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Rally for Civilization Wednesday, September 20th Noon 2nd Ave at

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    Rally for Civilization Wednesday, September 20th Noon 2nd Ave at 47th St NYC NATIONAL SOLIDARITY RALLY Wednesday, September 20th 12:00 Noon, Rain or Shine Dag
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      Rally for Civilization Wednesday, September 20th Noon 2nd Ave at
      47th St NYC NATIONAL SOLIDARITY RALLY Wednesday, September 20th
      12:00 Noon, Rain or Shine Dag Hammarskjold Plaza 2nd Avenue at 47th
      Street New York City Subways: 4, 5, 6, or 7 to Grand Central Station
      National Israel Solidarity Rally

      Send a message to the Leaders of the World
      as they gather at the UN General Assembly:

      Wednesday, September 20th
      12:00 Noon, Rain or Shine
      Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
      2nd Avenue at 47th Street
      New York City
      Subways: 4, 5, 6, or 7 to Grand Central Station

      Thousands of shofarot will sound in a call of unity with Israel .
      Participants are urged to bring a shofar.

      Sponsored by the
      Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
      Jewish Community Relations Council of New York
      In Cooperation with the
      United Jewish Communities, UJA-Federation of New York
      and Jewish Council for Public Affairs

      For more information contact:
      Conference of Presidents at 212-318-6111
      or e-mail questions to info@....
      info at conferenceofpresidents.org

      Please Click

      for a printer friendly flyer. Please distribute and post widely.

      Speak out against global terror
      and its state sponsors.
      Free kidnapped Israeli soldiers!

      National Israel Solidarity Rally
      September 20, 2006
      12:00 Noon, NYC Wednesday September 20, 2006 at 12 noon in Dag
      Hammarskjold Plaza 885 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10017 East 47th Street
      and 2nd Avenue across from the United Nations.

      Item Immediately Below is excerpted from The New York Sun:

      "If the Holocaust-denying, nuclear bomb-building, terrorism-
      sponsoring president of Iran thinks he's going to flit into New York
      next week for the U.N. General Assembly and escape unchallenged, boy
      is he going to be in for a surprise. Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel
      yesterday added his name to a small but high-powered international
      group of private citizens who are pushing to have Iran thrown out of
      the United Nations in response to Iran's violations of the 1948
      Convention to Prevent and Punish the Crime of Genocide.
      President Ahmadinejad will also be met with a large rally on
      September 20 outside the U.N. at noon organized by the Conference of
      Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, the Jewish
      Community Relations Council of New York , and the UJA-Federation of
      New York . The rally, in support of Israel , calls for
      implementation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701, which calls
      for disarming Iran 's proxy army Hezbollah. It also calls for
      supporting the war against state sponsors of terror, including
      Iran . The executive vice chairman of the Conference, Malcolm
      Hoenlein, told us yesterday that he's received requests from as far
      away as Texas , Arkansas , Ottawa , and New Hampshire to participate
      in the rally.

      The legal effort in which Mr. Wiesel is involved, established at the
      Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, includes a former Israeli
      ambassador to the United Nations, Dore Gold, and a former Israeli
      ambassador to America, Meir Rosenne. "It is hard to believe that at
      a time when the president of Iran is making statements denying the
      Holocaust and does not hide his intention to erase Israel from the
      map, the enlightened world is planning to host Ahmadinejad at the
      opening of the General Assembly instead of evicting his country from
      the U.N. altogether," the group said in a statement issued yesterday.
      It might seem farfetched to invoke a genocide convention against
      Iran when, thank goodness, no genocide has happened yet. But the
      treaty — which Iran itself signed and ratified — is called the
      Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of
      Genocide. In Rwanda , and Darfur , the United Nations and the world
      waited until after the slaughter to act. In this case, there has
      been a warning. The leader of Iran's proxy in Lebanon, Hezbollah's
      Hassan Nasrallah, has stated that if the Jews "all gather in Israel,
      it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide," and
      said, "it is an open war until the elimination of Israel and until
      the death of the last Jew on earth."
      The treaty states that "Direct and public incitement to commit
      genocide" is punishable. We don't have much confidence in the
      enforceability of international law, which seems to be used in
      practice mainly as a hammer by neutralist groups like Human Rights
      Watch to pound Israel and America . Yet the legal campaign, like the
      rally to be held in New York , is significant in shaping public
      awareness of Iran 's intentions — an awareness that is vital to
      preventing the genocide that Iran openly boasts that it intends."

      Press Release Source: Conference of Presidents of Major American
      Jewish Organizations

      Mass National Solidarity Rally As World Leaders Gather at U.N.
      Tuesday September 12, 5:12 pm ET
      Sept. 20th Event to Support Israel, the War On Terror, and the
      Release of Israeli Soldiers

      NEW YORK, Sept. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- A National Solidarity Rally will
      be held on Wednesday September 20, 2006 at 12 noon in Dag
      Hammarskjold Plaza across from the United Nations. Many thousands of
      people from throughout the New York area, the eastern seaboard and
      beyond, are expected to join the mass rally in solidarity with
      Israel, in support of the war against global terror and its state
      sponsors, and to demand the release of the three Israeli soldiers
      being held hostage. Cosponsored by the Conference of Presidents of
      Major American Jewish Organizations and the Jewish Community
      Relations Council of New York, in conjunction with United Jewish
      Communities, UJA-Federation of New York, and the Jewish Council for
      Public Affairs as well as scores of national and local
      organizations, the demonstration will coincide with the presence of
      world leaders at the opening sessions of the U.N. General Assembly.
      It is expected that Iranian President Amadinejad will be in
      Malcolm Hoenlein, Presidents Conference Executive Vice Chairman and
      Michael Miller, JCRC Executive Vice President said the rally will
      attract large numbers of participants with attendance expected to be
      in the tens of thousands. People of all faiths will be gathering
      together to show the people of Israel who have been through a
      difficult time, that the American people stand with them. They will
      call on the leaders to see to the implementation of U.N. Resolutions
      1559 and 1701 that call for the disarming of Hezbollah and the
      prevention of their rearmament and the prompt release of the
      kidnapped Israeli soldiers.

      Howard Rieger, UJC President, said that the response to the
      mobilization that is underway has shown that people recognize that
      this is a key time for us to send world leaders a critical and
      powerful message. Numbers do count. Public officials, entertainers,
      and religious and ethic leaders will be participating in the
      program. Representatives of the families of the soldiers being held
      hostage will also participate.

      John S. Ruskay, Executive Vice President and CEO of the UJA-
      Federation of New York said that "We are here to tell the world that
      we will not be silent in the face of terror and attacks. As I look
      to the future, I am sobered by the road that appears to be before
      us. Yes, we will stand with the people Israel yet again. As we have.
      As we must. But facing years, if not decades, of more hostility,
      violence, death and hatred is a painful scenario - for Israel, for
      the Middle East, for the Jewish people, for America, and for the
      West. We are steadfast in our support of Israel and we pray for a
      true and lasting peace."

