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    Intersections On the eve of the anniversary of the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy on the night of June 4th, 1968, which itself was the first
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      On the eve of the anniversary of the assassination of Senator Robert
      F. Kennedy on the night of June 4th, 1968, which itself was the
      first anniversary of the Six Day War, in which Israel re-united
      Jerusalem, and liberated Judea and Samaria from arab despotism,
      Canada has arrested "alleged" terrorists with "alleged" links to
      international arab terrorists.
      Moreover the "alleged" terrorists arrested by Canada
      were "allegedly" planning to use the same type of explosive
      concoctions used in other terrorist attacks, including the Iraqi
      sponsored attack on the Oklahoma City Federal Building which housed
      the records of the Iran-Contra scandal which tied Saddam Hussein to
      George Herbert Walker Bush and would have proven to be an
      embarrassment to Saddam in the arab world. In the Iran-Iraq War then
      Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush sent messages to Saddam
      telling him to start bombing Iran. The following weekend Saddam
      conducted 300 to 400 bombing attacks on Iran, which was then
      approached by the U.S. with an offer of missiles to protect itself
      from Saddam. Thus began the Iran-Contra scandal which culminated in
      the indictment of former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger at the
      Oklahoma City Federal Building on election eve 1992.
      The same type of explosive concoction was also used in the first
      bombing of the World Trade Center on February 26th, 1993, which was
      the 2nd anniversary to the day of the liberation of Kuwait City in
      the 1991 Gulf War and the eleventh anniversary to the day of the
      infamous and highly incorrect declaration on February 26th, 1982,
      that Iraq was no longer a state sponsor of terror, and was thus
      eligible for U.S. grants and "loans", which it subsequently received.
      " The AMIA bombing was an attack on the Asociación Mutual Israelita
      Argentina (Argentine Israelite Mutual Association, or AMIA) building
      in Buenos Aires. It was Argentina's deadliest bombing and the
      largest single incident of terrorism against Jews since World War
      II. Argentina is home to the largest Jewish community in Latin
      America (see Demographics of Argentina). The bombing
      On July 18, 1994, a powerful bomb made of ammonium nitrate was
      driven in a van through the front gates of the AMIA building in the
      Once district near downtown Buenos Aires. The building was a seven-
      story structure which was the headquarters of Argentina's Jewish
      community. The bomber detonated the bomb, levelling the building and
      reducing it to rubble, along with nearby buildings.
      Eighty-five people died, most of them Jewish. More than three
      hundred others were wounded. The attack came two years after the
      1992 Israeli Embassy Attack in Buenos Aires that killed 29, and a
      day before a bomber blew himself up on a Panamanian commuter plane,
      killing 12 Jews and 9 others. Eight days after the AMIA attack the
      Israeli Embassy in London was car-bombed by two Palestinians linked
      to Hezbollah.
      In the days following the bombing, Israel sent Mossad agents to
      Argentina to investigate and Argentina closed its borders for fear
      more terrorists could enter. It is thought possible that the bombers
      entered Argentina through the Triple Frontier, where the borders of
      Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay meet. Argentina's intelligence
      agency, the SIDE, is said to have set up a network of surveillance
      called "Centauro" in Paraguay, where many Muslim extremist cells are
      said to be located. In the years following the attack SIDE is said
      to have stopped another attack on Argentine soil.
      Argentina, Israel and the US suspect that Hezbollah was behind the
      attack, with backing from Iran. Israeli diplomatic sources who read
      the "final" report by SIDE on the attack said in 2003 that the
      attack was a suicide bombing carried out by Ibrahim Hussein Berro, a
      29-year-old Muslim who has been honored with a plaque in southern
      Lebanon for his "martyrdom" on July 18, 1994, the date of the
      bombing. This was confirmed by SIDE, the FBI, and Berro's relatives
      in November 2005. [1]
      Imagine the rage and fury of Saddam Hussein
      "On February 26th, 1982 the Reagan Administration told Congress that
      it had dropped Iraq from the list of nations that supported acts of
      international terrorism. Baghdad would now be eligible for American
      government loan guarantees." source: SPIDER'S WEB: THE SECRET HISTORY
      Imagine Saddam's rage and fury when Kuwait was liberated on February
      26th, 1991, 9 years to the day after the event described above! Is it
      any wonder that Saddam would launch the first of his 2 attacks on the
      World Trade Center on February 26th, 1993, the 2nd anniversary of the
      liberation of Kuwait City, and the 11th anniversary of the event
      described above, and that he would launch his 2nd attack on the World
      Trade Center on September 11th, 2001, the 11th anniversary of the
      I speech to Congress on Iraq. Saddam loves 11th anniversaries, for
      instance " Saddam Hussein's speech on the 11th Anniversary of the
      Great Victory Day In the Name of God, Most Compassionate, Most
      Merciful Great People, The Valiant of Our Brave Armed Forces, Sons of
      our Glorious Arab Nation…"
      Saddam took credit for the September 11th attacks on America on
      Baghdad Republic of Iraq Television. Saddam sent his henchman Osama
      bin Laden to attack America and to assassinate former President
      Bush, who was at the White House on the morning of September 11th,
      2001,just as he had tried to assassinate former President Bush in
      Kuwait in 1993. That is why Flight 93 was selected to hit the White
      House on the morning of September 11th, 2001. Fortunately the heroes
      of Flight 93 stopped that from happening and the plane went down in
      Second Attempt to Assassinate President Bush.
      We all know that Saddam Hussein attempted to assassinate former
      Bush in Kuwait in 1993. Laura Bush, wife of the current President
      along with the current President Bush's brothers, his parents, and
      former Secretary of State Baker were actually in the air enroute to
      Kuwait when the intelligence came in and their plane was turned back.
      Then President Clinton later bombed an empty Iraqi intelligence
      in retaliation for that attempt in which Saddam's homicide bombers
      caught in Kuwait.
      We believe that the Second Attempt to assassinate former President
      George Herbert Walker Bush was made by Saddam Hussein using his
      henchman Osama bin Laden on September 11th, 2001.
      September 11th, 1990 Dubya's Dad Speaks to Congress on Iraq When
      September 11th Yes ! September 11th 1990. Exactly 11 years to the
      day before the infamous September 11th 2001 attacks on America.
      Saddam's Revenge !!! How clear it is!!! "Address Before a Joint
      Session of the Congress on the Persian Gulf Crisis and the Federal
      Budget Deficit September 11, 1990.
