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  • Shift Twain
    Oct 2, 2007
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      yes, and the whole world knows it, and has known it
      increasingly for two centuries!

      in the case of the 20th century, in excess of a hundred US
      covert wars were executed by the heinous military monster,
      against MOST countries of Asia, Africa, Central America,
      South America, the Middle East! [on behalf of the UK,
      Europe, Israel and Japan!!]

      for six years they have kept their 9/11 Massacre out
      of the headlines -- while raping and pillaging Iraq, and
      their own US citizenry -- yet their victimized US
      is finally rising to their feet --

      and VERY clearly, they will not tolerate this Government
      Monster any longer ...

      the SHIFT has arrived!!

      Millennium Twain
      2 October 2007


      In Abidemir, it was truly written:

      US is the true source of Worldwide Terrorism! !! !!!