      Rally participants will blow hundreds of shofarot in a demonstration
      of unity with Israel. People are to enter the Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
      at 47th Street and Second Avenue. Arrangements for bus parking can
      be made through the JCRC (212-489-9300) and flyer or other
      information can be obtained at
      info at conferenceofpresidents.org
      or info@....
      info at jcrcny.org

      People and communities outside the metropolitan area should contact
      their local federations or JCRC.

      The Conference of Presidents is the central coordinating body
      representing 52 national Jewish organizations on issues of national
      and international concern.

      Source: Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish

      If you cannot be there in person please be there in spirit and please
      share this information with everyone you can.

      Some thoughts on the upcoming rally and the state of the world.

      In 1939 a young American Jewish activist, barely out of her teens,
      visited THE NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR. There she sought out as many high
      ranking JAPANESE officials and their wives as possible. She said
      only two words to each of those JAPANESE officals and their wives.

      The words, in the form of a simple two word question, were:
      "You Jewish?"

      Hitler had granted Japanese citizens "Honorary Aryan Status".
      The Axis Powers at the time were Germany, Italy and Japan.

      Though Japan was a full-fledged member of the Nazi Axis and acted
      like it in China where some 30 MILLION CHINESE PEOPLE were
      slaughtered by JAPAN during the 1931-1945 period it was not fooled
      by Hitler's granting of "Honorary Aryan Status" to the people of
      Japan. The Japanese people were not then and are not now tall blond
      fair skinned blue-eyed "Aryans".

      Though Japan was an ally of Hitler it was able to look a short
      distance away to Stalin's Soviet Union to see the fate of another
      Hitler ally, which had signed the infamous Hitler-Stalin non-
      aggression pact of 1939, only to be invaded by Hitler in June of
      1941. Hitler eventually slaughtered between 20 MILLION and 27

      So it came to pass on December 7th, 1941 that Japanese planes bombed
      Pearl Harbor. Clearly Japan was hoping to destroy the American
      Pacific Fleet in port at Pearl Harbor, leaving America unable to
      pursue a Pacific War against Japan, but angry enough to join
      America's Mother Country, England, in the war against Hitler, thus
      opening a Second Front against Hitler and slowing Hitler's march
      across the Soviet Union down long enough for Japan to prepare itself
      to become Hitler's NEXT VICTIM,should Hitler succeed in destroying
      the Soviet Union.

      Unfortunately for Japan the US aircraft carriers were at sea on
      December 7th, 1941, rather than in port at Pearl Harbor and so
      America was able to wage BOTH the Pacific War against Japan AND to
      eventually open up the Second Front against Hitler in Europe.

      The 2 word question: "You Jewish?", asked by that young female
      Jewish American activist to the Japanese officials and their wives
      at the 1939 NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR could well be asked today to so-
      called "IRANIAN" officials and their wives at the United Nations and
      around the world by other activists. So-called "IRAN" was called
      Persia before 1935. It was named "IRAN" in 1935 when Persia sought
      to remake itself as another ally of Hitler. "IRAN" literally means:

      Like the Japanese in the Hitler era, Persians may well discover that
      they too
      are not really "Aryans" at all. They are not really tall blond blue-
      eyed fair
      skinned Nazi Germans by any stretch of the imagination no matter how
      insane the
      tyrants who rule Persia today may be.

      So-called "Iran" has long been
      in the hands
      of lunatics who are traitors to Persia and Shia Islam and have been
      in bed with
      the enemies of both.
      "How Iran got its name

      March 16, 2006 (c.e.)
      If you didn't think Iran could plunge any lower as a nation-state,
      you were wrong. Iran's semi-official, best-selling newspaper,
      actually published by the city government of Tehran, is running a
      contest for
      the best cartoons poking fun at the Holocaust.
      While this may be shocking to some, it is actually what we should
      expect from the mad mullahs of Iran. This is not, as the newspaper
      editors have
      suggested, merely a way for Iranians to protest the Danish cartoons
      Muhammad. This is not just a way for the
      Iranians and the radical Islamic world to attempt to portray
      themselves as victims. This is not just a tit-for-tat exercise.
      This is a reflection of the Iranian mullahs' Nazi sympathies. This
      is a way for them to show the entire Islamic world that they still
      believe in
      Hitler's "final solution." This is just the latest manifestation of
      70 years of
      anti-Jewish history in Iran – and a lot longer in the Islamic world.
      In fact, do
      you know how the nation of Iran got its name? For thousands of
      years, the
      country we now know as Iran was known as Persia. But in 1935, the
      shah of Iran,
      the father of the man deposed in 1979, was a Nazi sympathizer. He
      hated the
      Jews. So he decided to show his true stripes by renaming his country
      Iran, which
      literally means "land of the Aryans."
      Later, that same shah welcomed Haj Mohammad Amin al-Husseini, the
      exiled grand mufti of Jerusalem, into the country. The mufti was on
      the run
      because of his pro-Nazi work and his efforts in attempting to bring
      the Jewish
      Holocaust to the Middle East. Al-Husseini would later go on to
      inspire and tutor
      Yasser Arafat in
      the art of Jew-killing. Arafat referred to al-Husseini as "uncle."
      The Nazi shah may have received good notices from Berlin, but London
      was none too thrilled with his pro-Nazi position. And, unfortunately
      for him and
      fortunately for the rest of the world, Hitler did not conquer the
      world. The
      shah was deposed by the British and replaced with his son. But the
      name "Iran"
      stuck. And it illustrates the visceral,underlying anti-Semitism that
      has shown
      itself throughout history in the Islamic world. "

      You can see actual photos of arafat's uncle,Haj Mohammad Amin al-
      grand mufti of Jerusalem, and other enemies of civilization at

      Some Anti-Terrorist Resources we are aware of are listed below.
      Please let us know about other anti-terrorist resources you may be
      aware of so that we may help to spread the word about them.
      We also need to not only know the enemy
      We need to be brave and strong in the face of the enemy. "We say
      hazak, hazak, v'nithazek: be strong, be strong, and strengthen one


      To receive announcements of new issues of Think-Israel:
      To send comments/articles to Think-Israel: comments@...
      Bernice Lipkin editor@...
      Please also do your part to help Israel by joining pro-Israel groups
      both on line and in real life.
      Some pro-Israel on line groups are listed below:

      Post message: IsraelAndAmericaTogetherForVictory@yahoogroups.com
      Subscribe: IsraelAndAmericaTogetherForVictory-

      Post message: IsraelMustLive@yahoogroups.com
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      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/IsraelNowAndForever /
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      Post message: OperationCSPAN@yahoogroups.com
      Subscribe: OperationCSPAN-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
      c-span, also known as C-SPAN provides much valuable information.
      However, we are
      distressed that programs like
      Washington Journal on c-span seem to provide a forum for
      anti-Semites and enemies of Israel and the Jewish people in
      general who seem to not only call into that t.v. show, but get
      through, and get
      on the air, where they are seldom interupted or cut off by the show's
      moderators. We feel that a 2 minute delay could enable the show's
      moderators to
      screen out the anti-Semites and enemies of Israel and the Jewish
      people, however
      no such 2 minute delay seems to be in place. Moreover the moderators
      of that
      show and others do not seem to be of a mind to cut off the anti-
      Semites and
      other enemies of Israel and the Jewish people in general who
      regularly call into
      that show and others
      on c-span. We have therefore created this Yahoo Group in the hopes
      that members
      of the group will become regular viewers of c-span and will call in
      regularly to
      Washington Journal and other c-span call in t.v. shows, to support
      Israel and
      the Jewish people and to counter the anti-Semites and other enemies
      of Israel
      and the Jewish people whose calls are regularly aired on c-span. We
      also hope
      that members of our Yahoo Group will contact their U.S.
      Senators and members of Congress and President Bush at
      http://www.whitehouse.gov to see what can be done about
      the situation at c-span.

