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  • Please try the WPMacApp (also based on Sheepshaver) and see if it runs in El Capitan. Please let us know your result.
    em315@... Jun 15
  • No trouble with timed screensaver with WPMacApp under Yosemite either. Same as with timed sleep: works exactly as expected.
    em315@... Apr 19
  • I don't know why, but with the current WPMacApp running under Yosemite, timed sleep in OS X puts the whole computer to sleep successfully; no special changes to any setting seems to be needed. The WPMacApp has the Energy Saver control panel installed, but it is not active, and doesn't seem to be needed for the host OS X system to go to sleep.
    em315@... Apr 19
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  • I've updated this again to include John Rethorst's latest version of Email Merge. I've also learned that printing doesn't work under OS X 10.6, so the new version supports only 10.7 or later. Information page with download link: WPDOS - WordPerfect for the Mac on Intel Macs WPDOS - WordPerfect for the Mac on Intel Macs WordPerfect for DOS Updated | Site Map | Search...
    em315@... Mar 13
  • I've posted a new version of the WPMacApp (the Sheepshaver-based system for running WPMac under OS X). It fixes a problem that caused SheepShaver to crash when you printed with certain fonts, and it adds support for Jon Rethorst's Email utility that lets you create a mail merge in WPMac and use it to send out a mass e-mail from OS X. Download link and further information here...
    em315@... Mar 11
  • Microsoft posted a public preview of Word 2016 for the Mac. It does not open files saved in Word 6.0 format from WPMac; these files could be opened in Word 2011 for the Mac, but not in Word 2016. However, files saved from WPMac in RTF format open correctly in Word 2016. Probably the simplest way to transmit files from WPMac to any version of Word is to save them in RTF format. If...
    em315@... Mar 6
  • You are getting very different results from the ones that I am seeing. If I open a Word 6 file (saved by WPMac) in either WinWord 2010 or WinWord 2013 with the default settings, I cannot see any way to save the file in an editable format. As far as I can tell, the recipient of the file, in order to edit the file, will need to make a change in the recipient's security settings. I...
    em315@... Feb 23
  • After reading Thomas's message, I should revise my comment above to make clear that a WPMac file saved in Word 6 format can be viewed but cannot be *edited* in Word for Windows without (as Thomas says) changing some settings. As Thomas says, Word offers to take you to the relevant settings, but I very much doubt that anyone except an IT expert will be able to figure out which...
    em315@... Feb 23
  • One important point is that files saved from WPMac in Word 6.0 format cannot be opened in Word for Windows unless the user makes some very obscure and hard-to-understand changes in Word's security settings. These files can be opened in Word for Mac, but not (except by very expert users) in Word for Windows. There will always need to be an intermediate conversion between WPMac's...
    em315@... Feb 22
  • I've now updated the WPMacApp so that the Preferences dialog explains that, in order to change the "Unix root," you must hold down the Option key while launching the WPMacApp. And I've briefly documented the Option key menu here: WPDOS - WordPerfect for the Mac on Intel Macs WPDOS - WordPerfect for the Mac on Intel Macs WordPerfect for DOS Updated | Site Map | Search...
    em315@... Jan 31