      We gather tonight, witness to events in the Persian Gulf as
      significant as they are tragic. In the early morning hours of August
      2d, following negotiations and promises by Iraq's dictator Saddam
      Hussein not to use force, a powerful Iraqi army invaded its trusting
      and much weaker neighbor, Kuwait. *** The crisis in the Persian Gulf,
      as grave as it is, also offers a rare opportunity to move toward an
      historic period of cooperation. Out of these troubled times, our
      objective-a new world order-can emerge. ***" READ THE WHOLE OF
      http://bushlibrary.tamu.edu/ "Note: The President spoke at 9:09
      the House Chamber at the Capitol.. The address was broadcast live on
      nationwide television and radio." http://bushlibrary.tamu.edu/ Iraq
      Cheers September 11th Attacks on America "Wednesday, September 12,
      2001 Baghdad TV Commentary: US `Reaping Fruits of Crimes Against
      Humanity' Baghdad Republic of Iraq Television in Arabic 1700 GMT 11
      Sep 01 [TV Commentary by Sa'd Yasin Yusuf read by announcer over
      footage of explosions in New York] [FBIS Translated Text] [With
      to Laurie Mylorie - Iraq Watch] The American cowboy is reaping the
      fruits of his crimes against humanity. It is a black day in the
      history of America, which is tasting the bitter defeat of its crimes
      and disregard for peoples' will to lead a free, decent life. The
      massive explosions in the centers of power in America, notably the
      Pentagon, is a painful slap in the face of US politicians to stop
      their illegitimate hegemony and attempts to impose custodianship on
      peoples. It was no coincidence that the World Trade Center was
      destroyed in suicidal operations involving two planes that have
      through all US security barriers to carry the operation of the
      and to express rejection of the reckless US policy. Panic has spread
      among US official circles, which evacuated the White House following
      series of explosions. They also evacuated the Pentagon, the State
      Department, and Congress and closed down the airports and government
      institutions. The collapse of US centers of power is a collapse of
      US policy, which deviates from human values and stands by world
      Zionism at all international forums to continue to slaughter the
      Palestinian Arab people and implement US plans to dominate the world
      under the cover of what is called the new [world] order. These are
      fruits of the new US order. [Video of explosion rocking World Trade
      Center] [Description of Source: Baghdad Republic of Iraq Television
      Arabic-Official television station of the Iraqi Government]"
      "Canada arrests terror suspects; explosives found By Janet Guttsman
      Saturday June 3rd 2006
      TORONTO (Reuters) - A group of Canadian residents arrested
      for "terrorism related offenses" were inspired by al Qaeda, had
      amassed enough explosives to build huge bombs and were planning to
      blow up targets in densely populated Ontario, police said on
      Mike McDonell, assistant commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted
      Police, said the group had acquired three metric tons of ammonium
      nitrate—or three times the amount used in the 1995 bombing in
      Oklahoma City—as they sought to "create explosive devices."
      "On February 26, 1993, a terrorist bomb, which had been fabricated
      out of ammonium nitrate, urea, and nitric acid, exploded in an
      underground parking garage at the World Trade Center in New York
      City, causing six deaths, many injuries, and massive property damage…
      Subsequent to the World Trade Center bombing, an ammonium nitrate
      bomb demolished the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, at a cost of
      68 lives, including those of children."
      "FBI Connects Georgia Arrests to Canadian Plot
      There may be a US connection to the terrorist arrests in Toronto, as
      two arrested in March 2006 in Georgia were tracked traveling to
      Canada, DC and Pakistan.
      Over the last month, investigators have traced Ahmed's path from an
      Atlanta mosque to Toronto to Washington, D.C. to Pakistan.
      According to a March 23 affidavit unsealed April 21, Ahmed met
      Sadequee at Al-Farooq Masjid mosque in Atlanta. Then, the two
      suspects traveled to Toronto in March 2005 to discuss potential
      terrorist targets with "like-minded Islamic extremists." Lastly,
      Ahmed attempted to receive terrorism training during a trip to
      Pakistan last year.
      Ahmed's March 23 arrest was not made public until April 20 and he is
      being held at an undisclosed location by the U.S. Marshal Service
      while he awaits trial. He pleaded not guilty on April 19, and no
      trial date has been set. [Emphasis added.]
      With implication in the Canadian investigation, this should quiet
      those who were complaining that the FBI had abducted the Bangladeshi.
      Canada's National Post also took a look at the Georgia-Canada
      connection in Terrorism's `new guard', published first on May 4,
      Unlike the old guard of terrorists, who were immigrants and refugees
      who brought to Canada the conflicts of their homelands, the new
      generation consists largely of Canadian-born radical Muslims of
      various ethnicities, as well as converts who have adopted the
      extremist interpretation of Islam.
      The documents also support recent claims by U.S. counterterrorism
      officials that extremists are operating inside Canada's borders. The
      presence of Islamic terrorists in Canada was noted two weeks ago,
      when the U.S. Department of Justice announced the arrests of two
      Georgia youths.
      Ehsanul Islam Sadequee, 19, and Syed Haris Ahmed, 21, are accused of
      traveling [sic] to Canada last March for "terrorism-related planning
      and co-ordination" with local radicals.
      The FBI says while in Toronto they discussed terrorist training and
      plots to bomb U.S. military facilities and oil refineries.
      The next 48 hours will surely be full of related developments and
      Why would arafat want Sirhan Sirhan, convicted palestinian assassin
      of Robert F. Kennedy, freed Is it because DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES
      YEARS The one who
      killed Kennedy was trained for three years Salem then asked (Sheikh
      Omar Abdul) Rahman what he thought of the plan to bomb [the Federal
      Building]. Rahman responded, Well, uh, a little bit later. Well
      about this. When Salem indicated that the plan was currently in
      motion, Rahman responded, It doesnt matter. Slow down. Slow down a
      little bit. The one who killed Kennedy was trained for three years.
      http://www.fas.org/news/iraq/1999/08/990802-in.htm see also
      February 1993 Bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City
      http://www.dssrewards.net/english/yasin.htm Sheik Omar Abdel
      Rahman and nine other militant Muslims (Sudanese, Egyptian, American,
      and Jordanian citizens) were convicted of conspiracy and other
      charges http://www.encyclopedia.com/articles/14004.html
      "A number of important circumstantial links connect Arafat to the
      Trade Center bombing.
      Cousin of Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan suspected in kibbutz
      By Margot Dudkevitch Nov. 13, 2002 Security forces arrested a number
      of Palestinian terrorist suspects in Judea and Samaria on Tuesday as
      manhunt continued for Tanzim terrorist Sirhan Sirhan, blamed for the
      shooting attack in Kibbutz Metzer on Sunday night November 10th,
      Security sources confirmed Wednesday that they suspect that Sirhan, a
      resident of Tulkarm, carried out the attack and Palestinian reports
      claimed that his uncle was among those arrested on Tuesday by
      forces. The suspect is related to Sirhan B. Sirhan, the Jerusalemite
      who assassinated US Senator Robert Kennedy in 1968. Kennedy was shot
      dead in 1968 at Los Angeles Ambassador Hotel by Sirhan Sirhan, a
      25-year-old Palestinian immigrant who said he felt betrayed by
      Kennedy's support for Israel in the Six-Day War of 1967. At the time,
      Kennedy was a Democratic senator running for president. Israeli
      security sources said they believe the gunman in the Kibbutz Metzer
      attack is a cousin of the Kennedy assassin, and may have been named
      after his infamous relative. The Kennedy assassin is serving a life
      sentence in a California state prison. His lawyers have suggested
      if he was released from prison he could return to the so
      called palestinian
      territories. Sirhan has been denied parole 10 times and prosecutors
      say his return to Judea and Samaria could further enflame the
      Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Meanwhile, the Tanzim Al-Aksa Brigades
      on Tuesday vowed to continue attacks against Israeli civilians and
      soldiers, after claiming Sundays attack at Metzer in which five
      people were killed."
      Full&cid 37076677290
      Tanzim - Arafat loyalists schooled in the first intifada n 1995 the
      Fatah leadership instituted its own militia, the Tanzim. It has also
      served as a pro-Arafat offensive force. Fatah was founded by Mr
      and a handful of close comrades in the late 1950s. The group came out
      into the open in 1965; under Mr Arafat's effective leadership it
      became the strongest and best-organised of the Palestinian factions
      and it has remained so ever since.
