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The Deadly Terrorist Numbers Games

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    The Deadly Terrorist Numbers Games On September 11th, 2001 4 Flights were hijacked. American Airlines Flight 11 which left Boston s Logan Airport bound for Los
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      The Deadly Terrorist Numbers Games

      On September 11th, 2001 4 Flights were hijacked.
      American Airlines Flight 11 which left Boston's Logan Airport bound
      for Los Angeles before being piloted into the North Tower of the
      World Trade Center. American Airlines Flight 77 which left
      Washington's Dulles International Airport bound for Los Angeles
      before being flown into the Pentagon.
      United Airlines Flight 93 which left Newark, N.J., bound for San
      Francisco before crashing in Stony Creek Township, Pa United
      Airlines Flight 175 which left Boston's Logan Airport bound for Los
      Angeles before being piloted into the South Tower of the World Trade
      Why did the mastermind behind the attacks on America of September
      11th, 2001 choose these particular flight numbers?

      "White House Was Flight 93 Target
      May 23, 2002
      Volunteers in Shanksville this past weekend. (Photo: AP)
      The San Francisco-bound jet had turned toward Washington and U.S.
      fighter jets were flying to intercept it when it crashed. All 44
      people aboard were killed.
      (CBS) A high-ranking al Qaeda detainee told investigators the
      intended target of United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed into a
      Pennsylvania field on Sept. 11, was the White House.
      Government sources said Abu Zubaydah, now in U.S. custody, is
      believed to be the source of the information. He is being
      interrogated by U.S. officials at an undisclosed location.
      Investigators have linked Zubaydah directly to hijackers on board
      Flight 93.
      United Flight 93 took off from Newark, N.J., and crashed in Somerset
      County, Pa.. A recorder on the plane and calls made to people on the
      ground indicate passengers fought for control with the hijackers
      before it went down.
      The San Francisco-bound jet had turned toward Washington and U.S.
      fighter jets were flying to intercept it when it crashed. All 44
      people aboard were killed.
      Officials previously had assumed the White House was a likely
      target, but said the Capitol and CIA headquarters in McLean, Va.,
      near Washington were other possibilities. Abu Zubaydah is believed to
      have played a key role in organizing the Sept. 11 attacks, officials
      said. As al Qaeda's top operational planner, he ran the Khalden camp
      in Afghanistan, where U.S. investigators have learned many of the
      Sept. 11 hijackers trained. This suggests Abu Zubaydah may have had
      direct contact with the hijackers and chosen them for training.
      He also had telephone contacts with at least one Arab student at
      U.S. flight schools, according to a July 10, 2001, memo from a
      Phoenix FBI agent.
      The CIA, FBI and Pakistani authorities captured and wounded Abu
      Zubaydah in a raid by in Faisalabad, Pakistan, in March. He is
      believed to have masterminded the failed millennium bombing plots in
      Los Angeles and Jordan, and has been linked to failed plots on the
      U.S. embassies in Paris and Sarajevo.
      Abu Zubaydah was also indirectly linked, through a web of
      associations with other al Qaeda members in Europe, to lead Sept. 11
      hijacker Mohammed Atta and his cell in Hamburg, Germany. Three
      members of the Hamburg cell were suicide hijackers; three others are
      still at large. Ziad Jarrah, believed to be the pilot-hijacker of
      Flight 93, was a member of the Hamburg cell."
      The first attack on the World Trade Center on February 26th, 1993.
      The February 26th, 1993 attack marked the 11th anniversary to the
      day of the declaration by the Reagan-Bush Administration of February
      26th, 1982 that Iraq was no longer a state sponsor of terrorism and
      as such was eligible for American loans and grants, which it
      subsequently got.
      The February 26th, 1993 attack also marked the 2nd anniversary to the
      day of the liberation of Kuwait by the U.S. in the first Gulf War.
      Remarks at the Commemoration of the Tenth Anniversary of the
      Liberation of Kuwait Secretary Colin L. Powell Kuwait City, Kuwait
      (US Embassy) February 26, 2001

      The World Trade Center was attacked by terrorists associated with
      Sheik Rahman on February 26th, 1993. It was Sheik Rahman's group
      that murdered Egyptian President Anwar Sadat on the 8th anniversary
      to the day of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, October 6th.
      Sheik Rahman's son was subsequently found with bin Laden's group
      in Afghanistan when the U.S. liberated Afghanistan.

      "White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer: we have real and
      credible information that the airplane that landed at the Pentagon
      originally intended to hit the White House."
      American Airlines Flight 77 which left Washington's Dulles
      International Airport bound for Los Angeles before being flown into
      the Pentagon.
      7/7 is one way to write the date July 7th
      On July 7th, 1994 Yasser Arafat, PLO chairman drove from Egypt into
      Gaza, after 27 years in exile. What Arafat was doing was using the
      date of July 7th to re-write a perceived wrong he had felt some
      years earlier on another July 7th. It was on July 7th 1986 that the
      government of Jordan closed the offices of Yasser Arafat's al-Fatah.
      Because a bus bombing occurred in London on July 7th, 2005 it struck
      me that the nation that has endured more bus bombings than any other
      nation is Israel. There may be a connection between the July 7th,
      2005 attacks in London and the terrorists who have targeted Israel
      with bus bombings for years.
      Recently terrorists in Iraq murdered Egypt's envoy to Iraq.
      "Zarqawi group reportedly killed Egyptian ambassador in Iraq
      Iraq-Egypt, Politics, 7/7/2005
      News reports from al-Jazeera and al-Arabia satellite TV stations
      said that Egypt's top diplomat in Iraq to Iraq, Eyhab al-Sharif, had
      been executed.
      Meantime, Al-Qaida organization in Iraq, led by Abu Musab al-
      Zarqawi, had threatened in a statement on the Internet to execute
      the chairman of the Egyptian diplomatic mission al-Sharif.
      The threat to execute Sharif came a short time after al-Qaida
      organization in Iraq issued pictures for the identity cards of the
      Egyptian diplomat as an evidence that they are the ones which
      kidnapped him.
      The statement said the legitimate court of al-Qaida organization in
      Mesopotamia decided to "send the ambassador of the state of Egypt to
      the Mujahideen (indivduals from Egypt and other states that go to
      Iraq to fight with the insurgents) to execute the death penalty
      against him." The statement considered that "the embassies in
      Baghdad are but monitoring sites to snipe the arriving Mujahideen
      and preventing them from having access to their brothers in Jihad in
      the land of Mesopotamia (Iraq) and in Afghanistan."
      In an attempt to prove that the Egyptian ambassador is their
      possession, al-Qaida organization published documents including a
      driving Sharif's license and a work card for him at the foreign
      ministry and another one for health insurance. On Tuesday the
      organization claimed responsibility for kidnapping Sharif."

