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  • I should probably clean out the extensions and control panels to speed things up, and will look into this at some point. In this system, even before SheepShaver launches, the AppleScript launcher app is checking whether the file transfer folder exists, creating the plist file that launches the background script used for printing, etc., checking whether the Spotlight plugins are...
    em315@... Apr 14
  • My timing for the WPMacApp refers to the time until WordPerfect for the Mac opens in the WPMacApp and you can start typing - which happens automatically when the WPMacApp opens. Probably you have a faster Mac than I have, or for some reason my system slows it down.
    em315@... Apr 13
  • There was a new update to Word 2016 this morning which seems to have speeded things up even further. And I installed SheepShaver-WP to test timing, and, as I thought, it starts up much more quickly than the WPMacApp. Timings on a 2015 MacBook Air: Word 2016 - 3 seconds SheepShaver-WP - 13 seconds WPMacApp - 24 seconds That last figure is slightly faster than my previous test, but...
    em315@... Apr 13
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  • I wish I could say the same about my WPMacApp system (which is slower than SheepShaver-WP to start up). Word 2016 is much faster than Word 2011, so the results on my MacBook Air are: Word 2016 - 7 seconds WPMacApp - 27 seconds SheepShaver-WP would certainly be faster than this, but I haven't tested it.
    em315@... Apr 12
  • A few years ago I posted an OS X utility that was supposed to convert WPG files to PNG files, but it didn't work on any system except mine. I tried again, and this time I think it may actually work. Here's the link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/271144/WPG%20Converter.zip Drop a WPG file on it (or double-click the app itself and then select a file), and it will try to create...
    em315@... Feb 1
  • Just to clarify: The easiest way to do this is to get an old Mac PowerBook running the old Mac OS with a floppy drive installed. Then you'll need to get the data from the PowerBook to the modern world, but an Ethernet cable should accomplish that.
    em315@... Jan 30
  • 1.4MB floppies. There is no such thing as a USB flopy drive that reads Mac 800 floppies. Mac-formatted floppies can only be read by an internal drive on an old Mac or on a floppy drive that connects to the ADB port (NOT a USB port) on an old Mac. (There are obsolete add-in cards for 1980s-era DOS PCs that can also read these disks, but it's not a practical solution.)
    em315@... Jan 30
  • A few people have reported online that USB floppy drives no longer work in OS X 10.11 El Capitan - and that was my experience with a USB floppy drive that I bought a few years ago. Nothing happened when I plugged it in to the USB port on my Mac and inserted a disk. However, it seems that OS X does recognize at least some floppy drives. I bought a used "Iomega Floppy" for about ten...
    em315@... Jan 30
  • You make this far easier by running WPWin6 in Parallels (in "coherence mode" or "unity mode" or whatever they call it that lets you run the program in a Window under OS X) and then running WPDOS directly under OS X with the method described here: http://www.columbia.edu/~em36/wpdos/wpdosboxmac.html No need for VirtualPC or Win98DOS, but you'll probably still need to open the floppy...
    em315@... Jan 23
  • John, John Rethorst wrote: >> When testing some time ago I worked with SheepShaver-WP and then installed WPMacApp. When I went back to SheepShaver-WP I found some components had been removed and I had to reinstall it. So maybe a complete install of a package is a good idea. I don't know what you have installed now. Does it include a printing mechanism? ------------- When the...
    em315@... Jan 21