      The irony of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. questioning the results of the
      landslide victory in 2004 for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, the
      recipients of some 62,039,073 popular votes, versus the 59,027,478
      received by the losing ticket
      of Senator John Forbes Kerry and John Edwards is mind boggling.
      Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is ignoring the evidence which supports the
      conclusion that arafat ordered the murder of his father, Senator
      Robert F. Kennedy. It was Bill Clinton who had arafat on the White
      House lawn, when he should have had arafat brought to justice for
      the countless murders he ordered, including, we believe the murder
      of Senator Robert F. Kennedy on the night of June 4th, 1968. It was
      Hillary Clinton who nauseatingly kissed arafat's wife. What that was
      like we cannot imagine. The nearest possible thing to that must have
      been like what it must have been like to kiss Hitler's mistress Eva
      Braun, but to our knowledge only Hitler kissed Eva Braun. Hillary
      Clinton kissed arafat's wife and she wants to be President of the
      United States! Has the world gone mad
      But then perhaps Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is returning to the old ways
      of his pro-Hitler grandfather Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. who was quoted
      on the PBS special on the Kennedy as saying that "The Jews deserved
      The Holocaust." After all it was George W. Bush who put an end to
      the regime of the pro-nazi Saddam Hussein, raised by his uncle who
      had participated in the 1941 pro-nazi coup in Iraq which saw the
      Luftwaffe fly into Baghdad. Teddy Kennedy, it should be noted
      opposes the liberation of Iraq. Had Teddy Kennedy been President
      Saddam would still be in power, still paying the families of
      terrorists bounties on Jewish scalps, having raised the feed he paid
      them from $10,000 to $15,000 to $25,000. How much would Saddam be
      paying the families of those GENOCIDE BOMBERS today had Teddy
      Kennedy been President and Saddam remained in power What irony,
      when one must consider the real possibility that Saddam, who was
      head of the Iraqi Jihaz Haneen, the official assassination
      organization in Iraq in November of 1963 may well have had a hand in
      the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
      New York Post
      December 15, 2001 -- JERUSALEM - Yasser Arafat personally ordered the
      execution of two American diplomats in 1973, a former U.S.
      intelligence officer says. James Walsh said he knew of a tape
      recording in which Arafat calmly discussed an attack on the Saudi
      Arabian Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan. In February 1973 gunmen had burst
      into the embassy and seized American Ambassador Cleo Noel and his
      charge d'affaires, George Curtis Moore. The Black September terrorist
      organization took responsibility for the assault and demanded the
      release of Sirhan Sirhan, the imprisoned assassin of Robert F.
      Kennedy. and other jailed Palestinians. Walsh, then a member of the
      National Security Agency based in Cyprus, said his organization
      intercepted a conversation between Arafat and Black September in
      the PLO chairman ordered the killing of the Americans and a Belgian
      diplomat. Walsh told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that the
      conversation was never disclosed by U.S. officials because it would
      compromise American eavesdropping resources. Walsh said the NSA had
      intercepted a series of phone calls between Arafat and the Black
      September kidnappers. Officials in Jerusalem said the United States
      had been informed of the conversation through another channel. They
      said then-Prime Minister Golda Meir told then-President Richard Nixon
      that Israel had also intercepted a conversation between Arafat and
      kidnap leader Khalil al-Wazir, in which they discussed killing the
      Americans.. Two weeks before he was murdered Doctor King had
      the Presidential Candidacy of Eugene McCarthy, Democrat of Minnesota
      for the 1968 Democratic Presidential Nomination. Senator McCarthy,
      (not to be confused with Republican Senator Joe McCarthy of Wisconsin
      who was Eugene McCarthys opposite in more ways than one), campaigned
      on a platform of opposition to the Vietnam War in 1968, a war that
      McCarthy called: Illegal, Immoral, and unconstitutional. Two weeks
      later Dr. King was murdered in Memphis. Had he lived he would have
      gone on to campaign for McCarthy, who was 7 points ahead of Nixon in
      the polls. With Dr. King by his side McCarthy would have gone on to
      nominated by the Democratic Party in 1968 and elected President in
      November 1968. Robert F. Kennedy would have ended his campaign and
      joined with Gene McCarthy and Dr. King to end the war. Instead Dr.
      Kings murder caused disunity in the Democratic Party. Bobby Kennedy
      sought the Democratic Presidential nomination, only to be murdered
      himself on June 4th, 1968 2 months to the day after Dr. King was
      murdered. June 4th, 1968 was also the first anniversary of the Six-
      War. As the US Senator from New York State, a state that McCarthy
      would have carried handily in the June 1968 Democratic Primary, Bobby
      Kennedy would have to have obeyed the wishes of the people of his
      state and dropped out of the Presidential race after that primary and
      endorsed Gene McCarthy. But the primary came after Bobby Kennedy had
      been killed. Beating a dead Bobby Kennedy was no victory. Not having
      live Bobby Kennedy on hand to concede defeat and endorse Gene
      meant that Hubert Humphrey, a supporter of the war in Vietnam, would
      go on to become the Democratic Presidential nominee, only to lose to
      Richard M. Nixon in November of 1968. Thus the war in Vietnam would
      continue no matter who, Humphrey, or Nixon, won. Keeping America
      tied down in Vietnam was essential for Israel's arab enemies who
      hoped that America would be reluctant to come to Israel's aid when
      the eventual arab attack came.
      That attack came on October 6th, 1973, with a Pearl Harbor surprise
      attack on the Holiest Day in Judaism, Yom Kippur. The arab attackers
      however, had failed to comprehend that President Nixon would come to
      the aid of Israel.
      Sadat was assassinated, it seems to us, on the orders of Saddam
      Hussein on the 8th anniversary to the day of the Yom Kippur War,
      October 6th, 1981, for his failure to defeat Israel in that war.
      Saddam used the same gang, Sheik Rahman's gang, which he would later
      use to hit the Speaker of the Egyptian Parliament when Egypt sided
      with America in the Gulf War, the same gang would later be used by
      Saddam for the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993.
      "The World Trade Center bombers managed to vaporize President
      limo. The President Clinton was scheduled for an appearance
      at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey the following
      Monday, but he could easily have chosen to spend the weekend in
      Manhattan or nearby New Jersey with friends in either location. So
      he could have been at the World Trade Center on the Friday it was
      bombed. the World Trade Center in Manhattan which had a heliport .
      would have presumably taken a chopper to that heliport, gone down to
      the basement, gotten into his limo and then someone on site would
      detonated the van blowing the limo up with Clinton inside it. Iraq
      may well have had a hand in this as another key member of that gang
      said to have escaped to Iraq using documents provided by
      Iraq. During the Gulf War the same gang killed the Speaker of the
      Egyptian Parliament when Egypt broke ranks with Iraq over the
      of Kuwait. The same gang is alleged to have assassinated Sadat. They
      do heads of state and Parliament Speakers, they don't do parking
      unless there is a Presidential limo in them, and unless there Is a
      President inside the limo. More than likely, like the attempt on the
      life of Al Haig when he was at NATO some years back, or the hit on
      some important Russians in Chechnya , the World Trade Center bomb
      could have been remote controlled. "The first battle of the first
      war of
      the twenty-first century began and ended in under 30 seconds
      sometime after 12:18 on the afternoon of Friday, February 26th,
      1993, with the detonation of a relatively small explosive device
      that took out four levels of parking garage beneath New York City's
      World Trade Center- some people made note of the fact that the
      limousine President Clinton uses when in New York was berthed in the
      garage where the bomb was detonated. OSAMA BIN LADEN BIDES HIS TIME;
      TO STRIKE THE USA AGAIN US airmen. There is also evidence that bin
      Laden may had been connected to the February 1993 bombing of the
      World Trade Center in New York City that killed six."