      American Airlines Flight 11 which left Boston's Logan Airport bound
      for Los Angeles before being piloted into the North Tower of the
      World Trade Center.
      Saddam Hussein assassinated his first victim when he was 11 years
      old. Fixated on the number 11 ever since then he easily focused on
      the World Trade Center as a target because it looked so much like a
      number 11 that WPIX TV Channel 11 in New York City used the World
      Trade Center in its logo for years.
      The World Trade Center also housed an office of the Bank of Kuwait.
      Saddam used Rahman's group to punish Sadat for failing to defeat
      Israel in the attack on Israel of October 6th, 1973. Saddam also
      used Sheik Rahman's group to hit the Speaker of the Egyptian
      Parliament during the first Gulf War when Egypt sided with America
      against Iraq.
      Saddam, acting like a child who is deprived of a toy, who
      breaks that toy, set fire to the Kuwaiti oil fields as he was being
      driven out of Kuwait during the first Gulf War in 1991.
      "Aired 9/11/2001 "Baghdad Republic of Iraq TV: These are
      the fruits of the new US order.[Video of explosion rocking World
      Center] Panic has spread among US official circles, which evacuated
      the White House following a series of explosions."
      "CNN LARRY KING LIVE Aired October 2, 2001 LARRY KING: Have you
      spoken to your father- in-law? (George Herbert Walker Bush)
      LAURA BUSH: I've spoken to my father-in-law. They were-they had
      actually spent that Monday night here.(at the White House) I had
      just seen them off that morning (9/11/2001) when I got in the car
      and found out about the first plane.(going into the World Trade
      "CNN LARRY KING LIVE America's New War: Laura Bush Discusses the
      Impact of September 11 Aired October 2, 2001 - 21:00 LARRY KING: A
      couple of other things:
      Have you spoken to your father- in-law? (Not in transcript, but the
      father in law in question is one George Herbert Walker Bush !!!)
      BUSH: I've spoken to my father-in-law. They were-they had actually
      spent that Monday night here. (not in transcript but "here" means at
      the White House !!!) LARRY KING: Really? LAURA BUSH: I had just seen
      them off that morning when I got in the-got in the car and found out
      about the first plane. LARRY KING: Didn't know that. LAURA BUSH: They
      were-they were on their way to St. Paul, Minnesota to give a speech,
      and they were in a private plane, and their plane was diverted to
      Minneapolis." http://www.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0110/02/lkl.00.html
      "September 11th, 2001 - The White House is
      evacuated. White House Sealed"
      "try to avoid having the principal
      travel by commercial airline on terrorist anniversaries" from "The
      of Executive Protection" source:

      Saddam tried to kill former President Bush in 1993.
      Former President Bush's Speech to Congress September 11th 1990. 11
      years to the day before September 11th 2001 "In the early morning
      hours of August 2d,(1990),a powerful Iraqi army invaded Kuwait. The
      crisis in the Persian Gulf also offers a rare opportunity to move
      toward an historic period of cooperation. Out of these troubled
      times, our fifth objective-a new world order-can emerge."
      White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer: we have real and credible
      information that the airplane that landed at the Pentagon was
      originally intended to hit the White House."

      "White House Was Flight 93 Target
      A high-ranking al Qaeda detainee told investigators the intended
      target of United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed into a
      Pennsylvania field on Sept. 11, was the White House. Government
      sources said Abu Zubaydah, now in U.S. custody, believed to be the
      source of the information."

      "The White House is bordered on three sides by buildings that are as
      tall or taller than itself. (OEOB, Treasury, and Blair House.) Beyond
      these buildings there are still more buildings, that also are taller
      than the White House. The only flight path that is relatively
      unobstructed if making a controlled, straight-in approach, is from
      the south, over the ellipse. Even the Marine helicopter the president
      uses comes in from this direction and lands on the South Lawn. The
      problem with flying a plane the size of a 757 or 767 in from this
      direction is that there's a 555 ft tall structure in the way called
      the Washington Monument. The Capitol, although a bigger target, is
      similarly situated. There are buildings on all sides except for the
      west side, which faces the Mall. Again, for a controlled, straight-in
      approach, a pilot first would need to avoid the Washington Monument,
      and then fly straight down the Mall. There is more room to do this,
      but again, it would take considerable skill. Moreover, the buildings
      in Roslyn, just across the river from and to the west of the Mall,
      would have to be cleared, which means the plane's altitude would
      probably be too high, or the angle of descent too steep to permit a
      successful attack by anyone other than a skilled, experienced pilot."

      To indicate September 1990 one might well write or type 9/90
      It was in September of 1990 that President George Herbert Walker
      Bush spoke to Congress on Iraq. On September 11th, 1990 in fact.

      What of EgyptAir Flight 990?
      Weeks after the last pile of debris from EgyptAir Flight 990 was
      pulled from the sea, investigators say they are more
      convinced than ever of their original theory: The jet was crashed

      "The co-pilot under scrutiny in the crash of EgyptAir Flight 990
      uttered an Arabic prayer not once but as many as 10 times just
      before the doomed airliner went down"
      "Aviation Analyst John Nance Talks About Flight 990 When a commercial
      aircraft goes into a dive as steep and precipitous as the preliminary
      radar data seems to indicate."

      An example of terrorists striking on an anniversary
      came on October 7th, 2004 in Taba.
      "Images of Destruction | Taba Hilton Before and After Terrorist
      Attack on October 7, 2004"
      According to initial findings Naveh said, a car bomb blew up at the
      entrance to the Hilton Taba Hotel and there was a combined bomb and
      shooting attack in two restaurants usually frequented by Israelis in
      Ras Al-Satan."
      On October 7th,2001 "America Retaliates for the September 11
      Attacks. October 7, 2001 President George W. Bush Speaks to America
      After the Strikes Begin.
      "On October 7th, 1959, Saddam and others attempted, but failed, to
      assassinate the prime minister of Iraq. Wanted by the Iraqi
      government, Saddam was forced to flee. He lived in exile in Syria
      for three months and then moved to Egypt where he lived for three

      "President Saddam Hussein chairs 48th Cabinet Session Baghdad, Oct.
      22, 2001 INA
      President Saddam Hussein chaired on Sunday the 48th Cabinet session.
      The Cabinet discussed recent events of Palestinian Intifadha and
      praised Palestinians brave and
      persistent struggle for liberating their lands. The cabinet reviewed
      the current international
      situation, especially the U.S aggression on Afghanistan. The Cabinet
      brought back a historic
      stance Iraq had taken in 1979 when it condemned the military Soviet
      invasion of Afghanistan though Iraq had then deep relations with the
      Soviet Union and there was a
      friendship and cooperation agreement between Iraq and the Soviet
      Union, yet this had not prevented Iraq from taking the national
      independent stand rejecting Soviet's behavior. History repeats itself
      once again in 2001 as Iraq takes the same stance and condemns the US
      aggression on Afghanistan....this confirms Iraq's principled stance
      rejecting all forms of foreign intervention and aggressions. The
      Cabinet discussed issues listed on its agenda and made necessary
      decisions and recommendations."
      Saddam loves 11th anniversaries, for instance " Saddam Hussein's
      speech on the 11th Anniversary of the Great Victory Day In the Name
      of God, Most Compassionate, Most
      Merciful Great People, The Valiant of Our Brave Armed Forces, Sons of
      our Glorious Arab Nation…"

