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Sabotage of PC -- the power supply is remotely controlled

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  • wu1950d
    Sabotage of PC -- the power supply is remotely controlled ... Here I wish to talk of what I found out, through experience. The power supply of PC, which is an
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2013
      Sabotage of PC -- the power supply is remotely controlled

      Here I wish to talk of what I found out, through experience.

      The power supply of PC, which is an independent unit (box of ~ 15cm x 11.5cm x 8.5cm), supplies the 5V, 12V etc. voltage to the PC.

      Its design usually employ a "switching power supply IC", and in two power supply boxes, I found them to be "TL494CN". (There MAY be other ICs, but the two PC supply boxes I possessed used 494).

      Click to read the manual "Designing Switching Voltage Regulators with the TL494", by Texas Instrument,

      One day, the Power supply failed. (My PC experienced many failures before, that it could not be powered up, (but powered up eventually), which I already suppected sabotage through radio control).

      I disassembled the power supply, and used oscilloscope/meter to check.

      I found out that "pin 4", which is "Dead-Time Control" pin, and which is "earthed" with 10K resistor (pin 4 is high-impedance input, so 10K to earth is enough), has an voltage of some 3.6 V !! ( > 3.3V means Total Dead Time, that is why the IC would not output).

      It ought not be, as the designer already earthed it with 10K resistor ! (the designer wanted only 3% Dead Time!) At first I think it must be the IC has aged, and I directly earthed it with a short wire (i.e. pin 4 was directly earthed), and the power supply worked normally. (Replacement should be the norm, as I did not have another 494 at that time, I directly earthed it instead).

      After some months, the power supply failed again. This time, I replaced the "494" chip, and I took away the wire that shorted pin 4 to ground, retaining the original 10K to ground (for high impedance input, 10K to ground is normal practice). And I measured the voltages,

      Pin No. Volt measured Explanation
      ------- ------------- -----------
      1 0.659 V Non-inverting input used for voltage feedback (to
      maintain the 5V, 12V ... output constancy).

      2 2.463 V Inverting input -- reference voltage
      for comparision (taken from 5V reference
      voltage output pin 14, after resistors-

      3 0 V Feedback from the two operational amplifiers (two outputs OR-ed)

      4 3.586 V Dead Time control which should be 0 V, as
      it is high-impedance input, and earthed with
      10K resistor.

      5 1.474 V This connects to timing capacitor, which is 0.01uF.
      Oscilloscope showed normal oscillation.

      6 3.139 V This connects to timing resistor, which is 1.8K ohm
      (frequency of oscillator = 1/(2*R*C)).
      Oscilloscope showed normal oscillation.
      About 50K Hz. (i.e. 25K Hz for push-pull)

      7 0 V IC ground.

      8 2.117 V Collector of output transistor 1.

      9 0 V Emittor of output transistor 1.

      10 0 V Emittor of output transistor 2.

      11 1.95 V Collector of output transistor 2.

      12 9.71 V (Vcc) supply voltage to the 494 IC. Normal.

      13 4.92 V This pin is connected to reference voltage,
      that is, "push-pull" output is chosen.
      If it is grounded, "single-end" output is

      14 4.92 V This is reference 5V output from 494 IC.
      It is normal.

      15 0.954 V Inverting input of operational amplifier 2,
      and is used as reference voltage.

      16 0 V Non-inverting put of operational amplifier 2,
      and is used to monitor various output

      This second replacement "494" showed that the first "494" was not faulty! or the same phenomena would not have occurred in this second replacement IC (3.586V at pin 4 DEAD TIME CONTROL !).

      My conclusion is that : the DARK FORCE can use radio means, to command the "494" IC Dead-Time-Control to go to > 3.3 V, to stop the IC from working. How they are able to do this, I do not know.

      I tried to earth "Dead-Time-Control, pin 4" with a short wire. But this time, it did not work. The whole 494 appeared dead. (But once when I suspected that the DARK FORCES were not watching, and tested it, and it worked perfectly!)

      I have learned, through experience, that the DARK FORCE (which may be above my apartment, or one floor below my apartment, or next by) can make transistors fail to work, LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) fail to work, digital meter fail to work, ... etc. (what weaponry they used ? radio, radiactive, ions, electromagnetic, radiations ... only they know).

      (As of the fact that they can make transistor fail to work is that : many years ago, I constructed a transistor-curve-tracer using very simple circuitry to enable characteristic curves to be shown on oscilloscope. Once I tested a transistor (which worked normally at other times), that transistor failed when the base current is slightly high, and the collector voltage >10 V -- the characteristic curves simply dropped down abruptly on that portion. But it worked perfectly in other times. Hence I conclude that the DARK FORCE can make transistor fail to function.)

      I wish to tell the world, (I hope designers who were frustrated when designing 494 could read this), what I have experienced and what I think to be the true situation of the world.

      Lastly, I would say that the DARK FORCE can have lots and lots of ways to control our PC (i.e. use "Device-time-out interrupt" to run their sabotage program instead of the normal program; or use another "wrapper boot-strap program" to boot up the operational system, i.e. replace the original operating system by their own "wrapper" operational system, with controls built in and designed by the DARK FORCE. They can also replace the whole FLASH ROM of electronic devices with their "own programs"!). All these are done through "radio" means, i.e. remotely.


      Wu Siu Yan
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