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  • John R
    ... Good to know. I ve deleted the link here to it. ... And nice to have! Tools like this support a more flexible and productive work environment. ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 12, 2011
      >>> Stumbled across a utility that opens and reads (with
      >>> some formatting) WPMac docs -- on a Mac. Nice to see, as a
      >>> sign of interest in the file format as well as its practical
      >>> purpose. At:

      >> I bought a copy, and it's a waste of money. It's a wrapper
      >> around an ancient version of wpd2html (part of the libwpd
      >> converter software). It doesn't handle headers and footers
      >> or references in any intelligent way, and it can't handle
      >> WPMac files unless you change the name.

      Good to know. I've deleted the link here to it.

      > It's possible to put wpd2html in an Automator action and
      > get exactly the same result at no charge, without changing
      > filenames . . . It's a unix executable, but anyone with
      > experience with automator actions should be able to build
      > an automator action with it.

      > Here's a free equivalent, built with AppleScript and the
      > latest wpd2html . . . It should be easy to turn this into a
      > contextual-menu service via Automator.

      > The one I posted a 400KB download for quick viewing and
      > text extraction only. If you seriously want to use WP
      > files on a Mac you need something else. I certainly don't
      > think this 400KB thing is particularly good. But it's
      > quick and small.

      And nice to have! Tools like this support a more flexible and productive work environment.

      > Luckily, for simple file viewing we have Gero's wonderful
      > Quick Look plug-in, so we don't particularly need "better
      > than nothing" ;-)

      'Wonderful' is exactly the word.

      > (Not a jab against Edward, who does all sorts of awesome
      > work

      'Awesome' is exactly the word.

      > After some earlier exchanges, I wondered if it might be
      > possible to create something useful that hasn't been done
      > before. So I threw together an Automator service that
      > copies the text of a WP file to the clipboard, so you can
      > paste it into another application.

      > It uses wpd2html to extract the text, which means that the
      > footnotes, headers, etc., are going to be clustered
      > together at the end of the file, but the basic formatting
      > will be preserved when pasted into another application.
      > Tables will be preserved when pasted into Word or Pages or
      > LibreOffice.

      > So, if you have Gero Herrmann's QuickLook filter
      > installed, you can glance at the content of a file, and
      > then, if you want to copy the content to the clipboard,
      > ctrl-click, and choose Services-->WP Text to Clipboard.

      Really, really nice. Thanks so much!

      John R.
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