      Post message: PeopleForIsrael@yahoogroups.com
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      Post message: PeopleWhoSupportIsrael@yahoogroups.com
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      Post message: AmericansForIsrael@yahoogroups.com
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      If you know of other pro-Israel on line groups and/or pro-Israel
      groups that meet in real life please post the information about them.

      We have great love for the people of Persia. It is tragic that the
      people are living under the rule of an evil tyrant and his gang.

      We can recall that it was another evil tyrant, Saddam Hussein,who
      arranged to
      have the philosophical writings of his own evil uncle Khairallah,
      published in a
      treatise titled 'Three Whom God
      Should Not Have Created: Iranians, Jews and Flies."

      Just as Hitler would have wiped out the people of Japan, if he had
      had the
      chance to, even though Japan was an ally of Nazi Germany, as soon as
      he had
      finished wiping out the people of the Soviet Union, even though the
      Soviet Union
      had been an ally of Nazi Germany before Hitler invaded the Soviet
      Union in June
      of 1941, so Saddam Hussein would gladly have wiped out every single
      Persian on
      earth if he had had the chance.

      We hope that the people of Persia will reclaim the proud name of
      their nation
      and rename so-called "Iran" Persia as Persia is the true name of
      that nation.
      Persia is not now, and has never been the so-called "LAND OF THE
      despite the fact that it is wrongfully called "Iran" now.

      We would love to see "regime change" in Persia which would set
      Persia back on
      the road to democracy and peace and freedom.

      Jews and Persians have much in common. We shudder at the thought of
      the coming
      carnage that will have to be inflicted upon Persia to accomplish
      regime change,
      and the destruction of the nuclear weapons program and other weapons
      of mass
      destruction programs and stockpiles there if Persia is unable to rid
      itself of
      its insane regime by itself. But that may have to be. It had to be
      in Nazi
      Germany to free Germans from the rule of the mad man Hitler and his
      insane Nazi
      gang. Germany was unable to free itself from Nazi rule by itself.
      Help to
      accomplish that goal had to come from without.

      That help took a terrible toll on the people of Germany but there
      was no
      alternative to inflicting that carnage. The World War Two alliance
      that included
      England and America perservered and accomplished the liberation of

      So today the civlized world may well have to liberate Persia from
      the tyrants
      who rule it now if the people of Persia are unable to do so from

      We must admit that we can see no sign that would tell us that the
      people of
      Persia will be able to free themselves from the tyrant and his gang
      that hold
      sway there now before it is too late.

      Persia is on the threshold of acquiring nuclear weapons.
      It cannot be allowed to acquire them. If the world does not act soon
      it may be
      too late.

      In such a case those Persian nuclear weapons would be used first
      upon Israel and
      America and then on the rest of the civilized world.
      The retaliation from Israel and America would destroy Persia utterly.

      Thus it is not a question of saving SOME Persians from the harm
      which a
      pre-emptive strike to eliminate the Persian regime and its nuclear
      program and weapons of mass destruction programs and stockpiles
      would cause,it
      is a question of saving ALL Persians from the total destruction
      which the
      inevitable retaliation by Israel and America would bring to Persia,
      as well as
      of saving the people of Israel and America and the rest of the
      civilized world
      from the otherwise inevitable Persian first strike against Israel
      and America.

      Iran Test-Fires Sub-To-Surface Missile

      August 28, 2006 1:34 p.m. EST

      Julie Farby - All Headline News Staff Writer

      Tehran, Iran (AHN)-In a show of its military prowess amid a standoff
      with the
      West over its nuclear activities, Iran test fired a new submarine-to-
      missile during war games in the Persian Gulf on Sunday.

      A brief video clip showed the long-range missile, called Thaqeb, or
      exiting the water and hitting a target on the water's surface within
      less than a
      mile, with navy commander, Gen. Sajjad Kouchaki telling state-run
      television, "The army successfully test fired a top speed long-range
      sub-to-surface missile off the Persian Gulf."

      In an advance for Iran 's weapons industry, the Thaqeb is the
      country's first
      sub-fired missile that leaves the water to strike its target, adding
      to the
      country's repertoire of weapons that can hit ships in the Gulf.

      Kouchaki says the Thaqeb, which could be fired from any vessel and
      escape enemy
      radar, was built based on domestic know-how, although outside
      experts say much
      of the country's missile technology originated from other countries
      like Russia
      and China .

      However, after decades of relying on foreign weapons purchases,
      Iran 's military
      has been working to boost its domestic production of armaments.

      Since 1992, Iran has produced its own tanks, armored personnel
      missiles and a fighter plane, the government has said. It announced
      in early
      2005 that it had begun production of torpedoes."

      Special Dispatch Series - No. 1269 August 29, 2006 No.1269

      Iranian Generals Reveal New Weapons Systems and Methods, Discuss
      Possibility of
      Confrontation With U.S. Forces in Persian Gulf

      The following are excerpts from interviews with Iranian army
      generals on the
      subject of recent war games. The interviews aired on the Iranian
      News Channel
      (IRINN) on August 21, 2006, and on Iranian Channel 2 on August 17,

      TO VIEW THIS CLIP, VISIT: http://www.memritv.org/search.asp?
      ACT=S9&P1=1246 .

      Iranian Channel 2, August 17

      Admiral Sajjad Kouchaki, commander of the navy of the Iranian
      Army: "We have
      made achievements in building submarines of various tonnages."

      Interviewer: "I recall a two-seater submarine which was tested two
      or three
      years ago. Have you built other submarines as well?"

      Sajjad Kouchaki: "Yes. This is a small submarine for two divers. We
      have built
      larger submarines. Today, we are building submarines weighing 120-
      500 tons.
      These submarines can reach any depth in the Persian Gulf, the Gulf
      of Oman and
      the north of the Indian Ocean , and can 'shadow' the enemy's vessels

      "Another technological aspect I can tell you about is the building
      of missile
      boats. These boats can carry anti-ship missiles, with a range of
      over 100
      kilometers. I am pleased to say that these missiles were designed
      and built with
      the help of personnel and experts from the army, the Defense
      Ministry, and the

      Interviewer: "Are these guided missiles?"

      Sajjad Kouchaki: "Yes, they are."

      "I would like to take this opportunity to talk about the brigades of
      marines. I am pleased to say that our brigades are stationed today
      on the Abu
      Musa and Sirri islands, protecting them with all their might. These
      brigades can
      be divided into over 1,500 special operations teams, which can
      deploy throughout
      the Persian Gulf, from the northernmost tip to the southernmost tip,
      the port of
      Gavater , and can attack the enemy below surface, above surface,
      from the air,
      and from the shore. I am pleased to say that we have this

      Interviewer: "Mr. Kouchaki, will you conduct new testing in this

      Sajjad Kouchaki: "Yes. I am pleased to say that we have many defense
      technologies in this field. In general, I can tell you that several
      will be tested in this maneuver."

