuit it. But—they are purposely cruel . . . is that
      it? No. God, he thought. I can't find it, make it clear. Do they
      ignore parts of reality? Yes. But it is more. It is their plans.
      Yes, their plans. The conquering of the planets. Something frenzied
      and demented, as was their conquering of Africa, and before that,
      Europe and Asia .
      Their view; it is cosmic. Not of a man here, a child there, but air
      abstraction: race, land. Volk. Land. Blut. Ehre. Not of honorable
      men but of Ehre itself, honor; the abstract is real, the actual is
      invisible to them. Die G?e, but not good men, this good man. It is
      their sense of space and time. They see through the here, the now,
      into the vast black deep beyond, the unchanging. And that is fatal
      to life. Because eventually there will be no life; there was once
      only the dust particles in space, the hot hydrogen gases, nothing
      more, and it will come again. This is an interval, ein Augenblick.
      The cosmic process is hurrying on, crushing life back into the
      granite and methane; the wheel turns for all life. It is all
      temporary. And they—these madmen—respond to the granite, the dust,
      the longing of the inanimate; they want to aid Natur.
      And, he thought, I know why. They want to be the agents, not the
      victims, of history. They identify with God's power and believe they
      are godlike. That is their basic madness. They are overcome by some
      archetype; their egos have expanded psychotically so that they
      cannot tell where they begin and the godhead leaves off. It is not
      hubris, not pride; it is inflation of the ego to its ultimate
      confusion between him who worships and that which is worshiped. Man
      has not eaten God; God has eaten man.
      What they do not comprehend is man's helplessness. I am weak, small,
      of no consequence to the universe. It does not notice me; I live on
      unseen. But why is that bad? Isn't it better that way? Whom the gods
      notice they destroy. Be small. . . and you will escape the jealousy
      of the great.
      As he unfastened his own belt, Baynes said, "Mr. Lotze, I have never
      told anyone this. I am a Jew. Do you understand?"
      Lotze stared at him piteously.
      "You would not have known" Baynes said, "because I do not in any
      physical way appear Jewish; I have had my nose altered, my large
      greasy pores made smaller, my skin chemically lightened, the shape
      of my skull changed. In short, physically I cannot be detected. I
      can and have often walked in the highest circles of Nazi society. No
      one will ever discover me. And?quot; He paused, standing close, very
      close to Lotze and speaking in a low voice which only Lotze could
      hear. "And there are others of us. Do you hear? We did not die. We
      still exist. We live on unseen."
      After a moment Lotze stuttered, "The Security Police?quot;
      "The SD can go over my record," Baynes said . "You can report me.
      But I have very high connections. Some of them are Aryan, some are
      other Jews in top positions in Berlin . Your report will be
      discounted, and then, presently, I will report you. And through
      these same connections, you will find yourself in Protective
      Custody." He smiled, nodded and walked up the aisle of the ship,
      away from Lotze, to join the other passengers.
      Everyone descended the ramp, onto the cold, windy field. At the
      bottom, Baynes found himself once more momentarily near Lotze.
      "In fact," Baynes said, walking beside Lotze, "I do not like your
      looks, Mr. Lotze so I think I will report you anyhow." He strode on,
      then, leaving Lotze behind.
      item directly above was excerpted from The Man in the High Castle by
      Philip K. Dick
      George Allen's Jewish Heritage Confirmed
      In a statement on AllenHQ and in in interview with The Jewish Daily
      Forward, Senator George Allen addresses the ethnicity of his parents.
      Yesterday, I found it especially reprehensible that a reporter would
      impugn the attitudes of my mother, as Ms. Peggy Fox did in her first
      question at the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce Senate debate. My
      mother and father both taught me to abhor bigotry, and Ms. Fox's
      suggestion to the contrary was deeply offensive."

