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Offensive and Objectionable Posts By Jewish Agents in Muslim Forums

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  • javediqbalkaleem
    Though internet has opened a whole new world of opportunity to express our views and learn the wisdom of the time. But this opportunity is not without cost.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 26, 2009
      Though internet has opened a whole new world of opportunity to express our views and learn the wisdom of the time. But this opportunity is not without cost. You have to tolerate some nonsensical,even disgusting thoughts and views against all norms of
      decency.And it appears there is no room for protest or boycott. No matter how much you complain, the offender is given benefit of the doubt and is protected under the cover of freedom of expression.The notorious caricatures of holy prophet Muhammad were stubbornly
      defended by entire Europe and US on the pretext of freedom of expression. Under their law defamation of an individual can be complained and claims of millions of dollars lodged, but insulting an entire nation or rather group of nations is not only permissible,
      but also worth encouraging.

      I recalled this bitter reality when I saw a group of Jewish agents who post under different fictitious names in Muslim Forums of Pakistan and Bangladesh and attack the established norms and sacred personalities. A bastard chose to insult Allah SWT and declared him " tired ". The Holy Name of Allah SWT is not only close to hearts
      of all Muslims but also beyond all weaknesses and limitations attributed to mankind. Yet these criminal minded people make such objectionable posts so as to ridicule the Highest and the Noblest Person in the eyes of believers.

      In fact the Jews have been disappointed by their genocide and destruction let loose on their nation from time to time. Allah SWT had prophesied clearly in Holy Quran that unless they repent their sins and behave in accordance with code of conduct given to
      them in Torah, they would be crushed by different nations till day of Judgment. Disappointed from Jehovah (or Allah), they have formed a synagogue of satan and are creating faithlessness and atheism in the world. They have succeeded to a great extent in Europe and USA and
      are trying to repeat their performance in Asia, especially in the Islamic world. On some forums, like "Pakistan Zindabad ", the Jewish dogs make highly obnoxious and pornographic postings, so that serious and decent topics are overshadowed and joint discussion and brain storming by common Muslims could be prevented. No step has been taken despite persistent complains by sensible Muslims.

      I would therefore urge my Muslim brothers and sisters not to respond to or even take notice the criminal minds that want to spread Godlessness in the society.These SOBs at one hand declare faith a personal matter and contest religious beliefs of others on the other
      shamelessly. The people who are living in alien lands, the kids and the young generation are like sitting ducks and easily fall prey to these satans. In fact they are totally unaware of the fact that each Muslim man and Muslim woman has a direct one to one relationship with Allah SWT, Who helps them, guides them and listens to their prayers, from childhood to old age and that's why they can not be mislead.

      Muhammad Javed Iqbal
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