      Interviewer: "For the first time?"

      Sajjad Kouchaki: "Yes. I can also say that unmanned aerial vehicles
      for combat
      and reconnaissance will be used for the first time in this maneuver,
      as well as
      torpedoes that we built ourselves, which can be launched from
      submarines and
      boats, as well as from islands or from the shore, to hit the
      designated targets.

      "In this maneuver, we are operating launching equipment for
      missiles, torpedoes,
      and mines. In addition, COMINT equipment and active and passive
      sonar will be
      used in this maneuver."

      General Abdolrahim Mousavi, head of the Iranian army's Joint
      Staff: "Our planes
      have been given to us by their country of manufacture, but if these
      ever face our planes, they will see things that even they could not
      imagine. The
      modifications our planes have undergone - in their systems for
      identification, missiles, launching, and smart bombs - all of these
      are not what
      they had built."

      Sajjad Kouchaki: "Our tactics are completely different from the
      conventional tactics. This means that our submarines can easily get
      near the
      enemy. Even our enemies know full well that one of our submarines
      passed under
      one of their [vessels], without their noticing. We came close to
      their anchored
      vessels, and we even filmed their anchor chain. We followed them
      through a
      periscope at a depth of one kilometer, without their noticing. All
      these methods
      and tactics are non-classical and non-conventional, constituting

      Interviewer: "Mr. Kouchaki, can a boat, for example, be loaded with
      and directed, by remote control, towards some warship?"

      Sajjad Kouchaki: "Yes, it can be done below surface, above surface,
      and from the

      Interviewer: "How can [the enemy] confront this - by interception?"

      Sajjad Kouchaki: "Yes, that's the method, but we need to use the
      element of

      Interviewer: "What would happen if a hundred of these are used

      Sajjad Kouchaki: "Naturally, they would be able to intercept some,
      but others
      would hit the target. However, I don't think this is a good method,
      if we use
      the unconventional tactics of unbalanced warfare."

      Interviewer: "What you mean is that all options are open, and even
      if we are
      technologically inferior, we have methods of confronting [the

      Sajjad Kouchaki: "Yes."

      Interviewer: "Mr. Kouchaki, is there a division of labor between you
      and the
      IRGC navy, or do you complement one another?"

      Sajjad Kouchaki: "I am delighted to say that you have asked a very
      question. These two navies complement one another. As our honorable
      [Khamenei] has said, these are two branches and two navies that
      complement one

      "The IRGC navy has good experience in the strategic dimension of
      speed boats,
      anti-ship missiles, and techniques and tactics of unbalanced

      Abdolrahim Mousavi: "Regarding what Admiral Kouchaki said, the same
      that passed underneath the American warship could have done other
      things as
      well. It could pass underneath it again - doing other things. The
      same goes for
      the unmanned planes. The same unmanned plane that flew over the
      warships in the
      Persian Gulf , taking pictures of them all, can do other things if
      equipped with
      a warhead. No matter how large they are, they have vulnerabilities."

      Iranian News Channel (IRINN), August 21, 2006

      General Ja'fari, Iranian Army: "Another aspect of this maneuver is
      the use of
      new weapons and systems by our soldiers. This new equipment includes
      designed to penetrate bulletproof vests. That's the way it is in
      war. Whenever
      something new is made, something is immediately made to counter it.
      Once they
      used to talk about electronic warfare. Later they talked about anti-
      warfare. Then they talked about anti-anti-electronic warfare. Today,
      there are
      bulletproof vests, and they are used by the enemy. We have
      ammunition that can penetrate these vests, and they were tested in

      General Kiomars Heidari, spokesman for the maneuver: "Today, we
      tested three
      systems, in order to make the airspace of the area of the maneuver
      unsafe for
      the attacking planes and helicopters of the enemy. These systems
      have been
      proven very successful. Our first system was an air-mine. It is
      being tested for
      the first time in our country, and with great success. With this
      system, we can
      make a large part of our country's airspace unsafe for the enemy's
      planes. The
      second system was a light, portable, shoulder-launched missile,
      manufactured by
      our military industries. These missiles are portable, and are
      carried and
      operated by a single person. These missiles too can make a large
      part of the
      country unsafe for the enemy's planes."

      U.N. Actions Embolden Hezbollah
      Turtle Bay
      August 28, 2006
      URL: http://www.nysun.com/article/38677

      UNITED NATIONS — The clearest-eyed analysts of the international
      regrettably, represent the Middle East 's craziest regime.

      Iran's mullahs, emboldened by Turtle Bay 's waffling on the Lebanon
      crisis, are
      moving quickly to consolidate their gains and solidify their seat in
      the no
      longer exclusive nuclear club.

      Despite a U.N. Security Council-imposed Thursday deadline to suspend
      all uranium
      enrichment, Tehran unveiled a new heavy-water plant in Arak on
      Saturday and
      tested a long-range submarine-to-surface missile, called Thaqeb,

      Iran would have us believe that the plutonium plant and the missile
      are designed
      for peaceful purposes only. Will the Security Council challenge that
      An Iranian following the Lebanon diplomacy would have no reason to
      think so.

      While Secretary-General Annan was declaring victory this weekend
      over those who
      doubted the United Nations' ability to put together a European-led
      force, Iran 's proxy, Hezbollah, was breathing a sigh of relief.

      Prime Minister Olmert told his Cabinet yesterday that if someone had
      said before
      the war that Lebanon's army could be deployed on the border — and
      that Mr. Annan
      could say a multinational force would disarm Hezbollah; and that a
      embargo would be imposed on Hezbollah — he would have told him
      he "was
      fantasizing," according to Ynet.

      Disarm? Impose an embargo? Here's a reality check:

      The Europeans agreed to send troops to Lebanon only after receiving
      that, as Mr. Annan told reporters in Brussels on Friday, "The
      disarmament of
      Hezbollah cannot be done by force. It has to be a political
      agreement." The
      Security Council, he emphasized, "does not require deployment of
      U.N. troops" on
      the Syrian border to enforce the weapons embargo.

      As Lori Lowenthal Marcus notes in the September 4 issue of the
      Weekly Standard,
      during the war the U.N. Interim Force in Lebanon made public Israeli
      movements and other information useful to Hezbollah. The new
      force, which everyone now assumes will have no hostile intentions
      toward the
      terrorist organization, would help monitor Israel in a similar

      Israel is not ready for a "second round," Hezbollah's chief, Sheik
      Nasrallah, told Lebanon 's New TV yesterday. He said his
      organization will avoid
      any action that "could open the debate on a second resolution, which
      Bush wants
      and which is connected with disarming the resistance."

      Tehran analysts could be excused for praising Allah. But what about
      a new
      council resolution, one that this time would really, really disarm
      Such a resolution is about as likely as punitive measures against
      Iran for
      sticking its thumb in the council's eye.

      Last week, when the mullahs dismissed the carrot they were offered,
      it was clear
      the council is not ready to wield its stick.

