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[wpmac] Re: Creating a letterhead -- macro, header, styles??

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  • John R
    ... That needs a macro, which can be put in the template. I know I ve seen a Page X of Y macro somewhere, but can t find it now, so here s another one: === For
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 13, 2011
      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, Rich Casey <rcasey@...> wrote:

      > 1) is there a page number code that will allow for "Page 1 of 2" etc?

      That needs a macro, which can be put in the template. I know I've seen a Page X of Y macro somewhere, but can't find it now, so here's another one:


      For a footer that says e.g. "Page 2 of 5", run this macro. You can name it "Page X of Y" and put it in your macro menu, or name it "OnOpenDocument" (or add it to your current OnOpenDocument macro) and put it in a template. As such, it will update every time you open the file. Otherwise, run the macro whenever you change the number of pages in the document.

      Goto Top of Document
      Remove All Code (Forward;Footer B)
      End ()
      Assign (Var01;LogicalPage)
      Home ()
      Create Header/Footer (Footer B;All Pages)
      Center Align
      Type (Page )
      Insert Page Number
      Type ( of )
      Type Var (Var01)
      Close Subdocument
      Home ()


      > 2) is there anything special i need to have the header and footer
      > appear on additional pages of a multi-page document?

      No. Once defined, a header and footer appear on all (or even, or odd) pages of a document until a Discontinue code is put in the document.

      > 3) what is the best format to use for the graphic -- jpg, pict, tiff?

      PICT is an old format and I'm not sure whether it's fully supported in OSX. TIFF is probably OK but file sizes may be big. JPG seems to be the most common current graphic format except for specialized uses. I'd try that and then the others to see what works best.

      > thanks again.

      You bet.

      John R.
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