      "Middle East Correspondent, Robert Fisk: Why was it that the bombing
      of the two
      embassies in Tanzania and Kenya occurred on the eighth anniversary to
      the very day of the first arrival of American troops of the 82nd
      airborne in Saudi Arabia in 1990?"
      "The 12th of October 2002 will for the rest of Australian history be
      counted as a day when evil
      struck with indiscriminate and indescribable savagery,"
      "On October 12th, 2000 terrorists in a boat laden with explosives
      carried out a
      suicide bombing of the U.S.S. Cole in the harbor at Aden, Yemen. In
      what President Clinton described as a "despicable and cowardly act,"
      17 U.S. sailors were killed, and over 30 others were wounded."
      After the liberation of Iraq terrorists struck the Baghdad Hotel on
      October 12th.
      If you add 1 to 9 you get 10. If you add 1 to 11 you get 12. Thus
      the 9/11/2001 attack
      was presaged by the attack on the U.S.S. Cole on 10/12/2000. The
      terrorists were
      engaging in what to them was a private joke regarding their plans
      for 9/11/2001.
      "Iraq has the motivation and the means to actively support the
      Islamist networks of the region*** In the past, there have been
      intelligence reports of possible cooperation between Iraq and Osama
      bin Laden. Iraq has already tried to assassinate President Bush
      Senior in 1993, when he visited Kuwait as a private citizen. In the
      on the USS Cole in Aden (in) October (of 2000), there could have
      been an
      Iraqi connection. Iraq has excellent relations with the anti-Western
      Yemeni Islamists of the Army of Aden-Abyan, whose militants have been
      arrested by the Yemenite authorities in connection with the attack.
      Such an attack required long preparations, technical and military
      skills and good operational intelligence. In addition, the explosive
      used in the attack was sophisticated, a "shaped charge" like a
      torpedo or a missile, a device not in use by terrorist
      organizations, and
      which may have come from a military stockpile."
      4 DAYS BEFORE SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 Saddam's Stepson in USA
      "Authorities said Saffi" (Saddam's Stepson), " triggered red flags
      for four reasons: the family relationship to the Iraqi dictator;
      at an American flight school; arrival on the eve of the Independence
      Day celebrations; and his only documented prior entry into the United
      States occurred just four days before the Sept. 11 terrorist
      "Saddam's Stepson to Be Deported Fri Jul 5th 2002 (Saffi) was
      planning to study at a flight school believed by the FBI
      to have been used by one of the Sept. 11 hijackers."
      "US officials state that an FBI investigation had substantiated
      charges that the Iraqi government plotted the assassination of former
      President Bush while visiting Kuwait in April 1993."
      "Terrorist Pilot Met With Iraqi Intelligence Agent By RICK JERVIS
      Special to The Wall Street Journal Europe Wall Street Journal,
      Europe October 4, 2001 [With thanks to Laurie Mylroie - Iraq News]
      PRAGUE-Mohamed Atta, who
      allegedly crashed the first plane into the World Trade Center on
      Sept. 11, met at least one Iraqi intelligence agent last year in
      before moving to the U.S., a Czech official close to the

      United Airlines Flight 175 which left Boston's Logan Airport bound
      for Los Angeles before being piloted into the South Tower of the
      World Trade Center.
      UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY 15 December 1988 43/175.
      Question of Palestine
      RECORDED VOTE ON RESOLUTION 43/175 A: 123-2-20

      Did Anniversary Assassins Strike Again November 22nd 2004
      What do you think the chances are that the plane crash which would
      have killed the 41st President of the United States, George Herbert
      Walker Bush,had he been on board the plane which was enroute from
      Love Field in Dallas, Texas to pick him up, on the 41st anniversary
      of the assassination of JFK 11/22/1963 was a botched assassination
      attempt? Saddam Hussein, who may be running the show from his jail
      cell, assassinated his first victim when he was 11 years old, took
      power in Iraq in 1968, made it official 11 years later in 1979,
      invaded Kuwait 11 years later in 1990 sent bin Laden to assassinate
      former President Bush 11 years later on 9/11/2001 on the 11th
      anniversary to the day of the 9/11/1990 Bush speech to Congress on
      Iraq in which Bush mentioned The New World Order."US plans to
      dominate the world under the cover of what is called the new [world]
      order. These are the fruits of the new US order. [Video of explosion
      rocking World Trade Center] [Description of Source: Baghdad Republic
      of Iraq Television in Arabic-Official television station of the
      Iraqi Government." The World Trade Center looked so much like the
      number 11 that WPIX-TV Channel 11 in New York City used the World
      Trade Center as its logo. Note 11 times 2 equals 22. The Madrid
      attacks were done exactly 911 days after 9/11/2001. Sadat,
      criticized by arafat and Saddam for making peace with Israel, was
      assassinated on 10/6/1981 exactly 8 years after the 10/6/1973 Yom
      Kippur War in which he failed to defeat Israel. The American
      Embassies in Africa were hit on August 8th, 1998, exactly 8 years
      after the US entered Saudi Arabia in response to Saddam's invasion
      of Kuwait. A gentlemanly John Connally reaches to remove his hat as
      Jackie Kennedy enters presidential limousine at Love Field, Dallas,
      November 22, 1963
      Source: http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/images/jbc-love.htm

      The shocking news that narco-terrorists in Colombia plotted to
      assassinate current President George W. Bush on Monday November
      22nd, 2004,
      the 41st anniversary of the JFK assassination, needs some
      BCCI, the infamous drug-terror-arms bank that allegedly gave former
      President Jimmy Carter $10 million for the Carter Library,had
      offices in Peru, where
      coca leaves are grown, in Colombia, where the coca leaves are
      processed into cocaine, and in Castro's Cuba, and Baathist Syria and
      Baathist Iraq. Banks
      did not get offices in any of those 3 tyrannies without the approval
      of the tyrant.
      "Colombian Rebels Planned to Kill President Bush
      November 27th, 2004 U.S. National - Reuters
      By Hugh Bronstein BOGOTA, Colombia (Reuters) - President Bush was
      targeted for assassination by Colombia's biggest Marxist rebel group
      this week when he visited the Caribbean port city of Cartagena, a
      top Colombian official said on Saturday. "According to informants
      and various sources, we had information indicating that various
      members of the FARC had been instructed by their leaders to make an
      attempt against President Bush," Defense Secretary Jorge Alberto
      Uribe told reporters. He would not be drawn out on the details of
      the threat. The White House had no immediate comment.
      The U.S. Secret Service, which protects the president, said it "does
      not comment or release information regarding our protective
      intelligence and protective methods." "We do not discuss any alleged
      threats to our protectees," said Jonathan Cherry, a Secret Service
      There was heavy security in Cartagena when Bush visited the city on
      Monday(November 22nd, 2004)on his way back from the APEC forum in
      Chile. Military helicopters packed with armed soldiers flew over
      Bush's motorcade while naval vessels kept watch offshore. Many shops
      were shuttered."
      Source: http://news.yahoo.com/news?
      "In early August, 1991, the Committee was provided with documents
      from the Latin American and Caribbean Region Office (LACRO) of BCCI,
      describing the offer for sale by the Argentine air force of 22
      Mirage aircraft for $110 million. (63) The planned sale was to have
      been made to Iraq, as part of Saddam Hussein's massive military
      buildup prior to the Gulf war. BCCI was acting as the broker for the
      transaction, which was to take place in August or September of
      1989...As Robert Mazur, the Customs agent in Tampa who selected BCCI
      as the target of the Customs money laundering sting testified, BCCI
      bank executives volunteered methods to enhance and improve his
      techniques for money laundering, and shortly before the sting ended
      the operation, offered to introduce Mazur to other potential "cash"
      customers for money laundering services from Bogota, Colombia...."
      Source: http://www.fas.org/irp/congress/1992_rpt/bcci/04crime.htm
      "The Ba'ath leadership gave the orders for Qasim's assassination...On
      October 7th,1959, a six-,man assassination squad was waiting...the
      night before one member of the squad had fallen ill. A new recruit
      was drafted in...his full name was Saddam Hussein al-Takriti."
      Page 22
      "The Ba'athist led forces...participated in the coup of 8th February
      1963...Immediately after the coup, Saddam Hussein returned to Iraq,
      where he was appointed as the head of Al-Jihaz Al Khas, known
      popularly as Jihaz Haneen (the Yearning Apparatus), the clandestine
      intelligence organization of the Ba'ath Party. Saddam proceeded to
      turn it into an instrument of terror....on 18th November (1963) the
      army seized power in a swift military coup...the new leadership of
      the Ba'ath Party...was arrested. However, some of its members
      immediately collaborated with the new regime..." Pgs 25-26
      "7th October 1959 A Ba'athist assassination squad fails to kill
      Qasim. A member of the team, twenty-two-year old Saddam Hussein,
      escapes to Syria and then to Egypt...8th February 1963 A Ba'athist
      coup overthrows Quasim amidst several days of terrible street
      fighting...18th November 1963 Following bitter infighting
      between...factions of the Baath, Arif overthrows the Ba'athist
      regime..." Pages 312-313
      "Saddam...inherited from his uncle an admiration for Nazi
      principles...he was attracted to the ideas of the Ba'ath nationalist
      movement. The movement had been established in Damascus in 1943"
      (when Syria was a French colony and Hitler ruled France) "by two
      Syrians, Greek Orthodox Christian Michel A'flaq and Sunni Muslim
      Salah al-Bitar. Their philosophy was based on the ideology of German
      national socialism" (Nazism) "and on Italian fascism." Page 199
      "After the Ba'ath Party came to power in February 1963...Saddam was
      promoted into the Regional Command Council and it was soon found
      that this was his metier. He was put in charge of a special force
      responsible for terror and assassination and was an interrogator and
      torturer in the Qasr al-Nihayyat (`The Palace of the End').
      Eyewitnesses say Saddam excelled in creating new methods and
      revealed a sadistically inventive mind. He designed new instruments
      of torture and then experimentd with them on his victims. ...By the
      summer of 1963, Saddam was urging the party to put him in charge of
      creating a special security apparatus modelled on the Nazi SS. This
      was the Jihaz Haneen....following nationalisation of banks and
      certain foreign companies in 1964, the Ba'ath Party instructed
      Saddam to assassinate the president Abd al-Salam Arif. The proposed
      assassination was designed to trigger off another Ba'ath coup.
      Critics say it was a plan on behalf of the CIA but according to some
      Ba'athist defectors the CIA did not have direct contact with the
      Ba'ath itself but with army officers who were co-ordinating a joint
      coup with the party. The main contact with the Americans was Iraq's
      own ambassador in Washington, Dr. Nasser al-Hanni." Pages 201-203
      "The second part of the plot was carried out by the Jihaz
      Haneen...Members of the Iraqi Jewish community...were...arrested.
      Eleven of them were among the first fourteen `spies' to be pubicly
      hanged on 27th January 1969....The public hangings turned into a
      national holiday with live television and radio coverage, and the
      Ba'ath Party organized the transport of some hundred
      thousand `workers and peasants' from outside Baghdad to join
      in...Families picknicked under trees while watching the hangings.
      This public orgy of death went on for twenty-four hours..." Page 206