      "The answer is not simply a matter of yes or no. It's a very
      complicated reply,"
      China's deputy ambassador to the United Nations, Liu Zehnmin, told
      me after Iran
      delivered a 21-page answer to an American-backed diplomatic
      incentives package.
      But hadn't the council asked for a yes-or-no answer on suspending
      enrichment? "We want to see a solution, not a simple yes or no," Mr.

      The "solution" may come from Mr. Annan, who is embarking on a Middle
      trip today in Beirut , complete with red-carpet stops in Damascus
      and Tehran .
      One hopes Mr. Annan won't have to view any embarrassing caricatures.
      repeated prodding, U.N. spokesmen have played it safe and declined
      to denounce
      Mr. Annan's host in Tehran , President Ahmadinejad, for organizing a
      cartoon contest.

      Instead, as China 's Mr. Liu said, Mr. Annan hopes to "convince the
      government to get in negotiations" on the nuclear issue.

      Ah, negotiations, the elixir the Iranians have offered the council
      the last decade whenever their march toward nuclear weapons
      capability has been
      mildly threatened.

      As the mullahs learned from the Lebanon episode, their interests
      often converge
      with those of Western politicians who promote united international
      diplomacy —
      especially when everyone agrees to politely sweep the nuclear dust
      under Persian

      Meanwhile, in Jerusalem , where "the international community" has
      become an
      oft-used phrase, officials also are saying U.N.-centered diplomacy
      is working
      for them.

      But as Ha'aretz reported, Mr. Olmert just named the commander of the
      air force,
      Major General Elyezer Shkedy, to coordinate military contingency
      plans on the
      Iranian front. A son of Holocaust survivors, General Shkedy has a
      picture in his
      office of an Israeli F–15 recently flying over Auschwitz . Israel ,
      after all,
      was not founded on the belief that world powers could be trusted to
      save the

      Saturday, March 06, 2004

      Despite Fear of Torture, Iranian Faces Deportation

      March 06, 2004
      Vancouver Sun
      Global BC

      An Iranian man who says he faces torture if forced to return to his
      home country
      has had his bid to stay in Canada rejected. Ali Reza Monemi, 27,
      fled Iran after
      he was lashed with a leather whip by the morality police in 1999.

      "He was found in a public park with a woman who was married,"
      Monemi's lawyer
      Peter Larlee says, "and he was taken by the morality police, held in
      custody for
      two days and then taken back to the place where he was found and
      lashed 60
      times. And because of this, he fled Iran."

      Monemi has been working in West Vancouver for the last five years.
      Despite his
      appeals to stay, he has been ordered to leave the country within the
      next 11

      Lashings are not an uncommon punishment in Iran. They're often done
      in groups of
      10 to prevent the victim from passing out.

      After receiving the first 15 lashes of his punishment, Monemi
      couldn't breathe.
      His tormentors stopped momentarily to give him oxygen, then
      continued the
      lashing. The worst of it was below the belt.

      "We have a medical report provided by a medical practicitioner in
      Vancouver who
      has examined him and found that he has scarring on his back that is
      with lashing, that is someone who has been tortured, who has been
      whipped, and
      has suffered as a result of it," Larlee says.

      In spite of that evidence, and documents from Iran's Islamic court
      that state
      that Monemi's punishment is far from over, the Canada Border
      Services Agency is
      deporting Monemi because, his lawyer says, they don't believe the
      claims of

      "He has been convicted in abstentia, with a further sentence of 95
      more lashes,
      a term of imprisonment and exile within Iran," Larlee says.

      Because Monemi fled Iran, he could also be facing the death penalty.
      That is why
      he is going to the federal court of Canada to have his case reviewed.

      Monemi worries he might not survive another flogging.

      "It's so scary for me," he says."

      "Sunday, July 23, 2006

      Afghanistan Re-Establishes Morality Police
      AFGHANISTAN'S notorious Department for the Promotion of Virtue and
      Prevention of
      Vice, which was set up by the Taliban to enforce bans on women doing
      from working to wearing nail varnish or laughing out loud, is to be
      by the government in Kabul."

      Iran police in fashion crackdown
      Iran's morality police have made several raids in Tehran, in an
      crackdown on women who flout the strict Islamic dress code.
      Witnesses said dozens of young women were held in the raids on
      shopping centres
      and shops in the capital.

      Police also confiscated several items of clothing deemed to be too

      After winning parliamentary elections in February, hardliners warned
      they would
      not tolerate what they described as social corruption.

      However, the clampdown could be the usual summer anti-vice operation,
      correspondents say.

      Since the 1979 Islamic revolution, Iran's laws say all young women
      must wear the
      veil and a long coat that conceals their figures, or face fines or

      'Rebellious population'

      Witnesses said scores of police - including female officers in
      chadors - raided
      the Milad commercial centres in western Tehran and took away dozens
      of young
      women in special minibuses.

      Shops selling fashion clothing for women - especially bright figure-
      coats - were also targeted.

      The police chief in Tehran recently warned that anybody caught
      involved in what
      he called social corruption would be punished, the BBC's regional
      analyst Sadeq
      Saba says.

      Reports from other major cities suggest that similar harsh measures
      are being
      adopted there, he adds.

      In the historic city of Isfahan, police recently banned women who
      improperly veiled from entering public places, the country's
      official news
      agency Irna reported.

      It said police in the city also banned the playing of live music in
      halls and at public events.

      Since February's victory, Iran's conservatives have been putting
      pressure on the
      authorities to fight what they call the erosion of Islamic values,
      our analyst

      The hardliners are angry that women are progressively defying the
      rules by
      wearing shorter, tighter and brighter coats, especially during the
      summer months.

      But many observers believe that the crackdown will be counter-
      productive in a
      country with a young, educated and increasingly rebellious
      population, our
      analyst adds.

      Story from BBC NEWS:

      Published: 2004/07/12 15:10:09 GMT

      Kidnapped Fox Journalists Convert to Islam and Are RELEASED
      August 27, 2006 8:21 AM
      Filed in: National News, Terrorism, Middle East

      UPDATE From Brit Hume of Fox News:

      Hume: Yes, and what an appealing faith these thugs must believe
      Islam is, that
      conversions have to be effected at the point of a gun. And what of
      the argument
      that all of the ills and troubles that beset the Palestinian people,
      that lead
      them to terrorism, are the cause of what they endlessly refer to as
      the illegal
      Israeli occupation.
      Consider the latest rounds of trouble in Gaza and Lebanon, two
      places from which
      Israel has withdrawn.

      It has been noted that not for one day after the Israeli pullout
      from Gaza did
      the rocket attacks that came from Gaza ever stop. We're not dealing
      here with
      something that is susceptible to a political resolution of the kind
      of which the
      State Department and many a president has dreamed.

      We're dealing here with a lawless enemy whose goal far transcends any
      side-by-side, two-state solution. That isn't going to do it. We're
      dealing with
      a terrorist, gangland-style enemy, which I think it's fair to
      conclude, and this
      episode only further illustrates it, must be defeated.

      We agree completely with Brit Hume's statement above. We hope that
      you do too.

