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New SheepShaver build (18 Oct 2009)

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  • John R
    http://www.xs4all.nl/~ronaldpr/sheepshaverforum/SheepShaver_UB_20091018.zip Improvements: - Cannot map RAM error on Leopard fixed - The emulated machine can
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 25, 2009

      - "Cannot map RAM" error on Leopard fixed
      - The emulated machine can now use more than 512 MB of RAM
      - When a rom file is not set in preferences, a rom file in the current directory with default name "Mac OS ROM" or "ROM" will now always be found (not only on first boot)
      - A crash that could occur while booting a new virtual/emulated machine (creating a new nvram file) with MacOS 7.5 fixed
      - Support for self-contained virtual machine bundles with extension .sheepvm
      - Removed sound patch (still in cvs) that caused degradation of sound performance rather than the intended improvement
      - Problems with copy and paste of styled text in some applications fixed

      Said to have problems on PPC machines (where SheepShaver is of no use anyway), but runs fine on Intel, including Snow Leopard.

      Further discussion at:


      John R.
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