      Was McVeigh tasked by Saddam Hussein to assassinate General
      Schwarzkopf during the 1991 Gulf War
      Criminal Action No. 96-CR-68
      (Trial to Jury - Volume 137)

      Proceedings before the HONORABLE RICHARD P. MATSCH,
      Judge, United States District Court for the District of
      Colorado, commencing at 1:00 p.m., on the 6th day of June,
      1997, in Courtroom C-204, United States Courthouse, Denver,
      Royal Witcher - Direct
      know where they took them. And then after the cease-fire was
      called, we went to Safwan for the peace talks, and we were the
      inner circle of defense for that.
      Q. From the point at which you were-at which you engaged
      this resistance, how far was that to Safwan Is that
      A. Yes.
      Q. Where the peace talks were being held
      A. Distancewise
      Q. Well, how long did it take you to get there
      A. I guess about a week or so, from what I recall.
      Q. And your unit was ordered to go there; is that right
      A. Yes.
      Q. And what was it you did when you got there
      A. We were to stay at defense, defensive ring or barrier, I
      guess you would call it, around the tents and the air base that
      the peace talks were going to be held at.
      Q. Now, who actually came to conduct the talks for the warring
      A. General Schwarzkopf.
      Q. Did you have occasion to meet General Schwarzkopf
      A. Yes, I did.
      Q. Did Mr. McVeigh, too
      A. Yes.
      Q. Do you know whether your meeting with him was photographed
      Royal Witcher - Direct
      by anyone
      A. Yes, it was.
      Q. Who was it Do you know
      A. Lieutenant Rodriguez.
      Q. Was there any-any video made of that meeting, do you
      A. I think there was."
      B. http://www.kwtv.com/news/mcveigh/060697p.htm
      "McVeigh-as has been extensively reported-was a Gulf War vet who
      out for the elite Special Forces. He didn't make the cut. But in his
      tryout, he says in an excerpt of a McVeigh letter printed in the
      Times, he learned that Special Forces duties include "helping the CIA
      fly drugs into the U.S. to fund many covert operations" and to "work
      hand-in-hand w/civilian police agencies to `quiet' anyone who was
      deemed a `security risk.'" He adds: "We would be gov't-paid
      assassins!" In his letter, McVeigh says he learned this stuff at a
      Fort Bragg intelligence briefing attended by McVeigh and nine other
      soldiers." http://www.conspire.com/curren52.html "Andreas ("Andy")
      Strassmeir, a German national with McVeigh at Elohim City. He worked
      for the FBI and CIA operative Air Force Colonel Petruskie and was
      known to Louis Freeh"
      "Did McVeigh's sister say McVeigh told her he had worked for a
      operations Army group that was engaged In criminal activity Not
      exactly. She said something like that. That her brother told her such
      a special operations group existed. Yes. But more than that. That
      had recruited him and he turned them down. Yes.
      "Strange Links Between the Bombing of The World Trade Center,
      the Bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, and Osama bin
      Yousef's lawyer, Bernard V. Kleinman, said by phone that his client
      has had conversations with McVeigh through the fence and also as they
      have been moved from their cells to the recreation area. "They talk
      about innocuous things like the movies," Kleinman said. "They don't
      talk about anything that they shouldn't be talking about"
      The Philippines is the basis an interesting link between Ramsey
      and the bombing of the World Trade Center, Terry Nichols and the
      bombing of the Murrah Building, Osama bin Laden. April 25, 1997
      Electronic Telegraph Issue 700 A prosecutor in Denver said yesterday
      that the "hate-filled" mastermind of the bombing in Oklahoma City
      killed 168 people was involved in a Right-wing plot . McVeigh's
      lawyer, Stephen Jones, is expected to suggest that a foreign
      government, "probably Iraq" hired "a Middle Eastern bombing engineer"
      to detonate the explosion with the help of neo-Nazis. In a court
      petition, lawyers say the attack was "contracted out" through an
      base in the Philippines and it was "possible that those who carried
      out the bombing were unaware of the true sponsor". Was Stephen Jones
      on the right track and what was behind the evidence he wanted to
      introduce into the McVeigh trial but could not Some clues may lie in
      another link with the Phillipines that involved McVeigh's
      co-conspirator Terry Nichols November 22, 1994 (See NY Times
      December 24, 1997) Terry Nichols left for a 59 day stay in the
      Phillipines. He left letters, with his ex-wife, Lana Padilla,
      explaining what to do in case he died. Three days after he returned
      January 16, 1995, he was sharing a motel room in Kansas with Mr.
      Mc.Veigh. What was the purpose of this visit Why was he so concerned
      that he might die Did he meet with Ramsey Yousef, who at the same
      time was testing a plan to blow up airliners in the Philippines and
      who was later convicted in the bombing of the World Trade Center Did
      Nichols receive training there on how to construct and detonate large
      bombs Was he fearful that there could be an accident during his
      training December, 1994 (See TIME magazine July 29, 1996) Ramsey
      Yousef tests his plan for attacking U.S. carriers by boarding a
      Philippine Airlines flight on the first leg from the Philippines to
      Japan. He carried with him the components of a bomb, unassembled in
      his carry-on bag. On board he assembled the bomb, which was made of
      gun cotton, a nitroglycerine solution packed into a contact-lens
      bottle. He tucked the bomb under a cushion and left the plane after
      its first stop in the Philippine city of Cebu. Two hours later the
      device exploded killing a passenger. Cebu is the city where in July
      1990 Nichols travelled to find a mail-order bride and met Marife
      Torres. He was 35, she was 17 and they were married there on November
      20, 1990. (NY Times December 24, 1997) An associate of Ramsey Yousef,
      Edwin Angeles, had been arrested in the Phillipines where he was
      contacted by McVeigh's attorney, Stephen Jones. Angeles linked
      (a.k.a. `the farmer') to Yousef in a meeting on the island of
      Mindanao. In his book `Others Unknown', Jones describes that at a
      meeting in Davao, Angeles met an American who introduced himself as
      `the farmer'. Among those present at the meeting were Ramsey Yousef,
      Abdul Hakim Murad, and Wali Khan Amin Shah. The meeting was to
      terrorism and Murad, Khan and Yousef would later be defendants in the
      plot to blow up twelve U.S. airliners. All were convicted on
      5, 1996 and are in American prisons. On April 19, 1995, Murad told
      his guard in his New York cell that the Oklahoma city bombing was the
      work of Islamic Jihad. But back to Yousef and the World Trade Center
      bombing where we find a link also between him and Iraq .September 15,
      1996 The Telegraph (U.K. Electronic Edition) Issue 480 According
      to Dr Mylroie, the attempt to blow up the twin towers of the World
      Trade Centre in New York on February 26, 1993 .... was an act of
      state- sponsored terrorism conducted by proxies. After studying the
      telephone records and document archives from the trial, she has
      concluded that the mastermind said to be behind the bombing, a
      figure called Ramsi Yousef, was working for Iraqi intelligence. The
      Justice Department did not address this issue in the official
      investigation. It concluded that the bombing was the work of Islamic
      fundamentalists loyal to a blind Egyptian cleric. Jim Fox, then head
      of the New York FBI office, suspected Iraqi involvement but says that
      the Washington headquarters refused to look at the evidence. June 3,
      1997 Electronic Telegraph Issue 739 Painted by prosecutors as a
      fanatical bomber obsessed with a warped sense of patriotism, Timothy
      McVeigh, convicted of the Oklahoma bombing, gave his attorneys no
      in establishing an alibi.... Judge Richard Matsch kept a tight hold
      the trial,the judge refused to allow Stephen Jones, McVeigh's lawyer,
      to present an alternative theory, gathered after spending $10 million
      travelling the world, that an international conspiracy was
      responsible. Many of the victim's relatives are so concerned at
      evidence of this aspect that they are suing the government, insisting
      that the FBI had prior knowledge of the blast. March 30, 1997
      Electronic Telegraph Issue 674 Dennis Mahon must lead a charmed life.