      "The Origins of the SO-CALLED "palestinian" Arabs by Daniel Pipes
      No "SO-CALLED "palestinian" Arab people" existed at the start of
      1920, but, by
      December, it took shape in a form recognizably similar to today's.
      Until the
      late nineteenth century, residents
      living in the region between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean
      identified themselves primarily in terms of religion: Moslems felt
      far stronger
      bonds with remote co-religionists than with nearby Christians and
      Jews. Living
      in that area did not imply any sense of common political purpose.
      Then came the
      ideology of nationalism from Europe; its ideal of a government that
      embodies the
      spirit of its people was alien but appealing to Middle Easterners.
      How to apply this ideal, though Who constitutes a nation and where
      must the
      boundaries be These questions stimulated huge debates. Some said the
      of the Levant are a nation; others said Eastern Arabic speakers; or
      all Arabic
      speakers; or all Moslems. But no one suggested "SO-
      CALLED "palestinians," and
      for good
      reason. SO-CALLED "palestinie" , then a secular way of saying Eretz
      Yisra'el or Terra Sancta, embodied a purely Jewish and Christian
      concept, one
      utterly foreign to Moslems, even repugnant to them. This distaste
      was confirmed
      in April 1920, when the
      British occupying force carved out a "Palestine." Moslems reacted
      very suspiciously, rightly seeing this designation as a victory for
      Zionism. Less accurately, they worried about it signaling a revival
      in the
      Crusader impulse. No prominent Moslem voices endorsed the
      delineation of
      Palestine in 1920; all protested it. Instead, Moslems west of the
      directed their allegiance to
      Damascus, where the great-great-uncle of Jordan's King Abdullah II
      was then ruling; they identified themselves as Southern Syrians.
      Interestingly, no one advocated this affiliation more emphatically
      than a young
      man named Amin Husseini. In July 1920, however, the French overthrew
      Hashemite king, in the process killing the notion of a Southern
      Syria. Isolated
      by the events of
      April and July, the Moslems of Palestine made the best of a bad
      situation. One prominent Jerusalemite commented, just days following
      the fall of
      the Hashemite kingdom: "after the recent events in Damascus, we have
      to effect a
      complete change in our plans here. Southern Syria no longer exists.
      We must
      defend SO-CALLED "palestine" " Following this advice, the leadership
      December 1920 adopted the goal of establishing an independent SO-
      "palestinian" state. Within a few years, this
      effort was led by Husseini. Other identities - Syrian, Arab, and
      Moslem - continued to compete for decades afterward with the SO-
      CALLED "palestinian" one, but the latter has by now mostly swept the
      aside and reigns nearly supreme. The
      writer is director of the Philadelphia-based Middle East Forum."

      "What is the Origin of the Name "Palestine"
      Where did the name Palestine come from
      The name Palestine refers to a region of the eastern Mediterranean
      coast from the sea to the Jordan valley and from the southern Negev
      desert to the Galilee lake region in the north. The word itself
      derives from "Peleshet", a name that appears frequently in the Bible
      and has come into English as "Philistine". The Philistines were
      Mediterranean people originating from Asia Minor and Greek
      localities. They reached the southern coast of Israel in several
      waves. One group arrived in the pre-patriarchal period and settled
      south of Beersheba in Gerar where they came into conflict with
      Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael. Another group, coming from Crete after
      being repulsed from an attempted invasion of Egypt by Rameses III in
      1194 BCE, seized the southern coastal area, where they founded five
      settlements (Gaza, Ascalon, Ashdod, Ekron and Gat). In the Persian
      and Greek periods, foreign settlers - chiefly from the Mediterranean
      islands - overran the Philistine districts. From the time of
      Herodotus, Greeks called the eastern coast of the Mediterranean
      "Syria Palaestina".
      The Philistines were not Arabs nor even Semites, they were most
      closely related to the Greeks. They did not speak Arabic. They had no
      connection, ethnic, linguistic or historical with Arabia or Arabs.
      The name "Falastin" that Arabs today use for "Palestine" is not an
      Arabic name. It is the Arab pronunciation of the Greco-Roman
      "Palastina"; which is derived from the Peleshet, (root Pelesh) which
      was a general term meaning "dividers", "penetrators" or "invaders".
      This referred to the Philistine's invasion and conquest of the coast
      from the sea.
      The Roman historian Herodotus was the first to mention the name. He
      called it "the Philistine Syria." Subsequently, the name was
      shortened to "Palestina," and eventually Palestine. The Christian
      Crusaders employed the word to refer to the general area that had
      been known since the fourth century as the "three Palestines." After
      the fall of the crusader kingdom, Palestine was no longer an official
      designation. The name, however, continued to be used informally for
      the lands on both sides of the Jordan River. The Ottoman Turks, who
      were non-Arabs but religious Muslims, ruled the area for 400 years
      (1517-1917). Under Ottoman rule, Palestine attached administratively
      to the province of Damascus and ruled from Istanbul. The name
      Palestine was revived after the fall of the Ottoman Empire in World
      War I and applied to this territory under the British Mandate.

      From: tgoesq@a...
      Date: Wed Apr 24, 2002 8:23 pm
      SO-CALLED "palestinians" FROM SAUDI ARABIA

      Arabs claim that today's Jews aren't really
      descendants of ancient Israelites and are really

      Here's GENETIC PROOF that not only are Jews
      descendants of the Jews who were exiled from Israel
      by Romans, but Jews of today have more Israelite
      genes than Arabs have genes of ancient Arabs.
      Furthermore, SO-CALLED "palestinians" are originally from Saudi
      Arabia and Yemen. Go back wherever the hell you
      came from!

      University of Baltimore: Jews are originally
      from northern Middle East (where Israel is
      located), while SO-CALLED "palestinians" are originally from
      Saudi Arabia.

      The study also says that while Jews are
      partially the product of mixed-marriages and converts, Jews have
      70% to 80% blood
      of ancient Israelites, while Arabs have only 50% blood of ancient
      National Academy of Sciences: Several lines of evidence support
      hypothesis that Diaspora Jews
      from Europe, Northwest Africa, and the Near East resemble each other
      more closely than they resemble their
      non-Jewish neighbors.
      Second, despite their high degree of geographic dispersion, Jewish
      populations from Europe, North Africa,
      and the Near East were less diverged genetically from each other than
      any other group of populations in this study (meaning that Jews have
      more Israelite genes than Arabs have genes of ancient Arabs) .
      Our results indicated a relatively minor contribution of European Y
      chromosomes to the Ashkenazim. If we
      assume 80 generations since the founding of the Ashkenazi population,
      then the rate of admixture would be
      <0.5% per generation .
      Stanford University: If you made a genetic map of Europe and the
      Middle East and you put Ashkenazi
      Jews on it, they would not end up in Turkey or in the middle of
      Europe, but in the Mediterranean.
      University of Arizona: We saw such a strong signal of a
      Middle-Eastern origin in Jews. Jews really are a
      single ethnic group coming from the Middle East. Even if you look
      another European with blue eyes
      and light skin, your genes are telling that you're from the Middle
      NY Times: The analysis provides genetic witness that these
      communities have, to a
      remarkable extent, retained their biological identity separate from
      their host populations,
      evidence of relatively little intermarriage or conversion into
      over the centuries.
      Reuters (on Yahoo web site): A study shows that Jews suffer from
      the same illnesses. If
      Jews were mere French, Polish, etc. converts, they would not share
      same genetic makeup
      with each other.
      ABC News: "Jews have preserved their Middle Eastern genetic roots
      over 4,000 years.
      Very few non-Jewish European genes have gotten into the Ashkenazi
      (European and American)
      Jewish populations. The comparison, published Monday, of groups of
      Semites also shows that
      Jews have successfully resisted having their gene pool diluted,
      despite having lived among
      non-Jews for thousands of years in what is commonly known as the
      9. Hebrew University: Jews are from Middle East.
      10. BBC on another genetic study proving that Jews descended from

