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Re: [wpmac] beginner question

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  • aize de jong
    Dear WP12-er, I have had the same problem with my hundreds of WP8,9,10,11,12 pages. I have kept a Windows system alive only for editing purposes. Printing is
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 7, 2011
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      Dear WP12-er,
      I have had the same problem with my hundreds of WP8,9,10,11,12 pages. I have
      kept a Windows system alive only for editing purposes. Printing is done
      without any problem through the translating WP files to PDF files. I have
      tried to translate my WP files to many other wordprocessors like MSWord,
      OpenOffice, etc., but none of them was a real success. The best results I've
      got so far is translating WP files into Latex. There is a really smart Czech
      guy (Jaroslav Fojtik) who wrote a program called "WP2LaTeX". With LaTeX you
      produce ASCII files, that can be read by any system, Windows, Unix, Linux,
      BSD, etc. For reading and printing purposes LaTeX files can easely be
      translated into PDF files. LaTeX is a markup language like WP (see the
      underwater screen) and writing a LaTeX file is done with an ordenary text
      editor. Learning the LaTeX commands does take some time, but there are some
      alternatives like TeXmacs and LYX, that do not need any LaTeX knowledge.
      If you have documents with a lot of pictures and formulas, then this is in
      my opinion the best way to proceed.
      The best of luck,

      2011/7/6 wchiaps_place <wchiaps_place@...>

      > **
      > I have been a WP user for most of my computer years, my latest version
      > being WP12. However, I am now converting to a Mac from PC. I'm basically
      > computer illiterate, nor do I enjoy playing around with computers and their
      > programs, so I don't need anything special for everyday word processing, but
      > the book I have been writing for 20 years is all in WP. I am final editing
      > it now, and wanted to get a program which would make it more compatable with
      > the rest of the world for eventual printing. I just don't like or feel
      > comfortable with MSWord so tried Apple's Pages, Open Office, and
      > LibreOffice--- none of them measured up to my WP, but the thought of having
      > to convert it all to another Word Processing program for publishing
      > printing---well, that took all the fun out of the project.
      > I then heard about WP for Mac and looked into that and found a couple of
      > sites which explained how to download SheepShaver and other programs so one
      > could run WP within Mac, which lead me to two questions:
      > 1. none of these discussions ever mentioned WP12 or later issues---I think
      > one talked about version 9 something, but most were much earlier versions. I
      > don't think I want to go back to an older version of WP as I might lose a
      > lot of what I like about my WP12. I see they also have a newer version
      > even--X5.
      > So my first question is: do these programs they talk about (like
      > SheepShaver) work with the newer versions like WP12 or X5? Is there anything
      > out there where you can run WP12 or X5 on the Mac?
      > 2. My second question is with the advent of programs like Parallels, where
      > you can operate a newer Windows based system of WP on the Mac, why does one
      > have to/want to go back to older programs using old versions of WP,
      > SheepShaver, etc.?
      > For info, I will have to install Parallels anyway, so that I can run my
      > non-Mac engineering programs. For me at least, wouldn't it be best to
      > operate my WP12 through Parallels, maybe even upgrading to WP X5?
      > Would appreciate anyone's thoughts, experience, etc. so I can make a
      > decision once and for all and begin the editing. thanks in advance.
      > ciao.

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