      "The notion peddled by the Webb campaign that I am somehow
      embarrassed by my heritage is equally offensive, and also absurd."
      "I was raised as a Christian and my mother was raised as a
      Christian. And I embrace and take great pride in every aspect of my
      diverse heritage, including my Lumbroso family line's Jewish
      heritage, which I learned about from a recent magazine article and
      my mother confirmed."
      "On several occasions through the years, I have mentioned publicly
      that my mother's father was incarcerated by the Nazis. I have never
      known whether he was persecuted by the Nazis because of his
      nationality, his religious faith, his role as a community leader, or
      his part in the anti-Nazi resistance. What I do know is that my
      grandfather's imprisonment by the Nazis had a profound impact on my
      mother. It was a subject she found painful to discuss and so we
      almost never discussed it."
      "Some may find it odd that I have not probed deeply into the details
      of my family history, but it's a fact. We in the Allen household
      were simply taught that what matters is a person's character,
      integrity, effort, and performance - not race, gender, ethnicity or
      religion. And so whenever we would ask my mother through the years
      about our family background on her side, the answer always was, `Who
      cares about that?'"
      "My mother has lived a long and full life, and I hope and pray she
      will enjoy many more years. She deserves respect and she also
      deserves privacy, especially where painful memories are concerned. I
      sincerely hope that simple decency will be respected."
      In case you missed the question, here it is:
      "It has been reported," said Fox, that "your grandfather Felix, whom
      you were given your middle name for, was Jewish. Could you please
      tell us whether your forebears include Jews and, if so, at which
      point Jewish identity might have ended?"
      In a campaign most notable for missteps, Allen's response confounds
      pundits, but in our estimation plays very well to potential voters,
      at a visceral, emotional level. He wasn't being questioned about a
      his family history, he was being accused of hiding it. The
      desperation of Jim Webb's Netroots Coordinator Lowell Feld to make
      this persona matter an issue should be spotlighted by the Allen
      campaign - repeatedly. Privacy, or more importantly inappropriate
      incursions into ones private life, is an issue that everyone can
      identify with, and voters have a history of being very supportive of
      politicians requests to allow them a level of privacy in their
      family - for example Clinton and Bush's protectiveness of their
      daughters privacy.
      This clip, where Allen's justifiable outrage at the tone and
      aspersions of the question, will go along way toward erasing the
      memory of the "macaca" video.

      The response shows an Allen who is passionate, raw, unscripted, and
      protective of his family. Anyone who thinks those qualities are a
      negative with voters is just deluding themselves."
      A Look at former Navy Secretary Virginia US Senate Candidate James
      tangled webs

      "Secretaries of the Navy
      WASHINGTON DC 20374-5060

      James H. Webb 1 May 1987 - 23 Feb 1988

      Former Navy Secretary Virginia US Senate Candidate James Webb has
      been a long
      time opponent of the liberation of Iraq. When he was Secretary of
      the Navy he
      urged that the US attack Saddam's enemy Iran. While we support the
      liberation of
      both Iraq and Iran, it is clear that the US tilt towards Iraq and
      against Iran
      in the Iran-Iraq war helped to set Iran on its current anti-American

      That tilt was a major mistake. Webb's role in that tilt as Secretary
      of the Navy
      during part of the Iran-Iraq war is examined briefly here. Hopefully
      those who
      are naive enough to think of former Navy Secretary Webb as a
      peacemaker will
      have their eyes opened by this brief look at some of his history.

      Excerpted from Pages 39-40 of SPIDER'S WEB: THE SECRET HISTORY

      "In January 1987, as the" (Iran-Iraq)"war entered its seventh year
      and the
      combined death toll neared one million people, Iran began yet
      another major
      offensive. This time it pushed deep into Iraqi territory. Saddam
      Hussein needed
      help-but he also required reassurance from Washington about its
      since revelations in the Iran-Contra scandal were now detailing the
      U.S. covert
      military aid that had been going to his enemy, Iran. From Baghdad's
      point of
      view, Washington was either ambivalent or duplicitous.

      Thanks to the rival pro-Iraq and pro-Iran factions inside the
      government, the
      United States had indeed sent out very confusing signals.
      Nonetheless, the
      secret shipments to Iran paled when compared with the support given
      Saddam, and
      William Casey led the drive to placate Iraq. He had already met with
      Tariq Aziz
      at the United Nations to make sure Iraq was happy with the flow of
      it was receiving, and he encouraged Aziz to go ahead with more
      attacks on
      Iranian economic targets.