      TO BE BEHEADED IRAQ: Death Squads
      Allegedly Behead Suspected
      Prostitutes Iraqi
      guerrillas, with the support of
      President Saddam Hussein, are
      attacking and beheading women and girls
      suspected of prostitution, the
      Bahrain Tribune reports. The group leading the anti-prostitution
      campaign is allegedly headed by Uday Hussein, the son of the Iraqi
      president. The Tribune cites a report in the Arabic al-Hayat
      that claims the effort was launched to reduce prostitution.. The
      beheadings, which reportedly occur in front of the accuseds home,
      have been attended by members of the ruling Baath Party and the Iraqi
      Federation of Women. Victims have also included men alleged to have
      served as pimps or family members who have purportedly condoned the
      womens behavior. One traveler reported that at least 50 people have
      been beheaded in Baghdad so far (Bahrain Tribune, 30 Oct).

      In truth, it is a struggle for civilization.

      Excerpted from remarks by President George W. Bush September 11th,
      THE PRESIDENT: Good evening. Five years ago, this date -- September
      the 11th --
      was seared into America's memory. Nineteen men attacked us with a
      unequaled in our history. They murdered people of all colors,
      creeds, and
      nationalities -- and made war upon the entire free world. Since that
      America and her allies have taken the offensive in a war unlike any
      we have
      fought before. Today, we are safer, but we are not yet safe. On this
      night, I've asked for some of your time to discuss the nature of the
      still before us, what we are doing to protect our nation, and the
      building of a
      more hopeful Middle East that holds the key to peace for America and
      the world.

      On 9/11, our nation saw the face of evil. Yet on that awful day, we
      witnessed something distinctly American: ordinary citizens rising to
      occasion, and responding with extraordinary acts of courage. We saw
      courage in
      office workers who were trapped on the high floors of burning
      skyscrapers -- and
      called home so that their last words to their families would be of
      comfort and
      love. We saw courage in passengers aboard Flight 93, who recited the
      23rd Psalm
      -- and then charged the cockpit. And we saw courage in the Pentagon
      staff who
      made it out of the flames and smoke -- and ran back in to answer
      cries for help.
      On this day, we remember the innocent who lost their lives -- and we
      pay tribute
      to those who gave their lives so that others might live.

      For many of our citizens, the wounds of that morning are still
      fresh. I've met
      firefighters and police officers who choke up at the memory of
      fallen comrades.
      I've stood with families gathered on a grassy field in Pennsylvania,
      who take
      bittersweet pride in loved ones who refused to be victims -- and
      gave America
      our first victory in the war on terror. I've sat beside young
      mothers with
      children who are now five years old -- and still long for the
      daddies who will
      never cradle them in their arms. Out of this suffering, we resolve
      to honor
      every man and woman lost. And we seek their lasting memorial in a
      safer and more
      hopeful world.

      Since the horror of 9/11, we've learned a great deal about the
      enemy. We have
      learned that they are evil and kill without mercy -- but not without
      purpose. We
      have learned that they form a global network of extremists who are
      driven by a
      perverted vision of Islam -- a totalitarian ideology that hates
      freedom, rejects
      tolerance, and despises all dissent. And we have learned that their
      goal is to
      build a radical Islamic empire where women are prisoners in their
      homes, men are
      beaten for missing prayer meetings, and terrorists have a safe haven
      to plan and
      launch attacks on America and other civilized nations. The war
      against this
      enemy is more than a military conflict. It is the decisive
      ideological struggle
      of the 21st century, and the calling of our generation.

      Our nation is being tested in a way that we have not been since the
      start of the
      Cold War. We saw what a handful of our enemies can do with box-
      cutters and plane
      tickets. We hear their threats to launch even more terrible attacks
      on our
      people. And we know that if they were able to get their hands on
      weapons of mass
      destruction, they would use them against us. We face an enemy
      determined to
      bring death and suffering into our homes. America did not ask for
      this war, and
      every American wishes it were over. So do I. But the war is not
      over -- and it
      will not be over until either we or the extremists emerge
      victorious. If we do
      not defeat these enemies now, we will leave our children to face a
      Middle East
      overrun by terrorist states and radical dictators armed with nuclear
      weapons. We
      are in a war that will set the course for this new century -- and
      determine the
      destiny of millions across the world.

      For America, 9/11 was more than a tragedy -- it changed the way we
      look at the
      world. On September the 11th, we resolved that we would go on the
      against our enemies, and we would not distinguish between the
      terrorists and
      those who harbor or support them. So we helped drive the Taliban
      from power in
      Afghanistan. We put al Qaeda on the run, and killed or captured most
      of those
      who planned the 9/11 attacks, including the man believed to be the
      Khalid Sheik Mohammed. He and other suspected terrorists have been
      questioned by
      the Central Intelligence Agency, and they provided valuable
      information that has
      helped stop attacks in America and across the world. Now these men
      have been
      transferred to Guantanamo Bay, so they can be held to account for
      their actions.
      Osama bin Laden and other terrorists are still in hiding. Our
      message to them is
      clear: No matter how long it takes, America will find you, and we
      will bring you
      to justice.

      On September the 11th, we learned that America must confront threats
      before they
      reach our shores, whether those threats come from terrorist networks
      terrorist states....the regime of Saddam Hussein was a clear threat.
      administration, the Congress, and the United Nations saw the threat -
      - and after
      9/11, Saddam's regime posed a risk that the world could not afford
      to take. The
      world is safer because Saddam Hussein is no longer in power. And now
      challenge is to help the Iraqi people build a democracy that
      fulfills the dreams
      of the nearly 12 million Iraqis who came out to vote in free
      elections last

      Al Qaeda and other extremists from across the world have come to
      Iraq to stop
      the rise of a free society in the heart of the Middle East. They
      have joined the
      remnants of Saddam's regime and other armed groups to foment
      sectarian violence
      and drive us out. Our enemies in Iraq are tough and they are
      committed -- but so
      are Iraqi and coalition forces. We're adapting to stay ahead of the
      enemy, and
      we are carrying out a clear plan to ensure that a democratic Iraq

      We're training Iraqi troops so they can defend their nation. We're
      Iraq's unity government grow in strength and serve its people. We
      will not leave
      until this work is done. Whatever mistakes have been made in Iraq,
      the worst
      mistake would be to think that if we pulled out, the terrorists
      would leave us
      alone. They will not leave us alone. They will follow us. The safety
      of America
      depends on the outcome of the battle in the streets of Baghdad.
      Osama bin Laden
      calls this fight "the Third World War" -- and he says that victory
      for the
      terrorists in Iraq will mean America's "defeat and disgrace
      forever." If we
      yield Iraq to men like bin Laden, our enemies will be emboldened;
      they will gain
      a new safe haven; they will use Iraq's resources to fuel their
      movement. We will not allow this to happen. America will stay in the
      fight. Iraq
      will be a free nation, and a strong ally in the war on terror.

