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58The Truth Behind Grocery Pricing!

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  • sarcokim
    Oct 28, 2011
      The Truth Behind Grocery Pricing!

      I just heard on the radio that food prices rose by 9.8% in September. As a supermarket cashier I am surprised that thats all they rose by. I am amazed how almost daily the price on everything is rising. Bread is now $4.50/loaf, milk is $4.39/gallon and on and on. One lady that I have been checking out for months is getting her food at greatly reduced costs. In fact, she is literally only paying pennies on the dollar for everything she buys. When is the last time you had an overflowing cart of groceries and only paid $ 16.38!? She is doing it twice a week. So last week I asked her what her secret is and she told me that she uses the programs at http://nameurownprice.com That night when I goy home I signed up for the program too and yesterday using this program I saved 74% on my entire grocery order. As a cashier I feel bad seeing so many people struggle to pay for their groceries, now I am excited to share a tip that can help others!