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  • One-click install of SheepShaver, WordPerfect and all supporting files. Lets you run WordPerfect on Intel Macs and with OS versions 10.5 and later. This update by Ed Mendelson extends compatibility to the forthcoming Mac OS upgrade to 10.11 (El Capitan). Free in the SheepShaver and Basilisk folder of the Links section here, as SheepShaver-WP Install 2.1.3. John R.
    johnrethorst@... 7:19 AM
  • There's no copy of WPMacApp on any Yahoo server, to the best of my knowledge. The link in the SheepShaver and Basilisk folder of the Links section here goes to Ed's WPDOS site where he hosts the file. As he says, that's the latest version. John R.
    johnrethorst@... Jul 4
  • John Blommers is correct. I'm sorry that the Gatekeeper issue didn't occur to me. I do discuss this in "ReadMe for OS ≥ 10.8.rtf" in the install package, but I seem to have buried that file in one of the folders, rather than putting it in the disk image root window. While you have Allow from Anywhere active, run the SheepShaver app, in the SheepShaver folder in the Shared folder...
    J Rethorst Jul 3
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  • Just to clarify, this isn't my new file. SheepShaver -WP_2.1.2, the whole install, dates from March of this year. My new file is the SheepShaver volume, only, from that install, and thus a slightly smaller download, for the convenience of users who want to drop the volume on WPMacApp. Dick, two thoughts: the newest file, SheepShaver-WP_2.1.3, might be what you want anyway, unless...
    johnrethorst@... Jul 3
  • > I am assuming that if I can locate my own version of SheepShaver-WP_2.1.2.dsk on my hard drive, I can similarly drop that > on Ed’s WPMacApp and that way retain all the cahnges I have already made to your amazing creation? That's right. The disk is simply a file like any other that you've modified, and are now going to open in another program. Your changes will be intact. It's...
    J Rethorst Jul 2
  • This is the virtual disk, or volume, from the last version of SheepShaver-WP, a complete setup to emulate a legacy Macintosh, which runs on a computer with OS X version 10.4 or later and includes WordPerfect for the Mac. This last version of SheepShaver-WP, 2.1.2, would have required an update to run on Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan). However, the other SheepShaver and WordPerfect...
    johnrethorst@... Jul 1
  • I’ve received mysterious correspondence that suggested that SheepShaver’s prefs file is not the issue, and that my SheepShaver-WP install as presently constructed is incompatible with OS 10.11 (El Capitan). When I released the latest version of ShSh-WP, version 2.1.2, I thought it would probably be the last version, since Ed’s WPMacApp is more advanced in many respects, runs...
    johnrethorst@... Jun 26
  • if WPMacApp runs but SheepShaver by itself does not, I'd suspect the prefs file, which is a separate file in a regular ShSh install. George, if you have the chance could you archive your ShSh volume and install SheepShaver-WP 2.1.2 again? Thanks, John R.
    johnrethorst@... Jun 25
  • Here's an emaculation.com/forum thread from another user whose ShSh install wouldn't start: http://emaculation.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=8660 The advice that worked for him was to open SheepShaver_Prefs in Terminal and reset the RAM size to no more than 1024mb. I would go further than that when moving to a new OS, and would delete SheepShaver_Prefs entirely and start over. To...
    johnrethorst@... Jun 22
  • FWIW, here's a thread from emaculation.com started by a user whose SheepShaver install ran fine in Mavericks but not in Yosemite: http://emaculation.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=8457 Same symptoms as George experienced -- program won't even start. The emaculation forum is the largest discussion group for SheepShaver itself, and no one has reported anything about El Capitan. Is...
    johnrethorst@... Jun 18