      Then netural ships in the Persian Gulf began coming under attack
      from both Iran
      and Iraq. Those of oil-rich Kuwait were of particular concern to the
      administration. Kuwaiti leaders wanted their oil tankers protected
      by either
      Moscow of Washington, and in March 1987 top U.S. officials including
      Weinberger, George Schultz aand Admiral William Crowe, the chairman
      of the Joint
      Chiefs of Staff, decided to defend Kuwaiti vessels that were
      navigating the

      Two months later, on May 17th, pro-Iraqi officials such as
      Weinberger suffered
      an instant case of political whiplash when a U.S. frigate, the
      Stark, was
      attacked by an Iraqi warplane and thirty-seven Americans on board
      killed?The Stark incident underscored the increasingly risky state
      of affairs
      in the Gulf, and it was followed by a formal announcement from
      President Reagan
      that the United States would reflag Kuwaiti oil tankers so that the
      U.S. Navy
      could escort them."

      You can see photos of the USS Stark in the
      VICTIMS OF ARAB ATTACKS photo album at

      "May 17 1987, had started out as a routine day in the Persian gulf,
      we were to
      soon be on patrol escorting the newly flagged Kuwaiti Oil tankers.
      Little Did I
      know that day would change my life forever .we were always thinking
      of The world
      and our loved ones back at home, to get this over with do our duty
      to our
      country .I had just helped Daniel Homicki, move into my old bunk,
      and I went on
      my last watch ,my commitment to the Navy was up.

      What was supposed to be a good last memory for me went horribly
      wrong. The
      excitement of coming home was over shadowed by an Iraqi attack that
      killed 37 of
      my shipmates, and wounded many more, I narrowly escaped death myself
      by being on
      a SH2 Sea sprite helicopter."

      "USS STARK
      On May 17, 1987, the Oliver Hazard Perry class frigate, USS Stark
      (FFG 31) was
      hit by two Exocet anti-ship cruise missiles fired by an Iraqi F-1
      Mirage fighter
      aircraft while operating in the central Persian Gulf. The explosion
      of the first
      missile caused extensive structural damage and flooding. Combustion
      of the
      burning propellant of both missiles immediately caused intense fires
      to build
      throughout the ship. There were 37 deaths and 5 injuries reported as
      a result of
      the attack.

      When the USS Stark (FFG-31) took a hit from a pair of Exocet
      missiles in the
      Persian Gulf in 1987, its port side fire mains ruptured and its
      precious supply
      of A-FFF Foam, which quickly extinguishes Class B oil fires, became
      Additionally, the ship's damage control and fire fighting inventory
      did not
      include many of the important fire fighting and life saving
      equipment that
      ordinary fire fighters ashore use every day.

      The Stark incident killed 37 sailors, injured 21 others and caused
      $142 million
      in damage to the ship. The terrorist attack on the USS Cole in 2002
      similar damage to the port side fire mains?br> Missile attack on the
      Stark ruptured port side fire mains,
      inhibiting the crew's
      ability to fight the onboard fire"

      source: http://www.marinelog.com/DOCS/PRINTMMIII/MMIIIDecIRA1.html

      "USS Stark should be remembered
      Submitted by Jagfly, Apr 7, 2006
      Hi, I just wanted to say it is a sad thing that you don't hear much
      of this
      attack. I have often brought it up to people and no one remembers.
      My brother
      was on the USS Stark and he was one of the survivors. All men and
      women who
      serve our country in the name of "freedom" and die doing it should
      forever be
      remembered, as it has been with WW1 etc. God bless all who serve our
      source: http://www.danielpipes.org/comments/42677

      "On October 12th, 2000 terrorists in a boat laden with explosives
      carried out a suicide bombing of the U.S.S. Cole in the harbor at
      Aden, Yemen.
      In what President Clinton described as a "despicable and cowardly
      act," 17 U.S.
      sailors were killed, and over 30 others were wounded."

