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  • I'm traveling but can hardly wait to get home and look at this. Sounds very interesting! John R.
    John Rethorst Aug 11
  • I think the computer use of the word Spam came from a Monty Python movie, in which cans of the stuff kept popping up out of nowhere and you couldn't get rid of it. We should remember, though, that we won the war partly because the Russian army and Russian winter stopped the Nazi invasion, the army being able to do so in part because it was fed by US shipments of, among other...
    johnrethorst@... Jul 29
  • Maybe we computer types had best wake up . . . https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/jul/22/spam-flavourful-as-hell-hawaii-spam-jam John R.
    johnrethorst@... Jul 24
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  • A member sent me this note. I suggested she post it; she said she had never posted but that I was welcome to. It's remarkably easy to post, and we would all welcome your points of view, and how you use WP and why it's still the one to use. I'll bet that if enough of us posted details, we'd all be able to take away a few hints and tips. There really is a lot in the program. John R...
    J Rethorst Jul 13
  • This is very interesting, since anyone with a Windows box could now have an easier time running WP Mac. I'm thinking that some number of people might be out there who used WP on the Mac and wanted to continue but for one reason or another had to migrate to Windows. They'd be happy to see this and my first question is, how do we reach them? John R.
    johnrethorst@... Jul 9
  • Recent discussion in this thread about JW Walker's PrintToPDF driver has piqued my curiosity. I've never used it, so maybe I should try it, but would still have these questions. I think that many (most?) printers sold today don't have Postscript, so since the driver doesn't embed fonts wouldn't it have to convert everything to Times? Nothing wrong with that, of course, as long as...
    johnrethorst@... Jul 6
  • Really well done, Ed! Just like your other contributions. I hope people realize how much work goes into these. Programs that are transparently easy to use may seem to have been easy to write, when that's not the case at all. Thanks again! John R.
    johnrethorst@... Jul 5
  • I've just added DialogView and PrintToPDF to the Files section here, and added a link to J W Walker's software to the Links section. SmoothType was already in Files. Thank you (again), Geoff. Other folks? Surely you have favorites. John R.
    johnrethorst@... Jul 4
  • https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/03/smarter-living/how-to-see-what-the-interet-knows-about-you.html John R.
    johnrethorst@... Jul 3
  • > Thank you for the contribution, and for mentioning SaintEdit. I didn't know about that text editor, and I've now added it to the Applications folder in the WPMacApp. It's a lot better than SimpleText for plain text files. It occurs to me that with over 7,800 probably very sophisticated Mac users (because we use WordPerfect), we have a collective knowledge base that would buckle...
    johnrethorst@... Jul 3