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[ANN] Alternate self-installing SheepShaver/WPMac setup

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  • em315
    John asked me to post details of this, so here goes. I ve devised an alternate SheepShaver/WPMac installation that s less sleek, less good-looking, and less
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 18 8:22 AM
      John asked me to post details of this, so here goes.

      I've devised an alternate SheepShaver/WPMac installation that's less sleek, less good-looking, and less up-to-date than John's system, but may be an alternative worth looking into for anyone who wants to experiment. Here's the download link:


      It's for Leopard and Snow Leopard only. Download the disk image; double-click it to mount the disk image on your desktop, and follow the one-sentence instructions. The WPMacPPC Appliance (which is the SheepShaver/WPMac system) will be copied to your Downloads folder. You can leave it there, or move it anywhere you like.

      It requires no installation - just double-click and run. If, however, you want to print or create PDFs from WPMac in this system, you will be able to save some steps if you perform some first-time configuration, as described in the Read Me First file that you will find on the installation disk image and on the SheepShaver desktop.

      You can change the window size of the SheepShaver system by clicking on the SheepShaver top-line menu; choose Preferences, and go to the Audio/Video tab. Click Save, shut down SheepShaver entirely (do NOT simply Restart from the top-line menu of the emulated Mac), and start it up again to use the new screen size.

      This system has two tricks up its sleeve that aren't described in the Read Me First.

      1. If you set the screen size to width=0 and height=0, the SheepShaver system will open in almost full-screen mode on your OS X desktop. The OS X top-line menu will not be visible; the dock will not be visible. If you want to see the OS X top-line menu, so that you can click SheepShaver and open the Preferences to change the screen size again, move the mouse pointer to the top edge of the screen.

      2. You can run this system in a way that WPMac work almost as if it were a separate application in OS X. Here's how it works. On the SheepShaver desktop, double-click the WPMacPPC disk icon at the upper right to open its window. Find the Applescript icon named "RunWPAndExit". Drag this icon into the "System Folder" in the SAME window, and then into the "Startup Items" INSIDE the "System Folder". Close any open window. The next time you start this SheepShaver system, WP will start up automatically. When you exit WP, the SheepShaver system will also close down a few seconds later

      If you use this second trick, you may want to resize the SheepShaver window (from SheepShaver Preferences) so that the WPMac window exactly fills the SheepShaver window. That will add to the sense of using WP as a standalone program.

      This system comes with absolutely no technical support. All you need to know about using it is in the Read Me First file. Please consult that file before posting any questions.
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