      The FBI has pursued endless leads into the 1995 Oklahoma bombing,
      collecting more than 26,000 witness statements. But it has never been
      to visit him at his bungalow in Tulsa. The omission is curious.
      47, is an associate of the government's chief suspect, Tim McVeigh.
      Indeed, McVeigh's defence team says Mahon sent a tape to their client
      in prison urging him to accept his "sacrifice" and reminding him in a
      subtle way that members of his family were vulnerable. Before the
      bombing on April 19, 1995, he was the subject of a terrorism
      investigation which generated allegations that he was plotting to
      up a federal building in Oklahoma. In case the authorities had
      overlooked this, an undercover informant reminded the FBI two days
      after the bombing that she had told them that Mahon had made three
      trips to Oklahoma City. On one visit in 1994, the informant said he
      "cased" the building that was attacked. A former Imperial Wizard of
      the Ku Klux Klan and now a leader of the more militant White Aryan
      Resistance, Mahon has never made a secret of his extremism. He has
      called for the overthrow of the United States government by "any
      means" and regards it as an honour to have been barred from Britain
      and Canada. "I always deliver my bombs in person, in disguise," he
      said mischievously. "I can look like a hispanic or even a Negro. I'm
      the master of disguise." He has kept his sense of humour, despite
      being the chief target of McVeigh's defence team in the trial that
      starts tomorrow. McVeigh's lawyers have introduced documents in court
      asserting a "high probability" that Mahon and his friend Andreas
      Strassmeir, a former German army officer, were behind the Oklahoma
      bombing. "This is where I make my bombs," he said, giving me a tour
      a workshop attached to his house. "Just kidding. Everybody seems to
      think I did the bombing. Even the Iraqis think I did it," he
      explained, saying he had been on the Iraqi payroll as a propagandist
      for more than three years. "They paid me $100 a month."
      Yousef's sponsor, Osama bin Laden, continues to build his base in the
      December 3, 1998 Global Intelligence Update (T)he terrorist group
      Abu Sayyaf, linked to Saudi terrorist Osama Bin Laden, has increased
      its activities in the southern Philippines, and a new Bin Laden
      group, the Salafiya Fighters, has reportedly surfaced near Zamboanga
      Mindanao. While Yousef and Nichol's partner, McVeigh, chat in a
      Federal prison.
      March 11, 1999 The New York Times When the nation's most infamous
      terrorists-the Oklahoma City bomber, the Unabomer, and the World
      Center bomber-are allowed out of solitary confinement so that they
      have one hour of exercise in the nation's
      most secure Federal prison, what do they do Apparently, they just
      chat Timothy J. McVeigh convicted of carrying out the Oklahoma City
      bombing, while Ramzi Ahmed Yousef is a Muslim terrorist who
      masterminded the World Trade Center attack. The prison, the United
      States Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility in Florence,
      Colo., is so secure that it is known as Super Max. McVeigh, Kaczynski
      and Yousef, who are otherwise allowed no contact with each other, are
      permitted to spend their one-hour exercise period in separate cages
      the prison yard, speaking to each other through mesh fences. Because
      of their distance from each other, they must speak loudly, so guards
      can hear what they say. ... Lawrence K. Feitell, wrote to the judge
      that he had seen on a television news program that McVeigh, Kaczynski
      and Yousef were allowed to have their daily exercise chats in the
      prison yard. He asked that Felipe be allowed "to share" with the
      "in their outdoor mutual recreation." ..... Precisely what the
      discuss through the prison fence is not known. Yousef's lawyer,
      Bernard V. Kleinman, said by phone that his client has had
      conversations with McVeigh through the fence and also as they have
      been moved from their cells to the recreation area. "They talk about
      innocuous things like the movies," Kleinman said. "They don't talk
      about anything that they shouldn't be talking about." The FBI refuses
      to accept the evidence March 21, 2001 WorldNet Daily
      A former investigative reporter for the NBC affiliate in Oklahoma
      last night told Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly she has gathered
      massive evidence of a foreign conspiracy involving Saudi terrorist
      leader Osama bin Laden in the 1995 bombing of the federal building
      that killed 168 people. Jayna Davis, former reporter for KFOR-TV in
      Oklahoma City, says she took her evidence-including hundreds of court
      records, 24 sworn witness statements and reports from law
      intelligence and terror experts-to the FBI, which refused even to
      accept the material. Two men were convicted of murder and conspiracy
      charges in the bombing-Timothy McVeigh, who faces execution May 16,
      and Terry Nichols, who yesterday asked that Oklahoma charges against
      him be dismissed as he has already been convicted in federal court.
      Nichols, 45, is serving a life prison sentence for his federal
      conviction on eight involuntary manslaughter counts and conspiracy
      the April 19, 1995, bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.
      State prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against Nichols. But
      defense attorneys said yesterday constitutional protection against
      double jeopardy bars the state from seeking the death penalty. Davis
      said federal authorities investigating the bombing decided early on
      the probe that the blast was the result of a domestic conspiracy, not
      a foreign one, ignoring all evidence to the contrary. She said a
      Middle East terrorist cell was in operation only blocks from the
      federal building, and that an Iraqi national who formerly served in
      Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard was in contact with McVeigh the day
      of the bombing. She said this suspect arrived at the crime scene in a
      Ryder truck moments before the blast and sped away in a brown
      Chevrolet pickup truck immediately after. An all-points bulletin was
      issued for this suspect, but was later withdrawn inexplicably. Davis
      said her evidence indicates a conspiracy involving McVeigh, Nichols
      and at least seven men of Middle Eastern ethnic background. She
      bin Laden the mastermind of the conspiracy. "The evidence we have
      gathered definitely implicates McVeigh and Nichols," she said. "I
      to make that very clear. They were in it up to their eyeballs."
      also points to court records offered in the Nichols defense that
      suggest he had contacts with a member of bin Laden's terrorist
      organization in the Philippines prior to the bombing. When she took
      her hundreds of pages of documentation of conspiracy in the bombing
      the FBI, Davis said agents "turned me away and refused to take my
      statements." "I was flabbergasted," she told O'Reilly. "I am unable
      to imagine any reason they would not accept it." But McVeigh supplies
      strange hints to both Osama bin Laden and Ramsey Yousef Friday, April
      27, 2001 1:41 a.m. EDT NewsMax.com A month after a former NBC News
      reporter went public with evidence of links between Oklahoma City
      bomber Timothy McVeigh and Middle Eastern terrorist Osama bin Laden,
      McVeigh himself has cited bin Laden in a letter to the Fox News
      Channel., McVeigh -tossed in the chilling reference to the notorious
      Muslim terrorist. McVeigh mentioned convicted World Trade Center
      bomber Ramzi Yousef, in perhaps another indication of a Middle
      connection to his own crime. "For all else, I would refer you to my
      enclosed paper `Hypocrisy,' and to Ramzi Yousef's statement to the
      court just prior to his sentencing. I filter all labels and insults
      thusly." In the Jan. 8, 1998, court statement to which McVeigh
      referred, Yousef proclaimed, "Yes, I am a terrorist and proud of it
      long as it is against the U.S. government," before being sentenced to
      240 years in jail.Last month former NBC reporter Jayna Davis told Fox
      News Channel's Bill O'Reilly that compelling evidence links McVeigh
      a Middle Eastern terrorist cell ultimately controlled by bin Laden.