      Source: Unholy Babylon-The Secret History of Saddam's War by Adel
      Darwish and Gregory Alexander St. Martin's Press, New York 1991
      ISBN 0-312-06530-2
      "Compare the January 1969 show trial with another spectacle
      organized by the first Ba'thi regime in 1963 and designed to counter
      the continuing popularity of the ousted president, `Abd al-Karim
      Qassem, among certain sectors of the Shi'ite population of Baghdad.
      In the first week of the coup, the citizens of al-Thawra, a suburb
      of Baghdad, had fought the army and Ba'thist militia in some of the
      bloodiest street battles in the history of the country. They refused
      to believe that Qassem had been overthrown....The Ba'ath...dealt
      with this emotive imagery by televising a lengthy film clip
      displaying Qassem's bullet-ridden corpse. Night after night, they
      made their gruesome point. The body was propped up on a chair in the
      studio. A soldier saunter around, handling its parts. The camera
      would cut to scenes of devastation at the Ministry of Defence where
      Qassem had made his last stand. There, on location, it lingered on
      the mutilated corpses of Qassem's entourage...Back to the studio,
      and close-ups now of the entry and exit points of each bullet hole.
      The whole macabre sequence closes with a scene that must forever
      remain etched on the memory of all those who saw it: the soldier
      grabbing the lolling head by the hair, came right up close, and spat
      full face into it. The fear that the Ba'th were trying to instill in
      this and other instances was brutally direct. The centuries-old
      message was simple: he is dead, you had better believe it, we can do
      the smae to you. The fact that it was on television extended its
      reach..." Pages 58-59.
      Source: Republic of Fear The Inside Story of Saddam's Iraq by Samir
      al Khalil Pantheon Books, New York 1989 ISBN 0-679-73502-X
      "An Afghani tends to a field of heroin poppies, the sale of which
      provides much of the financing for the Taliban and Osama bin Laden.
      Afghanistan is the world's No. 1 producer and distributor of heroin,
      and illicit drug trafficking is the biggest funding source for
      By Rachel Ehrenfeld / Special to The Detroit News About the author
      Rachel Ehrenfeld is director of the New York-based Center for the
      Study of Corruption and the author of "Evil Money" (HarperBusiness)
      and "Narco-Terrorism" (Basic Books).
      Moving the money...
      In the welter of events following the bombing of the World Trade
      Center in Feb. 26, 1993, few noticed that the first man arrested,
      Mohammed Salameh—the poor, unemployed illegal immigrant—
      offered $5 million for bail. Where could he get this kind of money?
      The judge refused bail. But was the source of Salameh's offer the
      same as the one that funded the eight men—arrested shortly
      afterward—who planned to blow up Manhattan's tunnels and bridges
      and to assassinate public officials?
      Were the same money sources behind the final attack on the World
      Trade Center on Sept. 11?
      ... For a long time, there has been evidence that terrorist,
      international drug trafficking and criminal organizations use the
      same fund-raising methods to enrich themselves.
      Yet no one seemed to connect the dots. And no one seriously tried to
      crack down on their financing.
      Bin Laden's is only one among many hostile international criminal
      organizations, often state-sponsored, that will do whatever they can
      to diminish the status of the United States as the only superpower.
      According to a State Department report, the Taliban, who are at bin
      Laden's service, has the advantage of controlling the world's
      largest heroin production and distribution in the world.
      Since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, the heroin production
      soared to hundreds of tons each year. In 1999 alone, the world
      production of heroin was estimated at 500 metric tons; 400 were
      produced by the Taliban and available to fund bin Laden and his
      associates worldwide. First warning
      The writing was on the wall on July 5, 1991, when the Bank of
      England shut down what was the most important Islamic bank in the
      world, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI). This
      criminal entity was created by the Pakistani Aaga Hassan Abedi "to
      fight the evil influence of the West"; to help with the creation of
      the "Islamic Bomb"; to finance all Muslim terrorist organizations;
      and to launder the money that was generated mostly by illicit drug
      trafficking and other illegal activities, including arms
      When BCCI went belly up, we learned from thousands of documents that
      Abu Nidal—the notorious Palestinian terrorist organization that
      now enjoys the hospitality of Iraq's Saddam Hussein, the Palestine
      Liberation Organization (PLO), Hezbollah and bin Laden—had
      accounts in the bank. By the end of the 1980s, the "special
      services" provided by BCCI included access to Western humanitarian
      and international development funds, as well as drug money
      laundering, secret transfers of cash and bribes.
      A "Black Network," a special enforcement unit supported by Abu Nidal
      and other terrorist organizations, operated from Pakistan. The same
      Pakistan that harbored bin Laden for many years while its officials
      told the United States that they didn't know his whereabouts. And
      the same Pakistan that for decades, even according to the State
      Department's annual report, had been a major drug trafficking and
      money laundering center.

