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Inquirer Business Update: Shut down ride service says it will ride again | Beers skimping on buzz, lawsuit claims | U.S. Antitrust Division in Phila. lost many veteran lawyers

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      Inquirer Business Update
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      Two Montgomery County brothers have filed a federal lawsuit alleging that the maker of Budweiser, Michelob, and their many beer cousins has systematically exaggerated how much alcohol is actually in its brews.
      Joseph N. DiStefano
      Feds doing more with less in antitrust
      Jane M. Von Bergen
      More on the gender gap in technology: I received a phone call today from a reader, Betty Scott, age 80, who started working in technology, she said, when there were still punch cards. She remembers when women in computers were a true rarity, so she's battle-tested. Her advice to the women quoted in my Inquirer story about women in technology can be summed up in two words: Buck Up.
      9 minutes ago
      The Dow came within 100 points of its all-time high Wednesday after rising sharply for a second straight day.

      Philadelphia's top workplaces in 2012
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      Today's Inquirer
      By Linda Loyd, Inquirer Staff Writer
      Passengers likely won't notice disruptions or delays in air travel for at least a month, even if automatic spending cuts take place Friday. But things could eventually get dicey.
      Federal cuts could hit patients, drug companies quickly
      Congress' $85B cut won't crush us
      By Paul Nussbaum, Inquirer Staff Writer
      The Philadelphia Parking Authority halted on-demand trips in private cars over concerns about drivers' insurance and background checks.
      » Follow the Inquirer's ongoing series about the difficulties facing today's college graduates – from massive college debt to finding a job in their field of study.
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      We've been told that the economy has been healing. But there's still a lot of pain being felt - here and elsewhere. And it doesn't help that the start of a recovery can feel eerily like the depth of a recession. Jobs are the last segment of the economy to improve.

      How have home prices fared where you live? An in-depth study determines where home values in the Philadelphia region have tanked, thrived or held their own between 2005 and 2011.

      The Inquirer's 2011 survey tells you which CEOs in the Philadelphia area - or whose companies have operations here - made the most money, gained the most in 2010, and more. Includes an interactive list.

      They were trailblazers, and gave new meaning to “the sky’s the limit.” They were the first black U.S. military pilots in World War II, known as the Tuskegee Airmen. A collection of 50 photos of the legendary Tuskegee Airmen, who fought America’s enemies abroad while facing racial discrimination at home, has opened at Phila. International.



      Retirement - something taken for granted by Americans going back half a century - is no sure thing anymore. Not after the Great Recession, years of high unemployment, the collapse of housing prices, and stocks still below historic peaks. Our collection of articles, columns and calculators should take some of the mystery out of your planning.


      The Great Recession is over, but the ranks of the long-term jobless are growing. The U.S. economy seems unable so far to create enough jobs for the many who have been out of work for so long. One study, from 2010, found that more than a third of the jobless hadn't been employed for more than two years. Inquirer staff writer Jane M. Von Bergen puts a human face on this statistic in a special project profiling 60 of the region's long-term jobless in 60 days. Read their stories here.

      The recession has ended, but the pain hasn't. A look back at a year that also saw new levels of consumer frugality, BP making a mess, Toyota paying big bucks over the handling of a recall, and the list of the wealthiest who pledge half their money to charity carrying a Philadelphia connection.

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