      "What we discovered, an intelligence source at one of the highest
      levels in the federal government later confirmed, was a Middle
      terrorist cell living and operating in the heart of Oklahoma City
      a few miles from the Alfred P. Murrah building," Davis said. Her NBC
      affiliate had located several witnesses who claimed that an Iraqi
      national with ties to Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard was seen in
      the company of McVeigh just prior to the bombing, Davis said. The
      Iraqi was also seen driving away from the bomb scene in a car
      identified by the FBI as a possible getaway vehicle. "We have 24
      witness affidavits that tie seven to eight Arab men to various stages
      of the bombing plot from the beginning all the way to the day in
      the plot was executed," the former NBC reporter told O'Reilly. "It
      really is a foreign conspiracy masterminded and funded by Osama bin
      Laden, according to my intelligence sources," she asserted. Davis is
      not alone in that belief. In his 1999 book on the Oklahoma City
      tragedy, "Others Unknown," McVeigh's lawyer Stephen Jones made
      claims, citing a meeting in the early 1990s between World Trade
      bomber Yousef and McVeigh's partner, Terry Nichols, in the
      Philippines, which he called a "hotbed of fundamentalist Muslim
      activity." Jones said his research shows that bin Laden was in the
      Philippines at the same time as Yousef and Nichols. Both Jones and
      Davis said federal investigators were uninterested in exploring any
      possible Middle Eastern connection to the crime. [For further details
      see `From Dublin to Oklahoma City'. Also recommended is the book
      `Others Unknown' by Stephen Jones.]"
      "The one Army link established in the case so far is the bond shared
      by McVeigh and Terry Nichols. The two men joined up on the same day
      May 1988 and went through basic training together at Fort Benning,
      Georgia. They were then stationed together in the same company at
      Riley enter Iraq during the Gulf War. Nichols was discharged for
      undisclosed reasons in May 1989, but McVeigh rose to sergeant and
      on to serve in Operation Desert Storm, where he won several medals,
      including a Bronze Star. Although the awards were described by
      Pentagon officials as "typical" for those who served in the theater,
      officer notes, "Some captains and majors didn't get Bronze Stars, so
      he must have been a half-decent soldier." That is an understatement,
      says Robin Littleton, McVeigh's army roommate and one of his closest
      friends in the service. "Tim was the perfect soldier," Littleton told
      Time. "I swear to God he could have been sergeant major of the Army -
      he was that good of a soldier." One of his former commanders, Captain
      Terry Guild, 28, now stationed in Hawaii, agrees: "He was a very
      normal, good American serving his country." according to the
      Anti-Defamation League last week, McVeigh in 1993 ran an ad to sell a
      military launcher in the Spotlight, a publication put out by the
      right-wing Liberty Lobby. Though the notice ran under an alias, T.
      Tuttle, it listed a Kingman address, and authorities say McVeigh has
      been known to use Tuttle as an alias."
      Tuttle, it should be noted is the fictional character from the cult
      film "Brazil".
      Ralph Nader and Chuck Harder
      "From: "King Daevid MacKenzie, UltimaJock!" <kingdaevid@...>
      Date: Tue Jun 26, 2001 1:37pm
      Subject: Ralph Nader and Chuck Harder

      ...if anyone has documentation about Ralph Nader's contributions to
      Chuck Harder's syndicated hate talk
      radio show, I'd appreciate it being posted to the list. Last year,
      when I wrote the Chicago and Milwaukee
      Area columns for RadioDigest.com, I made reference to this seemingly
      odd combine, partly because I
      used to be a board operator for a station in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, that
      was an affiliate of Harder's
      People's Radio Network and was on-duty as Nader's appearances were
      being made. This was about a
      year before the Oklahoma City bombing; as Terry Nichols' Michigan
      was being raided, Tom
      Brokaw reported on NBC that Harder's daily "For The People" program
      apparently inspired much of
      Nichols' and McVeigh's anti-government activity. Harder's program, as
      well as others that his network
      aired (including one hosted via phone by Lyndon LaRouche from the
      prison where he was serving his
      credit card fraud sentence!), boosted the neo-fascist "militia"
      movement and regularly had "militia"
      members and commanders as guests. When I pointed that out in my
      columns, I got a ton of e-mail
      expressing incredulity that Nader had such an association, and even
      more from Naderites accusing me of
      everything short of raping the writers' respective grandmothers..."
      In his Texas days, the politically ambitious elder Clark was
      cultivated as a useful connection by New Orleans Mafia kingpin Carlos
      Marcello, and many feared Clarks new job would afford organized
      access to higher levels of power. AG Clark was repeatedly mired in
      corruption scandals.*** In 1947, after he had four convicted Chicago
      mob bosses sprung from prison before their terms were complete,
      Congress appointed a committee to investigate-and was effectively
      blocked by Toms refusal to hand over parole records. Roselli was a
      Las Vegas based Mafia figure and a link in the CIA-Mafia chain. He
      close ties to three Mafia bosses associated with the Kennedy
      assassination: Sam Giancana of Chicago, Santos Trafficante of
      and Carlos Marcello of New Orleans. According to columnist Jack
      Anderson, Roselli told him that mob leaders had ordered Jack Ruby to
      kill Lee Harvey Oswald because they were afraid he might crack and
      reveal their part in the conspiracy to kill President Kennedy. In
      1976, shortly before Roselli was to be questioned by the Senate
      Intelligence Committee, his body was discovered floating in
      Dumfoundling Bay in Miami. He had been strangled and stabbed; his
      had been sawed off and stuffed into an empty oil drum along with the
      rest of his body. It is believed that Roselli was killed by someone
      working for Trafficante because he was talking too much about the
      Kennedy assassination. Conspiracy Crime and Cover-Up (p. 44): Here
      Scott discusses links between Ruby, Roselli, and Ramsey Clark. One
      Rubys close personal friends and character witnesses for his liquor
      license was Hal Collins (22 H 928), brother-in-law of prominent local
      attorney Robert L. Clark, the brother and uncle respectively of U.S.
      Attorneys General Tom and Ramsey Clark (CD 4.371)Robert L. Clark and
      his law partner Maury Hughes. arranged the...parole in 1947 of John
      SEE ALSO: http://msnbc.msn.com/id/3341739/
      "JFK: The day that changed America IN WHICH RAMSEY CLARK
      What do you make
      of the idea that Oswalds uncle, Dutz
      Murret, could have been the connection between Marcello and Oswald
      • 3.html
      "The authors also reveal a Mafia chieftain, who employed Jack Ruby
      and Oswalds uncle, confessed to federal officers he had been
      directly involved in Kennedys murder.