      Western blindness
      Yet, now more importantly, we also discovered that the American and
      British governments knew and kept the bank open for a long time. The
      bank "that would bribe God" was able to get away with its criminal
      activities for decades due to Abedi's clever portrayal of the Muslim
      nations as victims of Western—and particularly U.S.—
      "imperialism." And when the bank was shuttered, the accusation in
      the Muslim/Arab and Third World countries was that the U.S. and the
      United Kingdom governments closed the bank to curtail the growing
      fiscal power of Muslim countries.
      Like Abedi, anti-American, anti-Western terrorist and radical Muslim
      states and organizations, such as the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Hamas,
      Hezbollah, the PLO, Iraq and Iran, use Western democratic rhetoric
      to their advantage. But it is the willful blindness, mainly toward
      the growing volume of drug money laundering, exercised by Western
      bankers on the one hand and Western politicians on the other, that
      makes money laundering possible, despite the many laws and
      international conventions to control this phenomenon.
      The BCCI was the first warning to the West. The second warning about
      the abuse of European and American financial markets by terrorist
      organizations, as well as their involvement in the illicit arms and
      drug trade, was made in February 1994 by the British National
      Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS).
      The Organized Crime Unit of the NCIS warned that Middle East
      terrorist groups and states were targeting the financial centers of
      London, Frankfurt and other Western countries, and that they favor
      illegal drug trafficking, money laundering and fraud....
      Clinton appeasement
      Despite its stated policy of not negotiating with terrorists, the
      Clinton administration went out of its way to appease a few of the
      20th century's most notorious terror groups: the Revolutionary Armed
      Forces of Colombia (FARC), the PLO and the Irish Republican Army.
      All are heavily involved in the drug trade.
      On the eve of the 1993 handshake on the White House lawn between
      Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin and PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat,
      Britain's National Criminal Intelligence Service estimated the PLO's
      ill-gotten gains to total between $8 billion to $10 billion, with an
      annual income of about $1.5 billion to $2 billion from "donations,
      extortion, payoffs, illegal arms dealing, drug trafficking, money
      laundering, fraud, etc."
      Since then, Washington has only aided and abetted the PLO. Since the
      start of the Oslo process, Arafat has received at least $3 billion
      more from the United States and the international community, without
      any serious demand for accountability, according to a report this
      year to Congress. Arafat, in well-documented instances, has been
      systematically skimming off portions of these funds, as he has with
      monies given to him on behalf of the refugees in the camps.
      The PLO was in the drug trafficking business almost from the
      beginning. Operating from Lebanon, under Habash's able leadership
      and assisted by a PLO-owned shipping company SUMUD, the organization
      exported hashish, opium, heroin and cocaine, first to Europe and
      later even to the United States and Australia. In return, it
      obtained weapons for their war against Israel and the West, and
      amassed a massive treasure trove. In addition, the PLO and Arafat,
      who enjoy the financial and strategic support of Hussein and bin
      Laden, have the distinction of being the organization that
      promoted "suicide bombers" as a weapon.
      Yet the Clinton administration subsidized a multitude of radical
      Palestinian groups, ranging from Arafat's Fatah branch of the PLO
      and its military wing, the Tanzim, to the socialist-nationalist
      Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), headed by
      George Habash, all with close ties to bin Laden, Iraq and Iran.
      ...It was the Clinton White House that, despite evidence to the
      contrary, removed Syria from its list of the drug trafficking
      countries, to entice Syria to join the "peace process" in the Middle
      The failure of that process and the compromises the United States
      has made to maintain an illusion of peaceful prospects had no doubt
      added to the Muslim radical terrorists' resolve to attack what they
      see as a naive and vulnerable America.
      In another example of self-delusion, in 1999, then Secretary of
      State Madeleine Albright suggested a U.S.-led coalition to negotiate
      with the FARC and supported Colombia President Pastrana's "land for
      peace" initiative, despite a report from the General Accounting
      Office that the FARC is running a major international criminal
      enterprise that, among other things, supplies hundreds of tons of
      cocaine and heroin to the U.S. black market.
      This second Clinton "land for peace" initiative gave half of
      Colombia to the narco-terrorist FARC, while doing nothing to
      diminish its violence or appetite to control the rest of the
      Source: http://www.detnews.com/2001/editorial/0109/30/a17-306400.htm

      Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called the Palestinian Authority
      a "gang of corrupt assassins and terrorists." "There is an obstacle
      [to peace] with the gang of corrupt assassins and terrorists that
      lead the Palestinian Authority," Sharon said in a televised speech
      in Israel. "The only way to peace is to remove this murderous
      posse." – Source:
      New York Daily News - http://www.nydailynews.com
      Sharon raps Arafat `assassins' By KENNETH R. BAZINET DAILY NEWS
      WASHINGTON BUREAU Thursday, August 8th, 2002
      "Bush back from surprise Iraq trip
      President Bush has arrived back in the United States after a
      surprise trip to Baghdad, where he spent two hours with US troops
      celebrating Thanksgiving Day.
      Mr. Bush told troops the US would not be swayed by ongoing attacks
      in Iraq.
      "We did not charge hundreds of miles into the heart of Iraq, pay a
      bitter cost of casualties, defeat a ruthless dictator and liberate
      25 million people only to retreat before a band of thugs and
      assassins," he told 600 US soldiers.
      Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/3245584.stm
      "President Bush and his wife, Laura, along with former president
      George H. W.
      Bush, welcome the King and Queen of Spain, Juan and Sofia Carlos, to
      their ranch
      Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2004, in Crawford, Texas.(AP Photo/Lawrence
      A small jet chartered to fly former President Bush to Ecuador
      22nd, 2004 was well below normal altitude when it clipped a toll
      road light
      tower and crashed into a muddy field three miles south of Hobby
      Airport, killing
      the crew of three.The plane, which belonged to Jet Place Inc. of
      Tulsa, Okla.,
      came from Love Field in Dallas. It was approaching the runway when
      the wing and
      the landing gear on the right side clipped the pole on a tollway

      Imagine the rage and fury of Saddam Hussein
      "On February 26th, 1982 the Reagan Administration told Congress that
      it had dropped Iraq from the list of nations that supported acts of
      international terrorism. Baghdad would now be eligible for American
      government loan guarantees." source: SPIDER'S WEB: THE SECRET HISTORY
      Imagine Saddam's rage and fury when Kuwait was liberated on February
      26th, 1991, 9 years to the day after the event described above! Is it
      any wonder that Saddam would launch the first of his 2 attacks on the
      World Trade Center on February 26th, 1993, the 2nd anniversary of the
      liberation of Kuwait City, and the 11th anniversary of the event
      described above, and that he would launch his 2nd attack on the World
      Trade Center on September 11th, 2001, the 11th anniversary of the
      I speech to Congress on Iraq. Saddam loves 11th anniversaries, for
      instance " Saddam Hussein's speech on the 11th Anniversary of the
      Great Victory Day In the Name of God, Most Compassionate, Most
      Merciful Great People, The Valiant of Our Brave Armed Forces, Sons of
      our Glorious Arab Nation…"

