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WPMacApp - updated printing system and other fixes

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  • em315
    Thanks to John s expertise about WP macros (in John s WP Scripting Guide and in various messages here), I ve been able to update my WPMacApp system for running
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 2012
      Thanks to John's expertise about WP macros (in John's WP Scripting Guide and in various messages here), I've been able to update my WPMacApp system for running WordPerfect in SheepShaver so that it now creates PDF files in OS X by running a macro in WPMac.

      Now, when you use the default printing system (the desktop printer "Print or Create PDF in OS X"), it simply prints to the default OS X printer, without the additional "print or create PDF" prompt.

      To create a PDF from WP, use one of two WP macros, PDF - Open in OS X, or PDF - Write to OS X. The first causes a PDF to open in OS X Preview. The second writes a PDF to the OS X desktop.

      If you prefer the old method, in which you were prompted in OS X to print or create a PDF, it can be restored by setting an option. Hold down the Option key while launching the WPMacApp, and set the appropriate option. The PDF-writing macros will continue work, whether or not you choose to show the print-or-PDF prompt in OS X.

      Some of the old code in my OS X folder action script was really incompetent, and I've fixed the worst errors, I hope, but there's still more to be done to get it working properly.

      One thing I'd like to add in the future is the ability to choose a non-default printer in OS X when printing from WPMac, but I don't know if anyone would actually use it.

      Same download as before:


      Further details here:

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