      From: JFK, RFK, the Mob and Dallas by Ronald Goldfarb Ronald
      Goldfarb who practices law in Washington, D.C., is an active literary
      agent and television producer. He worked for Robert F. Kennedy in the
      Department of Justice 1961-64. This book-Goldfarbs ninth-is a memoir
      of his experiences as a special prosecutor in the organized crime
      section. Judith Exner, once close to mobsters John Rosselli and Sam
      Giancana, told talk show host Larry King on television in 1992 that
      she repeatedly carried satchels of money from JFK to Sam Giancana for
      his use in Kennedys West Virginia primary. She said that Sam
      bragged to her, Your boyfriend wouldnt be in the White House if it
      wasnt for me.*** After the assassination, Hoffa told Ragano that he
      was delighted. Did you hear the good news They killed the
      son-of-a-bitch bastard., Hoffa rejoiced. Hoffa pulled down the flag
      that hung at half mast at Teamsters headquarters. Hoffa told one
      reporter, on the day Ruby killed Oswald, Bobby Kennedys just
      lawyer now. Several days after the assassination, he took Ragano
      aside, saying: I told you they could do it. Ill never forget what
      Carlos and Santo did for me. Later, in New Orleans, Marcello, who
      waiting for approval of a huge Teamsters pension fund loan, told
      Ragano, When you see Jimmy, you tell him he owes me, and he owes me
      big. He got his loan. Raganos conclusion: They had actually acted
      on the message I had delivered to them from Jimmy and now they wanted
      payoffs from him. Ragano says Trafficante told him, in a
      shortly before he died in 1987, We shouldnt have killed John. We
      shouldve killed Bobby.
      "The House Assassinations Committee heard evidence that Ruby visited
      Las Vegas in the weeks prior to the assassination, and if he did, it
      was certainly to see McWillie, and it was also rumored he saw
      Rosselli at that time.
      "FBI records indicate that when in 1961 Carlos Marcello... had become
      one of Bobby Kennedys targets for deportation, the New Orleans don
      contacted Santo Trafficante... who in turn called Frank to use his
      influence with the Presidents father on Marcellos behalf.
      This story has appeared (with little emphasis) in the Blakey-Billings
      book (which does not specify that a contact with Sinatra was made; p.
      242) and at 9 HSCA 70 (which does not specifically refer to JFKs
      Senator Heinz and Martin Luther King both died on April 4th
      Was Senator Heinz assassinated too
      The late Senator Heinz, then Senator Gore, and Senator Kerry were
      all close friends working on exposing what was known as Iraqgate,
      the arming of Saddam by Reagan and Bush I. Was Senator Heinz, the
      late husband of Mrs. John F. Kerry, a victim
      of an arab terrorist assassination plot
      Senator Heinz was strongly Pro-Israel:
      Update on Congress
      The Busy Month of June
      By Dennis J. Wamsted
      July 15, 1985, Page 4
      The Reagan Administrations plan to sell a package of advanced
      weaponry-including 40 jet fighters, either F-16s or F-20s, and
      several types of offensive and defensive missiles-to the Kingdom of
      Jordan was derailed in June before it was even officially announced.
      On June 4, Senators John Heinz (R-PA) and Edward Kennedy (D-MA)
      introduced a resolution, with 67 cosponsors, opposing an arms sale
      to Jordan under present conditions. By mid-month five other senators
      had added their signature to the resolution-which states, in part,
      that arms sales to Arab countries jeopardize both the security of
      Israel and progress toward peace in the Middle East. Facing such
      determined resistance, the Administration decided, once again, to
      postpone action on the sale for the indefinite future.
      Source: http://www.washington-

      Why would arafat want RFKs Murderer, Sirhan Sirhan, Freed On April
      4th 1968 Martin Luther King was assassinated while standing on the
      balcony at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. Had Martin Luther King and
      Bobby Kennedy NOT been assassinated Eugene McCarthy, who was 7
      ahead of Nixon in the polls, would have been nominated by the
      Democratic Party as its Presidential candidate in 1968 and gone on to
      win the White House. Gene would have ended the Vietnam War promptly
      1969. Gene McCarthy was a good personal friend of Israeli Prime
      Minister Golda Meir. He was a friend of Israel. Gene would probably
      have been re-elected in 1972. There probably would NOT have been an
      arab surprise attack on Israel on October 6th, 1973 with Gene
      in the White House and the US NOT tied down in Indochina. In our view
      ARAFAT ordered the assassinations of BOTH BOBBY KENNEDY
      AND DR.
      LUTHER KING. The cost to the African-American community of the
      of the most Gandhian leader it ever had is incalculable in terms of
      wasted human lives. Dr. King was also a friend to the Jewish
      community. Imagine a world in which there never had been a split
      between the Jewish community and the African American community.
      Instead of Jesse Jackson assuming the mantle of the slain Dr. King,
      and going on to lead the charge against the Jewish community after
      Jimmy Carter fired Andy Young for shaking hands with an arafat
      observer at the UN, and going on to make his infamous Hymietown
      remark, Martin Luther King would have led the African-American
      community. ( Jackson allegedly got $5 million dollars for his
      OPERATION PUSH from Iraq and allegedly got another $5 million
      from Libya)..
      Who Shot Martin Luther King The federal government, and Tennessee
      authorities, aggressively pushed the lone-gunman theory-although this
      explanation was rejected out of hand by millions of Americans. At
      Rays sentencing, as the state was telling the jury what the evidence
      would have been at a trial, Ray interrupted the proceedings to say he
      did not agree with the statement of Ramsey Clark, U.S. attorney
      general, that there was no conspiracy. Three days later Ray tried to
      withdraw his plea of guilty, even though that would subject him to a
      possible death sentence. The court refused. From that day forward
      there has been a tug-of-war between conspiracy believers and
      lone-gunman advocates. In 1979 the House Select Committee on
      Assassinations issued a report saying there probably was a
      the International Action Center. Ramsey Clark FOUNDED the
      International Action Center.
      French Lawyer Says He Will Defend Saddam
      Saturday, March 27, 2004 PARIS - A French lawyer, known for
      defending terrorists and a Nazi leader, said Saturday he will defend
      Saddam Hussein Jacques Verges told France-Inter radio he had
      received a letter from Saddams family requesting him to defend the
      former Iraqi leader in court.
      The letter read: In my capacity as nephew of President Saddam
      Hussein, I commission you officially by this letter to assure the
      defense of my uncle, Verges said. He did not name the person who
      sent the letter.
      U.S. officials have said they will bring Saddam to trial for alleged
      crimes against Iraqi people. But the location of any trial and its
      format and date have not yet been decided.
      Saddam is being held by U.S. forces at an undisclosed location.
      Verges has defended Venezuelan terrorist Carlos the Jackal, whose
      real name is Ilich Ramirez. He gained international notoriety during
      the Cold War for staging a string of deadly bombings, assassinations
      and hostage seizures.
      The French lawyer also defended, Klaus Barbie, a Nazi Gestapo chief
      in France in World War II, who was convicted of crimes against
      humanity in Lyon, France.