      Saddam took credit for the September 11th attacks on America on
      Baghdad Republic of Iraq Television. Saddam sent his henchman Osama
      bin Laden to attack America and to assassinate former President
      Bush, who was at the White House on the morning of September 11th,
      2001,just as he had tried to assassinate former President Bush in
      Kuwait in 1993. That is why Flight 93 was selected to hit the White
      House on the morning of September 11th, 2001. Fortunately the heroes
      of Flight 93 stopped that from happening and the plane went down in
      Second Attempt to Assassinate President Bush.
      We all know that Saddam Hussein attempted to assassinate former
      Bush in Kuwait in 1993. Laura Bush, wife of the current President
      along with the current President Bush's brothers, his parents, and
      former Secretary of State Baker were actually in the air enroute to
      Kuwait when the intelligence came in and their plane was turned back.
      Then President Clinton later bombed an empty Iraqi intelligence
      in retaliation for that attempt in which Saddam's homicide bombers
      caught in Kuwait.
      We believe that the Second Attempt to assassinate former President
      George Herbert Walker Bush was made by Saddam Hussein using his
      henchman Osama bin Laden on September 11th, 2001.
      September 11th, 1990 Dubya's Dad Speaks to Congress on Iraq When
      September 11th Yes ! September 11th 1990. Exactly 11 years to the
      day before the infamous September 11th 2001 attacks on America.
      Saddam's Revenge !!! How clear it is!!! "Address Before a Joint
      Session of the Congress on the Persian Gulf Crisis and the Federal
      Budget Deficit September 11, 1990.
      We gather tonight, witness to events in the Persian Gulf as
      significant as they are tragic. In the early morning hours of August
      2d, following negotiations and promises by Iraq's dictator Saddam
      Hussein not to use force, a powerful Iraqi army invaded its trusting
      and much weaker neighbor, Kuwait. *** The crisis in the Persian Gulf,
      as grave as it is, also offers a rare opportunity to move toward an
      historic period of cooperation. Out of these troubled times, our
      objective-a new world order-can emerge. ***" READ THE WHOLE OF
      http://bushlibrary.tamu.edu/ "Note: The President spoke at 9:09
      the House Chamber at the Capitol.. The address was broadcast live on
      nationwide television and radio." http://bushlibrary.tamu.edu/ Iraq
      Cheers September 11th Attacks on America "Wednesday, September 12,
      2001 Baghdad TV Commentary: US `Reaping Fruits of Crimes Against
      Humanity' Baghdad Republic of Iraq Television in Arabic 1700 GMT 11
      Sep 01 [TV Commentary by Sa'd Yasin Yusuf read by announcer over
      footage of explosions in New York] [FBIS Translated Text] [With
      to Laurie Mylorie - Iraq Watch] The American cowboy is reaping the
      fruits of his crimes against humanity. It is a black day in the
      history of America, which is tasting the bitter defeat of its crimes
      and disregard for peoples' will to lead a free, decent life. The
      massive explosions in the centers of power in America, notably the
      Pentagon, is a painful slap in the face of US politicians to stop
      their illegitimate hegemony and attempts to impose custodianship on
      peoples. It was no coincidence that the World Trade Center was
      destroyed in suicidal operations involving two planes that have
      through all US security barriers to carry the operation of the
      and to express rejection of the reckless US policy. Panic has spread
      among US official circles, which evacuated the White House following
      series of explosions. They also evacuated the Pentagon, the State
      Department, and Congress and closed down the airports and government
      institutions. The collapse of US centers of power is a collapse of
      US policy, which deviates from human values and stands by world
      Zionism at all international forums to continue to slaughter the
      Palestinian Arab people and implement US plans to dominate the world
      under the cover of what is called the new [world] order. These are
      fruits of the new US order. [Video of explosion rocking World Trade
      Center] [Description of Source: Baghdad Republic of Iraq Television
      Arabic-Official television station of the Iraqi Government]"

      "BLITZER: That's Osama bin Laden's group. Now you also have some
      new information, David, about Mohamed Atta. He's the suspected
      ringleader of the September 11th hijackings.
      ENSOR: Well, that's right. As you know, he was one of the suicide
      hijackers who died on September 11th on one of those aircraft. And we
      had previously reported on September 19th that he met with an Iraqi
      intelligence official somewhere in Europe. Well, I'm now able to tell
      you, based on information from U.S. sources, he met not once but
      with Iraqi intelligence officers in Prague in the Czech Republic:
      last year in June of 2000 and once in April of 2001."

