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  • One additional note: This requires OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or later. It produces different error messages in earlier versions.
    em315@... Aug 12
  • And that should be "directly" not "directyl."
    em315@... Aug 11
  • Everything described in this message derives directyl from the work that Jon Rethorst and Smokey Ardisson did when creating SheepShaver-WP and integrating it into OS X. They deserve 95% of the credit. Based on their work, I've been putting together an AppleScript app that runs Mac OS 9.0.4 under SheepShaver (9.0.4 is the last version that works with SheepShaver) in a way that's...
    em315@... Aug 11
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  • One reason to run WPMac under Windows is that WPMac 3.5e is the only version that can edit WPMac 3.5e files and save them in the same format. WP for Windows can open some 3.5e files if they have simple formatting, and save them as 3.5 files, but it crashes if you try to open 3.5e files with complex formatting. LibreOffice (and other OpenOffice derivatives) can open 3.5e files, but...
    em315@... Jul 10
  • If anyone uses WPMac in SheepShaver running under Windows, and is interested in a system like the WPMacApp, with printing, easy file transfer, etc., etc., please let me know via e-mail. I've got something working that may be ready to share with others.
    em315@... Jul 9
  • As Smokey says and I forgot: PrintToPDF had PDF-specific features otherwise available only in Adobe's PDFWriter which came with Acrobat, and that cost a lot of money - but Acrobat was the only way you could get all fonts baked into a PDF as searchable text (not as bitmap images). Incidentally, Acrobat 4.0 (the last one that worked with the Mac OS versions in SheepShaver-WP and the...
    em315@... Jul 7
  • John, There's a very detailed description of the PrintToPDF driver included in the Stuffit archive; it explains everything much better than anyone else could do. It explains how to work around the driver's inability to embed fonts, though none of the workarounds are really satisfactory. One advantage of the PrintToPDF driver is that (by default) it gives the output PDF the same...
    em315@... Jul 6
  • Yes, I know both those things and have written about the first extensively here and on emaculation.com. My original message made clear that John's SheepShaver-WP and my WPMacApp already write PS files to OS X where they are converted to PDF. But this new method does not require OS X and does not use bitmap images of files, and does not require commercial software. No one is...
    em315@... Jul 5
  • Some recent posts mentioned the PrintToPDF printer driver as a method for printing PDFs from old Mac OS applications including WPMac. As described elsewhere, the PrintToPDF driver doesn't embed fonts, so all text in anything other than the basic PostScript 13 fonts gets converted to Times New Roman. Both John's SheepShaver-WP and my WPMac system include methods of printing PDFs to...
    em315@... Jul 5
  • Thank you for the contribution, and for mentioning SaintEdit. I didn't know about that text editor, and I've now added it to the Applications folder in the WPMacApp. It's a lot better than SimpleText for plain text files.
    em315@... Jul 3