      "Iraq has the motivation and the means to actively support the
      Islamist networks of the region*** In the past, there have been
      intelligence reports of possible cooperation between Iraq and Osama
      bin Laden. Iraq has already tried to assassinate President Bush
      Senior in 1993, when he visited Kuwait as a private citizen. In the
      attack on the USS Cole in Aden (in) October (of 2000), there could
      have been an
      Iraqi connection. Iraq has excellent relations with the anti-Western
      Islamists of the Army of Aden-Abyan, whose militants have been
      arrested by the
      Yemenite authorities in connection with the attack. Such an attack
      required long
      preparations, technical and military skills and good operational
      In addition, the explosive used in the attack was sophisticated,
      a "shaped
      charge" like a torpedo or a missile, a device not in use by terrorist
      organizations, and which may have come from a military stockpile."

      The USS Cole was scheduled for duty off Iraq when it was attacked.

      Excerpted from: "CBS Evening News for Wednesday, May 20, 1987

      Headline: USS Stark Aftermath
      [Navy Secretary James WEBB - denies reports that Stark's defense
      system was

      excerpted from: "CBS Evening News for Monday, May 25, 1987

      Headline: Memorial Day Abstract: (Studio: Bob Schieffer) Report
      (Atlanta, Georgia: Peter Van Sant) Nation's Memorial Day observances
      underscored by recent USS Stark tragedy; details given, scenes
      shown. [At
      Arlington National Cemetery services, Navy Secretary James WEBB -
      Stark crew as well as war casualties.] "source:

      the following is excerpted from:" The Stormy Departure of a Navy
      Secretary who
      veered off course(Washington Post, March 7, 1988) "Webb also
      attempted to dispel
      concerns over a magazine article he'd written years earlier
      entitled "Women
      Can't Fight" by opening more non-combat jobs to women?. Webb"
      (told) "a group
      of newspaper editors and reporters that he believed the United
      States should
      respond to Iranian hostilities with strikes that would prevent
      aggression rather than hitting small military targets. The United
      recently had destroyed Iranian oil platforms used for communications
      launching small boats."

      the following is excerpted from:"A Tangled Webb By Colonel Paul E.
      Roush, U.S.
      Marine Corps (Retired)When James Webb wrote "Women Can't Fight" for
      Washingtonian magazine in 1979, he initiated an assault that
      continues to the
      present day. The assault primarily is on women, but it extends much
      further. It
      is an assault on the Naval Academy and on the naval service. . . .

      It is an assault on civilian control of the military and ultimately
      on the
      constitutional constraints that define the relation between citizen
      and soldier.
      His 1981 book, A Sense of Honor, continued to press certain elements
      of the
      assault. In particular, it decried congressional legislation
      regarding hazing.
      In an article entitled "The War on the Military Culture" in The
      Weekly Standard
      in January 1997, he returned again to some of the basic themes that
      have marked
      his writings over the years.

      The content of James Webb's writing matters for several reasons.
      First, he is a
      person of influence—a highly decorated small-unit combat leader, an
      writer, a former Secretary of the Navy. Second, his writings are an
      appeal to
      the politics of resentment, one result of which is to foster
      cynicism toward the
      institution and the profession. Third, many midshipmen continue to
      refer to his
      ideas and to be shaped by them in their formative years of
      preparation for
      future leadership roles in the Navy and Marine Corps.

      Accordingly, it is worth giving careful attention to what I see as
      his central
      themes.Theme #1: Stress is fungible and is the means by which
      warriors are made
      at the Naval Academy.Webb seems to believe that response to stress
      almost without limit. In other words, if one learns to deal with one
      kind of
      stress, one is assured of being able to deal with all other kinds of

      He uses this theory to defend the use of physical abuse at the Naval
      argument goes something like this: Being abused physically by those
      in power is
      stressful. Combat also is stressful. Learning to endure the stress
      of physical
      abuse therefore will allow one to face the stress of combat without
      debilitated by it.

      This belief undergirds the notion that the way for a midshipman to
      become a
      warrior is to submit to a regimen of pervasive, arbitrary physical
      psychological abuse at the hands of other barely post-pubescent
      midshipmen who
      have never heard a shot fired in anger. These slightly older
      midshipmen, despite
      their utter lack of combat experience, will know how to create
      warriors. They
      will harass, haze, and brutalize. Then they will separate the
      victims into two
      piles: the worthy and the worthless. Those who submit to and thrive
      on brutality
      will be the worthy; those who do not tolerate it or do not thrive on
      it will be
      counted among the worthless.

