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How to add an app (e.g. a SheepShaver setup) to ctrl-click menu (REVISED)

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  • em315
    (Corrected and reposted.) This may be useful to anyone who (like me) didn t already know how to do it. If you have files that don t automatically open in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 27, 2013
      (Corrected and reposted.)

      This may be useful to anyone who (like me) didn't already know how to do it.

      If you have files that don't automatically open in the application you want them
      to open in, you can create a "service" that appears on the file's ctrl-click
      menu and that will open the file in the application you choose. This procedure
      is often simpler and easier than using the "Open with..." menu. (And yes, I
      really do understand that this procedure is NOT needed in most cases and that
      you don't need to waste time creating it if you don't need it.)

      For example, let's say you want to open a WordPerfect for Windows or WPDOS file in the
      WPMacApp or my WPDOSBox51 or WPDOSBox62 applications, or open it in John's Open
      in WP application that launches SheepShaver, or convert it using my WPLO
      Converter application.

      To create a convenient ctrl-click menu item that does this, start by opening OS X's Automator application. Select the Service icon and click Choose.

      In the top panel of the right-hand pane, set Service receives selected "files or
      folders" in "Finder" (in other words, change the settings in the two drop-down

      Next, in the Actions column on the left, select Files & Folders; from the column
      on the right, drag "Open Finder items" into the canvas on the right.

      In the drop-down menu in the Open Finder items panel, change "Default
      application" to whichever application you want to use to open or convert your

      From Automator's File menu, select Save, and give a name to your service, for
      example, "Open in WPMac" or whatever might be appropriate.

      Close Automator (not necessary at this point, but there's no reason to keep it open).

      Select the file you want to open or convert; ctrl-click on it; if you see the
      name of the service you just created, click on it; if you don't see the name of
      the service that you just created, Click on Services... and select the service from the submenu.

      Again, in the hope of avoiding bandwidth-wasting messages, I want to emphasize that this procedure is not generally needed. However, I find it useful for opening documents I created in WordPerfect for DOS that have non-standard filenames such as "MYDOC.DAT" or "LETTER.123" that do not readily open in WPMac or my WPDOS setup on the Mac, and this procedure makes it easier to open them in the applications I want. It may be useful to others.
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