      Who shot JFK, RFK, MLK
      Were those assassinations linked? If so why? How?
      Who was involved? We present some theories. What are the facts? What
      can you add to this discussion?
      JFK was a Roman Catholic, so were Diem and Nhu, the dictators who
      ran South Vietnam
      But South Vietnam was 90% Buddhist
      only 10% Roman Catholic
      and Buddhist monks were setting fire to themselves in the streets of
      South Vietnam in protest
      to "win the hears and minds of the Vietnamese people", there would
      have to be "some changes in personnel" in South Vietnam. Thus JFK
      signed on to the most famous cable of the Vietnam War, the so-called
      "HARRIMAN-HILSMAN MEMO" called such because of its connection to A.
      Harriman and R. Hilsman. it basically outlined thed need to replace
      the Roman Catholic regime in South Vietnam.
      What JFK did not realize is that another "change in personnel",
      would be required. Just as the Roman Catholic regime in South
      Vietnam could not "win the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese
      people", so too a Roman Catholic President of the United States
      could not hope to do so, given the Vietnamese resentment of the
      French Roman Catholic colonialists, as well as of Diem and Nhu.
      So JFK had to go too.
      Lee Harvey Oswald was the nephew of Dutz Murrett or Dutch Morretti,
      a lieutenant in the Carlos Marcello crime family which ran the
      underworld in New Orleans. RFK was trying to deport Marcello. New
      Orleans was part a former French colony, part of the Louisiana
      purchase from France.
      Marcello was THE major importer of heroin, refined into heroin in
      Marseilles, France, and grown as opium in Turkey and IN THE GOLDEN
      TRIANGLE of South East Asia.
      He then distributed the stuff to the other MAFIA families in the USA.
      If America lost in South Vietnam and got kicked out of the GOLDEN
      TRIANGLE, a major source of his dope would not be so easily
      Saddam Hussein was in charge of the OFFICIAL ASSASSINATION BUREAU in
      Iraq at the time. It was called the JIHAZ HANEEN.
      Today Saddam Hussein's lawyer is RAMSEY CLARK. Clark was attorney
      general of the US under President Johnson. Johnson became President
      when JFK was assassinated. He promoted Ramsey Clark from his high
      position in the US Justice Department to Attorney General.
      As Attorney General Clark's infamous CLARK PANEL ruled that JFK,
      RFK, and Martin Luther King, Jr. were all killed by lone assassins,
      no conspiracy in any of those assassinations.
      So said Ramsey Clark. Ramsey Clark's family "allegedly" had members,
      including his own father: TOM CLARK, a former Attorney General and
      Supreme Court Justice, who "allegedly" had deep ties to CARLOS
      Among other clients of RAMSEY CLARK: nazi war criminals, Rwandan war
      criminals, the Achille Lauro hijackers, the so-called
      "PLO", Arafat, Sheik Rahman's gang from the first World Trade Center
      bombing, the Sheik's son was found with bin Laden's terrorists in
      Afghanistan when the US liberated Afghanistan, Saddam Hussein,
      In 1973 Arafat took the US Ambassador to the Sudan Cleo Noel and his
      aide hostage in Khartoum, Sudan. Arafat demanded that the US release
      SIRHAN SIRHAN to him. When the US failed to do so Arafat ordered the
      hostages killed.
      The old saying is DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES.
      Arafat may well have sent SIRHAN SIRHAN to assassinate RFK on the
      1st anniversary of the SIX DAY WAR,in which Israel re-united
      JERUSALEM and liberated the rest of Judea, and Samaria (the so-
      called "west bank") as well as Gaza and the Golan Heights.
      SIRHAN SIRHAN'S cousin, also named SIRHAN SIRHAN, was busted by
      Israel after a terrorist attack on Israel more recently. He was
      linked to a gang of terrorists called the TANZIM, under Arafat's
      direct control.
      According to Chris Matthews' MSNBC special on the JFK assassination
      RAMSEY CLARK was the first person into the EAST ROOM to see JFK's
      body when it was brought back from Dallas.
      Someone had to arrange the route of the JFK motorcade in Dallas.
      Someone had to bring the motorcade into the line of fire in front of
      the Texas School Book depository where LEE HARVEY OSWALD was working.
      If America lost in Vietnam and was kicked out of Vietnam it would no
      longer be tied down in Vietnam. It would then be able to defend
      Israel if it were attacked.
      The arab terrorists did not want to see America defeated in Vietnam.
      If America were defeated in Vietnam it might come to Israel's rescue
      when Israel was attacked.
      To make sure America was not defeated in Vietnam JFK had to be
      assassinated if the arab terrorists were to keep the US tied down in
      Vietnam and less able to come to Israel's rescue.
      In 1968 Gene McCarthy, a liberal Democratic US Senator from
      Minnesota ran for the Democratic Presidential nomination.
      Gene McCarthy was endorsed by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. two weeks
      before Dr. King was assassinated. CARLOS MARCELLO has been linked to
      the King assassination according to a HISTORY CHANNEL cable
      television special.
      Gene McCarthy wanted to end the Vietnam war and bring the American
      troops home from Vietnam.
      If America left Vietnam it would be more able to come to Israel's
      rescue if Israel were attacked. Israel was attacked, by surprise in
      the October 6th, 1973 YOM KIPPUR WAR.
      To stop Gene McCarthy from getting the Democratic nomination the
      Democratic opposition to the Vietnam war had to be split.
      A live Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would have been able to tell what
      was then called "the black community" that he had endorsed Gene
      McCarthy for President. A dead Dr. King could not do so. Dr. King
      endorsed Gene two weeks before he was killed.
      Once Dr. King was killed RFK could enter the Democratic presidential
      race and claim that he was the candidate of what was then
      called "the black community".
      It was essential to divide the opponents of the Vietnam war in the
      Democratic party to stop Gene McCarthy from being nominated by the
      Democrats for President in 1968 if the war were to continue and
      Israel were to be unable to count on US support in the event of an
      arab attack.
      At the time RAMSEY CLARK was a pro-Vietnam war politician.
      He screamed "Tell it to Hanoi!" at opponents of the Vietnam war.
      So Dr. King was assassinated. James Earl Ray said that he did not
      agree with RAMSEY CLARK about the King assassination not being part
      of any conspiracy.
      James Earl Ray is dead. Dr. King is dead.
      RFK had to be assassinated after he had taken California but BEFORE
      the New York State Democratic primary.
      RFK was a US Senator representing New York state in 1968. He was a
      Democrat. If he had lost the New York state Presidential Democratic
      Primary to Gene McCarthy in 1968 RFK would have to have dropped out
      of the race and endorsed Gene McCarthy for President.
      McCarthy was 7 points ahead of Nixon in the Polls.
      If McCarthy had been nominated he would have won the election and
      withdrawn US forces from South Vietnam. This would have meant that
      the US would be more able to defend Israel from the eventual arab
      PEARL HARBOR style sneak-attack that would actually occur on October
      6th, 1973 as the YOM KIPPUR WAR. It was called the YOM KIPPUR WAR
      because it was launched on YOM KIPPUR, the most sacred day in the
      Jewish religion which occurred on October 6th, 1973.
      So RFK had to be assassinated to stop Gene McCarthy, who was a good
      friend of Israel and of Israel's Prime Minister, Golda Meir, from
      pulling the US out of Vietnam, because the arab terrorists needed
      America to remain tied down in Vietnam, and thus less able to come
      to Israel's defense.
      A dead Bobby Kennedy could not be defeated by McCarthy in the New
      York state 1968 Democratic Presidential Primary. Only a live Bobby
      Kennedy could be defeated. Only a live Bobby Kennedy could then have
      been forced to drop out of the race and endorse Gene McCarthy for
      McCarthy was going to beat RFK in that primary. McCarthy was
      immensely popular in liberal New York State. It was McCarthy's good
      showing in the New Hampshire 1968 Democratic presidential primary
      that had forced President Johnson to announce that he would not seek
      re-election on March 31st, 1968.
      "Who Shot Martin Luther King? The federal government, and Tennessee
      authorities, aggressively pushed the lone-gunman theory-although this
      explanation was rejected out of hand by millions of Americans. At
      Ray's sentencing, as the state was telling the jury what the evidence
      would have been at a trial, Ray interrupted the proceedings to say he
      did not agree with the statement of Ramsey Clark, U.S. attorney
      general, that there was no conspiracy. Three days later Ray tried to
      withdraw his plea of guilty, even though that would subject him to a
      possible death sentence. The court refused. From that day forward
      there has been a tug-of-war between conspiracy believers and
      lone-gunman advocates. In 1979 the House Select Committee on
      Assassinations issued a report saying there probably was a
      "Testimony Of Dr. William Kemp Clark The testimony of Dr. William
      Clark was taken at 11:50 a.m., on March 21, 1964, at Parkland
      Hospital, Dallas, Tex., by Mr. Arlen Specter, assistant counsel of
      President's Commission. Mr. Specter. Would you
      stand up please,
      Dr. Clark, and raise your right hand? Do you
      solemnly swear that the
      testimony you will give before the President's Commission on the
      Assassination of President Kennedy in this deposition proceeding will
      be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you
      God? Dr. Clark. I do.Mr. Specter.
      You may be seated. Dr. Clark. Thank you. Mr. Specter. The President's
      Commission is investigating all facts related to the Assassination of
      President Kennedy, and you have been asked to testify in this
      deposition proceeding relating to the medical treatment received by
      President Kennedy at Parkland Memorial Hospital and all facts
      thereto. Dr. Clark, have you received a letter from the President's
      Commission enclosing a copy of the Executive Order establishing `the
      Commission' and a copy of a Senate and House Joint Resolution about
      the Commission, and a letter relating to the taking of testimony by
      the Commission? Dr. Clark. I have. Mr. Specter. And are you willing
      proceed with this deposition today, even though 3 days have not
      elapsed between the time you received the letter and this morning?
      Clark. Yes. Mr. Specter. Would you state your full name for the
      record, please? Dr. Clark. William Kemp Clark. Mr. Specter. Will you
      outline in a general way your educational background, please? Dr.
      Clark. Yes. I graduated from the University of Texas in Austin, 1944.
      I graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
      in 1948. I interned at Indiana University Medical Center and was a
      resident in surgery there from 1948 to 1950. I spent 2 years in the
      Air Force and then took my residency in neurological surgery at
      Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. This was from 1953
      1956, at which time I came to the University of Texas, Southwestern
      Medical School, as chairman of the division of neurological surgery."
      "The Formation of the Clark Panel: More of the Secret Team at Work?
      Lisa Pease The Clark Panel was the medical panel convened almost
      immediately after Ramsey Clark had been approved for his appointment
      as Attorney General in 1967. The panel was clearly convened to put to
      rest the growing doubts caused by the exposures of Mark Lane, Harold
      Weisberg, other researchers and even in late 1966, LIFE magazine
      itself. All of the above talked about the evidence of conspiracy, and
      the implication is that the medical evidence would either show
      conspiracy, or else, signs of tampering. What brought it to a crux
      Jim Garrison's all-out investigation of the assassination, which, in
      1967, was making official story proponents very nervous. One of the
      key questions raised by the New Orleans DA was this: Why hadn't the
      Warren Commission members examined the autopsy photographs and
      X-rays?" On April 4th 1968 Martin Luther King was assassinated while
      on the balcony at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis.
      " Martin Luther King on anti-Zionism
      From M.L. King Jr., "Letter to an Anti-Zionist Friend," Saturday
      Review XLVII (Aug. 1967), p.
      Reprinted in M.L. King Jr., "This I Believe: Selections from the
      Writings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr."
      ". . . You declare, my friend, that you do not hate the Jews, you are
      merely `anti-Zionist.' And I say, let the truth ring forth from the
      high mountain tops, let it echo through the valleys of God's green
      earth: When people criticize Zionism, they mean Jews-this is God's
      truth. Anti-Semitism, the hatred of the Jewish people, has been and
      remains a blot on the soul of mankind. In this we are in full
      agreement. So know also this: anti-Zionist is inherently anti-
      and ever will be so.
      Why is this? You know that Zionism is nothing less than the dream and
      ideal of the Jewish people returning to live in their own land. The
      Jewish people, the Scriptures tell us, once enjoyed a flourishing
      Commonwealth in the Holy Land. From this they were expelled by the
      Roman tyrant, the same Romans who cruelly murdered Our Lord. Driven
      from their homeland, their nation in ashes, forced to wander the
      globe, the Jewish people time and again suffered the lash of
      tyrant happened to rule over them.
      The Negro people, my friend, know what it is to suffer the torment of
      tyranny under rulers not of our choosing. Our brothers in Africa have
      begged, pleaded, requested-DEMANDED-the recognition and realization
      our inborn right to live in peace under our own sovereignty in our
      How easy it should be, for anyone who holds dear this inalienable
      right of all mankind, to understand and support the right of the
      Jewish People to live in their ancient Land of Israel. All men of
      good will exult in the fulfillment of God's promise, that his People
      should return in joy to rebuild their plundered land. This is
      nothing more, nothing less. And what is anti-Zionist? It is the
      denial to the Jewish people of a fundamental right that we justly
      claim for the people of Africa and freely accord all other nations of
      the Globe. It is discrimination against Jews, my friend, because they
      are Jews. In short, it is anti-Semitism. The anti-Semite rejoices at
      any opportunity to vent his malice. The times have made it unpopular,
      in the West, to proclaim openly a hatred of the Jews. This being the
      case, the anti-Semite must constantly seek new forms and forums for
      his poison. How he must revel in the new masquerade! He does not hate
      the Jews, he is just `anti-Zionist'! My friend, I do not accuse you
      of deliberate anti-Semitism. I know you feel, as I do, a deep love of
      truth and justice and a revulsion for racism, prejudice, and
      discrimination. But I know you have been misled-as others have
      been-into thinking you can be `anti-Zionist' and yet remain true to
      these heartfelt principles that you and I share. Let my words echo in
      the depths of your soul: When people criticize Zionism, they mean
      Jews-make no mistake about it."
      Highly Recommended url:
      February 4th, 2000