      This theme is central to "Women Can't Fight." Webb apparently
      believes he owes
      his prowess on the battlefield to the fact that, as a midshipman at
      the Naval
      Academy, he was severely beaten with a cricket bat by a group of
      and otherwise exposed to physical assaults. It is a major point in A
      Sense of
      Honor that a plebe is indoctrinated by being severely stressed by an
      upperclassman—never mind that in the process the upperclassman
      violates the
      hazing laws legislated by Congress.

      From this perspective, A Sense of Honor is an object lesson in and a
      glorification of the violation of congressional legislation. Because
      Congress is
      granted the right to make laws governing the armed forces by the
      the book is also a model of how one violates one's commissioning
      oath to support
      and defend the Constitution without any mental reservation or
      purpose of

      Stress always has played a part in plebe training, but not always
      did it extend
      to the type of physical abuse Jim Webb recounts. Vice Admirals
      William Lawrence
      and James Stockdale (here, addressing the Brigade of Midshipmen),
      distinguished leaders and warriors, noted that their Naval Academy
      did not include such abuse.

      Theme #2: Women at the Naval Academy preclude the development of
      "Women Can't Fight," Webb expresses the view that the presence of
      women poisons
      the preparation of men for combat command and that the process of
      training for
      combat leadership at the Naval Academy has been sterilized as a

      Consider the implications of this particular theme: If the presence
      of women in
      the college experience prevents the brutality that is necessary to
      inculcation of warriorhood, the Marine Corps is in deep trouble.
      After all,
      Naval Academy graduates are a minority within the Marine Corps
      officer cadre;
      most of that cadre went to college with women and missed out on
      being physically
      abused by upperclassmen.

      Does that mean that the majority of the officers in the Marine Corps
      incompetent warriors?The answer, of course, is no; non-academy
      Marine Corps
      officers learn to be warriors at Quantico, which is the same place
      Naval Academy
      graduates learn to be the kind of warriors the Marine Corps wants.

      Theme #3: Military women are the beneficiaries of a pervasive, pro-
      women double
      standard.In "Women Can't Fight," Webb grumbles that women are
      advantaged at
      every turn. He is incensed by the fact that the media spend more time
      interviewing women than men, thereby conferring on women undeserved
      and falsely inferred merit.From the beginning, there has been
      complaining about
      the fact that there are differences in the physical readiness tests.

      The women, it turned out, could receive a given grade with lower
      scores than
      were required from the men for the same grade. Of course, the men
      seldom mention
      the fact that they are allowed to weigh about 30 pounds more than a
      woman of
      their same height before being placed on a weight-control program.

      When that difference is pointed out, they tend to have a sudden
      burst of insight
      in which they see that physiological and anatomical differences
      really do need
      to be taken into account.The unwarranted litany of half-truths with
      regard to
      alleged double standards creates—and, in my judgment, is calculated
      create—resentment among the men.There is a particular aspect of the
      politics of
      resentment on which Webb's writings seem fixated, namely, resentment
      those who ascribe leadership abilities to women.

      He asserts in "Women Can't Fight" that women were being rated higher
      leadership by officers than they had been by their male peers.
      Things had gone
      so far by the time Webb wrote his article that peer ratings had been
      discontinued. Webb was mortified; this meant that there was no way
      for a woman's
      male peers to prevent her from being assigned to leadership
      positions, given
      what he saw as the craven propensity of the company officers to
      impute unmerited
      favor to female midshipmen.Webb does not explain why those male
      officers, who had graduated from an all-male Naval Academy in which
      abuse was the order of the day, would be so lacking in moral
      courage, so unable
      to deal with the stress engendered by pressure from above that they
      would lie on
      command about the abilities of the women in their companies.

      The implication is that women were unworthy and that all the men
      knew this, but
      the office<br/><br/>(Message over 64 KB, truncated)
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