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  • Never mind my first question, I see you already covered not slowing anything down in a previous post. Anyway, I think the whole thing is a terrible idea. The extra costs to websites and content providers would eventually be passed along to consumers, and with a mishmash of variable speeds sold by various ISP's, to various websites, the end result would be that non-paying websites...
    stratomaster152@... May 11, 2014
  • Call me a cynic, but isn't it more likely that the broadband providers will simply slow down the data from websites that aren't paying for a "fast lane"? - Abe ---In wordperfectmac@^$1, wrote : Something like that. And it would be managed by your ISP. I'm not sure of how the technology / logistics behind it would work. I'm not an expert. And potentially it would different for each...
    stratomaster152@... May 10, 2014