      Source: http://news.yahoo.com/news
      The Formation of the Clark Panel: More of the Secret Team at Work By
      Lisa Pease The Clark Panel was the medical panel convened almost
      immediately after Ramsey Clark had been approved for his appointment
      as Attorney General in 1967. The panel was clearly convened to put to
      rest the growing doubts caused by the exposures of Mark Lane, Harold
      Weisberg, other researchers and even in late 1966, LIFE magazine
      itself. All of the above talked about the evidence of conspiracy, and
      the implication is that the medical evidence would either show
      conspiracy, or else, signs of tampering. What brought it to a crux
      Jim Garrisons all-out investigation of the assassination, which, in
      1967, was making official story proponents very nervous. One of the
      key questions raised by the New Orleans DA was this: Why hadnt the
      Warren Commission members examined the autopsy photographs and
      Ramsey Clark also dutifully backed the official findings that Lee
      Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan each acted alone in the
      of the Kennedy brothers.*** Carlos Marcello biographer John Davis
      asserts that the kingpin continued to funnel money to (Ramsey)
      Clark(s father Tom Clark) when he, (Tom Clark), sat on the high
      court.*** http://www.holysmoke.org/wb/wb0093.htm
      RFK was killed on the first anniversary of the Six Day War.
      FBI records indicate that when in 1961 Carlos Marcello had become one
      of Bobby Kennedys targets for deportation, the New Orleans don
      contacted Santo Trafficante.). International Action Center-IAC-
      Founder Ramsey ) Clark represented PLO leaders in a suit brought by
      the family of Leon Klinghoffer, the elderly vacationer who was shot
      and thrown overboard from the hijacked Achille Lauro cruise-ship by
      Palestinian terrorists in 1986.
      "The PLO, PA, and other related defendants are being represented by
      former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark. PLO attorney and former
      U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark. Clark also represented PLO
      leaders in a suit brought by the family of Leon Klinghoffer, the
      elderly vacationer who was shot and thrown overboard from the
      Achille Lauro cruise-ship by Palestinian terrorists in 1986.
      Another Ramsey Clark client was Sheik Rahman himself.
      In private legal practice since 1969, Mr. Clark has argued or
      briefed a number of First Amendment, peace movement, civil rights
      and criminal cases before the Supreme Court. In addition, he has
      defended a rogues gallery of clients, including convicted 1993
      World Trade Center bombing conspirator Sheik Rahman and presidential
      fringe candidate Lyndon LaRouche. National Press Club Luncheon With
      Ramsey Clark
      Who Is Behind Lynne Stewart
      By Michael Tremoglie
      FrontPageMagazine.com | September 25, 2002
      Lynne Stewart is the radical attorney who has been indicted by
      Attorney General John Ashcroft for enabling her client, the
      terrorist Sheik, Omar Abdul Rahman, to carry out his murderous
      agendas while in prison by helping him to communicate with his
      terrorist organization in Egypt. Rahman was the spiritual leader of
      a cell that carried out the first World Trade Center bombing and was
      planning to blow up the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels. Stewart was
      recruited to the Rahman case by Lyndon Johnsons Attorney General,
      Ramsey Clark, who has a long history of anti-American causes.
      Ramsey Clark is the founder of the International Action Committee
      (IAC), a pro-Saddam organization.

      "On February 26th, 1993 the explosion in
      the basement of the World
      Trade Center on the second anniversary
      of Iraqs expulsion from Kuwait
      City. The Bank of Kuwait just
      happened to have a vault in the
      basement of the World Trade Center. Was Saddam Hussein behind the
      blast It occurred on the second anniversary of Iraqs expulsion from
      Kuwait City, and the Bank of Kuwait just happened to have a vault in
      the basement of the World Trade Center. The explosion shook the
      building, all 110 floors. It killed at least five people (two others
      appeared to be missing) and injured more than 1,000. It trapped tens
      of thousands of frightened workers and visitors in coal-dark
      and smoke-filled offices and stairwells. The explosion shook more
      the building; it rattled the country's confidence, dispelling the
      illusion that Americans were immune, somehow, to the plague of
      terrorism that torments so many countries. No foreign people or
      force has ever done this to us, said New York's Gov. Mario Cuomo.
      Until now, we were invulnerable."

      "At approximately 12 noon on February 26, 1993, a massive explosion
      rocked the World Trade Center.
      http://www.dssrewards.net/english/wldtrade.html Remarks at the
      Commemoration of the Tenth Anniversary of the Liberation of Kuwait
      Secretary Colin L. Powell Kuwait City, Kuwait (US Embassy) February
      26, 2001 http://www.state.gov/secretary/index.cfmdocid954
      Saddam Hussein and Ramsey Clark
      Iraqs Hussein wont offer condolences to Bush
      September 26, 2001
      BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Iraqi President
      Saddam Hussein said Wednesday
      he will not offer condolences to U.S.
      President George W. Bush for
      killed in terror attacks because the
      United States is launching a war
      on us
      and his condolences would be
      In a meeting with a representative of
      Russian President Vladimir
      Putin, Hussein
      said, Bush wants us to pay our condolences, but if I were to do that
      I would not be respecting my people. Bush is the president of a state
      that is launching a war on us ... in a mean, terroristic manner.
      And if I offered condolences to its president, this would be
      hypocrisy, and we are not hypocrites. Since offering condolences is a
      kind of courtesy between states, but we offered condolences to small
      organizations in America and to an American personality [Ramsey
      who came to extend condolences for Americas calamities against us.
      Husseins remarks were reported by the Iraqi News Agency.
      Ex-Atty. General Would Aid Saddam Defense
      Fri Dec 19,10:26 PM ET
      By JENNIFER C. KERR, Associated Press Writer
      WASHINGTON - Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark said
      that he would be willing to provide legal counsel to Saddam Hussein
      (news - web sites) if the ousted Iraqi leader requested Clarks
      AP Photo

      I would seek to help him protect his rights if he needed my help
      and I felt that there was no one whos willing who could do it
      better, Clark said in an interview with The Associated Press. I
      would have no hesitation. Thats my work. Thats my chosen pursuit
      br> to protect rights. His rights need protecting.
      Clark also lashed out at the Bush administration for the militarys
      handling of the ex-Iraqi president since he was discovered last
      weekend hiding underground near his hometown of Tikrit.
      My two main concerns would be about the way hes being treated from
      the standpoint of human rights, and my belief that the humiliation
      that he has suffered causes hatred and will be harmful to the
      interests of the United States, Clark said.
      He specifically took issue with video images transmitted around the
      world showing a bearded and weary-looking Saddam being examined by a
      doctor just after his capture.
      While Clark said he would defend Saddam at trial, he expressed
      doubts that such a scenario would unfold.
      Its unlikely if its not an international court that a foreigner
      who didnt speak Arabic and wasnt trained in the Arabic legal
      traditions would be permitted to appear in an Iraqi court, Clark
      U.S. officials have gone along with the Iraqi plan that Saddams
      trial should be conducted by a special Iraqi tribunal that was set
      up just days before he was taken into custody. But there are still
      many questions that remain unresolved, including when a trial would
      take place, and what kind of charges he would face.
      The 76-year-old Clark, who was attorney general under President
      Lyndon Johnson, has met with Saddam on several occasions in the past
      decade. He most recently sat down with the former Iraqi leader in
      February, in the days leading up to the U.S. invasion.
      Clark described Saddam as dignified, reasonable and an interesting
      person. He is a human being, Clark said.
      Clark has assisted other despised leaders before.
      By Manny
      Goldstein Clark couldn't keep his client from a conviction and brief
      prison term. But Clarks relationship with LaRouche went beyond legal
      representation to actual advoca<br/><br/>(Message over 64 KB, truncated)
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