      We can be confident that our coalition will succeed because the
      Iraqi people
      have been steadfast in the face of unspeakable violence. And we can
      be confident
      in victory because of the skill and resolve of America's Armed
      Forces. Every one
      of our troops is a volunteer, and since the attacks of September the
      11th, more
      than 1.6 million Americans have stepped forward to put on our
      nation's uniform.
      In Iraq, Afghanistan, and other fronts in the war on terror, the men
      and women
      of our military are making great sacrifices to keep us safe. Some
      have suffered
      terrible injuries -- and nearly 3,000 have given their lives.
      America cherishes
      their memory. We pray for their families. And we will never back
      down from the
      work they have begun.

      We also honor those who toil day and night to keep our homeland
      safe, and we are
      giving them the tools they need to protect our people. We've created
      Department of Homeland Security. We have torn down the wall that
      kept law
      enforcement and intelligence from sharing information. We've
      tightened security
      at our airports and seaports and borders, and we've created new
      programs to
      monitor enemy bank records and phone calls. Thanks to the hard work
      of our law
      enforcement and intelligence professionals, we have broken up
      terrorist cells in
      our midst and saved American lives.

      Five years after 9/11, our enemies have not succeeded in launching
      attack on our soil, but they've not been idle. Al Qaeda and those
      inspired by
      its hateful ideology have carried out terrorist attacks in more than
      two dozen
      nations. And just last month, they were foiled in a plot to blow up
      planes headed for the United States. They remain determined to
      attack America
      and kill our citizens -- and we are determined to stop them. We'll
      continue to
      give the men and women who protect us every resource and legal
      authority they
      need to do their jobs.

      In the first days after the 9/11 attacks I promised to use every
      element of
      national power to fight the terrorists, wherever we find them. One
      of the
      strongest weapons in our arsenal is the power of freedom. The
      terrorists fear
      freedom as much as they do our firepower. They are thrown into panic
      at the
      sight of an old man pulling the election lever, girls enrolling in
      schools, or
      families worshiping God in their own traditions. They know that
      given a choice,
      people will choose freedom over their extremist ideology. So their
      answer is to
      deny people this choice by raging against the forces of freedom and
      This struggle has been called a clash of civilizations. In truth, it
      is a
      struggle for civilization. We are fighting to maintain the way of
      life enjoyed
      by free nations. And we're fighting for the possibility that good
      and decent
      people across the Middle East can raise up societies based on
      freedom and
      tolerance and personal dignity.

      We are now in the early hours of this struggle between tyranny and
      freedom. Amid
      the violence, some question whether the people of the Middle East
      want their
      freedom, and whether the forces of moderation can prevail. For 60
      years, these
      doubts guided our policies in the Middle East. And then, on a bright
      morning, it became clear that the calm we saw in the Middle East was
      only a
      mirage. Years of pursuing stability to promote peace had left us
      with neither.
      So we changed our policies, and committed America's influence in the
      world to
      advancing freedom and democracy as the great alternatives to
      repression and

      With our help, the people of the Middle East are now stepping
      forward to claim
      their freedom. From Kabul to Baghdad to Beirut, there are brave men
      and women
      risking their lives each day for the same freedoms that we enjoy.
      And they have
      one question for us: Do we have the confidence to do in the Middle
      East what our
      fathers and grandfathers accomplished in Europe and Asia? By
      standing with
      democratic leaders and reformers, by giving voice to the hopes of
      decent men and
      women, we're offering a path away from radicalism. And we are
      enlisting the most
      powerful force for peace and moderation in the Middle East: the
      desire of
      millions to be free.

      Across the broader Middle East, the extremists are fighting to
      prevent such a
      future. Yet America has confronted evil before, and we have defeated
      it --
      sometimes at the cost of thousands of good men in a single battle.
      When Franklin
      Roosevelt vowed to defeat two enemies across two oceans, he could
      not have
      foreseen D-Day and Iwo Jima -- but he would not have been surprised
      at the
      outcome. When Harry Truman promised American support for free
      peoples resisting
      Soviet aggression, he could not have foreseen the rise of the Berlin
      Wall -- but
      he would not have been surprised to see it brought down. Throughout
      our history,
      America has seen liberty challenged, and every time, we have seen
      triumph with sacrifice and determination.

      At the start of this young century, America looks to the day when
      the people of
      the Middle East leave the desert of despotism for the fertile
      gardens of
      liberty, and resume their rightful place in a world of peace and
      prosperity. We
      look to the day when the nations of that region recognize their
      resource is not the oil in the ground, but the talent and creativity
      of their
      people. We look to the day when moms and dads throughout the Middle
      East see a
      future of hope and opportunity for their children. And when that
      good day comes,
      the clouds of war will part, the appeal of radicalism will decline,
      and we will
      leave our children with a better and safer world.

      On this solemn anniversary, we rededicate ourselves to this cause.
      Our nation
      has endured trials, and we face a difficult road ahead. Winning this
      war will
      require the determined efforts of a unified country, and we must put
      aside our
      differences and work together to meet the test that history has
      given us. We
      will defeat our enemies. We will protect our people. And we will
      lead the 21st
      century into a shining age of human liberty.

      Earlier this year, I traveled to the United States Military Academy.
      I was there
      to deliver the commencement address to the first class to arrive at
      West Point
      after the attacks of September the 11th. That day I met a proud mom
      RoseEllen Dowdell. She was there to watch her son, Patrick, accept
      commission in the finest Army the world has ever known. A few weeks
      RoseEllen had watched her other son, James, graduate from the Fire
      Academy in
      New York City. On both these days, her thoughts turned to someone
      who was not
      there to share the moment: her husband, Kevin Dowdell. Kevin was one
      of the 343
      firefighters who rushed to the burning towers of the World Trade
      Center on
      September the 11th -- and never came home. His sons lost their
      father that day,
      but not the passion for service he instilled in them. Here is what
      says about her boys: "As a mother, I cross my fingers and pray all
      the time for
      their safety -- but as worried as I am, I'm also proud, and I know
      their dad
      would be, too."

      Our nation is blessed to have young Americans like these -- and we
      will need
      them. Dangerous enemies have declared their intention to destroy our
      way of
      life. They're not the first to try, and their fate will be the same
      as those who
      tried before. Nine-Eleven showed us why. The attacks were meant to
      bring us to
      our knees, and they did, but not in the way the terrorists intended.
      united in prayer, came to the aid of neighbors in need, and resolved
      that our
      enemies would not have the last word. The spirit of our people is
      the source of
      America's strength. And we go forward with trust in that spirit,
      confidence in
      our purpose, and faith in a loving God who made us to be free.

      Thank you, and may God bless you.
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