      NEW YORK-Ambassador Shmuel Sisso, Consul General of Israel in New
      York, in conjunction with the Jewish Community Relations Council and
      the Jewish National Fund, joined with Martin Luther King III on
      Thursday night, Feb. 3, to celebrate unity between Israel and
      African-Americans on the occasion of Black History Month. The event
      honored King and Dr. Vera King Farris, President of Stockton College
      and a leading scholar in Holocaust studies. Speaking to about a 100
      guests, Ambassador Sisso said that those attending the gathering
      "share the burden on the shoulders of every man, woman and child who
      has ever been persecuted, whether because of their skin or their
      religious beliefs." He added that friendship and education are the
      instruments with which to battle the pathology of hate, citing Dr.
      Martin Luther King's vision for creating a more just society. Martin
      Luther King III, citing his father, said that "injustice anywhere is
      threat to justice everywhere." He called for Jewish and African
      Americans to continue in his father's path, stressing the importance
      of the relationship between the two groups. Dr. Farris, who recently
      received an honorary degree from the Ben- Gurion University in Be'er
      Sheva, and who has visited Israel many times, thanked Ambassador
      with a greeting in Hebrew, and continued: "It was Martin Luther King
      Jr. who told me I could have a vision, and mine was the Holocaust."
      She recounted the activities of Stockton College Holocaust research
      center, which has worked to ensure legislation in the state of New
      Jersey mandating Holocaust education. The event concluded with a jazz
      ensemble performing "We Shall Overcome", during which guests stood up
      and joined in the singing, while clasping hands. This annual occasion
      is part of the State of Israel's recognition of the exceptional
      contributions of individuals in the African-American community, in
      whose name trees are planted in the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial
      forest in Israel, located near Nazareth. For further information,
      please contact the press office of the Consulate General of Israel in
      New York at (212) 499-5407.
      Had Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy NOT been assassinated Eugene
      McCarthy, who was 7
      points ahead of Nixon in the polls, would have been nominated by the
      Democratic Party as its
      Presidential candidate in 1968 and gone on to win the White House.
      Gene would have ended the Vietnam War promptly in 1969. Gene McCarthy
      was a good personal friend of Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir. He
      was a friend of Israel. Gene would probably have been re-elected in
      1972. There probably would NOT have been an arab surprise attack on
      Israel on October 6th, 1973 with Gene McCarthy in the White House and
      the US NOT tied down in Indochina. In our view ARAFAT ordered the
      cost to the African-American community of the death of the most
      Gandhian leader it ever had is incalculable in terms of wasted human
      lives. Dr. King was also a friend to the Jewish community. Imagine a
      world in which there never had been a split between the Jewish
      community and the African American community. Instead of Jesse
      Jackson assuming the mantle of the slain Dr. King, and going on to
      lead the charge against the Jewish community after Jimmy Carter fired
      Andy Young for shaking hands with an arafat observer at the UN, and
      going on to make his infamous "Hymietown" remark, Martin Luther King
      would have led the African-American community. (JIMMY CARTER
      got ten million dollars from the infamous arab CIA DRUG BANK
      BCCI for the CARTER LIBRARY, Andy Young allegedly Got $100,000 from
      BCCI, Jackson allegedly got $5 million dollars for
      his OPERATION PUSH from Iraq and allegedly got another $5 million
      Dollars from Libya)..

      Senator Heinz and Martin Luther King both died on April 4th
      Was Senator Heinz assassinated too?
      We believe that Dr. King was assassinated, as we discuss in this
      post, for a variety of reasons. We believe that assassins have been
      killing Americans for many years. Was Senator Heinz, the late
      husband of Mrs. John F. Kerry, a victim
      of an arab terrorist assassination plot?
      Senator Heinz was strongly Pro-Israel:
      "Update on Congress
      The Busy Month of June
      By Dennis J. Wamsted
      July 15, 1985, Page 4
      The Reagan Administration's plan to sell a package of advanced
      weaponry-including 40 jet fighters, either F-16s or F-20s, and
      several types of offensive and defensive missiles-to the Kingdom of
      Jordan was derailed in June before it was even officially announced.
      On June 4, Senators John Heinz (R-PA) and Edward Kennedy (D-MA)
      introduced a resolution, with 67 cosponsors, opposing an arms sale<br/><br/>(Message over 64 KB, truncated)
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